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Lucien Chasseur
Lucien Chasseur
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Lucien's in the Dust, not for long - Training Empty Lucien's in the Dust, not for long - Training

Sun May 29, 2016 6:31 pm
There Lucien was within the depths of his home once more kicking around in his bed and thinking of what to do. In his mind, he thought of that monk looking guy who had decided to simply forfeit the 2nd chunnin mission mid-fight. Lucien, that time, had an entire battle plan and a couple techniques ready to go for everyone there, however, he never got to use them. Though this didn’t make him annoyed. It was not knowing the motive behind the ninja. “Guh… Naturally, I’m one who has always wanted to know the why, how, when, everything… but I just can’t understand why he would go with such an action like that.” Lucien said in his room to himself only loud enough for someone with superb hearing such as himself to make anything out of. “I’ve already factored the being researched by the palace people and what not, that recognition isn’t really worth completely turning down a fight. In which case, he must either be really strong or clearly knew he was outmatched which he likely wasn’t by far on either of them. However, that was the first puppet that I saw which was made entirely of metal. Hmm….” Lucien also said in a very low voice barely capable of being heard. “All that matters now is that Atem and I have been confirmed to soon be receiving a mission of greater level. This mission will likely be the greatest adversity we’ve ever taken on together. For this reason, I shall make the next few days of my sitting in this room and doing nothing training days. I had knowledge of my flaws in battle from previous times but watching them in play within the recent match was very interesting for later analysis. I lacked the will, and not the courage, to simply engage quicker with my enemy. 

The puppeteer gained a mass advantage due to those constrictor things and the fact that there was distance. This puppets served only the purpose of keeping the entirety of us at bay. In which case, should I have been able to close the distance, the fight would have been ended quickly. Surely, in retrospect, the battle was a well worth one.” Lucien said even quieter than before. “Well, there we have it.” He said already roiling out of his bed and grabbing some of the new gear he had recently bought. Lucien put on his earrings, got his Galaken and ninjato, put on his lab coat over his flak jacket and other ninja gear. He was now fully decked out to go and do some training in his backyard today. Though, he noticed he was hungry as walking the stairs, his stomach rumbled with a high level of arbitrariness. “Ok then, looks like I’ll need a bit more food beforehand.” Lucien would take a left and then another left before entering his kitchen in which he actually wouldn’t prepare much of anything other than some bagged crackers and a few things of tea. Once he was finished, it was time for the training to begin. He had already began thinking of what he would train and had a decently sized list of the things he wanted to go through that day and tomorrow and tomorrow and so forth. Now sitting on the green grass of his backyard with the light of the now setting sun shining down, Lucien contemplated. “Heh, so first is the technique that likely could have saved my ass back there with that puppeteer of invisibility. Nicknamed hiding like a mole technique, all in all, the theory of the technique is rather simple and shouldn’t be much of a difficulty to go about recreating it into my own type of concept for quicker and easier accessibility per se. The user must sink into the earth via an earth surface and begin moving underground using vibrations for navigation and the chakra along with the earth element as a means to be able to essentially liquefy the nearby earth allowing for the user to basically swim underground. This has zero hand signs and that’s one thing I’m sure of.” Lucien said silently just for himself to hear as he always did. He would first get up and take a glance at the sun. After doing that, he’d move to the center of his backyard and look back at his shabby looking house. “I wonder how I should start, the main thing that poses a problem or difficulty is the fact that I’ve never actually tried making rocks, dirt, or stone into anything other than other hard shapes that could be used for easy follow up attacks and things of that nature. Directly changing the properties of nearby rocks enough to the point that they become a chakra like liquid seems hard to go about. But… I think I’m thinking about this in all the wrong ways. It’s just a small amount of editing the surrounding earth and more of using your own chakra as a means to create an underground drill. However, that also doesn’t check out entirely as a drill would leave holes but this technique leaves no hole. Thus, it would have to be a mixture of the two cases but one property is for sure that the user must be able to close the holes left behind them via pure manipulation of the earth by chakra. Assuming that this would be hard rock had it been drilled through, that would require minimal effort for me as it is the utilization of already hard stone. If the user had been using their chakra to make the in front of them earth much easier to go through, then the earth at the back would be the same since they practically passed through that watery earth. Ehh so many exceptions.” Lucien said going on and on voice still being low as ever. Lucien would stand up and position himself again in the center of his backyard. Next, it was time for him to practice simply displacing the earth before changing the properties of it. This displace would be like opening a pit fall or something like the sorts of that. This process would be related to the technique as the user must be able to push the surrounding earth outwards via chakra.
Lucien closed his eyes and began to focus. His weapons were to his side and positioned in such a way that they should easily be able to pass down with him without causing much trouble. Though, once down there, there would be no unsheathing either of his weapons. In his mind, Lucien saw the surrounding area from pure memory, he was standing in the center and what lied below was underground things he had never seen before. “Alright now focus…. Create a gap in the floor of which is earth. You have the earth element, utilize it.” Lucien would say as he could feel the below earth seemingly but slowly moving apart like a mound of ants were trying to reverse burrow their way to the surface. Strange. Lucien imagined that if he were to open his eyes, it would have looked a little other worldly, having the ground randomly opening as if it were ready to accept a victim into its dark clutches. “Just a bit more and faster.” Lucien echoed about as he continued focusing on the moving and separation of the two slabs of earth below him. While doing this, he was holding his breath the entire time like a little kid who was so fed up with their parents that they made a bet that they would hold their breath until getting what they wanted. However, he was doing this out of necessity. Little did Lucien know that what he said so long ago would come back to bite him in the butt when he would be training. “I see…. I claimed earth to be the element that bonded with everything around it. It would refuse to be crumbled or ripped apart down to the very last moment. Sadly, that’s the truth here too then. So…. 

It will take a great amount of strength for me to be able to do this. Not physical strength, but focus with my chakra control and other similar measures. I will end this hole I’m trying to dig here and move to another position so that I may see the difference in speed between this one that I just started with vs my new one soon to be made.” Lucien opened his eyes and moved off the spot that now left a 4 or 5 inch 10 inches across hole in the ground. “Well then, significant, but nowhere near enough for a human body to be able to utilize it to move underground. Even then, it still needs a great increase in speed or else I’ll just end up hitting solid rock every other couple seconds. Heh.” Lucien leaned over placing his eyes near the opening as he would then will the entire thing shut again, this was much much easier. “In that case, closing the ever-generating hole behind me as I move underground shouldn’t be much of a problem. I suppose fixing the bond is a lot easier than breaking it. Funny, that’s the complete opposite from real life when it comes to humans. Then again, I wouldn’t know much about that.” Lucien began walking off to the left where he’d be going farther from his house exactly by four meters. It was now time for the 2nd attempt but he would try something a little different. Before beginning, Lucien would imagine his chakra control and the ground below both on a mental grid. In his mind, each section needed a certain amount of chakra control points to be successfully controlled and moveable. Thus, his job would be to distribute these correctly and evenly so that he would be able to control the hole creation below. Rather simple all in all but this type of representation always helped him out when he had to do more and more training. Lucien would now be ready and entering his focus mode. With a cracking sound that resembled the first time he failed using rupture, the ground below quickly started opening. Lucien wasn’t expecting it, but the hole became so large that he was quickly swallowed, keeping his feet in the same position as they had started at, Lucien fell down this hole and was surprised when he noticed that it had kept extending. “So this is the ability to dig through the earth seamlessly huh? With this speed, it’s a bit more useful than I had made it out to be previously. But I need to find a way to get back to the surface.” Lucien mumbled right before he was going to deactivate his descent. At that moment, he would fall into an underground cave. “What the hell…? Why is there a cave under my damn house in Hoshi of all places.” Lucien would now have to make good use of the technique he just partially learned and practiced with to be able to make it back to his home which was directly above him. Due to the weird path that the fall or drilling took, climbing or jumping back up wasn’t really on the list of potential options or decent possibilities for escaping. “So now I’ll be put into a real situation of usage? Sure thing world… Sure thing. Lucien looked around and found that where he was seemed to be the middle of a cave passage way, to his left was a descending matter of stone and to his right, a path that seemed to go up but this was blocked off with what appeared to be a failure of a mine, many rocks had been there and clogged up the route for exit. Lucien sprang right into action and flew forward into the stone wall that was only a good six meters away. With new found confidence in his ability, Lucien would fly into said wall before already making it safe and being able to drill/swim his way through it. This time, he made it a statement and point to be able to close the hole behind him which he successfully did. Within a short period of time, he would return to the surface which was quite the journey as along the way, he could tell the positions of many things on the surface via that vibrational sensitivity. Useful, it was. Lucien went on to fix his entire backyard and then complete his task by practicing the move a few more times so that it could be rendered completely capable for future use.
Lucien returned to his house now to get a little more to eat before he went out to train his next technique. Granted what it was, he expected it to take likely double the time that the mole technique did. Which, in other words, is quite a long time. The easiest method to go about this jutsu was always like he had done before. He would first restate and summarize it all in what he considered his own wording and then go about attempting it utilizing a series of mental thoughts and different views of perception to get the job done. It wouldn’t take that long at all. Which was the reason that he had to finish this technique in the same day as well. Lucien would grab his things and already be outside in his backyard at the very moment. It seemed time was picking up for him and it wouldn’t be long before he had a decent control over all these techniques. After perfecting them, Lucien would go along with Atem on their 3rd and final chuunin mission. Becoming a chuunin would be a small but important step for Lucien as he wanted to later become an important member of the Anbu. It would be a while but surely possible. Besides that, he needed a great deal of battle knowledge and experience before he could simply enter the Anbu, thus, he’d need to learn to survive once more than he had before. Now however, he would go back into his training stage and would explain his next techinique. “This one’s called Earth Release: Flying Thrown Stones. Essentially the user will place his hands down on the ground and allow many rocks to be formed and shot from an area of their choosing. This is rather simple and can and will be used in a variety of ways by me. Overall, I’d rate its battle usefulness pretty high and will gladly use it. Now. To begin learning, I must position myself like so.” Lucien said as he moved his body into a position that had him an essential mid squatting like position where he would then place both of his hands onto the grass below and wait for a moment. “I should probably survey the area around here to make sure that my attack doesn’t end up hitting someone or something. If it does, that’s my ass down the drain for at least a few days haha.” 

Lucien said as he would get up and walk around the perimeter of his backyard, looking over his fence, he observed the nearby area visually while also using scents to figure out what was going on. A lot of cooking seemed to be coming from nearby houses and it was already pretty dark too, that was a good sign that no one would be out at this time of night. “But I also can’t really startle them either, so I suppose I’ll need to stay quiet by some means. I’ll be throwing around rocks so this may be harder than I expected but whatever, here we go.” Lucien said as he was already returning to his training position in the center of the backyard. It was time to first familiarize himself with all the technique’s handsigns of which, there were many. “Heh… I guess I’ve just have to train this technique until I reach the point that I no longer have to ever use the hand signs. Otherwise, it’s practically useless granted that most of the time, I’ll be carrying a weapon by the moment that I want to use this in. And I can’t afford sheathing the blade just for one jutsu and nor can I afford the actual time needed to execute all the seals. This will be a little troublesome since I’ve never mastered anything before but hey. There’s a first day for everything, now if I could just remember those damn seals.” Lucien said as he pressed his palms hardly against the ground before lifting them to his mid-chest level of which was also in a squat position. Lucien would think back and begin running through the hand signs in his head having mentally visualized hands following the motions needed, this was essentially all that he needed  to continue on at this point. Lucien would repeat this for some time as to  allow himself to fully remember all the signs that he needed to perform to have the jutsu work correctly. After forty or so minutes had passed, they were at least actively stored effectively enough into his short term memory so that for at least now, he wouldn’t need to think back thus causing him a lost attempt at the technique because all ninjas know that most hand signs must be done at an equal pace as to keep control of the chakra that is being flowed by them. Now Lucien was finished and ready to transition into the actual portion of the technique that involved taking the rocks and using them as projectiles otherwise weapons. Lucien was hyped and a little bored at the same time so this would be a quick refresher towards him. Lucien would move back to the center of the backyard because little did he notice, when he was doing the hand signs in his head with his eyes closed, Lucien had been slightly drifting to the side for a while and had been nearly at the fence by the time that he opened his eyes. You’d think he’d be able to sense his position via relations with familiar smells but this was not the case because he had been focusing too much on his mental self and those hands practicing the jutsu back and forth with little pause in between. “Alright now…. I must begin a new process of learning. Next up is the transformation and control phase. By that, I mean I must select from where I want to use the earth to be incorporated with this technique. Would it be right in front of me or a decent distance in meters away?  And more importantly, how would this selecting process feel to the brain. It’s obvious that I’m going to be using chakra for it but even then, can I physically feel what my chakra is deciding to touch? Things like this can only be figured out by some extensive research or use in situations where this exact thing occurs. Any who, time to begin.”
Lucien would focus with his hands and palm open flattened to the ground and connecting, before doing anything else,  Lucien would go ahead and perform the various hand signs with great speed before then clapping his hands onto the ground and waiting to see the effect. Sadly, this gave zero effect and nothing actually happened whatsoever, not even a feeling. “Hmm..? This may be my new element but that seemed to be a little too much of a failure. Maybe my approach was mistaken or have I forgotten one of the hand signs or something else of that nature. I suppose it’s time for some examining right now.” Lucien said as he stop and brought himself back into a stance that would be considered good posture. “Hmm….” He hummed as he lifted his left hand to the base of chin stroking is slightly with his fingers while contemplating. “Ahh… That’s a little too obvious as well, I had forgotten to transfer the chakra along my arms in some strange pairings of events. Let’s give it a second try now with emphasis on the fact that I need to do that. That should significantly change the results.” He said already back in a stance ready to give the technique another testing. “Well then, here we go.” 

Lucien said as he stuck his hands down to the ground after getting into his squat. Lucien would then lift his hands and do the many hand signs so that he would be able to easily transfer the chakra to the needed parts within the body allowing for technique to be successful. These would be seals that sent chakra directly to his arms and then through his hands in a fashion that some would say resembled the rasengan in more than just a few ways. This chakra would then leave the area of his hands and progress down into the ground below where it could be used to move throughout the ground and gaining control of all the below rocks would suddenly become very easy and no longer a massively daunting task. However, would he be able to feel the chakra to such a degree that he would be able to then also control the size of the rock shards and  the location that they shot from and how fast they shot. All the various parameters that came with the jutsu would need to be edited by himself to be adjusted for any and every given scenario directly in the moment. Would he be able to do that was the question. And, the only way to find out was to attempt again. Lucien got to it and performed his hands signs then slammed his hand directly into the ground where a large feeling began to fall over him. Control!! “How is this, I can feel the chakra pooling around below ground. This reminds me of the hiding like a mole technique but in a much stranger way that I can only define as being the exact opposite or reverse of what I was expecting.” Lucien could now feel the chakra panning around below so he would be able to gain at least a decent control over the below rocks. But the question was would he be able to actually propel them now. As… That was the most important part of the technique after all and without it, the technique itself nearly became entirely unimportant. Lucien began to see the grid within his mind via examining the chakra and everything around it. “So I see, this chakra is like a secondary layer to the ground itself and I need to activate this secondary layer in specific places to get specific results. These results could be classified as a couple of different things such as the firing location of all of the stones and the selection of their size, so forth and so forth. Now that I can see the grid and all the chakra below me. This is nothing more than a board of Go or Chess. In which case, I will surely will and take a dramatic hold over my opponent. Lucien closed his eyes and entered a state of infinite focus as he would like to call it. “Alright here we go.” Lucien yelled as he could physically feel and see the control that his chakra now had over the earth below him. Using the chakra like the hands of an alchemist over a chemistry station, Lucien would make his way forming in his mind before translating to the chakra of his body, the idea for the attack that he was about to create. “So the technique is called Earth Release: Flying Thrown Stones, in which case, I’ll make a bunch of jagged made rocks that all have points at various points of them with one in the back and one in the front being both the two main ones made to cause maximum damage. Now to top to this all off, I will also create a few that are purposely very weak in their durability allowing them to be shattered quickly creating a smoke screen of sorts or a fragmentation effect added to the original attack.” Lucien would first conceptualize this all within his head and now begin translating it through his mind into his chakra and body and into the will of himself. This caused a chain link life effect. Firstly, it went through the brain materializing before it hit the chakra system in which the chakra would begin taking on the personality that was specified by that which Lucien had made. But where would he make it? “Damn, I never specified a location. Then I’ll need to do this quick so it isn’t random. If it’s random, I risk damaging a neighbor’s house and consequently my reputation as a responsible ninja. I simply can’t allow that so I will push onward now.” Lucien said as he would then start creating the concept of a location for his technique. It would be just a few short meters away-. Lucien’s train of thought was broken when he realized that his attack had launched faster than he had expected. “Well shit, now I need to quickly locate from where it Is coming from so I can counter that attack in its track.” Lucien thought as he turned his head at the speed of 75 like a possessed demon of some sort. “There!.” He yelled already darting in the desired direction, in the darkish sky, there were flying rocks already going high into the sky, of all places, he calculated with his eyes the location they would land on, his house. “Shit….. Move!” Lucien said as he turned around and bolted off the fence wall at 85 speed now, he would dash up the wall of his house and fly off the top of it with one called kick off the floor of the roof, this was it. Lucien reached out and countered a few of his own stones, they were packing quite the force so he would need to be able to grab one from the side and use that to the destroy the others. There were eleven stones in total now rushing for his home which he swore to protect. Now only would he damage his house and belongings inside, but also startle his nearby neighbors which, in his mind, would be an automatic loss to his cause. “Alright… focus time. I’ll catch everything in its path and render it useless in a matter of seconds.” Lucien said as his vision sharpened and what was once night turned day to him only. “This is the eye of the hunter.”

 Lucien would grab the first stone that nearly hit him which should have been enough to knock him out had it not been for his already worn flak jacket. Upon catching the first stone, Lucien would grab it in his right and prepare a calculation that would allow him to hit all of the stones in just a few short motions. With the first stone, he would crush it into two using his earth element, physical strength, and chakra control. Now with two stones in one hand, he’d destroy another 2 stones by countering their momentum in the air with another solid object perfectly landing within their path to shoot them down. Now the remaining 9 would be moving in various locations nearby. Lucien could almost hear and sense the path of which he needed to fire upon to knock them down as well. Lucien would now shift himself in the air and kick off the air as if it were a solid. Quickly at the fine sped of 85, Lucien grab two more rocks with either hand from the left side of the fleet, at this point it was seven left. Flipping again off the air, Lucien would send himself under the entire fleet also moving in their direction, this would propel himself back towards his house that he needed to defend. In this case, he could not collide with the house but also had the stop the rocks from doing so and he wasn;t planning on the use of jutsu to do this either. Lucien, now under the mass fleet of flying rocks would use what he defined to be the ultimate counter, the strike from below as he coined it. Launching each rock with a perfect visual calculation and arc, Lucien would then knock out another four rocks leaving on three remaining.

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Lucien Chasseur
Lucien Chasseur
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Lucien's in the Dust, not for long - Training Empty Re: Lucien's in the Dust, not for long - Training

Sun May 29, 2016 6:35 pm
This was his moment to see if he could end it right there. Lucien now could no longer jump into the air to defend the next three rocks. He would be falling into his house window at this point, but he needed a quick counter. Maybe he would have to use a technique. “Alright then, final resort.” Lucien said as he used his right hand to quickly unsheathe and wield his Galaken. Lucien would then slice with his main attack blade technique known as rupture at the remaining rocks via creating a perfect angle for the rupture chakra blade to slice down on them by. Each and every remaining stone was shattered in the air and Lucien had successfully countered his own attack. “Looks like that didn’t go as bad as I thought it would. In which case, I should be flying into my house window any time around now.” Lucien thought as he could feel himself bolt into his room through the only window he had left open. Luckily, he had left it open. He normally did so to make sure that all smells around the nearby area would also funnel into his room and home to allow him some quick detection of anything should it be a threat or something else that required immediate action. Lucien would land in his room and roll until his back ended up connecting with the side of his bed. “Welp, back to perfecting this technique, I’ll need it to be a bit quicker and 

stronger than that before I can actually rely on it during any instance of battle.” He said already preparing for his exit out of the same window. Lucien would lift himself up and quickly brush off all dirt/dust from his clothing, stretch slightly, before putting his hands behind his back and hopping out the window. It was easy to land as there was nothing below but grass and the fall wasn’t that large. To make sure that he didn’t damage anything from his own body, Lucien would land in a parkour like roll that would distribute his impact force along the parts of the body that were currently in contact with the roll. This positioned him once finished to the edge of his backyard. “Seems there’s just enough space for me to not hit my head on the end. Splendid.” Lucien would now walk back to the center to begin his next step of training which would be perfecting the technique that he had just confirmed to already be working. He thought that he would need more speed and force behind the technique to be able for to use it successfully when encountering an opponent in a duel or battle. Lucien already had his hands pressed into the ground below and he wondered to himself. “How will I go about making this jutsu faster. At what parts can I increase the speed? I can try choosing the stones for usage a bit faster but even then. That process or portion of the entire process is already very slow so that wouldn’t yield much of an effect. Wait a minute…. The hand signs….” Lucien had cracked the code, should he be able to use the technique without the aid of chakra control assisting hand signs, he would be able to use the technique on demand even if his swords were drawn. Thus, it would increase the effectiveness of his attack even further and make it so that the initial start up would be removed making the technique much faster to respond and send out. “Alright then, I’ll need to really focus on chakra control at this point. The best method for removing seals from the equation would be to watch over my chakra and make sure that I am flowing it properly with the aid of visualization. This will be followed with the removal of one seal towards the end for every time that I practice the technique. After 7 or 8 tries of doing this, I should have successfully removed all the technique’s hand signs and will be able to do it by sheer chakra control alone. Let the training begin.” Lucien was now prepared to finish what he had started, already in his squatting position. The moment of truth came, he would close his eyes and begin to focus to see into what he liked to classify as his mind’s eye where using all his sensory information, he would create a visual plane that represented the world currently around him. Using this, he would be able to better sense his nearby chakra and thus this always gave him better control over his own chakra and what not. Now that Lucien could see all of his chakra, he would begin on his journey of continuing until he could do all the technique’s power without the aid of hand signs that later on would inevitably slow him down significantly. Firstly, he reviewed himself with all the seals and decided that he would perform the technique this time without the final seal. That being, clapping his hands on the ground. Lucien now went through the well memorized motions resisting the urge to finish them properly as he had been doing so earlier, now he was already onto the last seal and was about to place his hands down to the ground before he stopped himself. Lucien peered into the moment and fully examined his chakra to figure out exactly where everything was. “So, it seems that his final motion is specifically for allowing a path the would be able to let the user empty their chakra out directly into the ground. Since most of the chakra was being conveyed through the arms during this, sending the chakra down the legs and into the ground is honestly not an option at this point and time so I must come up with another means of doing this. Maybe pure chakra control would work. Yeah… I’ll go with that.” Lucien mumbled to himself as he would look down and begin controlling the chakra that was within his arms to instead of going through the hand and using that passage Lucien would force the remaining chakra out of his arms and into the nearby ground in a matter that resembled the striking of water tendrils or something similar.  They all dug into the ground at once and Lucien found himself gaining quick control over the technique just as he had before when he used the double palm to the ground method. Just as before, Lucien launched another round of the attack however this time specifying where it will originate from and what direction it would be facing. This made it so that he wouldn’t end up hitting himself in any way or anything nearby that was important. He shot it over to a few trees on the far side of his house. This would make the impact sound rather weak compared to if it had hit the metal, stone and more of his house or someone else’s house. “Well then, that’s one seal removed that it’s onto the next ones.” Lucien said as he would continue to finish each and each attempt of the technique each time dropping one more seal until in the end he no longer had to perform any seals and it seemed that the entire action of the technique became a part of his intuitive flow of combat or instincts. At this point, it was registered as a secondary part of his body that could be extended and retracted whenever he found that it was needed. But he wouldn’t be done there. It was time to gather some sleep and quickly head back to the house so that he could still wake up early in the morning the next day and get directly into his training once more. He needed to be stronger for the missions that he was about to embark it. It was obvious that Atem and he were going to head to Iwagakure to finish the third chuunin mission. At that point, Lucien and Atem would both be known as Chuunin which was an important part in the making of a strong ninja. Logically so, he wanted to reflect on all that he would have learned so far. Lucien learned that ninjas weren’t all that scummy like the ones who attacked his village, but he also learned that the world is full of great opponents and strong friends as well. He would need to be able to coexist in such a world. His clan already gave him the gift of quite the fast moving mind and the ability to stay calm under pressure. Maybe, just maybe, this would go a long ways in the future allowing him to eventually become one of the many greats that existed within Hoshi. But only time could tell. “Looks like my training for this night is done. Two are done and many more are to go. 

Now it’s time to figure out what’s next as well.” Lucien said with all his blades sheathed as he walked into the house. Lucien would make his way back into the room and quickly go to sleep.
Strange it was for Lucien to find himself in the dream world and not in the physical world when it felt that he had woken up. “Where the hell am I?” Lucien said with his mouth wide open as he looked around to see he was apparently engulfed by some massive black void with a large and far away hole in the sky. That hole was the only hole where light would shine through. Was he going to be locked away into the abyss forever? Or would he escape by some means. The verdict was hard to come to. “I’m sure that this all but a dream but still. Why am I having it and what is controlling it?” Lucien said as he would try to step off the bed that he was placed on within the void. Little did he know that doing that would make him sink through the earth at a dramatic speed. It was more so a void but either way he was sinking through a pool of airless, waterless, black void and darkness. As he continued moving, Lucien could feel static in his ears like he was being thrown around in electricity. “What might this be? What is this entire thing leading to.” Lucien asked as he continued falling. Then, the moment changed quickly. Within the blink of an eye, Lucien would now find himself to be somewhere different again. He was now on the ground lying down sideways and the heat coming from the ground was immense. Getting up, he could see that his location was something like the cave that he had gotten himself stuck in earlier but now it seemed that there was lava and red crimson stone unlike the normal brown ground and white rock that he had seen under Hoshi. This all gave him a few hints, one being that he was no longer in Hoshi wherever he was and that the world was capable of changing and shifting reality within this dream that he was having. “Hmm could this be a genjutsu technique? In which case, I’ll just use genjutsu release.” Lucien said as he stood on the very hot stone as the room seemed to be cooking him from within. The genjutsu release was successfully performed and as the release took place. Lucien found himself now falling again into the black void. “So an endless black void now huh?” This wasn’t something that he was expecting to simply exist in his dream world. Normally his dream world never allowed such weird monstorosities or creations to exist. But, he supposed that this day was different. “Regardless of the fact that his is a black void, if I continue, I’ll eventually way up and for that reason I mightest well explore.” Lucien said now wielding his Galaken. He would then try to jump off the surrounding nothing ness using the precise control he got from having his galaken with him. Sadly, this proved to be of little use as there was technically no air at all in his location. Lucien would attempt but in the end it was to no avail as he would continue falling down the black pit and so forth and so forth. “Well then, I guess I’m just stuck hurtling myself through a massive void world.” He thought to himself. However, that wasn’t the case. That case simply too simple to be of his mind and he knew it. It had been a dream, there would need to be some way to solve it all a trick or a puzzle even. That’s when Lucien heard the foreign voice that sounded like it didn’t come from anyone direction but all around but not in the speaker sense either. Just, literally, all around from even within.

“You must be able to create your own reality, your own terrain even if it’s false. You will be able to escape should you do so.” The voice was deep and full of authority. “Make my own false reality huh? Sounds simple but in theory is much harder than what it really is made out to be. I suppose I can try however…” Lucien said as he started stabilizing his falling position and looked out to the hole out of the void. It was entirely gone by then but that wasn’t much of a problem. Lucien would be able of creating a new reality because anything that was requested of him within one of his dreams was always generally possible too. This made his training a little more interesting than it had been before. Lucien now stuck his hand out into the void and willed himself to have a flower appear right in fornt of him. Sadly, no flower appeared at that very moment. The task would surely be a difficult one. One that required total and unmatched focus that he had never had to employ or really any other task. Lucien emptied his mind first and began focusing on what was no longer the simple thinigs, He realized that if he wanted to create a different reality, he would need to give it properties first as they worked as the core parts of all worlds and more. “Firstly, in my world, there are a few rules…. Lightning is the source of all energy and lightning exists everywhere except for the area where a human is.” Lucien said out loud as the chirping sound of lightning seemed to activate everywhere around him. He could no longer see as the void now full of lightning was an entirely blinding shield of pure whiteness that was strong enough to cause blindness. “Let’s fix that little error, if there is lightning present in the world, then all places without lightning shall be filled with air.” Lucien yelled, upon doing this he could feel that his body now had more weight, could it be that there was actually air below him now. Lucien halted as he gripped onto the air and held himself up with it. “Alrightly, now how shall I escape?..... Any organisms within this universe can fly.” Lucien said. The parameters were now easily made to allow him to be able to escape. He could now fly without anything stopping him and where he’d fly, there would be air because the rules stated that any place without lightning would have air and that all humans naturally remove lightning from the specific area thus making it so that the ability to leave was now granted. All Lucien would have to do was to fly back up to the hole that was existent when he had first arrived. “It should still be there as none of my properties changed the actual terrain besides empty space being manipulated.” Lucien continued flying forward and forward up into the empty lightning filled sky above, he would be barely able to hear himself in such a position like this but that was whatever to him. He was nearly done and could finally escape and make it back to the surface in time for his departure of that annoying hell hole. Lucien was wondering still though, why did he have such a strange dream like this and what was the point of it all. It was rather strange and also surprising granted that he rarely dreamed unless he was specifically trying to lucid dream on purpose. It was a strange event indeed but not one in much vain as he would be learning new things about the world when he was in it. He could now see the path out and it was high above him waiting for his own arrival. It wouldn’t be long before it was almost within the reach of his arms. Lucien could see the massive gap in the black void that was so constricting once before. He now stepped out of the large black void to find himself in a white void. “Ahh cmon…. I just got out of that hell hole back there and now I need to find my way out of another one that is even brighter than the lightning? At least it’s quieter up around here. If that weren’t the case, I probably would have dropped dead by now already.” Lucien said as he began walking around and attempting to examine the nearby area to figure out what properties it had. That’s when the voice appeared to him again seemingly coming from within. “This location is different, can you find the simple exit or will you overthink and keep losing yourself in the terminal of your own mind?” It asked.

“The terminal of my own mind? What the hell does that even mean? Regardless of which, I will find this simple exit of this place that it speaks of and using that, I’ll wake the hell up so I can get back to my darn training I don’t have time to be sleeping for this long. In fact, I could be over sleeping right now.” Lucien began running around on the now black void that was below him but in the form of a solid, above was a fully white sky and white horizon. There were no black void mountains or hills that protruded outwards from below. “Wait a second… the obvious way out huh… I suppose it must be utilizing more property creation? In which case, I’ve got a few tricks in my sleeves, All humans within this universe when sleeping shall wake up.” Lucien looked around to see if anything would occur but nothing did. “I suppose that isn’t it either then heh.” Lucien would continue walking until he could figure out something different to say that would change the playing field of his escaping from this void filled world. “So below me there’s black, and above me there’s white. In which case, I must be walking within the world of some shade of gray. Hm… In this universe, gray no longer can exist. Lucien said as he watched and nothing would come to be at all except for… wait no. The world began collapsing directly in front of him. Lucien saw to it that if he would need to determine the zone of the world that he was actually in via looking at the two colors one below and the one above and then removing that zone from existence. If he were to remove either white or black, that would simply break the color balance making it so that he was trapped forever and forever since he could no longer accurately figure out the colors that would have been in the middle thus changing the zones. Lucien was satifised with his method of breaking out as he now opened his eyes and noticed he was staring directly into his mirror. “The fuck?” Lucien said as he looked over to his left and saw a paper on his bed that said demonic illusion: false surroundings… “Of course…. 

But for now it’s back to the physical training because I’ve got more and more things to do and practice so out we go.” Lucien said as he was already grabbing all his things and getting ready to go head into his backyard where he would further his training even more by adding more techniques. Now started the beginning of the 2nd day and he had essentially managed to escape his own genjutsu that he didn’t even know he could do. That was a good thing. It appeared to him that his training was already picking a decent amount of momentum and would prove to be useful in little time indeed. Lucien was already outside by this time and would be walking around in circles trying to decide the exact thing that he wanted to do next. It was rather interesting, the fact that he had a great deal of things he could already do at that point and was willing to basically pick in a random order but he went on the order of what seemed to be the most difficult for him. In which case he would begin with the chakra sensory technique / skill. Lucien noticed that he was neglecting his sensory abilities a little more that he would have liked to. How can he become the Hoshi’s invisible nin alongside Atem if he wasn’t capable of reconing and sensing up-ahead threats for his ninja that needed him on the battle field. It would be a sad fate to not fit his dream roll so in which case, he would move onward with that. “So chakra sensory huh? I wonder if that would have been useful against that darn puppeteer from before. In which case, it would be fun to have it anyway. I need to be able to sense things other than just smell which I know most ninjas can remove from themselves in one way or another. The question is how will I go about training the entire thing as it does seem rather difficult to do so just by using myself as I can always sense my own chakra so it would be basically pointless. Hmm… Maybe a little stalking would get the job done of course. However, I need to be able to find a good location for doing of the stalking of course. And when I get there, I can then practice on finding and pointing out chakra signatures.” Lucien had decided he would head out into the village of Hoshi and look for a decent spot that should keep him rather invisible so he could practice on being able to sense other’s chakra. Lucien would head back into his house and put on his lab coat so he could look rather spiffy when moving about the village. His green hair was not so good when it came to matching with the lab coat but whatever. He would go into a large bush around a specific center like area of the village that had many ninja and citizens alike. Since the ninjas seemed pretty high ranking, Lucien suspected they could also sense him but that was of no problem for himself. “Now that I’m here and in a little decent cover I should be able to close my eyes and begin focusing again on the nearby chakra to see if I can sense some of these people that I already know are nearby just by chakra alone.” Lucien thought to himself in utter silence. He would then close his eyes and attempt to empty his mind just as he had done when he was fighting against the darkness of his own genjutsu void. Now it was time to see if he could sense the chakra pools nearby. Within Lucien’s mind, he first saw himself as a blob of green chakra of some sorts. Around him was nothing else but a void backdrop similar to earlier. “Seems I’ve got nothing on them at this point. I wonder how I’ll go about this. Do I need to focus on the chakra’s essence or the places and locations where it is or is there some other gimmick that I’m not expecting right now.” Lucien would close his eyes and hold them closed tightly while he thought about the best means of finding a way to sense the nearby ninja at least. “Maybe I need to think of it in another light. It already exists and is generally everywhere, the chakra that is, in which case, it’s like sending out a signal of my own chakra that will pass through everything around me like a radar and only interacting with other different streams of chakra. Should my own radar detect anything the waves will be bounced back and measured thus allowing me to detect nearby chakra sources with immediate efficiency. Now to attempt that.” Lucien would then go on to do what he said trying to focus as much as possible to create his chakra into the shape of waves. It proved effective at first as the waves began emitting outwards but the other ninja had surely noticed and didn’t care much since they assumed that he was just training which was true. Lucien then saw the flaw in his entire plan, the fact that he had been using his own chakra as a means for radar was a flaw in itself as that required him to be able to send out his chakra and that resulted in his chakra now being capable of being sensed. A ninja who wanted the highest level of stealth simply couldn’t have that. Thus, he would need to come up with another method. Lucien would now go back into the focus mode where most of his ideas would come to life from. This level of focus hasn’t been seen in a while is what he thought to himself. He decided to stop taking in any sensory from his sight, hearing, smell, or vibrations, he would surely focus his entire will and body onto the idea of sensing people entirely by their chakra. It was like a shark looking for a heartbeat in the vast pool of the ocean. This would be how he would find his prey and lock onto them before moving in for the kill. 

Well.. one of the many ways he planned on having anyway. Lucien would now read it all like a pulsing beat in the distance. He would need to listen without listening, Focus without focusing, hear without hearing, and pinpoint via focus. The more he engraved this concept into that head of his, the easier this sensing ordeal became. He could now get a general feeling of someone’s location but some were fainter and some were stronger. Could that have been their chakra level perhaps? It did seem that the citizens had a much lower and fainter color than the ninjas who all appeared to be a brighter sort of nova blue. Lucien would now focus more and more trying t perfect his technique so that he could use it quickly and easily in battle situations. “The problem is that each time I go to activate this, it takes a moment of preparation when in reality, it should be on nearly all of the time without much worry or effort. In which case, I need to be able to have it activated for a long time while I’m doing other activities.” Lucien said as he jumped out of the bush and flew onto a nearby roof. “Here we go, movement practice while I’m attempting to sense all nearby sources of chakra.” Lucien formulated a plan to use movement in difficult places as a distraction to his own movement in terms of progression with his chakra sensory. “Moving about like this will make focusing only on the chakra sensory much harder but granted that I need to be able to use it when focusing my attention towards other activities, this is the perfect form of training.” Lucien said to himself as he went from building to building feeling all the wind and air brushing through his short hair and the heat of the morning sun was beaming down and keeping him from passing out as he was partially tired after having escaped the black void that he woke up within. Today was going to be a good day and he’d make it that way no matter what. Lucien was moving about and could sense each chakra signature appear and vanish almost on que based upon the distance that he was from them. “So there we have it, I’ve already discovered the maximum distance for this skill as well. It’s pretty long so that won’t be much of a problem. Back to the ability to focus.” Lucien was essentially becoming a savage with his control over this chakra sensory. Because his reaction time was so well-formed, he had decided it wouldn’t be bad to up the kick a notch by now juggling kunais while flying around Hoshi and trying to use chakra sensory in the back of his mind. Ironically, it was working pretty well and made him have to allocate more of his mental abilities toward catching and re-throwing the kunais into the sky to catch them again, then came the movement itself across tightropes and from roof tile to roof tile, finally being followed by keeping the chakra sensory going which was relatively easy at this point since

 forty or so minutes had passed of him only using that. It was in fact very easy and effect to use. Since Lucien could see more than others could when moving, he would often glance at the sky, the ground, and what was in front of him at all times. Doing this, he’d notice certain things. Kids as in citizen kids had essentially no chakra signature at all. “So I guess they have no chakra or haven’t enough for the chakra sensory to actually pick it up from this distance. Interesting, I wonder what it looks like to view a Chasseur who is attempting to conceal himself unlike me earlier. In which case, I’ll just see by asking that to Atem when I see him later before we embark on our journey down over to Iwagakure.” Lucien said as he continued flipping about and adding a few more items each time he felt he was proficient enough to do so. Lucien continued with this method until he felt that he was nearly done with all of this chakra sensory training. It wasn’t very fast but it was easy and rather intuitive once he gave it all a little thought and a chance to churn around in his mind. Lucien would now stop with all his flipping antics and finally land in a suitable location near his house where he would then enter his home and place the kunai back into the appropriate areas of his pockets and pockets etc. And with that his chakra sensory training was over but there was more to do right after that. In fact, a lot more to do before he could go out on the mission and hold his own. Surely, it would be more of the physical side of attacking and what not along with a few more skills of his own. And so the next stage of training began. Before going onto it, Lucien would grab a bite to eat from his kitchen. The typical crackers and some tea always went pretty well so he decided to stick to that again.

Lucien was now ready and already outside thinking of the next technique he would be practicing for active use when he would embark on his journey to Iwagakure. “Let’s see, so far, I’ve gotten a variety of different things but I think I’m in need of a new movement ability that can speed me up a little. Granted that I’m carrying melee weapons, I’ll need to be able to close distance and dodge very close attacks from time to time. SO that’s the obvious course of action. In which case, I’ll learn flicker movement, the basic move used my most users of space time. It gives the user an after image and increased reaction time along with general speed. Of course this is by controlling the user’s personal flow of time which is a little bit of a loaded problem but very easy to do via chakra since chakra can grip onto all planes of reality per se. Lucien would go to the center of his backyard and get ready to go into this next stage of training, trying to do just that. Taking his chakra and expanding it into tendril like shapes near himself, he would use these to be able to grip onto the flow of time around him and edit it. After that is successful, it would be moving onto the actually ripping and shifting of the time nearby. Lucien sat down and went into his mental eye of focus mode where he would look at himself from a distance observing his flow of chakra and everything generally within his vicinity. It seemed pretty blank but he would also then create a grid like formation over his mind’s eye allowing him to see small details with better precision. “Alright chakra, I’m going to need to take over here….” Lucien said as his focus caused a small amount of chakra to mass on one side of his body. This mass would then go to form little tendrils that could be used to grip onto the fabric of what Lucien called the universe nearby. This would be a rather simple process that would allow him to quickly gain control over his own personal flow of time and then he could use that to go into the ultimate state that he was looking for otherwise known as flicker movement. Lucien went into full overdrive and kept his focus at its peak for the continuation and practice of this technique. Quickly, the tendrils of chakra started gripping onto what would have seemed the air but the air didn’t hold as much weight as these chakra tendrils made it out to have.

 That would be because they were actually grabbing onto the fabric of the universe itself which was a feat that was difficult for space time users. This allowed him to start getting a feel for how time was currently flowing, it was like grabbing a wall of something that held a connection directly to an important database that would pass over all the important variables or paths of values for a hacker of some sort. This connection allowed the system that was on the other side of the connection to be fully exploited in ways that in this case would allow the user to manipulate his personal flow of time. However, it would come at a little cost of dizziness. Lucien was now aware at what speed the universe was essentially flowing at and he would take that constant first value and register in his mind as a default or at the value of 1. What he needed to do was to take that number directly down so that he could gain better control by having the time see to be moving slower for himself. Surely it wasn’t going to be the easier process in his life but all in all It wasn’t very vague. Lucien would focus on the grips that his tendrils had until they could further dig into the surrounding fabric and start tugging on it in some way. This tugging allowed for him to be able to drag the speed of the time flowing around him to one much lower. Through sheer force, Lucien had gotten it down to 0.9 which was partially noticeable but not significant enough to be feared during combat. Lucien would continue with this until he was capable of lowering it all the way down to a level that felt to be about .5. This was the point where things around him felt awfully slow in comparison and thus he knew that he had done it right. Now it was time to convey that directly into the technique that he had to learn which was flicker movement. At this point, all he’d need to do was move around as his maximum speed when inside of this zone of lower speed of time and thus he would be able to move faster in relation to everyone outside of it. Lucien would then begin running around in his back yard which this time had a specific effect that actually increased his speed significantly. He was able to now move in such a way where gravity seemed late to enter the system or that it couldn’t really keep up with him. Lucien bolted off and would land directly onto his roof where he would continue practicing going roof to roof in slow motion. He used the jumping around that he had needed for learning chakra sensory as a control group in his mind to estimate how effective this slowed time really was. Lucien would utilize it all effectively to be able to move at a speed that was much faster than what he could do before. With this, he was sure he could escape anything that came at a fast speed. Quickly, Lucien returned to his home while using the technique and swerved directly into his window which was also something he couldn’t do before. Now it was onto the next technique that he would learn. Lucien got ready and flew into his backyard again and was now looking about for the various things he could learn. In his mind, he wanted something that was ninjutsu that could be used to reposition his target as he had nothing that could do that yet sadly. In which case, he would need to find something simple and effective that could be used to reposition a target into an attack that was launched by his teammate or himself. “Then I already know what I need, I need that pillar thingy that I saw in the jutsu listing in the academy as basic techniques. It allows me to lift up a pillar of earth nearby that will go up to 10 meters into the air. This will have enough force to keep people from flying off either side of it assuming they were directly below it when I started using this. There are many possible combos that can be done using this as well as using it as a wall or other things if I ever have the need to do so. Such as having attacks seem to miss by vertically being just too high and having the follow up being positioned the target into the attack inside of the reverse situation of position the attack into the target. Heh.” Lucien was already plotting about with his simple but effective jutsu that he was working on. It wouldn’t take him very long to learn it at all but he was wondering if he should start with something else that he had in mind for the final part of his training. All in all, he could do the other thing but it seemed that he had already put his mind into the mindstate for the pillar technique. In which case, he was going to go off with that one for now. “Alright then, I shall begin by first placing my hands onto the ground and examining the nearby rocks to see what I can do with them. I’m pretty sure that I’ve got to shape the actual pillar before sending it up into the air and erecting it from the ground.” Lucien put his hands down into the ground and could feel via extending his chakra all the rocks and earth that were located below him. As of now, there were no pillar like structures of bonded rock below and the soil was already rather loose from all the crazy shit he had done the day before. “Ahh the soil doesn’t look so good here so I’ll need to either go away from my house or find another spot in the backyard which is unlikely given the small size.” Lucien decided he would go away from his house and start moving over to nearby Hoshi forest where he would continue and finish the rest of his training which wouldn’t take that long granted that he already had decent control over the earth element. Lucien arrived at the forest in record time aka just a few minutes. He would then go to put his hands against the grass below fully stretching on his palms and examining his surroundings, it was if as he was about do a few pushups. “So my goal is to create the pillar of earth off to the side of my, left, around 5 meters away, I will extend it the full 10 meters into the sky at which I will then examine the durability of it all.” Lucien said as he shot his chakra into the ground and formed a rectangular shape below that would go to shoot up to the surface and then enter the air quickly and precisely. “Looks like that was a success.” Lucien said as he pulled himself up and got over to the large pillar so he could check out the durability of the rocky material. Lucien then punched it with minimal force to see if it would crumble or crack, to no avail it was, and the rock stood strong. “Well then, it’s rather sturdy so it won’t be cracking much when under pressure during my battles which is a good thing but I think I could work on improving the time that it takes to accelerate and go up because that moment of time is crucial. The longer it takes, the less effective this jutsu is for what I have in mind.

 I want to be able to do a variety of things with this including using it as a direct attack. Such an attack like this won’t be easily avoided no expected in the manner that I plan to use it in within battle. It will be easy swift and effective when it comes to dropping my opponents.” Lucien would go on to practice his technique further to the point that he would no longer have to worry abour the speed of the jkuitsu as it would already be so. The technique held a specific property that Lucien liked as well, it could formed on surfaces that weren’t directly down and could be used off walls without much notice given into the opponent who would likely expect that he’d only use the technique when directly on the ground. “Let’s see if I can utilize this further when on walls and even ceilings.” Lucien said already climbing a nearby mini-cliff looking structure. He went pretty far on the borders of the village so that he wouldn’t end up damaging anything that was too important to Hoshi of course. Lucien reached his hand outwards while on the wall and placed it directly onto the earth of the wall. Now all that was left was pure control and will power to allow the pillar of rock to fly out of the side of the wall. This, in Lucien’s mind, would be a useful technique to set up traps. “Traps are one of the many tools that ninja have at their disposal. With it, they are capable of quickly dispatching foes, and avoiding damage all together. I will need to ultilize them when the time comes and depending on how well I learn this technique, I already have a few in the making for later.” The jutsu worked to his success and out came a large pillar of rock. After this Lucien would return to his house so that he may work on the final piece of his training. Lucien was now in his room and was holding his Galaken in front of him. “My next technique will be a technique that allows the user the ability to take any item and place it into their own personal dimensions. It can store up to 15 items for the user and the user can store said items at the speed at which they can think otherwise insanely fast at my speed. However, the retrieving of the objects takes much longer and thus is unlikely to be used when within combat however. This utility technique does have some combative good sides such as being able to take an opponent’s item or weapon assuming you got a hold of it of course.” Lucien would now be looking directly into his Galaken and wondered how he would go about taking this and putting it into an alternate dimensional pocket of sorts. He did have a decent idea though… “So If I used what I learned earlier about flicker movement, I know that chakra can also grip onto the fabric of reality itself. In which case, I was previously stretching it out to change the flow of time and consequently make myself faster and others, slower. Then…. If I rip a hole in this fabric I should be able to open a rift of sorts that has no time and can store things forever as the jutsu itself explains. I’ll assume that that is the method that is utilized by this technique to get that specific effect. To retrieve the item a is a much harder story however since I would be essentially bringing forth an item that I just stored in a rift within reality. I don’t know much about the physics of these chakra made rifts but I can assume that they follow some decent properties such as not moving randomly around to follow the user. Thus, I can’t simply do the technique elsewhere and expect to get the item that I originally stored when I was in my room here. Which is very strange and very odd but what’s the counter means to this? Maybe if it isn’t entirely into the void or the reality rift just yet. It could be that it’s left in some sort of limbo that exists via the user and the boundaries of reality itself. This however would be capable of theoretically following the user no matter where they would go.” Lucien continued theorizing about the usage of his technique and how he would go about training the entire thing. All in all, he was almost ready but was still solidifying his plan for the mental finalization of what he was going to do. Logically, he would need a path of progression that allowed himself to be able to learn it quickly without much effort but also effectively enough that he doesn’t end up messing himself up in a later fight or scenario where his ability to use the technique represented his winning or losing or even more dramatic his living or dying.  Lucien would hold the galaken out now within one hand and simply look at it as he closed his eyes and began willing his chakra to move from his body to grab onto the fabric of reality and open the rift of the reality that was existing around him. This would be used to then grab onto the sword and then transport it into the secondary layer that he was already confirming within his thoughts. Lucien knew it would be a rather long process but it was longer than he expected since this was his first time practicing the technique. He managed to store the thing within the rift within 10 seconds but getting his precious Galaken back took aroung 4 or 5 minutes. “Well that was ineffective, I’ll need to train that until the time required is drastically smaller.” Lucien said now holding the galaken in his hand while inspecting it to make sure it received no damage from being stored. Lucien would move on to practicing this technique in his backyard with his kunai that he had stored in his ninja pouch. He’d do juggling at the same time catching back and forth and putting into the void and removing on the either side of his body to then throw it up. Each time it performed one correctly, Lucien was capable of increasing the speed the second time around that he used it. “So it seems I’m gaining a greater speed now and things are going a bit better than they were each second ago.  In which case, I can nearly bring all this training to an end now. It shouldn’t be much longer and I’m looking to eat something or catch some sleep. And what the hell was up with that yelling. 

It sounds like “Ni-ge-ro.” Coming from Atem a good mile out or so. I wonder what’s going on. Regardless of that, I need to finish my training so I can go check it out. Lucien would then finish by bringing all his items back and putting them where they belonged respectively. At the end of his mass day of training, He learned many upon many things and would enjoy utilizing them later when he went on his mission with Atem. “I’m sure Atem has trained more to the point that his body is physically stronger than mine and his arsenal of techniques is larger as well. In which case, I must beat him via intellect when the dueling time starts. As for now though, we’ve got some teamwork to do before we can practice our battling when we return as chuunin. “Wait a second” Lucien said as he went outside again. He had forgotten a specific technique. “I still need the rock section cane technique. It is really simple and useful because of its lack of specifications and thus I can do many crazy things with it whenever I need to. For example, using it as a foothold should my opponent try destroying the nearby ground or using it as a last resort weapon if I really had to.” Lucien would begin his rock section training immediately and quickly begin with digging his hands into the earth and rock below in order to get a good feel of the soil that he was dealing with. “It is rather soft but I could mold together via chakra mending and make the bond much stronger.” Which was exactly what Lucien would follow up and do, he had his entire arm stuck deep into the ground. Lucien would then hold onto the earth below and begin flowing his chakra deep into the ground nearby so that he would be able to create the chakra increased rod of pure rock. Once he had a solid grip, Lucien would then go and grab the rod from the ground and reel it up to the surface via his pure strength. Lucien would then examine his weapon that he had just created via the earth style. “It seems surely sturdy granted that it is imbued with my chakra essentially and that it was creating from the best earth aka Hoshi earth. However it could stand to be a bit longer in terms of the reach department, I don’t know all the things that I plan on using this techinique for but when I am going to use it, it will need to be a little longer. That can be fixed by simply using chakra infusion, with that I can slightly increase the range of my weapon making it more effective for what I have in stored. Then again, this is an off-hand and not even primary like my Galaken or ninjato.” Lucien said as he began waving around the staff of pure rock. It was surprisingly light and didn’t weigh much to him at all despite the size it was and how heavy earth should be. He assumed that it came  from the fact that it was made with his own chakra and in other terms, something that his chakra system could latch on and bond to thus making him lifting his own chakra almost too easy. It was with that Lucien would have ended his training properly and on time. He no longer needed to do anything else but get some sleep and go meet up Atem at Iwagakure. “better question is how the hell is he surviving out there? I guess he packed enough food or something.” .” I suppose I should do the same so I’ll go by the market and stop there at least once before leaving. And I also need some permission from the higher ups but I know that they already know that I’m heading out with Atem to back him up. The ordeal should be over within a few hours or so granted that Iwagakure is nothing more than a wasteland from what I’ve been told.

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