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Taikeo Shen
Taikeo Shen
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Some more training Empty Some more training

Thu May 26, 2016 5:49 pm
Taike, came out of the Inn she was staying at, walking out of her house, it was the training time so it wouldn't have mattered if a Hoshigakure ninja was strolling through. Taike  had passed the first exam and plans on passing the second one to. He had heard that it took place in the forest of death, Oki had wanted to prepare himself for the trouble that he would have to face head on in the second exams, of the chuunin exams. Taike, wasn't really just doing this so he could be known as a chuunin, the fact that he was a missing nin ruined the use of such titles. he would begin walking towards the village gates, the only visible part of his skin was around her eyes, and that was about it, her mouth was covered up just as part of the nose was. As she made his way for the village gates, she would notice the weather. It was sunny outside, the sun was barely blocked by the clouds that were passing rather rabidly through the sky, being pushed by the wind, the wind blowing rather harder the usual. She continued down the path for the village gates, passing the shops, a shop for weapons, supplies of all sorts, medical supply, and food, and more. There were shops for nearly everything. As she reached the village gates, after seeing many, many children playing in this very, very peaceful village, he set out, for training. She thought to himself, about this village and himself, how she used to be from this very village, it was still as peaceful as it was before he left, he thought about rejoining this village and taking control of it, as the Hokage, and making this village not so peaceful anymore, give it a taste of what real war is, let the villagers of Hoshiagakure feel the pain of a death of a family member or a friend, close friends, but no, Oki wasn't so cruel to do a thing so as that. He did however, want to end the peace that Hoshigakure has known for far, far too long, Oki knew, he was going to be the one to end this long, long streak of peace. He continued down the path, headed deep in the forest as he thought, with a twisted smile on his face. As he gotten deeper into the forest that was near Hoshigakure, he started to think of what he would be training, Chakra maybe?

She thought to himself making up a decision for chakra control training. As she continued down the peaceful path of Hoshi which led more down into the forest, he began to think about the time she had last done chakra control training. He remembered climbing up the mountain, looking back as she was hundreds of feet into the air, with one wrong step he could slip and fall to his doom, those were the fun times for Oki, he wanted to do it again. This village however, made everything peaceful, and peaceful for Taike, meant that he was bored. He wanted to end this villages peacefulness and get things going, get the ninja to where Oki can have fun with his life again, that was the main reason to why he left Hoshiagakure in the first place, he wanted to have fun. Though, being a missing ninja hasn't exactly been the best, most fun life for Taike, he began to wonder, if joining back with a village would be more fun than just staying missing ninja, then again he thought, bounty hunters would come for him soon enough and provide little fun in life. One of the main reasons Taike was here, was to get known more, after the chuunin exams she would most likely reveal herself, and he would probably kill someone just to be recognized as a greater shinobi, he wanted to raise his bounty so he would be hunted, so people would try and kill him, Taike, was not insane, she just wanted to have fun. She stood in front of a rather large tree, he prepared by storing chakra within her feet, ready to start his chakra control training. After he would finish his training he decided to go take the second exam, and pass. After finishing storing chakra within his feet, the perfect amount, he began to run towards the tree as fast as he could and started running up the tree. The branches that blocked Oki's path, he just side stepped to avoid them and continued running up the tree safely with the right amount of chakra stored in his feet. As she reached the top, he took a small rest on the top branch, he didn't really need the rest, but he wanted one, he wasn't tired, he just wanted to take a quick break and think about the second chuunin exams challenge. She knew he was going to pass the exams, afterwards, she needed to decide on something else to do, after she passed the third exam anyways, she decided, on training a new element, yes a new element would be good. She needed to pick a basic one, fire, water, earth, or lightning. 

Taike had already possessed the element of wind, but now he had four to choose from, lightning, Taike element of wind easily beats this element, and then fire, wind enhances the power of the fire element, when the fire is strong enough anyways. Then there was earth and water, neither were affected, or effected wind in any ways. So, what was left was the decision, she would decide on the element of fire as it provided a few combos to open up in the eyes of Oki. Now, she had his plans for the next few weeks, everything planned and he knew his plans would succeed flawlessly. She was done planning now, she charged chakra in his feet and began to walk down the tree once more. As she had gotten down from the tree, flawlessly, he started to walk towards the hidden leaf village, Hoshiagakure. He walked back into the village seeing the same kids, and a few more kids, playing around the same part as when Oki first arrived. She went back to his room, thinking about his plans, improving them slightly, to make them better.

(WP:1080 claiming Chakra Anesthetic and 5 stats I think )
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