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Nobu Sen Katto <3
Nobu Sen Katto <3
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Training the Axe Heel Kick of Pain! Empty Training the Axe Heel Kick of Pain!

Fri May 20, 2016 7:12 am
Gathering every ounce of strength he could muster, Nobu heads to the training grounds. This training he had been doing was helping a great deal, but he felt like he still wasn’t able to keep up with those around him. He was going to have to train like he had never trained before. Higher Reps, higher resistance, faster pace, less rests. If he wanted to compete and compare, he couldn’t continue at the rate he was going now.
Gathering all of his things, Nobu first went back to the old mans ‘shop’ and borrowed those heavy training weights once more. He immediately put them on, noting that they had felt much lighter than he had remembered them. He immediately did several bicep curls with the weights before thanking the man and continuing to the training grounds. The entire time that he walked toward the training grounds he kept on performing curls. Then, when that didn’t feel like it was enough, he began to walk around on his hands, slowly making it to the training grounds little by little. Everyone gave him some awkward stares, a chuckle here or there, but that wouldn’t deter him. He was determined to get better. He had to get better if he planned on keeping the oath he swore to the kazekage. How could he protect the village if he was unable to contend with another Genin of the Sand?
Nobu thinks back to when Sakaiza and himself had sparred. That pushed him to his limits, even causing a crack in the mental barrier he had put up to help ward off the beasts influence. That fight had taken everything out of him, but he could still remember the ease at which Sakaiza deflected and countered every one of his strikes. It took Nobu using one of his strongest Taijutsu techniques to even manage to really get a solid hit in, and he was able to counter it with a strike of his own, the Mountain Crusher. “I will just have to perfect my techniques, so that he will not be able to counter them... so that he will not be able to just disregard them.” Sakaiza had cemented his place as Nobu’s rival, or at least him first major obstacle to become the best taijutsu user and martial artist the lands would ever see. Now with even more vigor, Nobu rushed on his hands to the training area.
Again, it seemed as though not as many young trainees were out today. It had been particularly hot, and so that might explain why so few people were here for training. The heat didn’t bother Nobu though. He was a man on a mission, determined to get better no matter the costs. He would endure the training and grow from that which does not kill him.
Immediately upon reaching the training grounds, Nobu begins his training regimen with a series of push ups from his current handstand position. These would be significantly more difficult than the normal ones Nobu does, as they utilize the full weight of his body as resistance. He continues to do reps until he can feel the burn throughout his upper torso. A decent warm up, but now he would have to get serious with his training. He wasn’t about to let anybody pass him up. Squats would be next, as Nobu would do several hundred body squats. This resistance wasn’t all that difficult, but the sheer reps would help condition his body. A burning sensation now shoots through his legs as he finishes. Nobu wouldn’t allow any pain or discomfort stop him now. Nobu pours some water on his face to wash away sweat and sand, and then downs a gulp. He didn’t want to drink it too quickly, else he might cramp and that would only delay his training.
He needed to continue working on his leg strength, especially considering how he felt that they were fairly useful in situations that required a longer reach. What would he practice though? Maybe he would practice an axe heel kick, as it was devastating if it would connect. There if his heel kick was more developed, he might have been able to penetrate the Hyuuga’s defenses with it. Finding a huge stone in which to practice, Nobu began practicing the motion of the kick, helping build muscle memory for when he needed it in combat. After this went on for almost a half an hour, Nobu felt ready to start dropping the kicks into the rocks. At first it had hurt, as the rock was sturdier than he had expected. He ignored the discomfort and kept on practicing. He had no time to rest. In order to get stronger he would have to train harder. That would be the only way he would be able to truly win the respect of his peers, and more importantly Nanabi, the Seven Tailed Bijuu that resides within. Koroshi made it quite clear that he would have to earn the beasts respect, and that is exactly what he had intended on doing. The move was repeated. Strike. Strike. Strike. This continued for what felt like an eternity, and yet the sturdy rock still showed no signs of compromise.
How could Nobu put more force behind the strike? This thought ran through his mind while he continued his training. Maybe if he had put his whole body into the strike, it would have a much greater effect. He would just have to be careful not to damage any bones in the process. A cracked femur or shattered kneecap would have him in the hospital for at least a little while while the medical ninja repaired the damage and no doubt would tell him that he would have to stop training and take it easy for a while. Nobu would have none of that.
Just to be sure he had the general motions down first, Nobu would practice striking the sand each hit causing large impacts in the sand and sending it flying everywhere. It was lucky for Nobu that he had not been near anybody and the training area had been so quiet today, else he might have just blinded them from the kicked up sand. After doing this several more times, Nobu would feel confident in his ability to perform the move, but not he just needed to make sure that it wouldn’t jar his leg too much upon impact with the stone.
In one large leap Nobu swings his leg up high, fully extended and over his head and brings it down hard on the large rock. A crunching sound can be heard, but Nobu knew that he had not caused enough damage to shatter the rock. A small chunk chipped off where he had connected, but that was the extent of the strike. Nobu, now a bit frustrated, decides to take another swig of water and sit and meditate for a moment. This meditation was good for him whenever he started to feel rage or anger building from within. Pre-emptive measures were key in keeping his cool and therefore himself in check. Despite these minor setbacks, he cannot dwell on the negative, as that will only give the beast a platform in which to launch its assault. Instead, Nobu takes in deep breaths, calming himself and feeling as his heartbeat slows to a more calming, rhythmic drumming. He hadn’t allowed himself to lose himself.
Each day that Nobu grew stronger he felt as if Nanabi was also trying to grip him even harder. It was a strange dilemma, as in order to fully master the beast he would have to get stronger, but as he got stronger the more the beast tugged, pulled, and clawed to make its way out. It know that as Nobu got stronger, it was that much closer to having to give up all of its chakra and power to a stronger Jinchuuriki. That was enough meditating for now, as it seems as if things were calm enough to continue training.
Springing up with renewed energy, Nobu quickly began a series of high kicks, ending with a leaping axe heel kick. That would be a devastating combination if it had landed on an opponent. Nobu practices several other ‘combos’  as he was letting his body warm back up to the training, Well, it was time to start testing himself on the rock again. Nobu positioned himself a meter away from the point of impact that he had expected to be weakened from his earlier attempts. Dropping another heel, he heard yet another crunching sound, the sound of the rock beneath crushing from the impact force of his heel. If Nobu could do that to rock, just think of what it would do to a person’s skull, or their collar bone. Heck, even in a hardier spot like the forearm might get crushed under this force if it wasn’t properly conditioned to take such hits. That would make blocking it rather difficult, but a simple sidestep would render the attack moot, and since it was an aerial attack it would be difficult to change his trajectory once the move had been started. These were minor disadvantages to such a forceful attack though, so Nobu let the doubts of its usefulness sink to the back of his mind.
 He drove his heel into the stone six or seven more times before his heel split from the impact. Blood could be seen on the rock, but so could a very serious crack in it. Nobu was proud of the accomplishment, but he couldn’t walk on his foot in the sand. It would just get in the wound and cause a painful burning, so he flipped back to his handstand and made his way back into town to see a medical nin.

He headed into the hospital on his hands, folks still looking at him like he were crazy. It wasn’t every day that a young foreign looking boy walked around town on his hands. Nobu approached the nearest desk attendant and asked if there had been any folks that could patch up some minor wounds he had managed to get while training. A pleasant younger man, not much older than Nobu was tended to his wounds, making small talk about how the day was going and asking how he had received the cuts and scrapes. Nobu explains to the young man about his training, and just as he expected they had told him that he may want to slow down a bit. “I’ll have to take it under advisement” Nobu would quickly spout out as he was being healed, his heel now as good as new. Thanking the young medical shinobi, Nobu walked back to drop off the training weights and made his way back home to relax on his comfortable bed after a much needed shower and snack.

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Training the Axe Heel Kick of Pain! Empty Re: Training the Axe Heel Kick of Pain!

Fri May 20, 2016 7:13 am

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