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Okuyama Sorai
Okuyama Sorai
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The Lavender Peacock Empty The Lavender Peacock

Tue May 17, 2016 4:11 pm
Mission Specs:

His dog at his side, the young boy trotted down the halls of the academy, staring into the reflection of his deep brown eyes in the unscathed surface of his headband. As he made his way around the corner, he managed to pull his attention away from its allure, and began to tie the accessory around his neck. He was dressed in his usual grey shirt, pants, and brown vest. Suddenly remembering that he was supposed to keep his ninja identity hidden, he hid the headband in his shirt.

Step one in his grand scheme to make money had been completed. Now all it would take is a little bit of time and perseverance, and he might just be able to afford something better than the alleyway. His destination was the "Chancery" mentioned by the mostly unimpressed proctor, Shina. She was unimportant though, money awaits!

Arriving at the specified mission center, the boy looked around with a bit of confusion... Where was he supposed to go? With no hesitation, because hesitation was for losers, the boy walked right up to one of the many desks and gave it a few knocks. The awkward silence and eye contact to follow said series of knocks was downright... Awkward. And it seemed to drag on for far too long. Breaking the ice between the two, he would say, "I need work."

The lady behind the desk would reply with, "Right," before digging through a file in the cabinet beside her desk. Pulling out a rather beefy dossier, she planted it in front of the boy. "Now this is an S-ran-"

The boy cut her off. "What's an S-rank?" One of his chocolate eye brows were peaked in interest.

"..." Going back to the cabinet, she pulled out a much smaller scroll, with a very simple set of instructions written within. "I see. You're that new genin. Carry out the orders in the scroll," she then produced a small package from her desk, "You'll need this to complete the mission."

He simply nodded, and said "Right." Azai then made his way out of the building, opening the scroll and quickly reading its contents. "Azai Kojuro, go to the city square and look for the Dusk Tachibana, who will be wearing a blue jacket, in the northern corner. Hand him the package and the scroll, and repeat the phrase, "The Lavender Peacock." Afterwards, you may return to the mission center and wait for the all clear to collect your reward. Do not open the package, or this will be considered a failure." 

Hmm. Interesting. Scandalous, potentially. The boy didn't even have to open the package to know what was inside, as the odor it gave off was rather disturbing to his sensitive nose with its heightened sense of smell. Okina, who had been following him, began to whimper even. Either way, this would net him some cash. Which he desperately needed, for fucks sake this post is lame and I've been stretching it this entire time. Someone hit me with some inspiration plz.

Making his way to the city square, he waltzed around until he hit the northern corner, where there were several men with blue jackets. Loudly, he would just shout, "The lavender peacock!" He was sure that, most of the people would be confused, and the one that was supposed to meet with him would come to receive the package and scroll. If he managed to find his man and hand off the stuff, he would head back to the mission center and call it a day.

[537 WC
Claiming 500 towards basic medical ninjutsu level 1
claiming 1,000 Ryo, and 3 AP.]

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Toshiro Senju
Toshiro Senju
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The Lavender Peacock Empty Re: The Lavender Peacock

Tue May 17, 2016 7:01 pm
"Dusk you'll be late for your duties if you don't get up soon," the sound of a mother coming from downstairs as the blue haired male yawned and jumped out of his bed quickly in order to get ready for the day. Grabbing his headband, he threw it behind the locks of his blue hair which would have been outside of its ponytail for once, but not for long as small fingers worked quickly in order to braid and prepare his hair. Once done he threw on his pair of clean white bandages and blue sleeves jacket with the white bells and hobbled downstairs before crashing into his mother and snuggling her, mission successful. Afterwards he helped her up and waved as he ran out the door in order to start his day. Mission time! Today he had to deliver something, so he had to wait for whoever was delivering the contents to him so that meant that he would be waiting for a bit.

With that he did his usual wobble up to the northern section of the village, headband hidden front sight by his hair. Once he had arrived to the area in which he had supposed to be in, he leaned from left to right looking at every person that had passed by him while waving, getting a few waves in return. While he had been at the fountain he looked into the water, staring at his own reflection for a spell before splashing it, jumping in and having a good old Dusk time. While doing this he had lost track of what he was supposed to be doing until he had heard the calling of a peacock. Jumping up and looking around at the area he could see who had let out the keyword in which a blue haired train ran for them and stopped just in front of them," Hi there! Do you have the...OOHHHH PUPPY!!!!!!," in an instant Dusk was all over the puppy, picking it up and hugging it before setting it down and patting it gently," Pat pat...Oh right mission!!!," taking the package he would give the other ninja a salute and taking off.

Looking at the directions in the scroll he was supposed to go to the eastern district closer to the unseen university, and looking for another ninja in order to give the package to. Though since this was Dusk he was bound to get lost or something on that note. To prevent this he pulled out an empty scroll and sealed the package inside of it, skipping off so that he could get to the area faster without people looking at him like he was weird. No one needed to know what he had been carrying and since he didn't want to open it, he labeled the scorll "Lavender peacock" so that the person didn't miss the trigger word. Arriving to the meeting place, he screamed ," LAVENDER PEACOCK" ," hoping that the person that had been next to take the package would show up and go from there, knowing that the key phrase was on the scroll and when they had gotten to the last person to unseal it. After that Dusk wandered off to the mission office to get his reward and be done.

Exit (547)

Claiming 1000 Ryo and 3 ap
Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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The Lavender Peacock Empty Re: The Lavender Peacock

Tue May 17, 2016 8:02 pm
Leaning with his back against the side wall of the unseen university, Shiro's left arm is wrapped around his front while the right on is performing curls with a 25 pound wrist weight strapped under the fist. The other hand also had a weight on it. In his right bicep, the muscles tighten repeatedly as the hand comes up, lifting the weight. The burn begins to manifest as he continuously exercises the muscle so as to increase its strength after healing.

"I'm not breaking as much of a sweat any more. Before, this wasn't as easy, not after so many reps." Shiro thinks, finishing his tenth round of ten lifts. He rests his arm, relaxing the muscles. "But it's good that I'm progressing. I'll have the Daytime Tiger down soon enough."

Releasing his left arm, his right replaces it around his torso. His left arm begins to perform the same curls in cycles of ten lifts with rests between. Before long, a burning sensation develops but Shiro feels no exhaustion. His arms are beginning to grow in strength, this being shown in the amount of weight they can lift for an extended period of time before weakening. By performing repeated repetitions, his muscles are tested for how well they can exert force and how much of it they can output.

"If I can pass this twenty-five pound weight, I'll be able to move on to the thirty-five. Or, if I'm daring, the forty-five." Shiro tells himself, taking a deep breath in and out. "Really, I need to be as quick with this training as possible. I don't know if I will be able to complete learning the Daytime Tiger before attempting to show my skills so as to become a chuunin. If I can do that, I'll be able to focus whatever effort I put into my chuunin advancement into another technique."

Shiro's thoughts are cut short by a loud and air piercing shout. "LAVENDER PEACOCK" it screams, causing him to turn his head in the direction of the sound's origin immediately.

"The code phrase." He says to himself, removing his back from the wall and beginning to walk his way towards the scroll that is in his sight after turning the corner of the unseen university. Kneeling down, he lifts the scroll from the ground and looks left and right. "Well, I see nothing else. The package must be in this scroll."

Shiro stands and slides the scroll into his right ninja pouch, continuing on towards the ninja academy. There, the writing on the package tells him, is where he must meet the next carrier.

Arriving at the front gates of the ninja academy building, Shiro removes the scroll from his ninja pouch and places it down next to a tree. Under it, the scroll is in the shade.

"Easy enough." He thinks, turning and walking back the way he came. "With this free time, I think that I'll spend some time in the village library. I can always read up on more space-time information."

(506 towards Daytime Tiger)

[Claims: 1000 ryo, 3 AP, 506 words towards Daytime Tiger]
Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
Remove Ryo : 2000

The Lavender Peacock Empty Re: The Lavender Peacock

Thu May 19, 2016 2:32 pm
Castiel would be where he typically was, asleep in a tree.  However, this time he knew he had a mission.  Someone was supposed to come by at some point and deliver him a parcel, with some kind of code word.  Of course he had no clue what his code word was or the one he was supposed to be receiving, because his ability to forget was bar none.  He slept peacefully in a tree outside the academy doing nothing, though his eyes had ached nonstop ever since that mission he performed with Akihana.  Nothing he could do could stop it, he had already seen a few doctors and had over loaded on eye drops, but still nothing worked.   So while he slept he was unable to reach REM sleep. 
In his dreams he would see images of his family, and since he could not reach deep sleep they would be vivid over loading his mind with the constant practice with his father in their hidden realm.  Genjutsu after genjutsu in an attempt to force his child to be the prodigy he always wanted.  That simply was not the person Castiel was.  He had never been able to master anything, so when he began to move and react to the images that bombarded him, this would cause the sleeping form in the tree to react.  Castiels shifting form moved in the branch,  the movement would cause him to lose his balance.  The moment he lost the balance it would cause him to wake up just in time to see the ground careening toward him.  The dark  haired boy would land face first in the hard ground, shattering his nose which would in turn help him forget about his eyes though.  The rest of his body would be crumpled up behind him with his knees on the ground and his arms out beside him.  Once he finally looked up  He would see the scroll in front of him.   
After standing, he would remove his dirty shirt and hold it over his nose catching the blood. Castiel went about investigating the scroll, then looking around seeing nobody.  Was this the parcel he was meant to deliver? He thought to himself.  What lousy security.
Castiel would walk over and pick it up with his free hand, Lavender Peacock?  He had heard that before from his time at the tea houses. He thought on it for a moment, Oh yea it's a Tea House
Castiel would make his way back through town passing several strange looking people , a boy he had met in the training with Akihana, and a really poor kid with a cute dog.  He would wave at them as he passed with the scroll in hand shirtless.  Castiel would finally make his way to the Lavender peacock where he would deliver the parcel, which would now have some blood on it,  to a woman sitting within.  Castiel would tuck the blood covered shirt in his back pocket with the top dangling out and run his hand through his mohawk,  Lots of cute girls in here,  his inner voice would inform him.  The young boy would make his way to the woman and slip her the parcel finally complete the mission that would have taken one person 20 minutes but would instead take 4 all day long.  Crack Ninja work right there.
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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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The Lavender Peacock Empty Re: The Lavender Peacock

Thu May 19, 2016 2:47 pm

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