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Mysterious Dimensional Armory? Empty Mysterious Dimensional Armory?

Sat May 07, 2016 1:06 pm
Atem had just figured out that he wanted a weapon that was fairly poisonous and so it wouldn’t be used against him he had to know of a way of disposing the blade without it affecting him in battle. He thought of space/time being the best jutsu type for this because it can instantly take an item away while retrieving at the same speed to connect the flow of battle. Thinking of this he wanted to have a storage of sorts, one that would displace the items to another dimension that he could call upon anytime. With the amount of chakra he currently had it would be no feat that he could hold up to 15 items in his dimensional storage so that is what he went for. With this he could make his ninja pouch obsolete, but it would still be useful due to not having to use chakra which is pretty valuable within it’s own. “Hm, this jutsu is a peculiar one indeed, but it can be done. This is the base of Space/Time ninjutsu. If I am not able to do this then I should give up all hope on becoming a ninja.” Atem said determined on making this jutsu, if he hadn’t he would ruin all of his battle plans and techniques he had created for the future.

Finally beginning on the physical part of the jutsu Atem knew that imagination was key when it came to drying to mold your chakra into something. It’s as if the chakra manifests the wishes of its master through the thoughts and mind of the user leaving all physical things to be washed away by the power of this mysterious substance that had been embedded in all the people on this earth. Closing his eyes and completing the two hand seals which required him to move his fingers in a systematic way he began to imagine a traditional japanese arsenal where he could place his weapons when the time was needed and remove them under the same situation. With this in his mind he opened his eyes and the kunai that he had recently pulled out of his ninja pouch began to dematerialize with particles drifting away as if it were dandelion seeds in the stiff summer wind. As the process was halfway finished Atem noticed that it had stopped, but then it began to rematerialize and went back to it’s original state which puzzled Atem. “How could this be? I swear I did everything right. I might have put too little chakra into that one which is why it only did half of the jutsu, I see. So if there isn’t enough chakra while using a Space/Time jutsu then it returns back to it’s original state which means that half of a weapon or body part can’t get stuck in another dimension. It’s as if the dimension were saying you are not worthy of entering my domain since you don’t have enough chakra.” Atem made a mental note of this to keep for later, he often wondered when these small notes would come in handy, but he knew they would for sure.

“Now, I wonder what happens when I put too much chakra into a Space/Time, that seems like it would be too dangerous for my liking.” Atem said escaping the idea he had just made. Once more he tried the jutsu, he completed the two signs rat-boar in order to form his chakra into a successful manner for the jutsu. Having done this Atem dispelled his chakra into the kunai that was in his right hand and as if the molecules were separating once more they began to float away until all of it had successfully disappeared into the dimensional arsenal. “Ah, okay now I need to get it back which might take more chakra than I had to give out.” Atem said to himself doing the hand seals for the jutsu and visualizing that his kunai was coming back to him. He would be highly upset if this didn’t work because kunai are very expensive in his current state of monetary depression. Anyhow, as he dispelled his chakra he made sure to visualize a portal that would lead to the armory and mentally guide the kunai out and into his hand. Once doing this he felt the weight of a kunai in his hands causing him to open is eyes quickly and to his surprise, ut utter happiness the kunai was in his hand. “Ah, I won’t have to buy another one now.” Atem said to himself quickly putting the kunai in his ninja pouch. That was until he got an idea, he knew that a tradition he had with these jutsus were using them in as many ways as possible so he decided to see if he could dematerialize the kunai before he stabbed himself with the kunai.

Throwing the kunai up into the air around 7 meters or so he began to weave the two signs with much ease and concentrated with his eyes open on the separate dimension and the storage that the kunai would be placed in and before it hit Atem the kunai dematerialized and entered the storage. “Okay, when I rematerialize this kunai I need to be out of the way because I don’t know if it will keep it’s momentum or appear in my hand as it did last.” Atem thought to himself. When doing the jutsu for the last time Atem could see that the kunai had kept its momentum and had continued to fall down as if it had never left. It was at this moment that Atem knew this jutsu could be used in many different ways than what it was originally supposed to be used for, but his next step would be doing this jutsu without hand seals which could make it more combat oriented when it just disappears and reappears.

“Hm, the hand seals cause my chakra to flow in a way that would make it optimal to complete the jutsu, but doing the jutsu without one will cause extra concentration and knowledge of where the chakra headed to when I use the hand seals. The best way to figure this out will most likely be through using the hand seals and then conducting the jutsu as if I were just going through the motions and then feel where the chakra is most concentrated at.” Atem said taking his own advice. Weaving the signs for what he had previously thought to be the last time he then began to concentrate on where his chakra was heading, this was very difficult because he also had to visualize the jutsu itself and make sure that the weapon was going to materialize to the same place. Although the jutsu wasn’t successful he could feel the chakra going to his brain and his hands, what the correlation between the two were he did not know, but he knew the direction which was the biggest portion. One thing he realized he forgot that could rival the direction of the chakra for the biggest portion of being useful was the proportion of chakra that was heading to each body part and how it was dispelled afterwards.

With this in his mind Atem began to try to replicate the way the chakra moved which was in a slow natural manner to the hand and brain, doing this he felt as though he would have it down already, but when he dispelled the chakra nothing happened to the kunai. “Did I do something wrong?” Atem thought to himself wondering what the problem could be. “Hm, it must be something with the visualization, i don’t think I even tried to visualize the dimension at all.” Atem said to himself making sure to keep this note in his head as he did the jutsu. Again, he felt the flow of his chakra and shifted it to his hand and brain in which he visualized the dimensional armory until that thought was overtaken by the thought of the chakra dispelling proportion causing the whole jutsu to jumble up and nothing to happen again. Trying to make his mind multitask seemed to be very difficult, but he knew the average ninja could do this much and while in the middle of battle. “Okay, let’s see. What would be a good way to force my mind to think of multiple things while doing a task?” Atem thought. “Hm, it would be best described as muscle memory. Where the brain doesn’t need to the body what to do yet it does it anyway. Kind of like breathing.” Atem had finally figured out what it was he needed to do, but how would he make the controlling of his chakra like second nature. That would obviously be through basic chakra control.

Having realized this Atem remembered in the Ninja Academy that his instructor had them gather leaves and placed one on their forehead. They had to keep it there for the duration of the time using chakra. The would be pushed and sometimes kicked while having the leaf on their forehead in order to train their concentration of mind and chakra. With this memory appearing Atem sliced a leaf from a tree with his kunai and then placed it upon his forehead moving his black strands of hair out of the way to show his mark. He then covered the mark with the leaf and concentrated his chakra to his forehead to use it as a magnet keeping the leaf in place for hours on end Atem began to think of other things that would take his mind off of the leaf to ensure that he could keep the leaf on his head as his mind was no longer on the chakra. The leaf fell a couple of times but after a few more hours of training Atem had finally gotten the technique down to where it was natural to control the chakra and think within his mind. Now, that he had nearly perfected his body for this situation he began to start the jutsu once more, no hand seals, only his brain and chakra. “Alright, calm thoughts of the dimensional armory and that’s all. My body will do the rest.” Atem said doing exactly what he had talked about. Thinking of nothing, but the dimensional arsenal he could feel his body accumulate the chakra to the desired place and then the kunai that was currently in his right hand began to disperse into the air. “It worked, as I thought muscle memory is as good as I thought.” Atem said to himself now knowing that he had to bring the kunai back. Following the same steps he rematerialized the kunai as easy as pie, he then wondered if he could do this with multiple weapons so he took out everything he owned in his ninja pouch and set them on the ground. This time thinking of a bigger storage the materials began to slowly fade away one by one as if some invisible thief were taking them. “Hm, so I can only hold up to 15 items huh? Well, that is good to know because I could find myself in a situation where I have to choose between certain weapons or I will go over my capacity causing the jutsu to fail in a dire situation. As a ninja it is always good to think about the worst outcome just as much as you think about the best.” Atem said to himself analyzing the jutsu some more.

“Now, I have to bring them all back. This is truly exhauting.” Atem said to himself as he went over the visualization and the chakra flow moved on it’s own to accommodate the absence of him controlling it. Soon just as they left they all began to come back one by one in the same line. “This jutsu was truly a mystifying one to learn.” Atem said as he knew he was truly tired of this jutsu, but it did teach him a valuable lesson about how to master jutsus easier.

[WC 2026]

[Exit, claiming Storage Displacement jutsu acquired and mastered(no handsigns), 10 Stats]
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Mysterious Dimensional Armory? Empty Re: Mysterious Dimensional Armory?

Sat May 07, 2016 1:08 pm

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