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Atem <3
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Flicker Family Similarities Empty Flicker Family Similarities

Thu May 05, 2016 10:26 pm
Atem wanted to broaden his horizon, he wasn’t sick of the jutsus he were using, but he knew he needed more. Soon there would be an upcoming battle that would have his chuunin rank at state. He needed to win or at least perform and get acknowledged by the higher ups who will be watching him. With that in mind he knew of a jutsu his father used in order to get out of a sticky situation when he was younger. It was something along the lines of “Flicker Movement”. Thinking back upon the memory Atem remembered his father moving fairly fast, faster than he had ever seen before. As a kid he thought he just raised his speed, but learning about space/time in the academy he was able to comprehend the fact that his father’s personal speed did not change, but the speed of the space around him did.

While understanding this, he knew he would be able to learn it as his father did. For the foundation of space/time ninjutsu was being able to manipulate a specific space or point in time. As for the advanced stuff that entailed new dimensions and teleportation at the blink of an eye, as for this jutsu it was basically an incredibly slower version of teleportation.

“Okay, now that I have covered the basic analysis of space/time ninjutsu I shall try it. I need to get my chakra to extend itself around my body and essentially slow the time down as if it were grabbing it.” Atem said as he stood in place. Doing the handsigns required which were rat, a hand sign the sign of peace in ninja covered by the second hand while the sign of boar was both of the hands pressed together with the fingers coiled upside down. Doing these two gestures it would allow his chakra to flow in a way necessary to complete the jutsu. Now all he had to do was allocate the correct amount of chakra to complete it.

“FWoosh.” Atem muttered as he dispelled his chakra, time began to slow by a little, but it was still fairly close to real time. This would not be able to help in battle so he knew he would need to train this further. In the past the training repetition has always helped him so it shall do the same today. “Okay, once more.” Atem said in a patient manner

Doing the two hand signs consecutively Atem then dispelled his chakra and had it grip onto his personal space in which time slowed down once more, but only by a little. He could see a slight change in the way he perceived the world which made him think he was progressing in they way he was mastering this jutsu. “Ah, okay. Maybe I should analyze this some more in order to pull out the full effect of the jutsu. I’ve found that that has always been better for me to do in order to learn a certain jutsu.” Atem said as he delved into his mind and began to speak to himself about the jutsu as if he were some school girl gossiping. “Okay, I can see that imagining my chakra grabbing my personal space working a bit but maybe I need to take to the next level and actually think about my chakra grabbing the flow of time itself. With this thinking I should be able to form my chakra in a way that it actually does grab hold of time and slows it down. Although time is uncontrollable, it is certainly able to be manipulated. Even if only a little.” Atem having figured out the secrets essentially of the jutsu he began to try once more, holding his hands i the sign of confrontation he weved the two signs and imagined in his mind a blue mass of chakra shaping into a hand and moving as if it were truly articulate resembling a human hand.

With this being done it then grabbed hold of everything around Atem, the leaves that fell into his radius began to slow as they swiveled back in forth riding on the invisible wave known as air and the birds that flew a little to close to atem also began to flap their wings a bit slower than before making them seem as though they were doing the bird equivalent of running in place. Atem began to move in his personal space and found that he was the same speed but compared to everything else he was significantly faster than he was before. Leaving afterimages behind him as he moved, to the normal person they would be astounded if they didn’t know the jutsu that was being used at the time. Maybe in the future he would be able to combine this with something to make ot more potent and have the effects be a little bit more flashier. But that was a dream for another time. Seeing that he had completed the jutsu he wondered if there were any abstract ways that he could actually use this jutsu. It was always Atem’s strong point in turning useless jutsus into things that can be used against the strongest of opponents. ,He would call himself a strategists of sorts although he was more spur of the moment and using jutsus in ways he thought best at that time. Anyhow, he was able to think of nothing and continued to use the jutsu in the way it was meant to. He threw kunai up into the air and the second they got to close he would activate the jutsu and slow them down, dodging the effortlessly. Repetition is one of the things Atem hated the most, but he knew that in some cases that is the only way he would be able to learn a jutsu. It was a big waste of chakra, but a learning lesson nonetheless. Giving himself one final test Atem took out all of the projectiles he had in his ninja pouch and threw them into the air wondering if he would be able to dodge them all. Coming back down from the peak of their height the projectiles began to fall and in their sights were Atem. As they came closer and closer Atem weaved the two signs for the last time today and dodges them one by one as if this were a scene from the matrix.

[WC 1074]

[Exit, claiming 5 stats, Flicker Movement acquired]
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Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Flicker Family Similarities Empty Re: Flicker Family Similarities

Fri May 06, 2016 3:14 am

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