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Taikeo Shen
Taikeo Shen
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Learning Medical Ninjustu Empty Learning Medical Ninjustu

Wed May 04, 2016 3:48 am
Medical Ninjustu was definitely a challenge for Taike for she was just starting out as a medical shinobi so it may take her a couple days or weeks depending on how she picked up on the learning portion of the justu the hand signs for the justu was Boar-Rat-Snake and then she was able to heal the wound of a cut or blood clot but this was added along with her Shining medical eye where she could see the damage inside the body. You see the Shining Medical Eye is like the byakugan and could see chakra points but could also see the circulatory system, bones and even toxins that enter the body so with this ninjustu Taike could volunteer for a job at the hospital hoping she will make a great addition to their staff. Taike reads a book on medical ninjustu every day and learns from it and today she was going to teach it to herself she did the hand signs which were Boar-Rat-snake Taike hands started to glow as she was learning the technique she had to test it out so Taike grabbed a towel and bit it hard she then grabbed a kunai and made a small non-threatening slice in her leg it was a bit painful but she had to test her abilities. She did the correct hand signs and put her hand over her leg and the cut that was there seemed to heal in about thirty seconds for it was a very small cut Taike was super happy because she was going to learn her first healing justu and she was overwhelmed with happiness as she did the justu once more doing it again and again getting better every time she did it she became more focused on the justu and the signs were now in her muscle memory where she could remember the justu by heart so in an emergency  Taike was able to perform the justu in a heartbeat and soon enough the justu was super easy and she would use it for every time she  accidently cut herself while training.

“Now I’ll be able to sign up for the hospital volunteers.” She said with such bright enthusiasm because her dream job was right in front of her eyes and all she had to do was apply

Just to be safe Taike practiced the justu for the next couple days so she could ace whatever test she had to do. If they had a test at all but Taike didn’t care all she wanted to do was head down to the hospital and get ready so she could buy an apartment and food and training supplies such as kunai. But more importantly more books about Medical Justus she can learn for it was like second nature for her like something was drawing Taike into the medical business as soon as she was born and she was not about to give up now because she was one inch away from doing what she loved to do.
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Learning Medical Ninjustu Empty Re: Learning Medical Ninjustu

Wed May 04, 2016 3:53 am

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