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Taikeo Shen
Taikeo Shen
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To make the world a better place Empty To make the world a better place

Wed May 04, 2016 2:48 am
Taike wanted to be the best at being a medical ninja so she decided to learn to use Medical Ninjustu so she headed to the training grounds to find people that were worn out and bleeding and she did she found a bunch of shinobi that had cut themselves with their weapons or a misfire justu and Taike was there to help them but she wanted to work on her Lightning style first so she put her hands together and lightning vibrates around in her hands but it doesn’t do enough to stay that way. Taike does it once more and it vibrates to stay the electric charges a pulsing through her hands she strikes a dummy. The dummy vibrates then gets pushed back just a bit. Taike was so excited she tried it again she puts her hand together and the electricity in her hands activate again this time being stronger she dashes a the dummy and hits it with both hands using the lightning technique it shocks the dummy once more pushing it back farther she then knows that she can power up her shock paddles. She does this for a couple days getting better and better at the medical justu for it was used for offence and medical purposes she then saw a boy who would have almost died if she wouldn’t have been there a boy had gotten into an allergy accident and was at the point of death. Taike put her hands together and the electricity pulsed through her hands once again. She leans down to him and says

“My name is Taike Shen and I’m trained to help. Clear!”

She puts both hands on his chest and it pumps him making the boy jolt she does this two more times and the boy wakes up and tells Taike he owes his life to her. She giggles you can see the tears in her eyes as she wipes them off and hugs the young ninja. This was the first time she has saved anyone’s life and if she wasn’t there trying her justu he could have died and for that she is grateful she was put on this earth to do great things. Later that day she kept working hoping to master the justu so she can applie to volunteer at the hospital because she feels like she is a vital key to helping people and becoming a wonderful medical ninja and she was ready for absolutely anything the hospital could throw at her because she could see the chakra flow, bones veins, and even toxins that entered the body she was going to be a great addition to the hospital staff and the job maybe will give her enough money to get an apartment so she can live and stay in hoshigakure longer she was so excited for what lay ahead of her for she was going to be the best of the best and maybe see Akihana a great medical ninja. For tomorrow was a new day and a new day for Taike to learn.
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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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To make the world a better place Empty Re: To make the world a better place

Wed May 04, 2016 3:48 am

You can also claim 2 stats for this. <3
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