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Atem <3
Atem <3
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Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P] Empty Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P]

Mon May 02, 2016 4:32 pm
Finally finishing the last pre requisite in order to start the chuunin missions, Lucien and Atem were now ready to embark on the missions that would lead to them becoming a step closer to ANBU. Knowing this chills went down the spine of Atem, he couldn’t really tell how Lucien was feeling since he never really showed any facial expressions which made it fairly hard to know what he was thinking at times. Knowing him though that is probably the reason he does that, anyhow, it seemed that Lucien and Atem had another diplomatic job to deal with this time it was something of a larger scale being a C-Rank mission and for the Chuunin mission nonetheless.

Before Lucien and Atem met up they both received a black and gold letter that read, “A small fight has broken out in the Water Gardens between a group of priests and ninjas. No one is sure how the conflict started, only that both parties are going to do each other serious harm. Your job is to intervene and resolve the conflict without harming anyone. You may approach the group to talk it out but be warned they will be hostile.” Atem knowing that the both of them could easily become official diplomats for Hoshigakure began to smile. In his head this first mission would be a piece of cake.

Realizing that this letter was freshly written due to the ink being dry for an estimated time of 3 minutes Atem covered his mouth and looked away from Lucien, “We need to head out ASAP for reasons you already know. I’ll see you at the Water Gardens.” Atem said walking off at the speed of 12 towards the direction of the aforementioned place. Once he had arrived to the Water Garden he could see that Hoshi was making it’s money through tourist attractions. In the distance he could see the fabled Gazebo that he always heard about from the passing villagers with his extravagant hearing. Apparently there was a time where the Gazebo wasn’t up to par with how it used to look, but it is in the past now as it has been restored by the village. Anyhow, Atem could see a schism between the priest and shinobis that seemed to have no sign of stopping.

Walking inside of the beautifully structured building he stepped in between them with both of his hands out in a horizontal fashion. “You guy must stop the fighting, how does this make any of your sides look good. Especially you, head of the priest. Doesn’t your religion teach peacefulness and tranquility. Why are you here acting as though you are a child?’ Atem asked. “What do you know, you’re just a kid.” The head of the priest said with a cheery red face. “How ignorant, that is no excuse to not use the advice of someone trying to help you.” Atem said, not giving the priest any time to speak he then turned to the shinobis and began to lecture them. “So, did you guys think it was okay to start a fight with the priests, what they believe in is none of your business nor should it bother you in any-” All of the sudden Atem feels a throbbing pain in his head and the flow of a liquid run down his forehead. Touching his forehead and seeing the obvious he turned to the priest who has taken out a club.

Leave this to the adults, you know nothing of the matter!” The priest said in a slightly lower monotonous tone. “Sorry, no can do. I was assigned here by the Village Leader himself so if I were to abandon this mission I would be no less than scum.” Atem said. “Now, what is this power struggle for?’ Atem asked with blood still running down his face. “Well, it all began when we wanted to build a second ninja academy with better resources to hone our defenses against rival nations, but the priest got greedy and wanted the open space to build another monastery.” The shinobi said. ”Ah, I see. You as the priests already have so many places of worship what is it to give one up?’ Atem asked. “You don’t understand!” The priest said about to strike Atem with the club once more.

[WC 720]
Lucien Chasseur
Lucien Chasseur
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Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P] Empty Re: Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P]

Mon May 02, 2016 5:00 pm
Lucien had already known about the entire event before he got there due to hearing and some basic intel from the note that Atem and him were given. "Granted he took that direction, I will flank and approach this situation from a different side. Since I'm leaving slightly later, I'll try to approach in a more stealth manner and accurately assess anything going on from a vantage point. If he needs some backup, though I doubt he will, I'll kick up the pace." Lucien said walking in the opposite and opposing direction to the place of they were supposed to be at.  

Lucien moved about the village at a speed of 12 until being around within 45 meters of the place and having it within eyesight. "Hmm, looks like I should get there a bit sooner. I smell blood in the air coming exactly from somewhere underneath that thing. In that case.... Let me move up and continuing my considering for a proper form of action. Knowing that Atem moved in first, he likely went between both parties as to stop them from gaining physical contact to each other. That's just a stalling technique and not very effective at neutralizing the entire situation. However, it is a very required stalling technique. Sadly, that also puts him in the position most likely to get in harms way there. Since there are ninjas here too, I'll hide my chakra." Lucien thought to himself. 

Lucien entered his cloaked state and began lowering himself like a sniper looking to make his profile as small as possible. He moved up until within 10 meters of the thing and on the right side, here, he'd be able to hear everything and be within a decent range to counter anything if he needs to. "You don't understand!" Lucien heard what sounded like one of the priest yelling. "Well well, sadly I do my friend. I have my likes and dislikes, but one thing I will never fail to do is follow my orders even till death. For that reason, I can't go all out on him. It seems Atem is still in the center as expected, now a means to stop them before this gets out of hand..." 

Lucien would then think to himself about this situation more. If he were to knock them all out and separate them to quickly rid the possibility of a confrontation, it may arise again as the land plot is still here and the people are still around. Besides, that's not very Hoshi like. It became obvious that if these two couldn't compromise, he'd have to do it for them. 

"Hehe, hopefully, they don't take this at too aggressive. I guess I have a tendency for lying to ninjas when I need to solve something. Superiors including, but I suppose that makes you human doesn't it?" Lucien said just loud enough for himself.

Lucien would move closer at the speed of 28 and hop into the area appearing on the right flank of both groups. Here, he would keep his chakra stealthy and his disposition intimidating and immense. Lucien's voice was naturally deepish, but here, he'd overkill it on purpose. 

"Hello everyon-" Lucien said beginning to talk with his left hand mounted firmly on his Ninjato. That's the moment when he noticed the head priest was planning on hitting Atem with a club strike. Instinctively, he countered by throwing a kunai at 55 speed towards the club knocking it clean out of the priest's hands before it could be swung. "I will not harm any of you, and nor shall you harm my subordinate ninjas. I am well aware of your problems, and in that, I am addressing both sides. As a Jonin of Hoshi, might I say excuse my clothes, this mission was handed out on a rather short notice. But, both of you want to occupy this area. There is a simple solution to this all that means no one getting arrested for anything. If both ninjas and priests refrain from any negative attacks or physical action against one another, I can and will send a great deal of earth element specialist ninjas here within two days. In return, the priest can take the surface area of this settlement and the ninjas will be outfitted with a new underground base with aid of the earth ninjas. Priest, this is Hoshi, a village blessed by the stars, so pray to the sky. Ninja, this is Hoshi, a village protected by the greatest. So in that, we must be ready for anything. An underground base is something that is surely required at one point or another. It shall be built below this area and entrances will be at opposite locations allowing none of you to have to get in arguments again. Deal?" 

206 AP - 10 = 196 AP
WC: 801
Atem <3
Atem <3
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Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P] Empty Re: Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P]

Mon May 02, 2016 5:32 pm
Seeing Lucien show up relieved Atem, it was as if he were some sort of hero out of a comic book coming in to resolve a problem. The priest who was gearing up to hit Atem in the head one more time was soon startled when the club in his hand soon disappeared into the air where there god’s were supposedly. “Does my conviction know no bounds?” Atem asked the crowd. “How many of you here can stand in front of two conflicting groups and do your job no matter how much you will be hated among the citizens or certain group of people? Are the things you guys are fighting over really worth your lives or are you bickering because you know you are putting nothing on the line.” Atem’s vein began to stick out of his neck as if it were a worm about to breach the earth’s surface.

People such as you all make me sick, we have people in the world who are out here fighting for their lives, fighting famine, disease, and other ailments while you guys are taking the privilege of getting a new building and tarnishing it. As shinobi I can’t even stand to see your face, and priest as I said before how can you even face your God while acting in a such a manner. We have people in Hoshi needing serious help yet I see none of them in your monetaries being helped by financial means, starting fundraisers to kick start the money in order to do these things. You are out here looking at Hoshi with your hand out. Do you mean to tell me this religion thing is a farce to pillage money out of Hoshi?” Atem asked infuriated.How dare you?! We would never disgrace ourselves in such a manner, so therefore you should treat us with more respect.” The Priest said. “I agree with Atem, we are not doing what we are supposed to and that is to provide the people with safety and public goods and services that are relatively free. How could we be so naive.” The shinobi laughed. “I am glad to see one of you understand the bigger matter at hand here.” Atem said.

This is when Lucien discussed the ninjas having an underground academy and the priest get the surface level area. “Honestly, I am opposed to this. Although Hoshi is fairly affluent I think it would be fairly dangerous in the making of the underground base. Although we do have some earth users to possibly make the operation safer than it would have been without them, what about the long term effect? If anything to teach these two a lesson they should combine their two buildings having one side be a ninja academy and the other a monastery as if it were some sort of huge duplex. That way it will foster good communicative relationships between the two groups. Are all in favor with this or is anyone against it? If not forever hold thy peace.” Atem said quoting a marriage saying. Both groups lowly uttered “We agree.

I’m glad to hear this, now that we have come up with a solution I won’t just leave you guys hanging on this idea. I will also be an active participant in the building of the structure.” Atem said trying to be as proactive as possible. He knew that if he just handed them this idea and didn’t help with the actual making of it he would have said nothing but empty words to solve the problem at hand. This probably would have let him pass the mission, but for his morals which aren’t really high that wouldn’t have been right. “Okay, while we still have the energy let's begin drawing up a draft of the actual building." A few minutes passed and a fellow shinobi had brought them a blueprint paper. Sitting down at one of the tables provided next to the Gazebo he sat and began to sketch the building. “Here goes the religious symbol on this side with the name of the building right below it in this type of font. It will consist of columns just like your other buildings so it won’t stand out as much.” Atem chuckled. “Now, for the shinobi side, here will be the entrance and the logo of Hoshi will go on top of here. There really doesn’t need to be a name on the building as the logo has a meaning of its own. On the inside you guys will be connected by a door towards the back of the main entrance. We only have about 2500 sq meters to do this so we must be conservative with how we use the land. Do any of you want plants or small structures on your side?” Atem asked seeing that there was remaining space outside the parameters of the building. “Yes, we would like a single statue of the one we worship.” The priest said. “We want him to be towards the center just a little on the right not to impose on their side.” He said. “That’s reasonable and anything for you, shinobi?” Atem asked the man.

Well, we need training bags and targets in the back of our conjoined building.” He said softly. “I see, that makes since.” Atem said sketching the landmarks. “Ah, Lucien do you want to take over? I must attend to something really quick.” Atem said walking away.

[WC 1633]
Lucien Chasseur
Lucien Chasseur
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Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P] Empty Re: Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P]

Mon May 02, 2016 6:02 pm
Lucien at this point was kinda bored and would go with the flow of just about anything that Atem suggested. A conjoining of the two buildings would be quite effective in the very end. 

"I'm surprised these ninja actually didn't question my being a jounin. Anywho." Lucien said laughingly inside of him mind. "As for now, I'll be replacing his in his absence." As for the shinobi, is there anything else that you all think you may need? Both sides have a decent amount of first aid materials so that's not to worry of at all."  "We'll need an armory for all the training weapons as well." One of the shinobi said. "Surely, that will be easy." Before Atem left, he gave Lucien the schematics that he was writing in while listening. Equipped with a pencil, Lucien would continue on the same schematics of this new building for the two now joining sides. "Ugh, how boring can this become, but I suppose it comes with the job when you're not out doing fun stuff hehe." 
Lucien started to visualize this new building in his mind and translating it towards the page listening to all the requests of people around him, this was rather difficult but proved to get easier for the longer he did it. 

Of course, while listening to all the requests, he'd question ones that seemed to not fit very well or ones that were rather contradictory to the main purpose. "Alright, well this building seems to be well-suited for both parties at this point. In that case, can I have one of you shinobi give me that kunai that I threw from earlier. I'll need those for later as I'm not the richest person around these parts."

By this time Atem would have been returned in which they would both swap out and before doing so, Lucien would say aloud to everyone including Atem, that he would run those schematics down to the royal palace and see what some of the people thought of it and whether or not it would be feasible with the current budget of the village. Granted that Hoshi was rather prosperous when it came to money and financial deals, it surely wouldn't have been much of a pain. "Alright, Atem, I'll be right back. Hopefully we get an affirmative on this plan. I doubt that they wouldn't want it in the first place, it unites two of the most argumentative groups around here." Lucien said as he would swerve off at 28 speed and being going from roof top to roof top.

Within the range of a few minutes of travel, Lucien would be at the royal palace where he'd walk up and begin talking to all the guards attempting to explain to them the situation. Luckily, they already had prior knowledge so persuading them all to allow him entry wasn't the most difficult thing on the planet. Once inside, he wasn't allowed to meet with anyone too high leveled at the time such as the kage of royal queen essentially. But there was a representative and treasurer present. Invited into the office of the treasurer after a few minutes of waiting, Lucien was ready to present his case. 

He entered and sat in the designated seat. "So is this about the ruffle with the shinobi and the priests that occurred about 40 minutes ago?" "Sure is, I, alonger with another Genin by the name of Atem showed up to assist and diffuse the entire predicament, as of now, we've found a solution but it requires building another building that aids the needs of both parties so that they'd stop fighting. I need to know if it's feasible or not with the current budget of the village and would it be accepted. 

Aside from fixing this current problem, I think it would make a significant step towards allowing then ninja and religious groups of Hoshi to co-exist more peacefully. Here are the schematics we have"
Lucien said passing them over slowly into the hands of the suited guy with his Hoshi headband. 

The man stayed down at the papers and gave a great eye of detail. "Well, it looks like you've accounted for just about everything and how in the hell did you manage to estimate the cost on the side here so accurately?" "Just a guess, sir. Either way, do you think this is possible with the current state of the village. We seem to be doing well at least to public eyes."  "Certainly, certainly, I'll send this over to the kage and have it approved, knowing him, this should have constructors on the site in a mere few days. As for you, report back to the place of the incident to inform them." "Yes, sir!" Lucien said already marching out the room. 

When Lucien returned he would then be ready to inform Atem of the success and from this point on, the main goal seemed to be getting everyone to effectively go home until the building was built. He relayed the information to Atem silently and decided it would be best if he had announced the ending to them granted he was also the starter. 

WC: 1666
Atem <3
Atem <3
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Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P] Empty Re: Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P]

Mon May 02, 2016 6:33 pm
Lucien giving the information to Atem let him know this conflict had been resolved, his head still throbbed a bit which made him rub the scalp area. A kunoichi seen this and began to heal his head using medical ninjutsu level 2 which left nothing, but a scar that was unnoticeable due to the air covering it. “Much appreciated!” Atem exclaimed to the woman shinobi. “Okay, we have confirmed that this plan is a go. All of you should return to your respective places and we will leave the rest of the discussing with you and the higher ups. As much as I wanted to help you guys with the final product I am nothing, but a genin and so is my associate Lucien who said he was a jounin.” Atem laughed.  “Anyhow, the meeting held for this building will be done next week at the Royal Palace, please make sure to be courtesy to each other to prove that the both of you groups even deserve this building. Now, I am fairly tired. You guys have been a handful, but it was worth it. Truly.” “I’ll leave anything else that needs to be said to my partner Lucien.” Atem said as he slumped over against a pole from the Gazebo.

Snoring away he could hear nothing of what was happening and as if he had quick travelled he had awoken. In front of his was Lucien patiently waiting for him to awake. “Now, it’s time to receive our reward and move on to the next mission.” Atem said smiling widely. He couldn’t believe that his dream of becoming an ANBU was happening so fast. He then calmed himself because he knew he still had a long road ahead of him. Getting up he and Lucien head to the Royal Palace and report all that has happened even though they knew most of what happened from Lucien. All that were there seemed to be very pleased with what Lucien and Atem had done for the community. They were compensated and notified that they had to go home and get a good night’s rest because tomorrow’s mission would be a lot more difficult than the one they had just completed.

[WC 2004]
[Exit, claiming 5 AP, 2000 Ryo, bragging rights(lol) and the right to go on the the next chuunin mission.]
Lucien Chasseur
Lucien Chasseur
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Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P] Empty Re: Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P]

Mon May 02, 2016 7:00 pm
Lucien was all in all rather accepting of the day. He was still a little annoyed by the fact that the shinobi didn't recognize him for faking a jounin status. On his way to the royal palace before relaying all the information, Lucien would think deeply on a few subjects. 

"As for Atem, I still haven't taught him about some of the main techniques from the main village. He says he hasn't even seen it before. Regardless of that, I'm on the path to ANBU, and in that case, I have a ton more training to do and more skills to hone before I can even consider hunting full-fledged prey... for the village of course. As I still have to prove my worth to them. If I do somehow die, I wish it to be on the most difficult mission in all history. Something, that sounds impassable from the very start like a blockade in one's future." Lucien thought to himself. 

Once arriving at the palace, they quickly asked Lucien to jot down a summary of the day's events which he did. It went along the line of receiving the mission, the actions he took in detail along with his partner Atem, and what they came up with to resolve the problem. They only scolded him a bit for posing as a Jounin oddly enough. Though it was all part of the plan. 

"I suppose it's all in a days work." Lucien said to Atem, and in that way, the day was completed. But as always, something else would call them to a new attention. Something that would require new focus. Before walking away, Lucien would dart his eyes into the sky and simply give it a sort of its last words in a way. "Hmm... I will claim the right to fly on this sky some day. After many ANBU missions, many days of proving myself. I will return to the city blessed by the stars. That is my shinobi quest, and from this day onward, it begins for real."  

WC: 2007
Claims: 5 AP, 2000 Ryo, right to 2nd chunin mission
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P] Empty Re: Diplomacy Vs. Greed [NK, P]

Tue May 03, 2016 1:19 am

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