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Sakaiza's 64 Palms Training [Myself and Togi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Sakaiza's 64 Palms Training [Myself and Togi]

Sun May 01, 2016 11:48 am
( I hope you don't get too upset about this but I want to begin another topic training to learn a technique and I might be helping someone out learn some wind jutsu's so I'm just going to kind of skip you and end the topic. Sorry bud, I've just been waiting and Risako said it was cool to just attack and then leave the topic. Thanks for helping me train and teaching me the tech though, you're awesome!)

As Sakaiza's leg sweep revolved around in the circular fashion it was, he missed. It seemed as if Togirama already saw the sweep coming and simply short hopped over it. However, the simultaneous, higher attack from Sakaiza's palm seemed to catch a tenketsu along Togirama's ankle in the process. As his left hand had been been infused with chakra, Sakaiza was unleashing his Palm Bottom Jutsu upon his sparring partner. With the contact being made, Togirama would have been slightly caught off guard upon his landing back on the ground, which would more than likely force his weight to be shifted to the opposite ankle since the chakra in his right would now be slightly restricted. As soon as his strike was delivered, Sakaiza grinned mischievously and knew that he had created an opening in Togirama's defenses. 

As his left palm was already extended out and low from the palm attack, Sakaiza easily and swiftly assumed a gentle fist stance from unbending his knees and extending his right palm behind him. He then exclaimed(45 speed), "8 Trigrams: 64 Palms! 2 palms" he stated while dealing two consecutive fingertip strikes to Togirama. "4 palms!", continuing the trend and dealing two more attacks. "8 palms!" he exclaimed, while successfully dealing 4 more blows. "16 palms!" now targeting tenketsu along the arms of Togirama. "32 palms" he cried while he bent down and began pinpointing tenketsu along the legs of Togirama. Now with a large step forward he let out, "64 palms!" moving much quicker and controlled than the last time he attempted the technique. He believed that each strike he landed was upon a tenketsu because his chakra, focus and morale was high, however the technique could have been deemed sloppy since this was the only the second time he had attempted this. Because of the evident difference in ability between the two men, Sakaiza's attack would not damage Togirama too significantly.

Exhausted from the burst release of chakra, Sakaiza breathed heavily with his arms down having completed the technique and Togirama's instruction. His heavy breathing turned into a laugh as he let out, "Did you see that? I actually did it!" he humbly let out in disbelief. He looked up upon the eyes of the Togirama who would more than likely be fine after this completed attack and shot him a smile. "That was the extent of this spar right? Just land the technique on a moving target?" he questioned and then looked upon the sky, noting that the sun was beginning to set. "Oh man, it's getting late! I've got to get home soon to help mom out. Well thank you for all of your training and teaching me this technique. I'm sure we'll run into each other again soon, Togirama!" he let out while gathering his energy to bow before Togirama just before he sprinted off back in the direction of his home while waving bye to Togirama.

[AP - 20(64 Palms) - 1(Byakugan)= 84); Exit. Once again I hope you don't think I'm a jerk for leaving the topic but I wanted to begin a training topic for more jutsu techniques and I'm already in two other topics that are plot/tech important for Sakaiza.]

(WC: 489; Total Word Count = 4,445; Stat Request = 22 points)
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Sakaiza's 64 Palms Training [Myself and Togi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Sakaiza's 64 Palms Training [Myself and Togi]

Sun May 01, 2016 12:20 pm

Approved <3
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