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Togirama Hyuuga <3
Togirama Hyuuga <3
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A bat in the night! Empty A bat in the night!

Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:03 pm
Togirama Hyuuga was out at one of the villages furthest out training grounds practicing his taijutsu, the sun had long since set but that meant little to the blind boy, he did not rely on the light to see what he was doing and there was no one in the small building that he called home expecting him back... no the only importance of the sun having set for the blind Hyuuga was that it was now feeling mercifully cooler without the sun's rays raining down upon him.

Togi was currently practicing with his chakra senses completely inactive, this meant that the young Genin was currently one hundred percent blind and he lashed out at the training dummy infront of him relying on only the memory of its position and his more mundane senses. For years Togi had relied on these other senses so they were remarkably strong and even after having activated the ability to sense chakra he still made sure to keep his other senses sharp. With each slap against the dummy Togi worked out its position and relative distance from him using both his sense of touch and his sense of hearing as he listened to the sound of his flesh striking wood. The noise was somewhat rhythmic as he repeatedly struck the dummy steadily increasing his pace however Togi slowly became aware of a noise that he himself was not making.

Pausing from his practice Togi cocked his head to the side as he carefully listened for the noise. "Piiiiiiiiiiiiii....... Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" Went a very high pitched noise. 'What is that sound?' Togi wondered as he concentrated straining his hearing to its limits. "Piiiiiiiiiiiiii....... Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" went the noise once again however this time it was immediately followed by an almighty screech that instantly caused the young Hyuuga to activate the Hansho Byakugan and drop down in to a low defensive stance.

As Togi's senses flared to life he quickly became aware of a tiny dot of chakra that was streaking through the night sky, it was not this little ball of chakra that further put Togi on the defensive, no it was the large dark form that flew behind it that had a wingspan of easily eight foot wide. Togi's hand shot to his weapon's pouch and he quickly pulled out two senbon, it was then that the young inexperienced hesitated. 'What if they belong to someone in Suna? A summon or a pet?' Togi suddenly questioned. 'Have they truly done anything wrong? Do they deserve to have a senbon thrown at them for just flying through the night sky?' Togi thought to himself as he lowered the hand that now held the senbon slightly. Deciding not to act rashly Togi reached out with his senses and tried to get a better sense of just what was approaching before he made his decision. He first focussed his senses on the small dot of chakra, he could easily tell that this was no jutsu as he was sensing an actual chakra system... Yes it was one of the smallest he had ever encountered but it was a chakra system none the less. The creatures was small very small and would most likely fit easily in to the palm of his hand, it had a small set if wings (which was no surprise since it was currently flying through the night sky) and a relatively large pair of ears. 'Is that some kind of bird or a bat?' Togi wondered to himself. 'It has chakra though so it must be a summon, the question is does it belong to someone in Suna or is it a spy for someone else?' Togi questioned.

'It's chakra is likely a lot different from a person but I wonder if there is anything else that I can discern about....her' Togi thought as he continued to study the chakra signature and sure enough he got the feeling that what ever the creature was it was female. The next thing Togi noted was that the little summon's chakra was unstable and erratic... "She's petrified..." Togu suddenly realised and the reason for this fear soon became clear as the much larger dark form behind it dived down at it taking at its body with a powerful set of talons.

The tiny summon let out one final weakling sounding squeak before crash landing in the sand. The monstrous bird that was perusing it was not giving up and circled round as he prepared to make another pass at the downed summon. A protective instance however rose up inside Togi and as the large bird swooped downwards Togi suddenly moved as such a speed that he kicked up a cloud of sand, the young nin then skidded to a stop directly infront of the large bird and spread his arms out blocking the birds approach.

The large bird seemed put off by the sudden appearance of an obstacle and let out of a hoot of annoyance as it flapped its large wings and quickly regained height. The great horned owl as it turned out to be had a body that was almost as big as Togi's and a wing span that was wider than the boy was tall, the owl therefore did not immediately consider Togi a serious threat and rather than fleeing from the ninja's presence it responded aggressively.

'That is not a wise decision owl-san' Togi thought to himself as the large bird swooped down towards him screeching at the top of it's voice. As far as the Hyuuga Genin was concerned the owl might aswell have been flying through treacle as his chakra senses had adapted to the movement of ninja and an ordinary owl no matter how large was many many times slower.

Togi held his ground splitting his attention between the small twitching form on the ground and the large owl as it descended. Togi waited until the owl was right infront of him and then he moved, with a burst of speed Togi rushed forwards and leapt up in to the air, Togi was moving at such a speed that the owl would likely have trouble tracking his movement, as Togi leapt past he extended two finger and began to channel chakra towards his hand. With a simple tap to the back of the owls neck it was then all over, the the owl instantly seemed to lose all control of its muscles and without the ability to flap its wings it crashed straight in to the ground throwing up another large cloud of sand.

'Oh dear I didn't consider how hard the landing would be...' Togi thought to himself after the hearing the sound of the impact. After having made a much sifter landing himself the Suna Genin turned and made his way towards the two prone forms.

"Has big meany gone night nights?" A tiny high pitched voiced squeaked from somewhere within the sand cloud. Reaching out with his chakra senses Togi quickly located the tiny chakra signature as it tried its best to move. 'Well it is talking so the case for it being a summon is getting stronger.' Togi thought to himself as he walked forwards and assessed the creatures current health. 'Hmmm a large portion of her chakra signature has been disrupted, she must have lost quite a bit of blood...' Togi reason as he studied the little bat. 'She is going to need some healing and soon...' Togi silently added.

"Hello there little one are you ok?" Togi exclaimed in a soft voice as he crouched down and shuffled closer to the little summon.

"I got an owwie!" The little summon sniffed before abruptly bursting in to tears.

'The poor thing seems rather young...' Togi thought to himself as he reached out and light green healing chakra suddenly flared to life around his hand, Togi then felt as his chakra was drawn towards the little creature like water to a sponge as the healing energy jump started the little bat's healing and it's wounds began to close.

"Watcha doin?" The little bat then suddenly asked as she abruptly stopped her wailing as she looked up at Togi with large black eyes and began to twitch her sensitive ears.

"I'm healing you little one..." Togi replied with a soft smile. "That was quite the scrape you took but you are all better now..." the young medic nin then declared. "My name is Togirama what's your name?" Togi then questioned.

"You are?" the little bat then declared in apparent amazement. "Big meanie!" the little bat then grumbled as she scrunched up her face and crossed her little wings infront of her tiny little body. "Hey what's this stuff? It's tasty!" the little bat then declared apparently forgetting that she was supposed to be angry as she began to lick at some of the blood that was left on her fur. "I'm Pipi!"The little bat cried in a high pitched voice.

"What are you doing out on your own Pipi did someone summon you?" Togi questioned

"Pipi is explorin', Mama think Pipi is too small to go explorin' but I went anyway" the little bat excitedly declared as she slightly wobbled back and fourth from her spot in the sand. "I saw lots of pretty lights and came to vestigate but then swoosh big meanie was there and started to chase me!" the little bat exclaimed. Pipi then seemed to frown. "No one has ever summoned Pipi before, no one ever wants to..." the little bat declared glumly before suddenly looking up with wide expectant eyes. "Towgeee could summon Pipi!" the little bat then declared excitedly as she began to make a cross between a very high pitched squeaking and a clicking noise.

Togi then smiled at the excited little bat. "And how would I do that Pipi?" Togi asked softly intrigued by the possibility of being able to summon. The young ninja however didn't get an answer to that question as in the next instant the little bat vanished in a tiny puff of chakra smoke. 'What just happened?' Togi thought to himself as he slowly got to his feet his feet. Togi's chakra senses then screamed danger as a very large chakra signature suddenly appeared right above him. Before Togi had a chance to work out what was going on a pair of powerful clawed feet latched on to his shoulders and then it all went white! Togi was used to things going black but white? Now that was something new!

When Togi's senses returned to him The young ninja instantly knew that he was not where he had been before, not only was it cooler but there was a slight dampness in the air something that was unheard of in the desert, there was also quite a strong smell a strong rather pungent smell. As Togi reached out with his chakra senses he quickly became aware that he was actually inside perhaps in a large chamber or cavern, he could not sense beyond the walls as the walls seemed to be made of solid rock that extended beyond the range of the Hansho Byakugan, it was however the ceiling that made Togi gasp in surprise, way up high gathered together on the ceiling was a sea of chakra signatures of various strengths and sizes. There were far too many to focus on at once but with a quick cursory examination Togi was able to tell that all of these were bats.... bats with chakra... summon animals!

As Togi was busy studying his surroundings a large chakra signature swooped down and landed a short distance infront of him. This bat was much larger than the little bat that Togi had rescued back in Suna, infact it was larger than Togi himself and stood at the height of a full grown man. Grasped tightly between its dark clawed feet was also what appeared to be a large rolled up sealing scroll. "So you are the one that Pipi has chosen..." the bat boomed in a surprisingly deep voice that echoed throughout the chamber causing the other bats to squeak and chitter from their lofty perches. "I am Asmodeus the keeper of the scroll!" The bat declared as it hunched forwards leaning on its large leathery wings.

"Greetings Asmodeus-sama I am Togirama Hyuuga Genin of Sunagakure what can I do for you?" Togi replied politely as he gave the large bat a bow having decided that the correct response was to treat the bats with respect.

"Such politeness from a human that is most unexpected... most unexpected indeed" the bat replied as he shifted his weight slightly and leaned  forward to more closely examine the young Genin."You have been chosen so now it is more what can we do for you..." the large bat declared as he nudged the scroll he was holding with his foot causing it to roll out revealing a long list of names written in blood. "Now young ninja all you need to do is write your name in blood and then when ever you are in need of aid you may call upon us..." The large bat declared.

"Just like that? You would let a complete stranger sign your summoning contract?" Togi questioned in disbelief.

"No ofcourse not" The large bat responded with a deep rumble. "But he have heard of your deeds how you not only rescued but healed young Pipi. For that we are in your debt... we do not have much to offer a ninja so in return what we offer is your name on our contract..." the bat explained.

"Then I would be most honoured to sign Asmodeus-sama..." Togi replied as he reached in to his weapons pouch and slowly pulled out a kunai. 'I seem to be cutting myself far too often recently...' Togi thought to himself as he quickly slid the blade over the palm of his hand and drew blood. Dipping his finger tips in to the blood Togi then crouched down and carefully wrote his name on the scroll.Togi then began aware of a strange sensation on his hand and when he returned his attention to his hand there was a familiar sensation resting on his arm and gently lapping at his hand. "Mmmm yum yumm" the little bat declared happily.

"Ummmm... little one what are you doing?" Togi declared apprehensively as he noticed that the little bat was quite happily lapping up his blood.

"Don't mind her, she's young..." Asmodeus declared as though it explained everything. "Now press your palm to the scroll and channell your chakra and the contract shall be sealed" the large bat instructed. Togi nodded and did as he was instructed pressing his palm to the scroll which caused Pipi to shift her position and scurry up his arm. With his hand upon the scroll Togi channelled his chakra and the entire scroll seemed to glow in response, a second later the scroll then suddenly retracted and rolled itself back up. "And so the Bat's have their newest summoner, welcome Togirama Hyuuga" Asmodeus declared in his deep booming voice. "Yay Towgeee!" Pipi then cried.

"Now young ninja all you need to remember is Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram and we shall hopefully be seeing you soon..." The large bat declared before Togi was suddenly overcome by a huge burst of white and when his senses returned he was sitting back down upon the training ground floor. The whole experience felt somewhat surreal but as Togi shifted his weight he felt a slight pain in his palm as small grains of sand entered the cut he had made on his palm when he had signed the summoning contract.

(WC: 2616 claiming 10 stats maxing out Togi's stats and +6 AP, Bat summoning contract (2000 words) bond with Pipi the bat (500 words)
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A bat in the night! Empty Re: A bat in the night!

Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:10 pm

Approved - and congratulations on maxing out <3
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