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Who Needs Glow Sticks When You Can Mold Chakra? Empty Who Needs Glow Sticks When You Can Mold Chakra?

Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:03 pm
Yoshi walked down Sunagakure's sandy streets with her hands behind her head. She was completely lost in thought and on several occasions accidentally bumped into some of Suna's villagers. Most were indifferent to such accidents but others who knew of the young kunoichi's antics were less impressed and rolled their eyes. Others still became angry and and shouted profanity at the young genin. Such insults would normally put a damper on Yoshi's feelings, but not today. Today she was completely lost in her own thoughts.

Yoshi's defeat against her friend, Togi, was still quite fresh in her mind. The Hyuuga was much faster than she was and outpaced her throughout the length of the match. His chakra levels were also much greater than hers and on top of that, he possessed the unique eye bloodline, Byakugan.

At least he was kind enough to teach me some medical jutsu. Should we ever be placed in a team together, I will be able to help the injured get back to their feet, she thought glumly.

But she didn't want to just be a medic. While she knew of the legendary Sakura, from the Leaf Village. She was a medical ninja that possessed great stength, but Yoshi remembered some academy boys making fun of the pink haired girl in one of Yoshi's history classes. They mentioned that Sakura was pretty much a useless ninja in her early years, that she relied heavily on her teammates, Sasuke and Naruto, who ended up doing all the work on their missions. Yoshi did not want to fall in anyone's shadow – she wished to cast her own. She did not want to use someone else as a shield. That would simply not do.

But how do I get better? Yoshi pondered as she walked and sat on a nearby bench.

She then began to ponder about all the different ways she learned how to mold her chakra.

If I mold my chakra on my feet, I can walk on walls. If I mold my chakra outside my body I can create disks which can suspend objects in the air. If I mold my chakra on my hands with a certain hand seal combination, I can create medical chakra. If I add my element, I can emit wind. What about molding chakra onto weapons? I know I've seen other ninja in the training grounds do it. Their weapons, all of a sudden, start to glow blue. My hands glowed green when I used medical chakra. It has to be the same principle, right?

Yoshi re-directed herself and began walking in a different direction. She was now on her way towards the training grounds. From there, she would see about try to cause her hands to glow with chakra. The streets were crowded as they usually were, so to speed up her journey, Yoshi jumped up onto the dome buildings and ran on top of them – jumping from one dome house to another. When she arrived she noticed that the training grounds were empty.

That's odd, Yoshi thought. Where are all the otheres? Am I the only nin that needs to get better?

Yoshi let out an audible sigh.

I guess I have the entire training grounds to myself.

Yoshi began her training in her usual fashion – stretching. She stretched out her arms, legs, shoulders, hips, and waist. After she was done she quickly glanced around to see if anyone else had entered. Still no one was around. She began to wonder the training grounds were closed.

But they'd have locked the gates and put up a sign if that was the case, right? Oh well, how should I start this? Hmmm, perhaps I should begin with medical nutsu. I could easily see the medical chakra glowing off of my hands.

Yoshi placed her hands together and preformed the necessary hand seals required to do the basic medical jutsu. The chakra still felt weird to her, like Togi had mentioned it would and after a moment her chakra radiated out from her hands. The chakra caused her hands to ripple like heat waves. It was like watching the horizon on a particularly hot summer's day, but her hands did not feel warm to the touch – just weird. They gave off a feint green glow.

Now I just need to change my chakra back to normal, Yoshi thought looking down at her glowing hands.

Yoshi tried to bring the medical chakra back to normal chakra, but with all of her trying her glowing hands remained green. After tries the young ninja finally gave up with that line of thinking.

A different approach is needed. Perhaps if I simply mold chakra onto my hands like if I were to use the wall climbing technique.

Yoshi walked over to the training wall and molded her chakra onto her feet and hands and began to climb. After reaching a height of about ten meters, Yoshi stopped and began to mold chakra onto her hands. But unlike using the medical jutsu, Yoshi could not see her chakra. Her hands were their familiar tan color, and the backs had the mark of her clan. When she placed her against the wall, she could feel it stick like it was suppose to do. And when she molded more, it repelled away from the wall. Yoshi walked back down to the ground and sighed again.

How on earth were those other ninjas doing it? Yoshi wondered as she looked around hoping that she'd see another nin.

Still there was no one to be found, but after some thinking, Yoshi got an idea. The young genin placed her hands together for a second time and preformed the tiger seal. The wondering ninja by the name of Salzem had once told her that if she were to sign the tiger seal, it would be easier to mold chakra. Perhaps she was not molding enough. As Yoshi felt her chakra swell within her, she molded it onto her hands, and after a moment, they began to emit small traces of chakra. Her heart felt as if it skipped a beat in the young genin's excitement which cause her to loose focus.

”Ack, almost had it!” Yoshi exclaimed out loud.

She placed her hands together again – again forming the tiger seal. Once again, Yoshi could feel her chakra swell within her. She focused hard and emitted more chakra this time. This time her hands did not just give off bits of chakra. This time her hands visibly gave off a feint blue glow. Yoshi then punched and chopped in the air. If she was fast enough she could make streaking lines. But the ultimate test was to slice a training dummy in half. They were made of solid wood and were no picnic if you were not a taijutsu user. Yoshi was indeed not a taijutsu user. She was sub average at best and puching those dummies made her hands hurt. She had artist's hands after all! Yoshi walked over to a dummy and molded her chakra onto her hands. After a moment they glowed blue and so Yoshi got into an attacking stance. She chopped into the air, and hit the dummy on its side. An audible 'crack' rang out in the training grounds. It was not the cracking of bones, it was the cracking of wood! And best of all, Yoshi did not feel any pain. She continued to chop at the training dummy which caused several more cracks to form within the wood. With one final blow, Yoshi spun around and chopped at the dummy. An even larger sound erupted from the dummy as its whole body sliced in two.

Out of breath, Yoshi spoke, "Take that, you big dummy!”

But can I make a kunai glow with chakra?

Yoshi's glowing hands subsided as she held her knees with her hands. Using taijutsu was very intensive. It was not her favored method of fighting and her friend and fellow ninja, Togi, proved just how inadequate she was at it. She did not know if he could infuse chakra yet, as he did not demonstrate such skills during their sparring match, but either way, her lips curled into a smile. Perhaps she could teach him how to do it later on.

Yoshi slowly reached for weapon's pouch and grabbed the scroll which stored all of her ten kunai. She released only one, and held it her hand. She then put the scroll back into her pouch and molded her chakra the same as before. Slowly her hand filled with blue tinted chakra. But there was a problem. Her weapon remained the same. Yoshi's chakra was not surrounding the kunai which she held in her hand. The young kunoichi frowned.

What's wrong now? Yoshi wondered to herself.

She was feeling quite annoyed. At every turn she was faced with trouble or complications. It wasn't easy being a ninja. Yoshi closed her eyes.

Okay, its just apart of my hand. Its not a weapon, just an extension.

Yoshi reached out very much in the same way she reached out with her clan's 'other' sense and felt the kunai's atomic structure. Without changing the structure, Yoshi molded her chakra and extended it onto her hand and while still feeling the structure, Yoshi felt her chakra leave her hands and let it flow to her weapon. Yoshi opened her eyes and when she looked down to see her hand, her kunai was also now glowing with chakra.

Yoshi then practiced on another dummy. She hacked and slashed at it until she cut it in half. Yoshi smiled again after the remains of the the second dummy fell into the hot desert sand. She finally had a grasp on the skill.

[i]Tee hee, now my weapons will really have an extra bite to them![i] Yoshi thought as she slashed at the air again.

If she was quick enough, she could almost spell out her first name. She placed the kunai back inside her scroll and marched over to the target range. She could wield weapons and apply her chakra to them, but could she apply her chakra to a ranged weapon like a shuriken? Yoshi stopped to stand twenty meters from a target and reached into her other weapon's pouch. This weapon's pouch contained her five shuriken. After unclipping the clasp which held the cover clap in place, Yoshi pulled out a single shuriken and held it in the palm of her hand. She then molded her chakra once more same as before and allowed it to flow within her hand. The hand along with her shuriken began to glow blue, as Yoshi took aim at the target's red bulls-eye. Yoshi raised her hand back and threw the shuriken as hard as she could. In a blue streak it hit the wooden target with an audible 'clunk' sinking deep within the wood. Yoshi pulled out her second shuriken. After molding more chakra she raised her arm again and threw it. It too whizzed in the air in a blue streak and impaled the wooden target with a 'clunk'. Yoshi threw two more shuriken all of which hit the target. She was finally getting the hang of molding her chakra in this way. She was able to mold it faster than ever. After the throwing the last shuriken she walked over to retrieve them. They had sunk in deep into the grains of the wood. Each one was a chore to take out and required a lot of effort. After un-sticking them all, Yoshi walked back to the spot at which she threw them and stood staring down the target once more.

She would throw all five of them at once – three of them in one hand and two of them in another. The young genin placed her shuriken in the palms of her hands, and stared down the target's bulls-eye. After a moment, both hands glowed blue from emitting chakra, and in one fell swoop and a flick of the wrist, Yoshi threw all five shuriken at the wooden target. She threw them in a line. One hit the bulls-eye while the two on each side hit the target on a horizontal plane. The cutting force was so great that the combined shuriken managed to cut through the target like a giant splitting axe. The shuriken sunk into the rock which the targets rested upon behind them.

After retrieving her shuriken, Yoshi went home with a smirk on her face to enjoy some of her mom's fabled cooking.

(WC = 2100, Claiming Chakra Infusion, + 10 Stats)
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Who Needs Glow Sticks When You Can Mold Chakra? Empty Re: Who Needs Glow Sticks When You Can Mold Chakra?

Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:06 pm

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