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Togirama Hyuuga <3
Togirama Hyuuga <3
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A simple request (fao Koroshi) Empty A simple request (fao Koroshi)

Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:13 am
Togirama Hyuuga slowly made his way towards the large building that housed the Kazekages chambers, the young Hyuuga was currently moving at the slowest pace he had done for a long time due to the fact that he was somewhat apprehensive about what he was about to do. This was due to the fact that Togi was only a Genin the lowest of the ninja ranks possible and he was a relatively new and inexperienced one at that, two facts that he was acutely aware of yet here he was about to ask a favour of the man who ran the entire village. Togi had not even met Korishi before... sure he had sensed the man before... but with the potency of his chakra it was nearly possible not to. 'He's already doing me a favour just letting me serve as a ninja of his village, I hope he will not be too mad that I have the cheek to ask another favour of him but I can not allow Ryu-senpai to go to Konoha alone, while I do not doubt his skill or power I worry that he is not yet mentally ready for the Jounin exams and he will likely need the support of someone he knows...' Togi thought to himself as he made his way to the building.

Though he had been figuratively dragging his feet before he knew it Togi had reached his destination, taking a deep calming breath the young Genin quickly brushed down his light grey robes making sure that they were presentable before he reached up and rubbed his forehead protector with the back of his sleeve giving it a quick polish. If he was going to make a request of a Kage then he was going to make sure that he was presentable while doing it.

After a while longer of procrastinating at the entrance Togi finally hesitantly crept inside. Reaching out with his chakra senses Togi immediately detected a number of chakra signatures inside, of the closest three two were rather large while one was only moderate in size. The two larger chakra signatures were positioned in front of a large door way and were most likely Jounin assigned to guard the Kage or his chambers. 'I wonder if there are DUST on guard aswell concealed with their chakra suppressed...' Togi wondered and he could not help but instinctively straining his senses in an attempt to detect them.

It was however the third moderately sized chakra signature that Togi approached due to the fact that she seemed to be positioned sat behind what could be a receptionists desk. "I am sorry to disturb you but I am Genin Togirama Hyuuga and I have a request that I would like to make and I am not sure of the official procedure of how to do so. " Togi said politely once he had taken up a position in front of the small desk. "What it is you see is that a friend of mine and fellow Genin Ryu Reinhard has signed up to take part in the upcoming exams in Konohagakure, I would like to put in an request to join the contingent that is being sent to Konoha if possible so that I may support him while he competes..." Togi exclaimed before calmly waiting for the receptionist to respond and hopefully give him instructions on how he could make such a request.

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