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Outclassed [p/Ashur] - Page 2 Empty Re: Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:05 pm
He had just taken the hits like they were nothing. All her research, all her training, everything was nothing compared to whatever kind of strengths Ashur possessed. She was still nothing close to being under control on the inside, Hikashi was a storm to her very core as Ashur began shouting at her and flying like an idiot towards her. Nothing seemed to matter any longer except this fight to her. Quickly, she saw Ashur vanish while screaming and quickly disappeared into the rain the moment she heard this and jumped back. Ashur appeared and would have sliced through her if she was a second off. When she soldified again and saw Ashur was already done fighting, Hikashi got a rather disappointed expression on her face before grimacing at him.
He went that fast, he actually went that fast... what is this guy...?
Hikashi stared in disbelief as she knew that he could beat her up any second with his speed alone. The fight was pointless and already over in such a short time period. While she did have some more tricks up her sleeves, Hikashi realized that Ashur had tricks up his sleeves as well of power probably greater than hers. She then heard Ashur give a speech and felt feelings brought back from when they were together for the first time. The news about Kozan, however, was something else entirely.
"You mean to tell me that Kozan is truly gone? Have you tried checking his house or something? Do you honestly believe that someone as strong as him could die so easily?"
She said this in shock as he continued to talk about running away together, the teenage dream right?
"Well then... let's just leave this hell hole. I am sick of this place and would love to run away. How about this? We end this fight here and forget everything that happened today and just leave this fucking village to burn. I am done with every shred of this village and I hope that the Raikage's house floods from my downpours! You aren't fighting for him Ashur! You can't and you won't as my boyfriend!"
Calming down after just letting out it all out, she turned around and just started walking away after getting all of her things. She has had enough and was just sick of living with all of these freaks in this village. There was no goodbye hug, or goodbye kiss, she simply just walked away and left it there with everything inside of her just feeling numbed by the whole surreal experience. Sensory overload was the best word for it, the feeling of killing your adopted son then finding out how lonely and weak you really are all in a few hours. In the dusk, she walked to a hotel and decided it was best to take a break from Ashur for a bit after spending so much time with him. Now it was all settled, she knew know, almost too well, that the road ahead was filled with possibilities and potential. The two were going to escape together and continue onto doing god knows what with the most fun they could. Whatever the tomorrow would bring, Hikashi sure needed to set it aside and take a break for a week or two. By break, of course, she meant nonstop training, which sadly felt better than dealing with what's going on emotionally. Research, jutsu, hand seals, and water was all that she really wanted to do now. Whatever laid ahead, could wait till she was ahead, she thought as she checked into the hotel alone. Nothing bad was going to come out of her research notes, nothing dramatic could happen when she is learning jutsu, and water was harmless. She told herself these things, as she knew every single thing on that list was something she learned first hand was wrong.

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Akihana Akari
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Outclassed [p/Ashur] - Page 2 Empty Re: Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:08 pm

Approved @ Hikashi <3
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Outclassed [p/Ashur] - Page 2 Empty Re: Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:04 pm
Watching her go tore his heartstrings. He wanted to run to her, but knew this wasn't quite the time. Standing there in a sickening daze, he felt the rain drops drizzle down his blonde hair. His blue eyes locked onto the young lady in blue. Ashur felt great amounts of weakness and hopelessness as the fight subsided. Looking away, he felt his robe harden in his doubts and weakness. Fighting the Raikage was suicide and the thought of Kozan even showing his face in his mind softened his spirit. She was right and that was the annoying part. With his weapons away and his mind racing faster than he could handle, Ashur grit his teeth and watched Hikashi vanish into the village. First thing to fail was his knees as he fell to the ground. Weakness bit into him as he felt stronger than ever. It was true his power had reached an extent he would consider godly, but it wasn't enough. His mind slipped back to the horrific amount of power he felt flying over the Raikage's chambers and it made him feel small once more.
"Garuda... will I ever be strong enough?"
Clenching his fists, he felt the rain subside over him. This was when the Garuda spoke.
(Ashur, why do you really think you can skip the hard work like that? The Raikage only got his power through years upon years of training and you want to become like him overnight? You are foolish to think something like this. I can assure you there is another way if you just use your head a little.)
Hearing the wake up call, Ashur took off into the sky to spend his days training himself with the new found power. Whatever was going to happen next, he decided it was best to practice working towards using what he had to the best he could first. New techniques would be helpful, but pointless if he couldn't use them with some kind of synergy. He feared for the village and his life as he escape the scene and went to the training grounds for a few days.

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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Outclassed [p/Ashur] - Page 2 Empty Re: Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:31 pm

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