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Ryo : 2200

Outclassed [p/Ashur] Empty Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:27 pm
Hikashi came home with her new founded strengths with full intention of going back out anytime she could move a finger to train till she was no more. She was going to be great, hell even extraordinary in the suiton element. Still she had many more names of jutsu written on bundled pages of blank paper that she had yet to write down ever detail about. Hikashi was now some kind of author for her collection of books and notes all about nothing but water. Sure some people kicked up some fun with her about it, but her entire body of knowledge over a single element could help millions to come. Within the large scrolls she kept, she held a future for the generations to come, a legacy of her own. Walking down the streets of Kumogakure, she couldn't help but to notice how rainy it was today compared to the others. Had her own rain meshed with another storm and made one larger? Who cared any who?
It was time to rest up, she knew that. With every step closer to her house at the break of dawn, she felt continuously more energized by the rain storm oddly enough. Was the rain lady just imagining it or was she actually recharging somehow in the rain? So many abilities presented itself over the girl as one thought kept coming out no matter how much she shut it off; with her entire body of training and research, how far away was Ashur in terms of strength? How much farther could Ashur go with only his raw sense of judgement alone? Questions raced as she could imagine using her well placed suiton attacks to beat him for some sort of dominance. This wasn't like the young teen not even in the slightest. How much damage could she accomplish against an actual angel? Brandon already had some sort of edge over her last time she saw him, but Ashur once said he beat the frog easily and is over double what Brandon was. Everything was some sort of demonic nightmare coming to life as she could only count the steps to her challenging Ashur to a spar. No, not a spar, she thought. It had to be a fight, not to the death but to passing out from either party. She was going to walk in there and invite Kanshi to watch as two high level ninja fought. Maybe some sort of spark could be awakened in the young boy? What kind of will could someone so innocent looking have? While doubting Kanshi's determination and will, she looked at the rain clouds for a few seconds to wonder what could give her the edge she needed. Ringing in the back of her ear echoed for her to learn the sharp blade of water she had been avoiding, but she couldn't dare do something like that. Such a jutsu could kill her if done wrong and she wasn't willing to risk her life and legacy for a sharp blade of water. Walking up to the door of Ashur's house, she turned the handle and was very straight forward.
"Ashur, I want to show you and test how strong I have become in a fight against you."

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Outclassed [p/Ashur] Empty Re: Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:51 pm
Ashur laid asleep in bed as Kanshi sighed and watched another rerun on the television. Another boring day for the two had started. With a loud yawn, Kanshi stretched his tiny little arms and decided he was going to start doing something instead of enjoying his freedom. His little eyes examined Ashur closely before he opened the window and began to run through the rain with his little yellow rain coat being rolled over his shoulders. Seeing Hikashi walking in the distance, he quickly slipped in and tried to get rid of any evidence that he was outside. Opening his book on fuinjutsu, he sighed and studied to become an academy student. Studying was boring for him, it was all so pointless. Young Kanshi was done looking at the screen of the world falling apart around him only to learn how many different ways you can write the same thing. He could see why Ashur didn't really do much with fuinjutsu now. With a loud cracking open of the door, Hikashi poured into the room and woke up Ashur. Kanshi watched curiously to see how Ashur would respond to her request. It was some great action to behold if they fought.
Ashur ruffled through his covers like quicksand before processing what she had said.
"Ugh, how about you fight Brandon and we call it fine?"
He scratched at his eyes and pulled a scroll from his stack of gear. In his bunny pajamas, he stretched out and unraveled the scroll in a quick motion. With a puff of smoke and his action points being drained, a clone of Brandon appeared before him. Ashur smirked at Hikashi for her fighting spirit.
"Lose this one Hikashi, and I am sad to say you might need some harder training. Brandon is incredibly strong, but you are also incredibly gifted with your chakra. Brandon, go ahead and give her hell. This is a clone so kill him and win."
He shot a glare and pointed at her with a fire in his eyes.
"I have some stuff to do on my own, but Brandon, you better win this at all costs! Nothing fatal, but make sure it isn't easy. If he dies, Hikashi, you can rest up before I fight you myself in a one versus one duel."
With that said, he pointed off for Brandon and Kanshi to go outside to fight her. Things were about to get interesting as he knew Brandon was worlds more psychically fit than her. Brain versus brawn in an intense fight. He would have to hear about it from her after it was done, but for now he needed to do his own training to get the Garuda's strength mentioned to him earlier. Angels ascend as storms begin to start.

Ryo : 2200

Outclassed [p/Ashur] Empty Re: Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Wed Apr 06, 2016 6:20 pm
Was Ashur really still asleep, she questioned as she saw him rustling through the covers. Kanshi was there watching the news and studying fuinjutsu as usual as Hikashi begin to see Ashur move up and offer for her to fight Brandon. Hikashi versus Brandon, a funny fight for her to imagine. Seeing him in his silly bunny pajamas she could only chuckle to see Ashur never really changed since she last saw him. He gave his signature smirk while unraveling his frog clone scroll to create Brandon out of thin air while it seemed Kanshi was enjoying the entire scene. Her face from went amused and excited to serious as Ashur began to explain what was going to happen. Hikashi would have rejected the offer if she hadn't been told that she could fight Ashur in return. It all wasn't enough though even with the compliments towards her and Brandon's strength. She wanted to have Ashur ready for the second round once she one. With a sharp point and a cute glare, the angel looked determined before her. Things just got interesting as the rest of the rules were explained. It was her versus Brandon than a fight with Ashur both back to back. Who knows what could happen? The incredible amount of experience this would give, the display of power, the confidence booster, the gauge of her power, and maybe a spark in Kanshi's heart to continue to become an academy student; all of these drove her to want to not only have this fight but win it as well. Well aware she might stand a chance against Ashur, she looked delighted as she begin to accept.
"Ashur, I will kill this clone then continue onto you. Make sure you at least try to see the final blow between Brandon and I. Thank you for this."
She took a few steps forwards and kissed his cheek softly before heading outside with Kanshi and Brandon. Who knows where Ashur was heading and who really cared at this point? A face up was promised in victory, that was all that mattered. Looking off at Kanshi, her gloved hand began to ruffle through his hair.
"Ready to see the fruits of my studying and academy exams?"
Kanshi would smirk happily before nodding and heading off onto a rooftop nearby. He had his little yellow rain coat on and eyes ready to watch the amazing fight between the two. 

Casting her umbrella aside, she walked ten meters away from Brandon and knew that keeping this distance at all times was an absolute victory. Adrenaline and excitement coursed through her body as she analyzed Brandon from head to toe. She was silent and so was the frog for only moment.
"This is going to be fun. Ashur was never a fair fight for me, at least not anymore. I am not going to hold back but I will not kill you or permanently injure you. Keep in mind I hold my own ideals and my fighting style is something you will probably never see anywhere else. Ashur may be smart in fights, but I taught him how. In my first opinions you seem like an easy little toothpick, but Ashur sees something in you that I don't. We keep this as a civil fight, no Genjutsu allowed. Hikashi, the fight begins now."
While the frog spoke loudly, she nudged her Toru to signal it to start. The jellyfish creature released the toxin in the air around her and then began to absorb the rain into its skin. That was all the Toru could do at this point. The rather useless creature was a support familiar rather than an offensive one like Ashur's familiar. Hikashi waited till Brandon was finished talking before quickly weaving the Bird, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Rat, and Snake hand signs to be able to feel through her rain as Brandon looked at her only doing a defensive stance. Nothing appeared to happen, just like Hikashi wanted. Now to confuse him farther, she thought as she weaved the hand signs for Hiding in the Rain Technique. Nothing seemed to happen again, except for her chakra pool getting shredded to pieces. 
Brandon began to sweat as nothing seemed to happen again. He knew it couldn't have some sort of trick by her confidence. He had to tell himself that this was leading up to something even if it didn't make any sense. It couldn't have been Genjutsu, and her body didn't seem a single bit different. It seems as if the rain lady was actually waiting for Brandon to strike first, a bad move. He looked at her with a suddenly serious face and began.
"You better not wait for me to do the first attack, I know you are weakest up close by how frail your body appears. I specialize in close range combat and I will tear you apart if you so choose."
Hilarious, absolutely hilarious. The frog watched as Hikashi sat their with an equally confident look before she spoke back to him.
"The fights over, you already lost by letting me do that. Sorry, had to get to Ashur somehow."
Brandon's eyes widened as he realized she had a trap planned. It was time to go all out on her, the frog thought. Hikashi watched, itching to fight as Kanshi was amazed by the fight. Brandon got into a crouching stance before empowering himself to his limits for the fight. Hikashi saw him doing this and immediately knew what to do. She took out a kunai and threw it at him to distract him, but the frog didn't move an inch. The chemicals mixed into his bloodstream as the kunai headed close to his vitals. A toxic, violet aura formed around his body as Hikashi was shocked to see the kunai become stopped like some kind of toothpick thrown. Brandon looked up with a slightly angered face as he achieved a new level of strength. A deadly toxic coating over his skin was formed as his spikes began much sharper with the memory pool of the samurai. Hikashi was slightly frightened by how completely demonic this frog was looking like at this point. Brandon met her eyes before talking about his form.
"Kanshi, you won't be able to see me move. Hikashi do you remember when we first met and Ashur flew you to the ground at incredible speeds? Well funny story, I move faster than he can fly and my body can handle a 40 meter wide explosion. I am invincible and a speed demon at the same time except I also get my only sharp spikes to combine taijutsu and weaponry in the same motions. Unpredictable tank, that's why you can never beat me, rain witch."
A monster, a true monster was by Ashur's side the entire time. Her chances of winning were nothing, but she had to try her hardest! She was down to nothing but the option of the water blade in this fight and she knew this. Pulling out her book, she quickly read as her eyes was the rain. Getting an grasp on how the jutsu works she smiled and knew it was going to have to be everything she had if Brandon wasn't lying. In their fight between each other, Brandon and Hikashi were glaring as they felt they both could win this fight. Kanshi watched from the rooftops in awe and amazement at the fight between gods soon to come.

Fight Junk:
Ryo : 5000

Outclassed [p/Ashur] Empty Re: Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Fri Apr 08, 2016 7:16 pm
Ashur gave a thumbs up to Hikashi and Kanshi before they left and remembered the dream the Garuda presented to him. In it, he was getting inhaled into some kind of darkness and was drowning like it was quicksand. Every sense of hope and strength was consumed and absorbed into the darkness and he felt doomed to be lost in the abyss. Somewhere in the final moments, he swore he could have seen the previous clan leaders face for only a mere millisecond as he awoke. It had to mean something, it felt so urgent to the boy. With Hikashi distracted with a nearly impossible fight, he flew out the back window to avoid being followed with training gear in hand.
(What do you want from me Garuda? I wish to keep a close bond with you for the sake of the clan.)
With that, the Great White Garuda spoke from inside Ashur's head.
(You are worthy of hearing about the greatest clan leader of the Shiroi clan, Kenshi Shiroi. Let me explain and try to remember my words of importance.)
The Garuda took a pause as Ashur waited in suspense.
(But, I am getting ahead of myself. I have been meaning to tell you that while the Shiroi clan might be gifted flyers, others out there can fly as well. Jutsu and artificial wings have been created in the past and god knows how much better these jutsu can get. This is notable for any plans of attacks you may have in future battles.)
Ashur's body tensed up hearing that others were trying to fly. He had nothing but the abillity to fly, that was all that was going for him! With malice and hatred filling, he took a deep breath to try to exhale it out for the Great White Garuda speaking to him. He really just felt like leaving and showing others that they hold no place in the air right in that moment, but learning about his clan's heritage was much more exciting to him.
(That is very upsetting to hear, but I doubt they stand a chance when they fight me in the air. I have fought many idiots in my lifetime, I am sure that one idiot with wings wouldn't be very hard.)
The Garuda actually could agree 100 percent with Ashur in that moment. Ashur began to want to pick a fight right now but his idiot pigeon wouldn't want him to anyway!
(Yes, very true Ashur..)
Ashur began to get annoyed by how off topic everything was.
(Please just get to the point. I kinda want to see Hikashi beat Brandon.)
The White Garuda, annoyed at this point began to speak once more.
(Okay, so you need to know this stuff. I honestly don't know why, but the gods this divine energy can come from don't want you to without knowing so shut it and listen. Kenshi Shiroi was the clan leader before you that knew what he was actually doing and had quite a bit of power to him. He always kept a smile plastered to his face and wore the white robe. Back in the days of the ones before him, there weren't any bad ass robes so this was something pretty darn impressive, Ashur. Now the robe was very hard to make and required every essence of his strong will. His legacy lies in how much he cared for the rest of the world. Kenshi was blind to the evils you have seen and saw a world of love and compassion. Not really going down in history, this godly figure of the Shiroi clan was able to convert some of the worst missing ninja to become great village ninja and showed a heavy emphasis on the future. His intentions were lead astray sometimes, but he truly was an angel in my eyes and the eyes of others. The armor he wore though... it was ultimate offense. It was the cloak of marriages and was the biggest flaw being worn over the angel's chest. Kenshi's milky, white robe was designed by my talents and the gods talents to show his lack of clarity of the world. His blissful ignorance of how dark the world was is his greatest downside.)
As Ashur flew above Kumogakure for exercise and a little bit of fun, he listened to some priest sounding guy who seemed like a complete nerdy waste. The story was interesting and the cloak was even more interesting. Some kind of clothing to show his placement of power, it inspired him to think about it. If he ever met another Shiroi, he would be dawning the pride of the clan. Being part of something, looking bad ass as fuck, and gaining protection in battle; with these he felt strongly towards getting the cloak. Thinking back to what Hikashi was doing for a moment, he knew his decision would have to be quick.

5,466 words to go.
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Outclassed [p/Ashur] Empty Re: Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:25 am
Brandon charged at Hikashi at 70 speed with both spikes to their max potential. He was planning on tackling her directly to keep max speed and to fully coat her in his venom. Hikashi saw the fight unfold and knew it was time to show her mastery of water ninjutsu. As Brandon got close and was unable to stop, Hikashi suddenly vanished into the rain and moved directly behind the frog as it struggled to slow down in the slippery surface and high speed. Without even looking, she knew where every inch of Brandon's skin was thanks to her rain. The fight to her was over, but she knew it would take something powerful to break the skin of the frog. Brandon, feeling feverish from the Toru's mist, was barely able to move or react to the world around him. She weaved the rat and bird hand signs before appearing out of the rain. Hikashi swung her arm forwards while using the rain around her to throw five water needles out. The special part was how much chakra she put into each one, thus causing it to be very deadly. The needles had a ridiculous amount of power and speed to them as they moved in on Brandon. Jumping backwards and weaving a tiger hand sign, she expanded rain drops outwards to form a mist all around her to farther negate any way Brandon could fight back. With a swift blow, the water needles slammed into Brandon's back and shattered into water droplets. Feeling this with her rain, she was slightly horrified for what happened. Brandon spoke as he began to turn back around to see the mist ahead of him.
"You play dirty and strike quickly. Those needles possessed a deadly amount of power, but you will need way more than that to stop me. I know where you are from the sound of your heavy breathing, I will make this quick."
Hikashi smirked in the mist and rain without a worry in the world that her strongest attack was nothing towards Brandon. Suidhana or bust, she thought. With a deep breath, she began to work on kneading the chakra in her system as Brandon rushed again towards her. Sadly, she really just couldn't cause the chakra to become converted into water. Brandon neared her with his spike drawn as she was distracted.
"Fight is over."

Kanshi watched soullessly from the rooftops as the two fighters vanished into thin air, reappeared and then water came from nowhere on Brandon's chest. The weirdest part was when a cloud of mist formed instantaneously then Brandon vanished into thin air again as he could hear the muffled conversation between the two. The fight confused him, very much so did it. Kanshi's reaction time was so low for being an average person that he couldn't see most of the fight! As the two vanished and more strange occurrences happened, he could only wonder how much chakra this takes. A thought passed through his head that he should go down there for a closer view. Picking up his stuff and making his way down, he went to get a better view.

Brandon punched through the mist and Hikashi had vanished before he could hit. Cursing the entire mess, he knew he was directly in the center of the mist where Hikashi wanted him.
"Just like that, I lost."
Hikashi kneaded chakra in her chest and began to form it into water as she looked at where Brandon would be outside of the cloud of mist. All or nothing, now or never! She quickly got her fingers working to make a tiger hand sign. The pressure in her chest was going to explode her body apart if she didn't start to release it. Spitting out the stream from inside while making more water and pressure inside of herself, she released the most powerful technique she has ever done before. It wasn't enough, never could be enough to get through that rough skin on Brandon! She had to over infuse it with her own chakra. Using every drop of her chakra she spit it out and the result was a 100 sharpness and speed jutsu going for Brandon's right thigh. The stream was tiny due to the formation of it from her lips, but definitely looked as deadly as it was. In a moment her life became a hell as the mist cleared up from her whim alone. Rain feel heavily as she fell to her knees, breathing heavily. Brandon lay on the ground unable to get up with the 2 inch diameter hole through his right thigh. The two looked at each other before seeing what was before them. Kanshi laid in front of Hikashi with a single 2 inch diameter hole going through his chest. Blood poured out as the kid bled internally and Hikashi wept knowing she hit a fatal point.
Hikashi ran over with legs that felt like gelatin and sobbed over the kid's body. No point in holding down the wound, no point in helping. Kanshi was a dead man no matter how to cut it. Brandon was only able to watch the kid die from the ground as his leg gushed blood. Silence ensued as Kanshi began to spoke, looking up to Hikashi like a hurt puppy.
"I.. thought you were going... to kill him."
Eyes rolling into the back of his head from blood loss, his body became a bloody mess that was loosing its color. Hikashi shook Kanshi's body in some futile attempt to wake him up in some way. It was her fault, all her fault. Seeing the light fade away, she wept silently in the pool of his blood. Silence returned between the two as Hikashi won her bitter sweet victory.
"I just killed my adopted son... Why is it anytime I get stronger, more people I love die as well?! Its sickening to see myself leech off their lives in some way."
Brandon dispersed into a puff of smoke as she wanted to just hide the body and act like it never happened.

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Outclassed [p/Ashur] Empty Re: Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:26 am
Putting both of his hands together, he deeply prayed above the town. His wings still felt like they were there as the words flew from his mouth.
"White Garuda, as leader of the Shiroi Clan, I wish to someday dawn the robes that promise a light in this world."
The White Garuda thought for a single moment as Ashur was filled to the brim with divine energy. A mere child asking for something as great as a set of robes had to be out of question, but the Garuda laughed and shook his head. It was stupid in that moment that the Garuda had realized Ashur was trying his hardest and the fire in Ashur's eyes were something similar to that of the previous clan leader. It was stupid to go all in, but the Garuda was getting old and really just wanted to see what could happen. Divine energy spewed out from Ashur as the Garuda released a wave of power.
(Your heart is filled with something much different than the previous clan leaders, but I feel it still is in the area of good. While peace may not be your top priority, it appears you seem to manage a good sense of it through your spontaneous actions. Are you willing to risk dying from the ritual for what I am about to present you, Ashur?)
Ashur smiled as his dojutsu became activated on its own. Feathers from his hair grew rapidly and began to circle him as giant wings were made behind him. With eyes glowing golden and overflowing needs for bliss, he smirked as the ritual began.
(Why did you ask when you knew the answer? If this kills me, then you know everything about me to tell the next clan leader. I really couldn't give a shit what happens to me now since the village seems to be at some kind of peace. Although, living is highly preferred.)
The feathers were crushed and merged with the divine energy to make some kind of milky goop surrounding Ashur. Exhausted and amazed that such a miracle could happen twice, the Garuda began to speak once more as the gooey material moved towards Ashur.
(It seems the gods themselves offered a tiny fraction of divine energy with my own pool. This could kill you or god knows what it will do. If you die or live, I really am just happy to see that this is possible.)
Ashur looked around in shock as a milky goop was suspended in the air near him. He felt oddly helpless and horrified as the goop began to move towards his skin, inches away from touching. The Garuda's words didn't matter to him, all that mattered was if this was going to be immensely painful. The golden glow around the milky goop poked his skin as he cringed. Slowly it made its way up his legs as his eyes became fully golden and his skin pure white. In that moment he left the world as the goop began to encase his body.

"What is this?"
He spoke to himself as he looked around at a world covered in lava. Boom, suddenly the world was without wars and laid without a single worry. The futures possible flashed before his eyes as he watched the world from afar. While there were an equal amount of good and bad ones, he couldn't help to think about how awful the world could get and how it could be possible. He watched from space and scanned the various futures and saw apocalypses and utopias. It was amazing, even breath taking, to see what the world could amount to. Some futures he couldn't even seem to find his body living! While he was only looking at a sliver of all the possible outcomes, it still was shocking him to see the despair and hopelessness the world could have in some futures. Everything before him was within the realm of possibility. He drifted in space knowing full well that he could end up like this one day. Suddenly the realities slowed down as his focus laid on the worst one he could find. One by one they all slowed until it was one reality that was laid out in front of him. Ashur looked for what the reality could be for a few seconds before realizing the planet wasn't existent anymore. There was a possible future were the world just ends... everything gone. This rung through his head as he remembered everyone he met. The hopes, the dreams, the legacy's, the lifetime of work, the accomplishments they made day by day, the will they had, the hope for a better existence, and the pain they endured was all gone like that for everyone. Everything would have been for nothing and there wouldn't even be a soul out there to see what happened. It was all hopeless and... so.. empty. Looking upon this worst possible outcome, the Angel got misty eyes thinking of everyone who amounted to something and their ancestors just dying off without a single contribution recognizable. He was done, very much so done looking upon this hell. Ashur closed his eyes and everything drifted away as he went back.

Not much changed as he drowned in the goop around him. It felt as if it was leeching off his very own existence as he couldn't even do anything but feel it constrict him. It felt like it was actually draining him and taking away his soul from his body! He wasn't going to try to struggle, but he knew he had to get it off of him. Ashur flexed all of his muscles and gathered every ounce of divine energy around him to repel off the goop trying to absorb him. The Garuda and Ashur then repelled the goop from taking over the boy's body and soon it moved away from Ashur's face and seemed to harden. The boy opened his eyes to see a truly pitiful sight as the Garuda began.
(Ashur... it turned black... the milky goop is black as night. You were unworthy of the holy and pure milky color it seems. The previous clan leader hadn't taken a life and hadn't seen the world around him, but you have. You see the darkness around you and understand its there. This is no cloak of marriages and life, but a cloak of funerals and death. You don't need to see the world clearly as your goal; you need to redeem yourself, Ashur.)
The angel was looking as the cloak hardened and formed with the guiding hands of the Garuda as the explanation was a bit cheesy for his own liking. With a quick movement, he stretched out his body as the cloak finished forming around him. He exhaled and looked down to see the black cloak was just his style! The boy screamed like a little girl and looked himself up and down.
"This looks amazing! I feel as if I can take down entire cities like this and the material feels oddly durable even though it's only cloth."
Just then it hit him as he wore his new robes; he was going to miss the final blow! Deactivating his dojutsu and activating his bloodline, he flew at 120 speed towards the fight with full intent of seeing Hikashi win.

Flying at full speed, he neared the destination and quickly slowed himself down. Up ahead he could see mist clouds and heavy rain overhead as Hikashi jumped out. It was amazing to him, it seems as if the rain lady was about to deliver the final blow! Anticipation was seeped into his bones as Hikashi paused with a hand sign weaved. A stream of water was then expelled from her mouth with incredible power and speed as Ashur began to see Kanshi running out into the fight. Everything happened too quick even for Ashur, the stream pierced through Kanshi and the Brandon clone as the angel cried out. He jumped off the ground and flew at 60 speed towards the scene of Kanshi's death and appeared right behind Hikashi as she spoke about her pain. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he realized this wasn't him. None of this was who he was when he started! He was a fighter, a jester, even a stupid child! Ashur creeped his hands over Hikashi's back before he spoke with drying tears.
"Y-you made an honest mistake and killed a child by accident. While you could mope and scream over this all you want, the deal was that if you won this fight you would have to fight me after a short rest."
He looked at Hikashi with a cheerful smile.
"We barely knew him and I remember him wishing for death almost everyday. Kanshi is at peace now and kinda deserved what he got for being such a dumb fuck. Hikashi, you can dwell on this for days on days after we fight but a deal is a deal. Go take your short rest and find the future, not the present."
Patting Hikashi on the back, he grabbed Kanshi's dead body and held it in his arms while turning away from Hikashi.
"You actually managed to deal some damage on Brandon, even kill him. To be honest with you, I could only hit him with my sword for damage last time I fought him. My explosions, my winds, every jutsu I had couldn't leave a dent on the frog. That wasn't anything but extraordinary, Hikashi. I feel like we may be on the same level in strength and I want us to grow together to not hold onto petty shit. We have each other and the two of us are all that should get us worried, you know?"
Shedding tears, the robe seemed to be more interesting than Ashur thought. The blood from Kanshi was glowing on the robe. It was almost beautiful to watch the robe of funerals live up to its name. With a sudden leap, he would fly away to the hospital and let them deal with it all. He was going to just throw the body through the window or something and then leave. It all felt kind of good to think about, being able to know when letting go is the best option. Ashur felt almost a sense of joy for being able to just ditch his worries and do what matters to him. His main goal would keep going on even with the death of his only child.

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Outclassed [p/Ashur] Empty Re: Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:58 pm
Ashur had appeared in his new clothing and tried to comfort her, but she was unable to even force a smile. She looked off into the distance as Ashur talked about how extraordinary it was for her to pierce through him and could only begin to tear up for Kanshi. 
He really doesn't want me to feel sad, genuinely. I guess I was a little suicidal in the past, but this feels so... weird. Come on, say anything, Hikashi; just one word to comfort him instead of shutting him off. 
When she looked back, she could see him fly away with Kanshi to the hospital. It could be felt within every bone of her body, chaining her up and releasing in thick streams down her cheeks as the angel flew upwards with Kanshi.
"Ashur... you idiot. You're a fucking idiot for not seeing how flying away like an angel with a dying child would be seen as wrong. Fuck you Ashur! I hate everything you are, I hate you for thinking I ever needed your help."
She grimaced towards the bloody ground and screamed in anger as Ashur was still long gone. 
He just left and told me he was going to fight me. I am going to rip that idiot limb from limb for the shit he pulled. Ashur is going to be a sack of skin with a bunch of broken bones when I flood his insides. This little "toothpick" he thinks I am is no more. I am no drizzle, no droplet, but a flood. I'm a fucking flash flood!
After crying it all out in a bitter hatred towards her boyfriend, she stomped back to the house to rest. She was going to leave Ashur in the hospital for how awful of a father he was and the determination flowing off her face was proving it.

Waking up, she saw Ashur was nowhere in site. There were a few seconds of ignorance bliss as she adjusted to reality and started feeling the liquid iron in her body slowing her down. The streams, the rivers, the ocean of torture hung on her body uncontrollably like a someone struggling for air. The demons felt with her brother's death were all around her, waiting to consume her for who she is. It was a matter of time before she was consumed with her own bitter hatred pointed at Ashur. As she got her gear ready and studied up for her own special test, the rain lady paused for a second before seeing the picture of Ashur and her when they got home that night. She ran her fingers across the glass frame and then picked it up to get a closer view of it.
"He had forgot all about Brandon that night because of me. Ashur was an angel, no a hero that night. We had spent all of our time trying to make armor for Kanshi and couldn't get any of it to fit."
She chuckled lightly to herself before getting on her clothes and setting down the picture. With a quick swipe she got rid of the tears on her face and could only laugh for how foolish she was earlier. Hikashi blamed everything on Ashur when he was there for her! It was stupid to think he was to blame! Until Ashur came back, she was going to just have to study and maybe just rewrite all her notes in a single scroll. 
Ugh, but I have so many notes... How will I ever get anything done if I have to write down precisely what the tricks are to casting a jutsu. Why don't I just become a professor or something and look for trends. I am sure there is a way to make my jutsu even better! I just have to figure out how and before Ashur beats me in a millisecond with his speed. 
She sighed and wrote in a new scroll anything that showed up more than one technique until the girl had a lengthy list. Sure she could be considered be obsessive and ocd, but how else do you expect her to manage without being extraordinary in the only element she has? It seemed a few trends showed up with a few variables as well between the items on the list: they all had to do with the body. It wasn't with the hand seals, the amount of chakra in one's body, or anything of that sorts. If she wanted to cast lots of jutsu it was all about speeding up the chakra in her body to be greater than the amount of chakra than the amount used for the jutsu. She was going add more logs to the fire for free instead of adding more fuel. 
Now this all sounds good on pencil and paper, but this seems really hard and annoying to accomplish. There is no way to speed up my chakra system with my emotions consistently, it has to be some kind of reliable trigger. 
She thought for a second about all the possible ways to do this. 
Well, I can go ahead and just use some kind of item as a pump with the use of chakra infusion, but I doubt that would work and I don't even have chakra infusion. Emotions won't work, and I sure as hell can't rely on adrenaline. I can go off the hand seals maybe and bounce my chakra flow from them and back, but that is a massive risk and could screw up the jutsu. 
She paused and realized it was hopeless even though her last thought was pretty close to the solution. It was about time she walked out too, she was going to have to resume this later. Now was the time to fight Ashur in a one versus on fight and hope to at least be able to dent the angel a little. Hikashi began her pre-fight ritual of talking herself up to be someone amazingly gifted and powerful. It was going to be fun for her to put everything she was into a fight instead of holding back slightly like she did with the Brandon clone. As she talked herself up, she couldn't help but to hear her Toru speaking.
"I can't believe you killed Kanshi, Lady Hikashi. You truly can't control yourself at all, can you?"
The words burnt into her mind as she got a stern expression over her face. Her eyes darkened into the shadows as she felt the demons grasp onto her at her weakest.
"YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP! You have been going on and on about how good you are. Well news flash you lowly piece of trash, you aren't even close to perfect. You are like the mother I never wanted to have and you just haven't done anything but piss me off extremely for a long time. I have tried time and time again to show some kind of kindness to you, but you have been such a dumb effing bitch that it's not worth it."
She threw the Toru off her and threw a kunai right through it in one precise in motion. Hikashi then got down with a look of disgust and began to take the kunai into her own hands.
"L-lady Hikashi, you really are just a demon."
Hikashi was done with this Toru causing her moral dilemmas and second guesses. She was so done with everything the Toru had said about important events to her. She rapidity stabbed the Toru to death with her own two hands and felt the blood splatter all over her as the screams emerged. There was no second guesses, only a screech that sounded similar to a t-rex in pain. With a final blow to the tiny body, the holocaust was over. She had killed her familiar in cold blood and it felt thrilling in every way to her. The ungrateful orphan she gave happiness to was long gone and it felt better than anything she had ever experienced.
"You have been such a pain in my side, that I might as well have ended you when you first made an ungrateful comment. Go burn in hell, freak of nature."
She put away her bloody kunai and felt the therapeutic relief of ending a problem for good. The Toru had been complaining and judging her for the longest time and that was the final straw for her. It felt like all was right in the world as it was just her, Ashur, and Brandon; the perfect group. Sure there wasn't anyone else in Kumogakure anymore, but it still felt nothing close to lonely anymore for her. She was going to beat Ashur in the fight and gain a sense of honor for herself.


1,927 more to go
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Outclassed [p/Ashur] Empty Re: Outclassed [p/Ashur]

Sat May 14, 2016 2:31 pm
Ashur flew towards the hospital with his dead child as an angel of death.  He was ready for it all: the fight, the death, the life, and the kill. He was going to have kill the Raikage, he knew this in the bottom of his heart as it constantly rung through him. Life was shitty for Ashur, truly a crap hole, but he knew the only way up now. His robe rung through him and he could feel it meshing with his energy as one being... and it felt almost relaxing to feel it. Who knows what the robe could do and who really cared anymore? This robe was strong and that was all that mattered, but he still found himself asking if it was strong enough to bring an end to the village leader, an actual Kage. Looking down at Kanshi with the wind blowing through both of their hair in a rush of speed, he could only wonder what happens when someone dies. Is it just a sudden derailment or was it just suddenly nothing. His fingers went through Kanshi's hair and he was hardly noticing the tears rushing down his face and the pain consuming his insides. Nothing could change the facts at hand, his son died and it was all Hikashi's fault as much as he hated the idea of it. She could have held back and just lost, but she just had to prove something! Ashur took a deep breath as the nighttime swallowed up the conjoined mess of him and the armor comforting him. Looking down at Kanshi felt so... surreal. It never felt real, not even the slightest. He could feel the night more than the coldness of Kanshi's body. He could feel the wind rushing through him with promise more than the limbs sprawled over his arms.
I screwed up bad this time... I shouldn't have... no, it was nobody's fault. It was a silly mistake that is just another reason to seek the death of the evil in this world even if it doesn't take human form. I should tell her, I really should tell Hikashi everything and just stop this. I don't want to show her she is as weak as she is... I don't want to be strong either. I hate the responsibilities flooding through me and the dependency placed on me. If only I could just fall back to the days where nothing really mattered except beating up those little shits who attacked me. I want to be with Brandon and just hangout like the good ol' days, but I can't any longer. The sky is too big for me to handle and the wind rushes too fast for me to catch up any longer, but that is probably just the grief speaking.
Clenching his teeth and trying to hold back his tears, he flew faster than he thought was possible. He didn't care, never did and never could! Ashur wasn't happy with any of this and never should have been a father. Before he knew it, he was in front of the hospital with his extreme speed.
This is it I guess...
He hugged Kanshi's icy cold body and remembered when this was actually a thing to do. Kozan was nowhere in sight and it seemed the other ninja weren't anywhere to be found as well. It was just Hikashi, The Raikage he needs to kill, and himself left he presumed. Maybe the Raikage came to his senses and realized that maybe Kozan was a serial killer, he thought for a second. Taking a deep breathe out and releasing the hug, he slowly lead Kanshi to the cold concentrate ground. Only a few inches above, he cringed a little and brought Kanshi back up.
"No... I can't.... not like this........"
Ashur let out a painful gasp of air as his crying became more present. He had to let Kanshi rest in a better place the right way and not just leave him on the ground for some nurse to find. Grabbing Kanshi in one hand and looking up towards the sky, he thought of the only way he could think the boy would want to go out. With a quick throw into the air, the boy went flying at a crazy speed. Ashur grabbed his arms and screamed as he cringed up like turtle.
"'s the right thing."
He looked up and casted the hand signs for phoenix flower jutsu and spit out six fireballs at the kid as he flew towards the sky. It was like fireworks to watch the kid's body be vaporized in the air in multiple, fiery explosions.
"Going out in a bang by your good ol' Dad, huh Kanshi? Your ashes can float into those you so desperately hate and choke them as you amaze others with the beauty of your firework death. It is.... truly.... beautiful."
Feeling the armor vibrate with his body in perfect harmony, he frantically cried until he started hyperventilating at the death.  Soon he was brought down to his hands and knees and felt himself suffocating from his own grief, but it all felt fine.... so fine. As his vision grew fuzzy and nurses ran out to see what happened, he could hear the sounds of coughing from people on Kanshi's ashes and smiled as he slowly felt like he was dying. It was like Hikashi was talking about: "Suffocating is beautiful." He could see it in the fuzzy vision he had from the nurses. An overwhelming numbness he couldn't pin down came over him as he tried to figure out if was from Kanshi's death or his self suffocation on grief. As they grabbed him he began to control his breathing and pull away to escape. Everything went by so fast and the rush was going through him, he was really going to fight Hikashi. He was going to try to show her what she lacks and maybe then she could learn what the next road for her is. Two words escaped from his lips as the nurses stood in a daze at the Peter Pan child: "...truly beautiful."
As Kanshi arrived towards Hikashi, midnight was upon them as the darkness remained mixed with her storm. He flew down slowly with Kanshi's blood covering him in droplets of glowing red. Ashur's face was shadowed out as he looked towards Hikashi with a death serious face.

"So you killed your Toru... guess it couldn't keep it's mouth shut. How about we fight like adults here, I owe you this, Hikashi."

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Thu May 19, 2016 10:22 pm
Hikashi put down her head and wanted this numbing through her body to end. She was tired of death trickling down her face every time she attempted to feel happy, she was downright sick of seeing the ocean of emptiness surround her with it's harsh tides, and sadly, she was tired of Ashur never being able to do anything right recently. Now her angel was soaked in the blood of the innocent and was stained to the bone before her and she just couldn't find anything but a strong sense of hatred and grief.
Why won't the rain wash the blood off? Why can't this just end at once?
Her eyes were shadowed out as the darkness of the night cushioned her lost soul. The rain danced through the air away from them as if it knew how horrifying the situation was.
"Ashur... I am done with this relationship, but even more so..."
She locked her demonic eyes to his angel eyes with a sense of urgency to end the freak of nature before her. Quickly, she weaved the handsigns for hiding in the rain and rain tiger at will with plenty of time to stop in case Ashur attacked. While weaving the last hand signs she continued without breaking eye contact.
"...I am done with you and how good you think you are. I will make you nothing but a pool of blood and drown your body in the ocean. When I am done with you, the last thing you could have ever imagined would be to fly. You will sink, no plummet, to the depths of hell and still not even come close to what kind of rock bottom my life has hit. Use your damn wings or whatever the hell you want to show how great you are with and teach me that you are stronger than me as usual. That all my training was for nothing as you smirk and smile with no care for the rest of the world. You didn't care about Kanshi and never did. Sit there on your shitty little throne, but I will always get back up and do anything to show you the poisons I experience on a daily basis with no help from you. Y-you could at least show a little bit of... sympathy... Ashur."
As she got to the end she felt her eyes leak out the very thing she was going to use to kill Ashur with. The tears of pain and agony were no different from the water she used to kill. With every strike, maybe she was showing her hell to the rest of the world, but for Kanshi that hell might have been unbearable. She weaved the rat, boar handsigns as she looked into the eyes of whom she loved most in this world. Her tears came out with parts of the rain and she swung her hand at him to release five needles towards his location.
Why am I trying to kill the only person I have left in this world? The bigger question would be is why can't I stop?

-20ap for 5 Needles with 30 (70) power and 40 (80) speed.
-60ap for +40 power and speed to the jutsu
-40ap for Rain Tiger at Will
-30ap for Hiding in the Rain
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Sun May 29, 2016 9:34 pm
Ashur remained silent and let the needles break against his armor. His faced remained emotionless as he tried to hide how much Hikashi's words meant to him. He had done everything for her and tried to be strong for her and she was taking her grief as a sword drawn towards him. It was a tragedy to watch her do this to herself and he knew in this moment he had to win for her. If she won here, she would feel as if it was given to her and ruin her ideas of how far she came, Ashur knew this much. He was going to use every drop of his power to win and die trying if he had to for whatever kind of point he could make. Her words stung, but he told himself she wasn't serious in the slightest. Looking down, he could see the blood covering him from their child and looking ahead he could see his girlfriend lost in grief and thought to himself: "I hate Kumogakure." He was sick of the shit he had to deal with here and how he had to grow up overnight just keep someone the only person he had left with him. Kozan was gone, probably dead, and the rest were all certainty or even confirmed dead. Kumogakure was the hell hole he had enough of.
"Hikashi, please get yourself under control. You are letting me become an awful person in your eyes and it kills me to hear you say what you say."
He flew towards her at max speed (120) with his sword in hand to attempt to stab her up close as he screamed this. Ashur was going to fight her like he would for a traitor of the village instead of as a friend. The entire time he has been at the village has been awful for him and probably just as awful as his depressed girlfriend. Jason died, another Jason died, Nejonin died, Chronos is probably dead, Kozan is probably dead, and Rikaro is probably dead as well. Every single person he met is already one foot in the grave for being in the village he is forced to serve. He is going to be fighting for a village full of spies and despair only to probably die in vein. Who knows when the Raikage will come at him next to say "Hey, here's a war! More death with sure to kill off the spies!" What kind of agenda does the Raikage have? Does he even do anything for the village of three ninja if that? Who knows what happens if anyone where to realize this crap hole existed? He was done with everything that has happened in the village, very much so. The deaths at his doorstop, the ever present spy network, and a draft into the war. It sickened his insides to think that there are villages were people can sleep reasonable hours, see their friends the next day, look up to their Kage, and be able to make friends with someone new without thinking about them stabbing you to death in your sleep. Someone could be watching him right now and he could have no idea. Ashur stood up all nights sometimes with Hikashi trying to forget that everyone he loved besides the person next to him was dead forever. It was too much, he has had too much for himself to even continue on like this. He was going to march up to the Raikage and demand the answers he wanted so badly and demand to leave the village with bis girlfriend. It had been enough for him to bear and he wanted out before he did become suicidal.
"Hikashi, everyone else but the two of us are most likely dead and spies are invading Kumogakure around every corner. The Raikage has picked me and Kozan to go out to fight in a war, but I don't think Kozan is alive any longer. Let's leave this hell whole together and never be without each other. I cried every last tear in my body for Kanshi, but was strong for you. I did everything for you and I see now that this village is the issue in our lives. My restless nights have left me wishing I was dead and my friends dying... leaves me only to believe that leaving now is the best option."
He wasn't lying about crying every tear in his body. Ashur felt as if he couldn't cry a single drop, whether it be because he was numbed from the death of his son or because he wanted to look strong for some hopeless reason. Sadness stained his face and all he could want is some kind of escape. The boy wanted to be free from the prison this village left him in and start a new life, a clean slate. Fighting was pointless to him now as he put away his sword and wanted only to hug Hikashi to see if that could invoke a single positive feeling within him. Looking at her, he wondered the life he could have had if he remained an ignorant child instead of a ninja.


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