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Izo Nara
Izo Nara
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Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo) - Page 4 Empty Re: Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo)

Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:43 am
Finally feeling a bit better, Izo stands up and would walk over to were mason and kin are now. Izo watches as tears roll down kins face. ‘damn, maybe he should give it a rest’ izo would think to himself as he is still not 100 percent better yet. Looking over at mason izo can see that though the last round had taken its toll on his body, it did nothing to masons fighting spirit. “I’m starving, I’ve got to eat something before I pass out of hunger pains.” Izo would say as his stomach gives off a loud growl. Looking down at his stomach then back up at mason with a smile Izo would say “besides, how can you cook if you lose your hand?”

'Wow, I never want to get her angry’ izo would think to himself as he watches Kin reach to slap some sense into mason.  Izo is scared as a ghost, as he had never seen this side of kin. Izo does not want to upset Kin, but he also does not like hospitals and has no intention on going to one. So while kin and Mason are distracted by their small disagreement, Izo would take advantage of this time. 'If I can make a shadow clone, then I can get some rest while it does all the work' Izo would think to himself. Pulling out the shadow clone scroll, Izo quickly reads the instructions before preforming the hand signs required. However because Izo had used so much chakra during his exchange with mason, Izo is unable to preform the shadow clone jutsu. Still looking for a way to get some rest, Izo would shrug his shoulders before preforming the  ram snake tiger handseals, Izo would make an intangible copy of his body. The copy wouldn’t move or speak it would only stand there. With his diversion in place Izo would body flicker over to a tree by the river that they had used to fill up the water balloons. ‘hopefully they are for some time and I can get some rest’ izo would think to himself as he climbs half way up the tree and lays down on one of the trees larger branches, resting his head against the trunk of the tree.

4,144 + 379 = 4,523
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Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo) - Page 4 Empty Re: Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo)

Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:13 pm
Mason could see that Kin was very distraught over his decision to continue his training, even with all of his injuries, and how low his chakra level was, he still wanted to continue training. He felt like the rasengan was already complete, or as complete as he was going to get it. He could tell that Kin was making veil threats, but he didn't want to upset her anymore. He still was standing listening to her when she starts to cry. "No, not the water works. I never wanted any one to cry over me." Mason would think to himself as Kin continued to talk. He wasn't really listening to her, but out of the blue SMACK! It didn't really hurt him, but it had a weird feeling afterwards. He knew now that she wasn't exactly mad at him as much as, being worried about his and Izo's well being. "Kin.... I'm sorry, I'll stop if you really want me to. I never meant to hurt you. Please accept my apology."

He looks over to Izo and after hearing him say "How can you cook if you lose your hand?" He responds with a smile on his face, glad that someone broke the sorta awkward moment of Kin crying and Mason being a dickweed. "That's why we have two hands Izo. In case you need a spare. Anyways I'm ambidextrous, I can use both hands pretty good." "I really hate hospitals...." Mason thought to himself. He went to lean against a tree until Kin seems better, Mason isn't really good with emotions. He caught Izo weaving some signs, with his peripheral vision. "What are you up to Izo? Maybe I can see with my Sharingan." Mason almost said but kept it to himself. As Izo was looking at his scroll, Mason closed his eyes for a second, just now realizing how tired he was, and activated his sharingan. He looked back over to Izo and saw him just do the tiger sign. "Are you trying to ditch us Izo?" Mason would say as a second Izo appeared, and the original dispersed.

Mason feels like he needs to do just one more rasengan, just to get it down. He walks back over to his new rival, Mr. Oak Tree. "I hate this tree....." Mason would say as he begins to do his final jutsu for at least this session. He begins to gather and draw out his chakra, when he feels like he has more than an adequate amount of chakra, he starts to swirl the chakra into a ball shape on his left hand on the tomoe burn scar, and kept adding chakra until it was the size of an baseball. His rasengan was still a red color, which he didn't know why still. He cocks his left arm back and crashes the rasengan into the tree at a speed of 30. BOOM! The new hole, and the old hole from the rasengan that saved his life, had both combined and it looked like the tree would be very unstable like a decent kick would bring the whole tree down. Feeling like that'd be awesome, Mason high kicks the tree with his right leg, and after a second, the tree started to make a whining sound. "TIMBER!" Mason would yell as the tree fell away from him and Kin. He didn't know where Izo had gone, but he hoped he wasn't in the tree. "Kin, you can take me to the hospital now. I'm to tired to continue." Mason would say sitting on the stump.

WC 595 TWC 4033 + 595 = 4628
Kin Hayata
Kin Hayata
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Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo) - Page 4 Empty Re: Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo)

Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:07 pm
Kin would watch the tree collapse the fact that he could still move after all that he was phenomenal and Izo was standing up and moving already not knowing she was in the presence of a clone she would continue watching Mason."Ready to go Mason, Izo we should go before it gets too late. She would stand up and begin to walk away from the field.  She would stand in the gateway waiting for both boys to get a move on they were seemingly fine so they most likely wouldn't need to stay over night it would just be the standard check up. "Turning back toMason and the clone "If you ever injure yourselves like this again i will use my genjutsu binding on you and really do some damage to you This was clearly an empty threat seeing as how she has not masted the technique yet. 
WC:144  TWC: 2,115 
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Izo Nara
Izo Nara
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Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo) - Page 4 Empty Re: Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo)

Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:14 pm
“what in the world was that!” Izo would yell as he is startled awake by the sound of the tree mason kicked falling. Lucky for izo the tree in which he is resting in is nowhere near the falling tree, and he is fully unaffected. Sitting up against the tree trunk, Izo would quickly look in his squad mates direction to ensure that they are safe. Izo can see mason seated on the stump and kin standing by Izo’s clone. ‘is she talking to the clone?’ izo would think to himself as he hangs his legs over the side of the branch, and prepares himself to jump. Izo would then jump down out of his tree, landing on one knee to brace himself from the fall. He would then begin to walk toward his squad mates. Izo would try to stay hidden out of sight, in wait of the perfect opportunity to switch places with his clone with out being detected. ‘don’t want them knowing I was resting on em’ izo would think to himself as he stands behind a tree not to far from where mason and kin are.

From behind the tree Izo would chuckle a bit under his breath as he watches Kin talking to his clone and mason. ‘does she really not notice it’s not me?’ izo would think to himself. Once kin is done speaking, Izo would wait until her attention is away from his clone, and he would immediately dispel It and take its place. “hope no one noticed.” Izo would mumble under his breath before Turing to mason “hey I wonder if we could combine our rasengans and make one super ultimate rasengan?, but I guess that’s for another day. Let’s hurry before kin kills us!” Izo would then run off gingerly in kins direction.
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Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo) - Page 4 Empty Re: Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo)

Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:35 pm
"That took a lot out of me..." Mason would mumble as Kin was leaving. "I guess i'm just not meant to do that much in just one day. Tomorrow I have more to do so I might as well get some rest." Mason would think to himself. He started to put a hand through his hair. He definitely needed to clean his hair. It was sticky with dry blood. "Yuck...." Mason would say with an honest look of disgust. He was fairly comfortable in his new seat that used to be his enemy.

After a second or two, he noticed Izo came back from where ever he went to. "Wassup Izo? You didn't stick around for Kin scolding me, and your clone? I can't blame you." After listening to what Izo said about the combination rasengan he had his own idea. " I'm going to learn Fire Release: Rasengan, if you learn Wind Release: Rasenshuriken, we can have our own unique combination. Anyways I can't get up so see you around." As Izo ran towards Kin, Mason would yell "Kin, sorry I can't get up, rain check for dinner! I'm just going to sleep in a branch or something!" As soon as he said that he disappeared in a blur of speed, to a near by tree branch, making sure that he was pretty well camouflaged so no one stole his eyes in his sleep.

After thinking about how today went Mason fell asleep with ease but felt really sore still from all of the abuse.

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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo) - Page 4 Empty Re: Team 12 Trains On (NK, P, Mason and Izo)

Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:54 pm

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