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Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:16 am
Yoshi woke up with a sense of urgency – full of determination, full of purpose. Today was a day devoted for training, as many days often were. But today the young genin was focused. Just the day before, Yoshi had witnessed a blind boy preform the jutsu required to graduate the academy. The boy was a Hyuuga by the name of Togi and was already out-pacing the Yoshinaga. While she was impressed with his talent, and wished him well in his endeavors, Yoshi did not wish to fall behind. That was inexcusable. And there was the other boy who she trained with on the same day. His name was Ryu. He had mentioned something about being able to produce some highly advanced fire jutsu. She was at a disadvantage. If she would ever have to spar with him, his fire based chakra would burn hotter and last longer if exposed to her wind based chakra. There was only one thing to do – to train even harder.

I cannot be outdone by those blundering boys, Yoshi though as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

Yumi threw off her covers and quickly brushed her long, brown hair which was full of rat's nests. It was a curse to have such long locks of hair, but Yumi could not bring herself to have it cut short, despite the benefits of doing so. If her hair was short, she would feel much cooler for it, and it would not get in the way of her ninja training. Yumi loved her long hair however. She was not likely to ever cut it – not to a short length. The split ends had to be trimmed from time to time, but no more than a few centimeters was allowed to be cut off at a time.

When Yumi was done brushing her hair, yumi quickly threw on some clothes. She wore a pair of linen capri pants and a bright sleeveless shirt that buttoned up the front. When she was finished buttoning up her last button on her shirt, Yumi grabbed her wrappings and began to wrap up her wrists and arms. She did this to prevent herself from putting too much strain on them. It was well known in the Yoshinaga clan that arthritis haunted a craftsman's hands should he or she wasn't careful. While such afflictions did not spring up until one was older, Yumi did not wish to take any chances. When Yumi finished with her wrappings, Yumi took a moment to examine the backs of her hands. On them, she bore the Artisan's Mark – the mark of the Yoshinaga. One small black dot had formed upon the backs of her hands – one of three. It was the shokunin which had recently awoken inside of her. It no longer activated on its own, but if Yumi concentrated, while molding her chakra, she could 'feel' the atoms in all things which touched her artist's hands. A smile escaped her thin lips.

Not today Dotted Hands, I will train you later. Today I shall work on producing wind, Yumi thought as she examined the dots on her hands.

Lastly Yoshi donned her weapon's pouches. Within them contained the 'tools' of her trade – not a painters brush, not woodcarver's knife, they contained ninja weapons. Yoshi hoped she would never need them, but such thoughts were foolish and childish. And while she was still young, she was not a child any longer. When both weapon pouches were secured on her person, Yoshi left her room and bounded down the hall towards the kitchen.

Yoshi's mother was sitting at the table with a bowl of rice in front of her. Most of it was already consumed. She was already hard at work. She was an expert weaver who made fine rugs for the citizens all over the ninja world. Her vertical loom was sitting beside her. In it, was a half-finished rug. It looked to have a traditional design of Sunakagure and had vibrant colors, colors of bright reds and dark blues.

Ohayōgozaimasu,” Yoshi told her mother as she entered the kitchen.

”Good morning, dear,” her mother replied. ”There's more rice in the bowl by the sink if you're hungry. There's juice in the fridge.”

”Thanks, mom.”

Yumi grabbed a bowl from the cubbord, as well as a cup, and a set of chopsticks from the dwoer and took a knelt next to her mother at the kitchen table. Yumi ate her bowl of rice in silence thinking about the two boys she had met a couple days ago. While the training went smoothly, the student Togi embarrassed her greatly. It was still quite fresh in her mind.

”You're very quiet today, Yumi,” her mother noticed.

”Huh? Oh, going out today. I must practice some more wind techniques. I don't know how long I'll be, though I should be home before supper.”

”Will you be practicing with Salzem again? From what you tell me, he seems like a fine young man.”

”Not this time. I'll be practicing by myself.”

”Well, do be careful. I don't want to find out you were sent to the hospital, okay? And take some fruit on your way out for your lunch.”

”Don't worry I'll be careful.”

Yumi finished her bowl of rice and her glass of juice and placed them in the sink. On the counter was a basket of fruit filled with all sorts of edible cactus melons. Yumi took a cloth napkin and placed as many as she could and wrapped them and tucked them safely away on her person. Yumi then went to kiss her mother on the cheek and walked out of the door.

”Bye, mom!” Yoshi said as she waved her mother goodbye.

The sun was on the raise when Yoshi stepped outside of her parent's dome house. It was going to be a warm day, but a nice one. Perfect weather for training. Yoshi decided she would run to the training grounds since it was located on the other side of the village. First the young ninja began with some stretches to get the blood flowing. She would start by bending over the reaching for her toes, holding the position for fifteen seconds. Next she lifted her feet backwards and grabbed them, holding the position for another fifteen seconds. Yoshi stretched out her arms and sides as well. And then she began to jog for the training grounds.

When Yoshi arrived, she was sad to not find her masked friend. During the past two times she had ran into Salzem, it was here in Suna's training grounds. Yoshi quickly scanned her surroundings and saw a group of training dummies not in use. From within one of Yoshi's weapon pouches, Yoshi reached and procured a scroll she had borrowed the day before from Ninja HQ. It was an C rank ninjutsu scroll for Wind Release: Slash. After unclasping the clip which secured it, Yoshi took a look.

Oh no! yumi thought as she looked down at the scroll with a frown. Not that seal...

The jutsu only required one hand seal – Bird. The bird hand seal was Yumi's worst enemy when it came to hand seals. It had proved to be almost impossible for her to sign. To preform the sign correctly, one had to make a 'tepee' with one's fingers while keeping the thumbs together and pointed inward towards the body. The pointer fingers and ring fingers curled in against the palms. They 'lived inside the tepee' if one had an imagination for it. Yumi's hands did not bend that way very easily and trying to accomplish the sign at any great speed was harder still. Still, it had to be done. Yumi was not going to became a very good ninja if she could not master her hand seals.

After the bird seal was signed, the user molds his or her chakra waves his or her hand. If done properly, it would create three blades of chakra infused air which could be thrown at a target. They were able to be thrown separately or combined to create one large blade, which could then be thrown.

This ought to be a nice solution if I run out of thrown weapons in the field. Right, well, let's not waste any more time and jump into this, Yumi thought as she rolled the scroll back up and stuffed it back into one of her weapon pouches.

Yoshi walked over to the group of training dummies and took a position that was around ten meters away. It was time to practice the dreaded bird hand seal. For many minutes Yoshi tried to produce the seal, but to no avail. Her fingers were clumsy and the seal itself felt awkward to her. It was because her fingers had to alternate between being stuck out and tucked into her palms. Her ring fingers did not want to bend by themselves. If they did bend, then her pinkie fingers also followed behind them. An hour went by and her fingers ached terribly. Yoshi decided to take a break.

”Oh, this is a good way to get arthritis I bet. I should probably go see a medical ninja later on,” Yoshi said, audibly thinking to herself. ”Hey, Mister Dummy, I'm gonna sit on your feet, okay? You don't mind, right? Of course not, after all, you're just a dummy! Sorry pal.”

Yoshi sat down on one of the training dummy's feet and rested her back against it's wooden form. The sun was still on the raise and the day continued to raise in temperature which made the young ninja parched. Yoshi reached for her water canteen. It was made of aluminum, and wrapped red cloth. After taking a few sips from the vessel, Yoshi noticed a particularly large dent.

That must have been caused when I hit that Hyuuga square in the forehead, Yoshi thought as she rubbed her fingers over the large depression.

Yumi decided to reach out with her Shokunin sense and felt it's atomic structure. It was indeed altered where the metal was warped. Perhaps later that evening she would use her clan's power to smooth out the dents. For now, Yumi was thankful that her canteen could withstand such a beating – that it could still hold water without it leaking all over the place. Perhaps a lesson in defense could be learned from her little canteen.

Yoshi decided that enough time had passed so the young ninja got up from her 'feet seat'. Her fingers were feeling much better after flexing them a few times. It was time to try the bird seal again. After trying it a few times, it was evident that it was still hard to do. But the young ninja was noticing that she was getting better with her finger bending. Only subtle wiggles came from her pinkie fingers when she flexed her ring finger. Yoshi decided to preform the seal and mold some chakra. When she waved her hand outwards towards the dummies a gust of wind shot out hand. The wind was strong, which caused the dummies to swivel about on their swivel joints and their arms flapped about. Their faces remained, however. They continued to stare back at the young ninja with unimpressed looks on their eyeless faces.

”Shut up you stupid dummies!” Yumi yelled at them.

She knew full well that they would not talk back; she knew that they had no emotions, but she could not control her cheeky nature.  

Blades. I'm trying to create blades. Hmm I wonder if I apply an artist's touch? I'm trying to create a three dimensional object. My materials in front of me are wind. Perhaps if I try to sculpt the wind like my dad sculpts clay. Now I try again.

Yoshi placed her hands together and signed the bird seal again. She then molded her chakra and waved her hand outwards. While doing so, she imagined the blades forming in front of her – long blades, graceful blades, blades that could pierce the heavens if she desired. The air around her outstretched hand started to swirl. As dust partials began to fly Yoshi could see the blades come to life. With her outstretched hand, Yoshi tried to grab one and throw it. But the moment she broke her concentration to concentrate on her target, the air dispersed in all directions knocking the young ninja off of her feet. The wind howled past her face and compromised the ribbon, which held up her brown hair. Her hair was now in her face and full of sand.

Oh lovely, Yoshi thought sarcastically.

Yumi slowly picked herself up and pulled her hair away from her face. All that time spent brushing it this morning was now wasted. It looked as if she had a serious case of bed head. But something important was learned in that moment. Yumi could sculpt wind. And when an artist had a new medium to work with, it could be compared to kid in a candy shop. The possibilities felt endless.

Yumi placed her hands into the bird seal again. After waving her hand, Yumi imagined three blades and after a few seconds they began to appear. The air blew and swirled which caused whispery sound to envelop the training grounds. This time Yumi made note of her blades. While thinking about her targets, Yumi made sure to keep newly formed blades at bay. They were wild – wild like their creator's personality. Yumi gripped one of them and threw it at one of the training dummies. The blade whooshed through the air and sliced the wooden dummy in half. Yumi thew the second blade. It too struck its mark slicing through it diagonally. Yumi then thew the third blade. It also struck its target – slicing it through the neck which tumbled onto the sandy ground.

Yumi was huffing and puffing by this point, and sweat was rolling down her face. Having to concentrate on her targets and her blades was more strenuous than the young ninja realized. But she had preformed the jutsu at last. And was able to strike all three of her targets. But there were a few more wooden dummies standing around. Their faces remained the same; the carnage of their friends did not phase them. Such emotionless insubordination could not go unpunished which made the young genin grin. Yumi placed her hands into the bird seal one last time and waved her hand through the air. The air whipped and whistled as three more blades began to form. But instead of throwing them one at a time, Yumi willed them together to form one large blade and because it was only made of air, there was no difference in weight. It could be thrown in the same fashion as the smaller ones. Yumi chucked it at the remaining dummies and watched them get sliced in half. It was like watching a farmer in a wheat field with a scythe. Pieces and splinters from the dummies lay in a disorganized pile by the time Yumi's wind blade dispersed. Whoever was in charge of keeping the training grounds clean was in for a long day of work. And Lord Kazekage would have to order more training dummies. This put a devilish smile upon the young girl's face. Yumi had essentially killed two birds with one stone. Not only did she learn a new jutsu, but one of her fellow clan members would be surely be asked to make more dummies.

Just doing my duty, Yoshi thought as she left the grounds.

To her surprise, it was relatively still early in the day – just half past noon judging by the sun. Yoshi pulled out an apple and took a walk down Suna's streets. She then decided today would be a perfect day to play one of her favorite games – Monkey See, Monkey Do.

(WC = 2667, claiming [url=]Wind Release: Slash[/url],13 stats)
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Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:25 am
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