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Ringing [Ashur, p, nk] - Page 3 Empty Re: Ringing [Ashur, p, nk]

Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:23 pm
Shocked to see Kozan actually name off his weaknesses, Ashur sweat a little realizing how little the kid had to say. A true god of some sort, a kid with little to nothing in terms of weaknesses except for an Aunt. Kills without remorse, almost no sense of humanity in battle, and the will to kiss another guy and take a dead person's body just for more power. Kozan was the perfect killer, probably could figure out genjutsu easily. Remembering his multi-weave mask and the Raikage's demonic looking nature, he spoke.
"Kozan, you need to get a mask to get filter out the toxins in the air. It might be uncomfortable, but the Raikage seems capable of killing in any way he can. Also, from what you tell me, you have no weaknesses. You are smart enough to take on genjutsu, your armor keeps you from getting killed, and on the battlefield you seem willing to do whatever it takes. Are you the perfect ninja talked only in a few books?"
Then Kozan spoke to him and Ashur sweat a little. He knew his weaknesses the best out of anyone. Everything that made him good turned into some kind of weakness almost. Ashur knew honesty was important here, so he went against everything they teach you and spoke about what could kill him. Looking down slightly, he spoke coldly.
"I am a one way road, that is my weakness. I can go as fast as anyone else could ever imagine, but what happens if a single sword is held out towards my flight path? I have no possible way of stopping and that is what keeps me at my weakest. Explosions are devastating for large areas and prove to be very effective, but Chronos showed me what the weakness of them. Blowing up an entire landscape can make you certain no life could have lived and lets the enemy have a cover for a counter attack or to escape all together if they are quick enough. If I could see them through the explosion somehow, I would be unstoppable. Genjutsu is something I can deal fairly well with because of my reliance of my chakra network and natural speed for my flight. My chakra network is hardened for the genjutsu and I don't seem to really encounter many ninja who can use genjutsu powerful enough to get past my strong chakra system. When we first fought, you knew my weakness then and there right? You used my speed against me to throw me onto the ground and did it without a second thought it seemed. I truly believe you are the perfect shinobi, Kozan."
He looked at Kozan, shakily, as he waited to hear any possible ways of countering his weaknesses. The entire situation felt wrong, but Ashur still did it anyway for some reason. Deep down, Ashur knew it was because he didn't really see himself killing the Raikage. The boy honestly thought that he was just doing this to support Kozan and try to get rid of some kind of great evil in the world. It felt wrong, but he had already accepted the possibility of himself dying in the fight ahead. This could, at least, teach Kozan what truly made Ashur flawed. With a tight grasp on what being human was like, Ashur was weak. He couldn't feel certain of himself and couldn't kill without remorse like Kozan. Ashur felt something for the lives he took, making him weak as a ninja.


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Ringing [Ashur, p, nk] - Page 3 Empty Re: Ringing [Ashur, p, nk]

Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:26 pm
Ashur looked at Kozan, uncomfortable for talking too much but then he heard the kid talk about how he wasn't perfect. The wingless boy, knowing his weaknesses needed to be dealt with, wanted to leave but it felt way too early.
(Oh my god... the future looks hilarious for you Ashur. From the glimpses I see ahead, you are going to have a fun time. Train harder next time, we are leaving.)
Another great ability of the Garuda, to see into "the future" with vague fortunes. It was a load of crap every time the bird spoke, but Ashur had to listen to it and just shrug it off. Now he really wanted to leave because all the training was something he needed to sleep on to get it in his head. Maybe he would take a break from it all, he thought as Kozan spoke about leaving.
"See you Kozan, I guess. I will train my hardest while you are at that interview to get rid of my weaknesses for the fight with the Raikage. Make sure you make every ticking second count."
Why was he going on about an inspirational speech? Ashur thought that Kozan probably knew the dire situation five times as good as he did. Waving off he gathered his items and flew back to his house at around two times faster than a bullet train thanks to how fast he was. All the knowledge he learned in the short time span, it was spectacular. He was a master over weaponry already!

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Ringing [Ashur, p, nk] - Page 3 Empty Re: Ringing [Ashur, p, nk]

Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:30 pm

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