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A jutsu and a movie. Empty A jutsu and a movie.

Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:30 pm
“I can do that.” Ryu said as he watched a man on the television weave some seals and shoot out a spider at his opponent. Ryu’s parents looked at him and just nodded like sure why not. “I created a bunch of fireballs just the other day that left craters in the ground. As the movie went on and the ninja in the film used the jutsu more and more, Ryu began to remember the seals used, plus the man kept screaming out the name of the technique which Ryu assured his parents wasn’t a thing. Like how do you spit out that much fire, which requires that you hold your mouth open and yell out said techniques name? I couldn’t even imagine yelling out Fire Release: Great Fireball Shower as I was spitting out wads of flame, I’d burn my tongue. With the movie now over Ryu returned to his room and laid down with his arms behind his neck. As he lay there he pictured himself in the movie using the same seals and shooting out a blazing fire in the form of a spider and circle. “I think tomorrow I’m going to check out if this jutsu is real.” After that he closed his eyes and went to sleep. The ninja got up once that giant flaming ball of bleh woke him up. “Still hate you, sun.” Said the ninja as he entered the bathroom to brush his teeth and do whatever else needed to be done.

With things like eating, bathing and changing done Ryu grabbed his bag and headed towards the gym. He had never been there as Ryu’s training routine typically consisted of a run or some form of machine-less exercise. At the gym a few people were there all of whom happened to be older and much bigger and taller than the twelve year old. Bro do you even lift? I don’t. In the gym Ryu spotted a punching bag and took a few whacks at it. This hurts way less than a log. Ryu jabbed the bag then quickly followed it up with an uppercut. He kept going until his hands hurt, when the ninja looked down he noticed that even though his hands weren’t bleeding they had turned very red from the endeavor. I’ll be doing that again sometime soon, this I promise. Walking around the gym Ryu spotted a man running on a track that moved. “That thing looks sweet, is there another one?” The man pointed to one which was across the room. Moving quickly Ryu jumped onto the machine and hit a button that read start. The track started to move and so did Ryu. “This is kind of slow does this up button make it faster?” Clicking the button until it couldn’t go higher the ninja began all out sprinting, alright it does get fast. “What does this button do?” He pressed one that said fan and a cool breeze began blowing onto the ninjas face. “Wait I can avoid the sun by running inside and get a refreshing breeze found nowhere in this desert, this place is great.”

After tiring himself out on the treadmill of amazing runs, Ryu packed up his gear, refilled his water bottle and headed over to the training area making few stops along the way. Once there, Ryu gathered his thoughts and began to go through the memory of the jutsu the man had used. “It was tiger, horse, rat, dog and tiger. I think tiger is almost used in every fire release jutsu.” Making the seals the ninja headed toward his training area and applied no chakra to the technique. After getting to the rock and continuing his handseals Ryu patted the boulder and began the second step of learning the technique, applying chakra. I wonder if there is a different technique to mold your chakra in this jutsu. Unlike some of the other jutsu I have used this one takes form and has the ability to trap my opponent. With the others I just kind of tossed around some fireballs. While building the chakra for the jutsu Ryu breathed in and pictured the spider, attempting to make the memory as vivid as possible. It was large with bands around the body and the fire near the spider surrounded the opponent. Today I will have it surround this rock. With the chakra built Ryu released the jutsu, but it didn’t form into a spider like he thought, instead it just kind of spewed everywhere and left scorch marks on the sand. “Well new jutsu, Ryu fail bomb.” He tried the technique again and still the fire just kind of flowed out of his mouth and just streamed. “I really hope there is a technique to do this.” Insead of continuing to throw flames in every direction the ninja considered the best course of action was to go to the library and look up books on chakra control.

At the library there were only a few people working, as it was still early and not many people go to libraries. Ryu walked around the building looking for books on manipulating chakra. As Ryu walked he nodded to the librarian who was in her fifties and wore large framed glasses. Every time the young ninja would pass she would give Ryu a look, he didn’t really understand why though. Maybe she doesn’t like me. Do I smell? The genin sniffed himself quickly to make sure. That’s not it. After searching the building for a bit he finally came across the books he was looking for. He grabbed books in the section at random and read their titles. Building chakra for dummies, you and you chakra, detective ninja and the case of the chakra builder, forming chakra into shapes. After seeing the title of the last book Ryu opened it to the table of contents where it had illustrations and writing on how to form chakra into shapes. “This’ll be a cinch.” Taking the book up to the librarian Ryu, signed out the book and vowed to return it later undamaged.

Getting back to the field Ryu held the book in the air and didn’t pay much attention to where he was going as he as reading the section on chakra formation a huge earthen fist almost slammed into him. He jumped back as the earth nearly crushed him and fumbled to catch the book before it hit the ground. “I really need to pay attention, sorry about that.” Ryu waved at the person who had created it and walked towards his area this time paying more attention. I could have been crushed if I’d taken another step. The ninja walked in an odd way as he grew paranoid. I’ve already escaped death once today no need to attempt to do so again. With his safety ensured at the training rock Ryu relaxed himself a little bit. As the book says making your chakra take form requires relaxation and cake. Well it doesn’t say cake it is just what I want. Eating cake is my ninja way! After taking the time to finish reading through the book Ryu attempted the seals once more and focusing his chakra into a shade Ryu let out a clump of fire that barely looked spider like, but was more focused than it was before. He kept attempting the jutsu until night had arrived and Ryu had made a shape that most definitely had the appearance of a spider, but had no ring to surround anything, Ryu brushed that part off as tomorrow’s work as it was late and learning to control chakra was very mentally taxing more so than other things.

Ryu took the long walk around the village to get to his house instead of following the straight path to get back to his house the genin walked around the village. It was nice to sometimes enjoy the stars and do no training. As the night breeze passed through the ninjas hair, Ryu had to adjust his glasses. “Beautiful night, huh.” The ninja said to seemingly no one as he threw off his shades and viewed the night sky through his own eyes. I like this kind of bright, a soft shimmering sky and the pale moon being the only large orb visible. So, much nicer than the day. The oxygen in the air was much cooler than the air from the day and produced a better feeling than when the ninja breathed in the dry air of the day. “Time to head home, I guess.

At the door to the house Ryu turned the door slowly as he didn’t want to wake anybody up. He inched into the kitchen and turned on a light. Sitting on the table was a note from his mother that said dinner was in the fridge. He pulled out the plate from the fridge that was marked Ryu and devoured its contents just steak and potatoes. It was good Ryu concluded the meal with a glass of water and then took a shower. After which the ninja graciously layed down onto his bed and went to bed. In the middle of his sleep Ryu woke up. He had dreamt about his own flame spider attacking him and as he shot up from his position the ninja immediately realized the dream was only a nightmare. With his sudden interruption from sleep debunked as fake the ninja curled back up under the blankets, said “Stupid spider.” And went back to sleep. When morning came around Ryu barely remembered the incident and only remembered waking up and not why he had done so. Changing into his day clothes Ryu ate his breakfast grabbed his bag and headed ovr to the gym to train once more.

Entering the gym some of the same people from the previous day were there. The people here were all much older than Ryu was, so they all gave him looks of wonder that seemed to ask what he was doing there. The ninja just showed his headband to the man at the desk and he let Ryu through. As he walked passed the men he held his arm up to signify he did belong there even if he didn’t look it. The first exercise Ryu did was squats he used the wall to keep his back straight and was used as support. After many squats the ninja’s legs felt wobbly, so decided to use one of the dumbbells. Ryu started from the lightest ones and worked his way up until he came across a set that were suitable for him. He went up and down with the weights mimicking the people next to him that were lifting a bigger set of weights than he himself was. “How’s it going feeling the burn?” The men paid him very little attention after that. Well I’ve still got ninjutsu. Finishing his curls Ryu sat the weights back down where he grabbed them and went to the tread mill as he had learned what it was called. He pressed the buttons and went for his run. With the built up sweat from working out Ryu decided to shower and change at the gym. He put his stuff into a locker and grabbed some of the soap that was by the toilets. This will work right? He began to rub the soap into his skin and as it didn’t burn the ninja thought everything would be fine, which it was. Done with the quick shower break the ninja headed over to his favorite area to train for jutsu.

“Today I will form the spider and ring with my knowledge of that one book I read and it… will… be… AWESOME!!!” At that time Ryu formed seals and an image into his head as he shot flames from his mouth a giant spider and part of a ring formed. The arachnid charged forward and slammed into the rock the heat of the spider made a crackling noise as if the creature was roaring or whatever spiders do. The result of the jutsu was a spider crushed by a rock. Which what was expected as even the more powerful techniques Ryu had at his disposal were not strong enough to break the thing. With a few minutes to regain the lost energy Ryu attempted the jutsu again and this time the spider had gotten slightly larger, as did the ring that formed around the spider’s entire body. “It is not a perfect circle yet, but I am getting close.” Ryu said to the flaming creepy crawly. “Now attack my flame pet!” With the ninja’s works the spider charged and slammed into the rock. “I could be in movies, too.” By the time Ryu finally ran out of chakra the sun was high in the sky and not quite ready to go down. “It’s noon time for some lunch. Where should I go eat?” There were plenty of places to go from rib places to fast food, but Ryu wanted something sweet. NO! He needed it. With sweets in mind Ryu decided his best course was to head to a place that sold dango.

Ryu had passed the place many times before it was a building that featured a giant portrait of the sweet treat. The young genin never wandered in, however Ryu planned to change that. This particular shop was located in a part of the shopping district where many other food places were sat. Ryu opened the door to the building and approached the counter. “Umm, two Anko please.” The ma nodded his head and said sure. “Here you go.” The man said handing the ninja a paper plate and the dumplings that were attached to wooden skewers.  Much like any other food the ninja didn’t waste any time with eating the meal instead he scarfed a few down and burnt his tongue due to them just getting done, blew on them a few times and continued eating. What little the ninja could taste was amazing. After finishing Ryu paid for his meal and thanked the man for the delicious food after which he made his way back to the training field to replenish some energy and to finish his jutsu training. Walking back to the field Ryu noticed his hands were sticky from his meal and had to wash them off. Which also made him remember he needed more water to continue in the heat for the rest of the day. After all the sun was hotter than usual, but maybe it was just Ryu as everyone else around him seemed comfortable. Maybe it’s just me. After finishing with the bathroom and canteen the ninja continued along his way to the training grounds. Ryu began tugging at his shirt to let air in as he still felt rather hot. It really is way hot out here. The ninja took a drink from his water bottle and a drop happened to splash onto the ninja’s hand. As the drop touched Ryu’s skin it began to boil and slid off of the ninja’s arm. That’s not normal, it really is hot. Little did the ninja know it would be his first encounter of using scorch release.

Back at the rock everything was the same, nothing changed at all almost as if nobody had come by. “Secluded perfect for a fire.” After building chakra using the tiger seal, as it was the most common seal for fire the ninja began weaving signs for the jutsu. He applied all of his learning into the technique and this time instead of orange flames the flames were crimson and the circle that formed was almost complete along with all of that the fire crackled louder and the spider was faster and slammed into the stone with even greater ferocity. “I didn’t expect that, but sweet.” The ninja said redoing everything the exact same as the ninja had done only a moment ago. The same crimson spider shot from Ryu’s mouth and began assaulting the rock surface and the ring under close inspection was a little closer together than it had been before. It was only a matter of time until the circle was complete and the ninja would have another jutsu under his belt. With it only being around two in the afternoon now Ryu decided that if he were to finish the ring within an hour then, he would take a break from missions and training for the following day to hang out with some of his friends, but to do so he would have to train today by running a lap around the village. With a day of being off on the line Ryu readied himself to make a crimson earth spider and its flaming circle. In one go the ninja completed the seals and formed the spider and a full ring with his chakra. Fire Release: Crimson Earth Spider! With the ring formed all Ryu wanted to do was jump with joy and go home, but instead he packed up all of his gear and mentally prepared for his lap around the village. It actually wouldn’t be around the whole village, but it was pretty close the entire ordeal overall was pretty tiring. This is what it takes to make it to chuunin, so I’m going to work until I get there… and when I am there I’m going to work harder to get jounin, then I’m going to do some flips, slam an energy drink and hope they let me into anbu. The ninja continued running as he motivated himself to run harder and faster all in order to attain the next level. Because, if he could get there, he could use that level to begin building the way to another level and another, unti eventually you find yourself at the top looking down at all of the stairs you had to climb to get there. It was all a process one that took time and without hard work was something unobtainable.

WC: 3007
Claiming Rewards: (Fire Release: Crimson Earth Spider and 15 stats)
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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A jutsu and a movie. Empty Re: A jutsu and a movie.

Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:50 am

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