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Kayla Senju
Kayla Senju
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Finally time to be a Genin! Empty Finally time to be a Genin!

Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:50 pm
Kayla lightly walk back toward the exam. She made sure to study as much she could during the day as many told her it was a good idea too. So she can at least remember where she was previously and don't fail it miserably. The blond lightly look down to her hands and work every single handseals as she stand in front of the academy door and take a huge long breath before making her first step inside it. She curiously look around the room for the right one before making her way into  a class and smile softly. 

"Hi! Uhhmm...I'm here for the Genin exam.." She smile shyly thinking she was going to be judge for her age.
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Finally time to be a Genin! Empty Re: Finally time to be a Genin!

Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:21 pm
Risako had been standing at the front of the classroom, her hands in her pockets and her spine curved into the signature slouch of hers. Her assistant knew the drill, let people in one at a time, or else no lunch!

And oh so dearly did he love his lunches. So as soon as Kayla entered the class, he stopped the others from going in.

Risako would turn her head to the student, nod, and say "Instructions are on the board. Go ahead and preform the techniques."

[Lame post, but do the 800 words!]
Kayla Senju
Kayla Senju
Remove Ryo : 900

Finally time to be a Genin! Empty Re: Finally time to be a Genin!

Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:11 pm
The blond girl lightly nod to Risako as she made her step in front of the class and sigh lightly. She was so stressed out about such a thing she had study all the handseals to be ready for everything and to her own surprise she saw on the board that she needed to perform the two previous previous technique that she learned. She  take a long breath as she stare at the board for a long moment and move her hands into the two jutsu required. The blond would give Risake a soft smile before she finally start with the clone technique. Making sure she didn't do the previous mistake and was already aiming into making two herself. 

Her chakra started to flow toward her hands as she focussed and soon the two figure would appear right next to her in their perfect form. She smile widely and lightly made a turn on herself and move around the class having the two figure following her as she did so. She didn't have much issue to keep her focus and still make do silly things to show Risako she was able to keep the focus while fooling around with them. She then lightly make them sit on the desk with her before she made them disappear and nod toward the teacher. She lightly sit on the desk and look over at the board once more. 

*Mhmmm the transformation technique...No wind..I could do the leaf again but..I'm not sure it's a good idea..* Her eyes wander around the class searching for something to turn into. Her eyes would then land on a little pen on the teacher desk making her smile widely. She then raise her hands up and made her chakra work her body once more though only to do the clone technique once more.She nod to her clone making sure she didn't fail it. As she wanted to step her game up a little she moved her hands and now made the transformation technique focussing right to get her body right and also keep the clone in her former human form if possible. She made her handseals and as planed she turned into a pen. Though to her own sadness the clone would also change into a pen like her making her lose focus and turn back into her formal form and the clone disappear.

"Sorry about that..I wanted to try something but didn't work as planed!" She chuckle lightly before she tried it again. Raising her finger up once more as she made her chakra flow. This time putting way too much though into it as the Senju aura would form around  her hands briefly before making a clone appear right next to her. She then think about something else and more impressive than a simple pen to change into. She smile widely as she though about Kiro her Chuunin friend that helped her with those exact technique. Her handseals in position and quickly getting them right and voila! Her body turning into the one of her friend while the clone stayed into her former form. 

"And there is my Transformation technique!" She nod lightly as she kept it for a moment before cancelling it at the same time she made her clone disappear. Her eyes wander over the board as it was also ask to explain those technique. She tilt her head lightly before smiling to Risako. "Well to start with the explanation those technique are used mostly use in a defensive way. Like the clone can be use to lure your opponent or confuse them. Example, you could make a clone of yourself and use the smoke made by the jutsu to move aside out of his view. Though those clone aren't really good at fighting and will most...Well not most likely they will be useless to fight. The transformation technique can be used both defensively and offensively. Though the offensive way is quite risky." She smile and nod to herself. " As a good example, you could use the wind that draw leaf away to turn yourself into one and that way get away from the fight. You can use it offensively by turning into a Kunai and getting throw at your opponent to hopefully have him dodge so you can transform back into your human form right behind him. "She nod lightly."Easy way for even a student or a Genin to land a hit on one that try to hurt you if you are with someone. Though it would be wise to make a clone of yourself before changing into the kunai so you at least...Well try to hide the fact that you changed form." She nod and smile widely at the teacher.

She though a moment as she read the board once more and nod to herself in approval. "Alright! I think I did it all!"

(820 Word! =D And Claiming Genin Tittle all for myself! =D)
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
Remove Ryo : 47750

Finally time to be a Genin! Empty Re: Finally time to be a Genin!

Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:30 pm
Risako would nod, and grab a headband off the table to her right. These exams were always too easy. With that out of the way, she'd pass the girl her headband, and tell her "Ya passed."

With that, she'd begin filling out the paperwork to make her rank official.

[Promoting to genin.]

[When you get promoted to genin, you get 15 stats as well.]
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