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Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi]

Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:46 pm
Man he was liking Hikashi more by the second after hearing her say to just leave it all up to him. He quickly scanned the environment and saw their weapons of choices. A battle plan came on so complicated he could scream like a little girl with a new barbie.
"Moving at slower speed will be no issues with ninja with chakra signatures as tiny as theirs. It is like looking at a newbie holding a tiny steak knife."
He first moved in at 60 speed and kissed Hikashi's forehead and made a rasengan in hand. The ninja had been suppressing their signatures greatly and Ashur was foolish for not noticing. When one ran towards him, it was incredibly fast, but Ashur was able to keep up barely. First guy he flew towards and strafed quickly to the side while the ninja moved forwards, lunging with a pole arm. Ashur slammed the back of the ninja with the rasengan and watched the ninja began to just go flying as the two others approached Ashur. Ashur quickly activated his dojutsu and made two kunai appear from his gloves as their katana's were inches away from slicing through him. He flew backwards and threw the kunai at the two while they blocked with their swords.
"Only cowards use dirty tricks in combat, that's what my Dad always told me."
The other ninja looked at him and scoffed at Ashur. Ashur was taken aback as he caught his breathe. He looked at Hikashi as hurt radiated all over his face. It was going to be nothing but a spar, the one he used rasengan was wearing armor to only pass out from it. He wasn't going to kill anyone, he never wanted to. Feeling embarrassed he sighed and tried to hide his wings as they laughed at him.
(Ashur, they don't know what they are talking about... I never have done this for anyone....damn it.... absorb your wings. You deserve it for the kind of memories I saw of people like this. Don't kill them, you are better than that.)
Ashur nodded as he looked at them disgusted for who they are.
"Wow, you two are sure creative over there training dummy one and two. Your friend could have died from what I used on him if he hadn't worn armor and you showed no care for your.... partner. You... you guys....."
He gave them a death stare with his gold and black eyes as they found him genuinely amusing.
"...are lucky you can't see my chakra."
His wings both expanded outwards as he kept his eyes locked onto both of their souls. Slowly and painfully, his bones crunched together as he felt his divine energy give a golden glow. His wings blackened and began to recede into his body. The two looked at him absolutely horrified.
"No, Shiroi are just a bunch of sissies. They can't take back their psychical wings. What are you?"
Ashur looked at them with the eyes of god and wondered if he would just blow up the entire place to make sure they learn a lesson. He wasn't that low, but his wings were killing him as he did what the Garuda asked for. Remembering every second his wings gave him joy, he felt immense regret. Flying was part of his character, a piece of him vital in every aspect.
(Ashur, don't worry. You get to fly without wings. I really shouldn't be doing this, but I know how you are much better than the other clan leaders before you. You deserve something long kept reserved for those who are able to fly off of will alone. Use your spiritual energy and take flight from believing and will alone. I uh... believe you can do it.)
Ashur smiled as he realized the Garuda was full of it about this by going through the Garuda's memories. He didn't care in the slightest as all that bothered him was letting these people actually get to him. It burned him inside to imagine them even laying a finger on him and especially Hikashi. Hikashi! He had forgotten all about her in the moment.
"Hikashi, I am going to fly like an airplane from now on. Don't worry, my storm."
Man he loved that nickname for her. It was cute and just made him feel fuzzy inside thinking about some kind of powerful person like himself as a girlfriend. As the last painful, cringe worthy moments of his wings breaking down and melding with his body continued on, he suddenly felt everything in his body. Every single finger felt like it had some kind of essence, a fight left in it, a will. Why the Garuda would give him a simple trick like this, that seems to him like something purely preference, he had no idea. Too much fun to just let up now, he thought to himself.
"Both of you will be placed in front of the kumogakure hospital half alive..."
He pulled out his bastard sword and smiled at them trying to focus his divine energy in him. The two looked slightly terrified, but they were ready to try to kill "the beast."
"...and if you dare come to try to hurt me or Hikashi... well let this be your warning."
Things got fun as he jumped up and just floated in the air, doing back flips easy like it was zero gravity. The two ninja began to flinch a little before throwing two shuriken at where they predicted Ashur would be next. With the activation of his torikami, he was gone in a flash as he grabbed them by both of their shirts and flew up into the sky at a speed of 120. He had them watch from 50 meters in the air as he kissed them both on the back of the head.
"Do you wittle guys want to say an apology of sorts?"
It felt weird to fly without wings, but yet flying was such a huge practice that he hardly noticed. It felt like the sky was some kind of jello he could move through with each cell in his body under his control. The two ninja panicked and one of them turned around and did some kind of roundhouse kick into Ashur's neck. Ashur screeched a little as he flew to the right and dropped them both. The whole time he could only laugh as they caused themselves to fall right to their deaths. He activated his torikami again and caught them once again. The two were absolutely terrified at this point as Ashur leaned in to whisper to them.
"Hey round house kicks are a dirty trick kid. Why don't you two apologize for wasting my time and energy then just try to take the fall like a man, otherwise you might have a bit of a leg problem."
He smirked as the ground seemed to be dangerously far away from them. The one in his right hand finally couldn't take it anymore as the left one stayed silent.
"Please just let us go and you will never be bothered again. You are some heck of a bad person for spitting on us though."
Ashur weighted it out and descended slowly to let them down slowly. He then released them 10 meters above the ground without any kind of warning and just blow them a kiss as he raced to Hikashi. Flying felt fluid now that the Garuda gave him a party trick.

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Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi]

Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:30 pm
Hikashi liked how Ashur took the time to kiss her on the forehead before making some kind of ball of wind without a single hand sign. The raw power in this kid... it was crazy to imagine that Kozan was at the same rank. Her mind raced through how Kozan was able to make weapons and armor out of nowhere and move at a speed so fast that she couldn't even see it. Kozan hadn't gone all out in that fight, but maybe Ashur will in this fight, she thought. The rain lady watched the precision of her boyfriend moving through the battlefield like it was something comfortable for him. As the pole arm was lunged towards Ashur, Hikashi became fearful that he might just have gotten killed but then saw him quickly move to the side and just use the momentum of the attacker to his advantage by using the spiraling ball of wind against the back of attacker. The ninja went flying in a very flashy vortex as Hikashi smiled. The storm began to intensify to some kind of end of the world type of weather as her chakra network rushed faster by the second. It was scary to her in almost every aspect, but she had Ashur with her. Ashur, the angel who could never let anyone or anything get him down. Suddenly Ashur's eyes appeared to the rain lady as a gold and black color which interested her. It seems all the weird kids in Kumogakure she met had some kind of dojutsu at their disposal to do something insignificant. Ashur seemed to speed up his game as the really fast ninja were. Two kunai out of thin air in Ashur's hands seemed to appear out of where as her boyfriend flew away. Both of the kunai were blocked as she felt like now was the time to step in, but one of the ninja began to tear down Ashur's use of wings in combat. The look of hurt over her angel's face made her begin to want to help out in the fight. She thought over her water jutsu and looked at Ashur wanting to end his suffering as the idiotic ninja laughed. Ashur and Hikashi knew the ninja were strong, but they couldn't win this fight if Ashur went all out on them. It seems her lover was aimed to not kill them, such a change of pace from the usual she thought. She held out her hand and wondered whether to help out in something as prideful as this.
The outburst towards them from her boyfriend, was chilling to her. She wondered if she should end the fight for the sake of the others.
"...don't kill them."
What she saw next was downright disgusting in every aspect to her. It seemed the boy's wings receded into his body and crunched up in gruesome ways. She could only think of this of some kind of jutsu, and it looked deadly. The wings looking as if they were forced back into his body in crushing motions, it was making he sick to her stomach to see Ashur in this much pain. It seemed, from their rude comment, the other kid's knew a bit about the Shiroi clan. Hikashi kinda skipped out on reading about the Shiroi clan and studied the properties of water instead. With a sentence as Ashur's wings were gone for what seemed to be for good, he said something that made her eyes light up. She was happy to see Ashur was okay, but being called "my storm" was the best thing that ever happened to her. It seemed Ashur then made a threat before pulling a sword from nowhere. The boy then... did back flips in the air without anything to fly with? It seems to her that Ashur was actually able to just get rid of his wings and let the air itself be his swimming pool. It was confusing and awesome at the same time. Ashur then broke her original rule it seemed as he suddenly vanished with the two ninja in an instant.
"Ashur, you just had to go and break my rules. Toru, I really feel sorry for treating you the way I did, but you need to learn a thing or two about going with the flow a little bit. Ashur and I are just two rebellious teenagers who trained their asses off to get where we are today, and I..."
She watched as he dropped the kids from the sky and was kicked away before continuing.
" him."
The Toru looked at Hikashi then back towards the scene with Ashur that was hard to follow. With a deep hearten laugh, she began.
"Just don't have kids or something. You kids are way too young."
She blushed hard imagining some kind of weird mixture of angels and demons roaming the streets besides them. As Ashur caught them only to drop them from a safer distance, she smiled, entertained by the thought of having some kind of family of freaks. Ashur returned to her as she just shrugged off the entire situation with the three ninja as the storm was violently raging outside.
She moved into his wet jacket with a smile and held the soggy, wingless angel close.
" are some heck of a piece of a work. You didn't want your wings anymore so you decided to break psychics and just swim through the air. I love you more every second I see you."

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Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi]

Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:41 pm
He held her tightly and just smiled, soaked from head to toe. Ashur closed his eyes and just floated up into the air with her as he felt the mood of the moment. Everything felt so much more impulsive with her in his very impulsive life. Maybe this was the weirdest day he has had since the day with Kozan, but he didn't care very much at all. He went back down the ground and realized her dress was actually waterproof and held his smile. As he looked off with his storm at the storm, he wondered what was next for two of them. Thinking back through his memories, he tried to imagine what couples do exactly after becoming a thing. Have children? The thought of having children interested him, but was she willing to do something like that when they just met today? Would she give up something for him within such a short time period like this in order to get kids the only way he knew how? He took a deep breathe before asking her after they had just started dating 15 minutes ago.
"Do you.... want to have children? Like go off and get one the only way possible?"
He wondered if this was going to be awkward for her as it was in the movies when someone asked a girl to have their baby. Ashur was ready to fly off with her and start the process the minute she would consent.

(Note: Ashur is talking about adopting a child in case you are worried Razz)
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Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi]

Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:01 am
Hikashi found it genuinely amusing to float through the air like it was an ocean. She was actually getting a bit jealous that Ashur could do something like this, but to imagine giving up her ability to make storms, it was scary. Ashur then put them both to the ground as Hikashi looked at Ashur wondering what was going on. Her boyfriend took a deep breath as Hikashi began to wonder if she did anything wrong. Her face then turned blood red upon hearing what the angel had to say. She couldn't believe he was asking for something like that on the first date. It was scary, was Ashur like a pimp daddy, she wondered. She felt used a little as the thought of him only wanting her for her body came up. Was Ashur doing some kind of smooth act to get some, she wondered. Who cared anymore, she thought. She didn't have any parents or anyone to care for her.
"Sounds good to me."
She kissed him on the cheek and smiled at him ready for her life to take a downward spiral. The Toru was just completely shocked to hear Hikashi just go against the only thing she requested.

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Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi]

Sun Mar 13, 2016 4:25 pm
Ashur was happy to hear Hikashi was ready. He grabbed her and began to fly through the sky smoothly at 60 speed. Looking down at the ground, he was looking for a special place to get a child. He knew exactly where to go with Hikashi's consent to have child, he was going to special place he had always known. With a quick downward turn, he flew towards his place in mind and felt worried he forgot to bring something just in case... a pen. The two would land right in front of an orphanage as Ashur smiled at her happily.
"Ready to get a child?"
With this, he would grab her arm and walk in excitedly to a slightly beat down orphanage in the bad parts of Kumogakure.

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Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi]

Sun Mar 13, 2016 4:40 pm
Hikashi blushed as Ashur began to land. Time was ticking to her end and the beginning of a teenage pregnancy. Oddly enough it seems her angel landed right in front of orphanage and Hikashi looked around for some kind of hotel or something before realizing. She fell to her knees and pounding the ground laughing.
"Y-you actually meant adoption!"
It felt absolutely hilarious and oddly romantic to see someone who wanted to adopt a child an hour or so into a relationship. The best part to her was how innocently hilarous Ashur was and just how serious and confident he could be about it. She then got up while wiping a tear off of her cheek and punched Ashur lightly in the arm.
"You are a silly little angel I'm sure they wouldn't let two teens adopt..."
She looked at the rundown orphanage, desperate to get rid of their children and second guessed herself.
"...yeah....the probably will let us adopt."
Hikashi was fine getting a child, but it would have to be under Ashur's name to keep her out of it if they broke up. She was pulled into the orphanage by the arm and the place looked like a dump. All she saw was the roughest of the rough in terms of kids. The place was wooden and unsanitary, but one kid was away from the crowd rushing to a wire fence. It seemed the kid was just daydreaming with a bunch of well done fuinjutsu symbols all over a worn sketchbook. She looked at this kid and leaned into Ashur.
"We should get that one. He looks absolutely perfect."
Whatever kind of demon's laid in that room were nothing compared to the daydreams of that child, if only Hikashi had seen that sooner. Pointing at the black sheep, she smiled happily imagining the perfect child. He was 14, but looked younger than that. A man at the front desk was too busy cleaning up from the storm raging outside to notice the two, so Hikashi spoke.
"Hey, sir, could you help us? We are looking for a kid to adopt."

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Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi]

Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:31 pm
It seems his new found girlfriend began to overreact. Ashur found it amusing to see she didn't know that storks don't bring children, orphanages do. He smiled for the sake of the moment and was ready to see a room full of happy smiles and rainbows with Hikashi. Upon walking in, it seems as if the place was some kind of run down shack. He glanced a bit unsettled at Hikashi and wondered if any of the kid's dry humping the wire fence were worth something. Hikashi's comment made him smirk as he knew that they probably let anyone adopt by just looking at how desperate the kids were to get out of the awful place. Hikashi diverted his attention to some kind of perfect child drawing fuinjutsu symbols over some kind of odd drawing tablet. It was perfect, the child was absolutely perfect to Ashur.
"That one child has some killer skills, Hikashi. The fuinjutsu symbols look so well devolved, I am sure he could do many great things with his life."
He looked at her perfect face and grabbed her closely with a glitter of hope for the child. Hikashi called over the man at the front desk, and Ashur looked over at the man happily. With Hikashi's hand in his, he looked like he could possibly be ready for what happens next. The man turned towards the two and looked them up and down for age then sighed before speaking.
"You kids are under aged, but go ahead and pick out one of these burdens of joy."
Ashur pointed to the one daydreaming and smiled. The kids trampling each other to show their faces to both Ashur and Hikashi.
"That one. He looks like he has enough promise to be a kage someday."
The man at the front desk chuckled and pulled out a set of keys.
"Fair enough."
The kids, realizing they weren't chosen, began to curse silently before heading back into the back room. The front desk man squatted down and talked to the boy to tell him he was chosen and the kid got a teary smile.
"Really sir?!"
The front desk man nodded and took him out to the desk, grabbing his tiny hand. He then handed over a file of information and the child over the worn desk.
"He's your problem now."
Ashur would look at Hikashi then take the child by the hand. A warm, fatherly smile came from Ashur as he looked at his new child.
"See Hikashi, that wasn't that bad."

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Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi]

Tue Mar 15, 2016 5:37 pm
Hikashi was over joyed to see Ashur talk about the child as some kind next kage and held his arm as she nodded. Watching the man go back to get the child, Hikashi quickly began to feel overjoyed imaging what kind of life was ahead of them. The storm outside was now something of a hurricane caused by her body's chakra network change. She was close to the climax of her change, the rain lady was close to new powers she never had seen before. With Ashur held close, she looked at their new child with a glitter of hope for some kind of false future with it.
With the child's hand now held closely in her own, Hikashi looked to see a bright smile light up on Ashur's face. She smirked hearing his sly comment and looked back down at the child.
"Yeah, what it's name, Ashur?"
She paused for a moment as her chakra network began to finalize and come back down. The child's lips began to open to speak, but Hikashi quickly outburst the perfect name.
"Kanshi! Like Hikashi but more masculine! Can we please name him that?!"
She looked hopefully at Ashur before the kid spoke once more.
"My name is Clyde."
Hikashi looked at Ashur smiling and patted the kid's head to let him know he wasn't getting that name. As the storm died, it seems it overloaded Hikashi's body. She began to sway around in the air, feverishly.
"Ash, don't feel too..."
She fell forward as she closed her eyes feeling relaxed. The storm outside instantly ended as Hikashi's eyes stung painfully. The storm was over, her chakra network flowed like rivers of rain through her. Everything in her body felt more in tune with the slow swaying waves of the water element. Whatever happened to Hikashi next, she knew she could at least somewhat hold her own in a fight for maybe a round. It was crazy, she started dated Ashur, adopted a child, and watched Ashur get rid of his wings. Who knows what lies ahead for the two, but the little storm could only feel relaxed with the thoughts of enemies get no harder than the people Ashur fought. On her way to the ground, she could only think of Ashur's powers. The powers over her, the powers to take her heart and hold it in hand. Can she trust her heart to her angel or did she just leave herself to die by god's will? Her lips formed the same words from before as she felt the moment of relaxation.
"I love you, Ashur."

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Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi]

Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:12 pm
Ashur smiled at Hikashi's outburst and began to consider whether or not Kanshi was the name perfect for this little ball of sunshine. With a closer inspection, he began to brainstorm more fitting names then Kanshi. Harold, Ashur Jr., Mary..., Arthur....  darn. He couldn't come up with a single good one as he was caught off guard by Hikashi speaking once more. Impulsively he wanted to say yes, but he really felt there was better name out there.
"ummmm... hmm...."
He then looked to see the kid began to speak of his real name and Ashur started cracking up. Brandon walked into the orphanage seeing Hikashi and Ashur argue over their next adopted son's name and began to laugh just as hard at what kind of trouble Ashur gets into. The frog just about died to hear the child call himself Clyde.
"You aren't a mistake."
Ashur wiped his tears of laughter as he petted the kid's hair. He then just decided Kanshi or bust at this point as Hikashi actually passed out. Brandon quickly grabbed her before she hurt herself on the way down and Ashur was just overjoyed with the entire situation.
"Eyyy, Brandon."
Under his hand, the kid sobbed deeply. He sobbed because there was someone out there who truely cared for him. The hope he gave up was right in front of him as a reality. The child's tears of joy were frantic and unending as he nuzzled his crying face into Ashur's side. Ashur smiled when he saw this with almost instant understanding of what it must have felt to be this kid. Brandon got a fatherly smile and looked at Ashur with a grin as he set down Hikashi's body. In a whisper you could hear Hikashi saying she loved Ashur, but Ashur felt it echo through his ears. Was this the start of a new life, he wondered as Brandon approached him.
"Ashur you left me to help the village members deal with some kind of storm your girlfriend caused and I come back to see you adopted a child with her. You are something special, aren't you?"
Ashur smirked to Brandon before realizing that Kozan was out there somewhere. Deep inside of him, he felt something screaming for him to go. He put away Brandon into his poke ball and gave the kid his address on a sheet of paper. After collected the rest of his things he got to his knees and looked at his child.
"Are you going to be gone for long?"
Ashur looked with watery eyes remembering he had thought the same thing about his parents. Luckily, the answer was always not for a long time, but for Kanshi Ashur knew it wasn't going to be a lifetime. That was a promise.
"I will be back soon, remember my name is Ashur Shiroi, a Chuunin of Kumogakure. You can chill at my place, the key is underneath the plant by my door but you can break a window if you need to. See you tonight at the very earliest."
He kissed Kanshi's forehead and smiled a the child before flying off at a speed the child couldn't comprehend. Maybe he should have been a, you know, good father by putting his girlfriend and son back to his home, but he was a irresponsible young boy who was going to have to face things much bigger than him someday. A gust of wind jetted back his feathery hair as he enjoyed every second he was in the air.

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Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi] - Page 2 Empty Re: Oops... [p/nk/Hikashi]

Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:27 pm

Denied sacrificial words, we don't feed the troll here.

Everything else is approved.<3
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