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Ash & Rei Sun
Ash & Rei Sun
Remove Ryo : 8000

what even is a puppet? like huh?! Empty what even is a puppet? like huh?!

Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:23 am
The time has come, the walrus said to talk of you know what? I'm not doing it.Screw this and screw the people making me do this I DONT EVEN CARE IF YOU PAY MY PA....

This just in, I appologize for my outburst dear readers. I've learned the error of my ways, now let us talk of these many things. It was time again for the back and forth between everyones favorite duo! no.... Not naruto and sasuke that would break copyright rules. No, not viper an..... thats like seven people. Keep your concentration please? There we go. Yes, Reial and Ashareial! Ash was simply going about her day, preparing everything a young girl needs to be seen by the public for you see, today dear readers was a social day. No longer would the young girl be held up in her room hiding from existence and sewing away her problems! nono. Today she would venture out and see all of the people she'd missed and try out her newest set of costumes.

"REEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIII HURRY UP ITS TIME TO GO!" The shrill screams of unbridled youth echoed through the large home of the Sun sisters as Ash rushed down the long open hallway to rap her knuckles slightly against her sisters door, So softly in fact that she caused a large crack in the wood. Yes, that was a joke. She was banging incredibly hard.

"One moment. I'm working on something"

"No. Now. We're leaving. Come get your costume!" With this the girl burst into her sister's sanctuary and oh reader..... the things she did see. Rei was surrounded by hundreds of tiny metal parts, some put together into small gadgets and some not. "Wh....."

"Sister. I need you to prepare your paint brush. Today we do something that I think you'll also enjoy. " As she spoke she picked up the wood chisel, tapping a hammer against it to take several pieces of wood off of the block she'd been working with.

"What... What even is that?! "

"A puppet. The perfect ninja tool for the two of us. It's a combination of brilliant craftmanship and tinkering and creative outlet. Now go get your things it's time to work. " She didn't have to be told twice. She rushed like the coursing wind through the hallway, scooping up the important bits of her crafting materials and quickly meeting back up with Rei.

"Alright. I was going to go out and socialize today but...... If you're actually willing to indulge my creative outlets then I suppose it's worth it, However. We're going to do this my way. " She looked upon the humaniod face, picking it up to run her fingers across the perfect carvings.... and then tossed it into the waste bin. "cat. It will be a cat. " as she spoke she pulled a fairly large gold coin from amidst the supplies she gathered now strewn just beside her sisters set of parts.

"Fine. I mean that took me an hour but... Sure. Lets just get it done hm?" She grabbed another of her spare blocks, begining the heavy shaving process to create a much more circular head. The soft rhythmic tick tick tick of the hammer filled the silence for barely a moment before Ash began to speak, seemingly to her self.

"Alright lets see. Where is my color palette? I'll need some cream, a bit of yellows and some brown..... Rose and...... Oh this will be perfect. Exactly what i've been dreaming of. I knew my latest masterpieces were missing something but I never in a million years thought it would be my sister who offered up the missing piece. This is so cool. " She gathered several metal containers of paint, and not just paint. The box of painting supplies beside her was filled with....... I dont even really know how to describe this to you readers. Alright. I'll try. The hues were as vivid as a rainbow in the early morning light. You could tell in a moment that this set had cost her a great deal of money. Not like I saved my allowance from cutting the grass money. No like..... I could have purchased customizable weapons kind of money. Where DO these two get all this cash?! I'm starting to think maybe my talents would be suited better as a butler to our two heroines........

I've been informed as an omniscient narrator i'm not allowed to interact with the characters. As such I unfortunately I am unable to become their butler and be set for life. Damn the luck.

The time flew, The morning shifting too quickly to afternoon as the two worked. At this point the ending point was in sight however! Several well crafted wooden pieces were finished on Rei's left. Several more expertly crafted pieces that were better suited to Ash's character lay in front of her and of course, to her right lay another set of of the exact same shapes, these actually given the ok by Ash to be used. Yes yes I'm aware that the scene set for you all is quite... unfortunate, and yes, She did in fact allow Rei to get all the way through a wood working job only to look at it shake her head once and point to the trash can.... Twenty three times. talk about a diva.

"Alright. We're almost done. I've finally finished with all of the carving. I just need to put the mechanism in and we're done. "


"Just paint it. " With a shrug Ash simply ignored what her sister had said, taking each of the pieces and setting them one at a time. The first coat of paint went on to prepare the wood and it took a surprisingly small ammount of time before she was finished with brilliantly intricate details. As she finished she handed the pieces to Rei who allowed them to dry, opening up the compartments taht existed and inserting the working pieces she'd finished. the final product was a perfect cat puppet. Well done girls, well done.

(Twc 1017 claiming 5 stats each and one meowth puppet created! )
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
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what even is a puppet? like huh?! Empty Re: what even is a puppet? like huh?!

Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:32 am

Approved <3
Ash & Rei Sun
Ash & Rei Sun
Remove Ryo : 8000

what even is a puppet? like huh?! Empty Re: what even is a puppet? like huh?!

Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:51 am
"so..... what do we do now?!" Ash looked upon their great creation, beaming proudly like a parent when their child wins a spelling bee.... Or at least i would assume that's the look upon her tiny face. I personally never won a spelling bee. Either way it doesn't matter, my parents never loved me anyway.

The narrator took a few moments to compose himself, sobbing gently into his paper, the ink running slightly to blur the words written upon the page. The weight of his sorrow wa...

Seriously. you arent even being paid to do this.

Uh... There was a sound of fighting, a great battle as ah... ACK as oh god.... HE'S GOING TO BREAK MY LEG HE'S GOING TO....

Now that that's taken care of..

"Well sister, I suppose we work on controling it. Have you been practicing with your chakra threads at all?" Rei was almost as excied as her sister, though she wasn't going to show it. For once in their life not only had they agreed on something but she was able to convince her sister to do as she asked without starting a fight or..... Well a chase across the entire village. boy those are always fun.

"Alright. Yea I use it when I do craft projects. It helps me do things more efficiently. Why?" She allowed the bright blue strings to flow from her finger tips, gathering up her brushes and shaking them lightly within the jar of murky paint water she had to clean them between uses... well... If she'd actually cleaned them. to be honest she actually just used a different brush for each color and another separate set solely for mixing hues to create the desired effect. have I mentioned lately these kids are like... rich. really need to put in that aplication to become their butler...... i mean... I'm doing nothing, please pay no attention to me and get back to the story as i love my job.

"So. Theres this thing I was reading about. Honestly I never knew that the skills our parents taught us went towards puppetry until I visited the library.... Apparently the strings are for controlling puppets. " As she spoke she used her own set of strings, sending them out to connect to the important points on the puppet, making it stand up and turn it's head to look at her sister, bringing a giggle to her lips. "Well. Anyway, theres this thing we can do that I think you'll like. It's called chakra suppression. All you do is concentrate on making your chakra super small and then you bring the level of your chakra down to a point where it cant be sensed by sensory techniques. "

Wait.... chakra wha.... How will that even help us control puppets?! And why would I like that. It sounds like you're trying to take advantage of my excitement to have made something to force me to do a bunch of training.... Not cool sis not cool." As she spoke she watched the small cat begin to move around. She didn't realize until it was silent for several minutes that her sisters eyes were closed and she seemed to be concentrating on something.

"S.. Sorry. Trying to do this. The reason why I think you'll like it i... Yes. I got it for a second. Did you see?" Sure enough she did and the bright eyed mouth agape look she gave Rei in response said everything. For a few seconds the strings attached to their joint created puppet had disappeared from sight, going completely invisible.

"wh... How did you even do that.... Are you screwing with me did you dispell the strings and then send them out again? no thats not possible you'd have to send them back out and I would have.... How did you do that. " The questions poured from ashareial's lips far too fast to give Rei a chance to respond, and as such she simply waited patiently for the spew of nearly incoherent babble to dry up before making sense of her sisters words. It was a good thing she was used to this. I had to have her repeat it three times to get it all down. THREE. Like come on..... Dificult.

"well. The chakra supression skill apparently has some cool effects with puppetry. The first one is that it allows you to make your chakra strings invisible. There was some something or the other in the books about how chakra sensory could see them but like.... I've never heard of chakra sensory so it must not be that common... I think. either way It's like..... super cool anyway. "

"Do. You. Realize..."

"yes. With this you could make more puppets.... and make it seem like they were moving on their own. I cant garantee how many we'd actually be able to control at one time of course but like..... Still. this in combination with the ventrilloquism jutsu would mean extra beings to do your cosplays and skits with..... and means I no longer have to deal with your obsession of forcing me to join you in these rediculous wastes of time..... i'll finally be free from cosplay forever" She reserved the rest of her statement... right the part that starts at and means, for her own thoughts. You didn't honestly think she would say that out loud did you? come now dear dear readers..... that would be cruel even for Rei, and more importantly the result would be a thirty eight minute fourty four second lecture where Ash not only told her every reason why she was a horrible person but cried precisely two and a half times and tried to punch her once. yes. It's happened before. We learn from our mistakes here readers... Learn from our mistakes.

"that means.... We can expand our cosplay to be more then just two! We could have a whole army of characters acting out scenes and working through exactly what I see in my mind. No longer am I limited by my resources, AND It means I can just make male puppets and have them do the roles! "

"What." what. Sorry. she just said that i um.... ahem. that just caught me off guard in the same fashion it caught poor Rei. Dear goddess readers. Not even I your Omniscient narrator could have predicted this turn of events its comple.... I've been informed that I'm not to suggest i didnt know things. Also apparently omniscience means all knowing. Well that's one for the note pad. If I were you i'd write it down too. There may be a test later.

"Yes! this is perfect sis. I have to get started making costumes!!!! I'll need more fabric. Oh this is just the best thing that has ever ever happened to us!!!!" Ash danced about in her seat elated by the misguided assumption that her sister would allow her to make this simply escalate the situation at hand.... though honestly, Is it misguided. I know of course because all knowing and it's against my contract "apparently" to say im unsure. Man remember when we could just be human? aaaannnyyway.....

"Um.... Ash. You need to learn the technique first. Lets um.... Get started then?" The cringe on Rei's face was all too evident. She couldn't say just yet that her sisters grand plan would not be happening. that would cause her to lose any interest in learning this new skill and probably in puppetry at all. and then theres the crying and the pouts. Three and a half hours like honestly?! yes yes. Has also happened. Rei's dreams of being a professional surfing duo crushed in the process....

"Huh... Oh yea. I geuss it would be helpful if we both knew it. that we we would both be able to control puppets. Rei be aware. This means you'll actually have to learn the lines I write instead of carrying around a cheat sheet."

"yes yes. I'll totally do that just get to work" she won't. She knew the moment this happened exactly what her sister was going to suggest and while she hated the idea she knew it was imperative to the current situation that she simply agree so Ash would move on and begin working on the skill she was supposed to be using. Ah agreeing with the ignorant in hopes they'll forget. Such a knife edged decision that always ends burning you. well out of the frying pan as they say.

"Oh. Right right. " As she finished speaking she closed her eyes tight, putting far too much concentration on keeping her eyes closed and absolutely no concentration at all on actually using the skills. She sent her chakra threads out to connect to the puppet, They allowed control of the puppet to shift as they went back and forth, concentrating on the task at hand. Finally Ash realized she needed to take this seriously and allowed her mind to calm.

"Much better Ash. Now think summoning chakra but in reverse. Pull back the flow of chakra, almost like you were turning off a faucet. Pull back the power of your chakra and turn down the nob until there feels like theres nothing left. " As Ash took control of the puppet, which really is a misnomer to be honest as neither actually was moving the puppet. I suppose it would be more correct to say as it was Ash's turn to try. Hm. hindsight is twenty twenty.... Anyway as Ash took control of the puppet or it was her turn, whichever you'd prefer, The threads began to lighten. They began slowly to blink out of existence one by one as she lowered her chakra down until she could almost not feel it anymore at all.

"Look. You're doing it. You've almost got it. All your dreams of having extra dolls that can do and say what you want are coming into light!" She lost concentration for a moment, and the threads came back into view, bringing a pout to her lips. "It's ok. You've done it once. We'll get it. "

With this done it was finally time for Rei to give it a good go. Allowing her eyes to closed she slipped into her get stuff done mode, calming her body and allowing her strategic mind to take hold. She felt the chakra flow from her, the level lowering quickly as if she were turning the flow of water down slowly until it ended in a trickle. This she'd done before of course, being the first to succeed even if for a short time. The question was could she actually pull it off completely. I'm not one to ruin a good suspense for you but....

~spoilers~ she does ~spoilers~

As her chakra flowed downward to a tiny trickly she put more concentration on cutting it off, the thought in her head that she wanted to not have chakra at all. Finally it felt like her chakra pool had drained away to nothing and see. I knew it. Come on now reader...... I put the tag in there so you wouldn't actually read it but be tempted adding to the suspense. you read it didnt you. Well thats just great I dont even want to tell you anymore. I'll just end the story here AND YOU'LL NEVER FIND OUT IF SHE SUCCEEDED.

Ahem. We the union of omniscient narrators appologize for my outburtst. It was uncalled for and further more it's against my contract to decide not to tell the reader the end of the story even if they decided to be a sneaky snake and look at the spoilers to ruin all of the fun of telling this story.

Yes readers. Finally she was able to cause her chakra to dwindle down enough that the threads went completely invisible... Well to the naked eye. Ah what fun they'll have once they rank up to the point that they can learn the intricacies of chakra sensory. But that's reserved for another time. With their task done Rei sent ash into the living room with her new toy to complete her own training which she got fairly quickly. Good job girls.

(TWc 2033 claiming chakra supression and 10 more stats! ))
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Stat Page : [url=statpage]Stat Page[/url]
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what even is a puppet? like huh?! Empty Re: what even is a puppet? like huh?!

Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:54 am

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