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Altar Shinkou
Altar Shinkou
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Lights We Burn ~P, NK~ Empty Lights We Burn ~P, NK~

Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:45 pm
Altar was walking along the empty sidewalks of the city, murmuring under his breath. His voice was like white noise, barely audible and near impossible to distinguish. He was paying little to no attention to where he was going, but that mattered little. At this hour he wasn't going to bump into anyone. There wasn't a steady heartbeat for miles, surely. Every sane person was at home, asleep, safe and sound in their bed. No one would hear the battle he was having. Not that anyone would have anyways...

"Come on, Altar boy! No one would know. You wear black like you wanna blend in, become the night itself, then you refuse to use that to anything! Cause a little ruckus, shed a little blood, break a few bones... No one would miss a few people. Cattle in the herd, remember?"

"Kalamity. These are my people. The same i've vowed to protect. I can't harm them even if I wanted to. First off, the kage would have my head. Second off, i'd be dissapointing everyone i've befriended and mo-... and third off, that'd only leave more innocent blood on my hands." Altar replied, his voice hushed.

Raising it's head for the first time in what felt like an eternity, the glowing mass beside him looked at Altar quizzically. "What words just left your mouth, Altar?" Altar's dragon, Tenebris had desired to go out and about, so Altar had given in and offered a walk. The dragon seemed gleefully blind to the mess inside his young master's head, but concern was evident in the beast's ashen, rumbling voice.

"Nothing, Tenebris. Nothing at all." The boy would reply, turning to smile at the dragon. Turning back to the path ahead of him, Altar would continue forwards, vocally silencing himself from here on out.
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