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Raizuko Akari
Raizuko Akari
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Training Because I Can [p] Empty Training Because I Can [p]

Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:46 pm
Raizuko sat inside of his bedroom on the top of his bed as he stared aimlessly at the wall thinking about the words his father had told him only moments ago, that his mom the love and joy of his old life was not dead and was well alive but had moved away because of the wars. His father had told him that the reason he did not tell Raizuko about it was because he did not want the young man to get angry at him for something he did not do. His mom had wanted him to live with his father until he became of age as well as a great ninja to come and find her in the future. She had supposedly told his father that she was moving away to the snow country in the village of Yukigakure or as most people called it the village of snow. But Raizuko heart had been torn apart as he had realised that the village had been one of the many to be destroyed by the Akatsuki’s rampage on the ninja lands. As he thought more of the situation he heard the footsteps of what seemed to be a human being from the sound of how whoever he or she was walked. He knew it was not his father because his old man had just went on a mission outside of the gates to track down a rampaging sand bear. Raizuko’s lights were off in his room so if these were attackers he would have a slight advantage. Without making any type of noise he would shoot to the ceiling of his room as the palm of his hands and the bottom of his bare feet connected to it, at that moment he thanked the sage that he had his curtains closed and that his room was painted dark blue.

   He heard multiple doors being opened one by one as if whoever it was were looking for something.” Damn where is he “ said a voice that sounded like a man but also sounded as if it were a woman at the same time. Who could they be talking about though Raizuko as he stared at his door. If the situation was not so dire he would have activated his Golden Eye, but who knew what type of skills whoever it was had, they probably had a doujutsu as well. Raizuko sat quietly in his room for what felt like 10 minutes as the handle of his door began to slowly turn. HE would ready himself to pounce on who ever was trying to come in, as the door opened he let his chakra grip of the ceiling go as he shifted mid air with the front of his body hitting the mysterious figure. Opening his eyes he saw that he had his father in a headlock, quickly letting go he would say “ Dad what the hell.” his father looked at him conspicuously and replied saying “ It turned out my mission got completed already so I decided to come ask you do you want to get started on that training in Taijutsu “. Raizuko would let go of his father and stand up as he extended his hand forward helping his father up. Raizuko was still suspicious as he was sure he heard the voice of a woman and a man. Could he just be upset about finding out about his mom and started to hear things. Shaking his head Raizuko would say “ Sorry dad I have just had a lot of things on my mind today and I thought you were an intruder.”

   His dad put one of his hands on his shoulder and said “ Raizuko I know how you are feeling but trust me, you will get over the sadness with just a little action, now come follow me and show your old man what you got “ laughed his dad as Raizuko threw on a pair of shoes and tied his headband around his forehead. As he walked he would begin to think about the clothing he had on, he wore a tight fitted v neck that was black, some black jeans and some combat boots that were also black. As they walked down the stairs and out of the front door Raizuko would say “ So dad where are we heading “. His dad looked at him as they started to walk in the thick sand and would say “ Where everyone else goes to train of course, the training grounds “. Of course that was where they would be headed thought Raizuko as he saw the large amounts of people at the grounds. He followed his father to the same secluded area that he himself goes to train occasionally. Small amounts of grass sprouted around them as well as a small lake with a rock in the middle.” Now first thing first, I know you know how to control your chakra Raizuko but not well enough, even now I can feel your leakage of chakra and let me tell you this if you were to be a assassin Akari you would have already been caught by now so care for me to explain to you how chakra works “ said his father. Raizuko dumbfounded would nod as he knew his father was correct. His father explained that for a ninja to perform techniques, they must use chakra, which was already known to Raizuko of course. His father would then begin to say “ chakra comes from two places, the energy within a body's cells and the mental and spiritual energy gained from exercise and experience. Chakra flows through the body's circulatory system made just for this practice. The channels that make up this circulatory system connect to the vital points and travel between cells throughout the body. They carry the generated chakra and allow a ninja to mold it into the necessary hand seals which are required to perform most of the jutsu known to the ninja world. On a microscopic level, this system includes tiny pin points through which the chakra flows, known as the 361 tenketsu. They can be increased or decreased, but that is a story for another day. The amount of chakra that is used per jutsu depends on both the size and complexity of said jutsu. Without proper chakra control, a ninja will expend more chakra than needed to perform a certain jutsu.” After the long lecture his father had finally stopped talking.

  His father would then say “Now I need you to do the chakra excersises, when you did it in the past it was quite easy as you did not have much chakra to control. But now I want you to do it again and see how hard it is.” Raizuko would nod trying to see that point. Raizuko would get into a somewhat neutral stance, with his feet placed at about 10 inches apart. He then closed his eyes, began to relax and breathe deeply and formed the Ram hand seal to focus his chakra. He imagined his pathways full with flowing chakra and asked for his father to place a small leaf on his forehead. As the leaf was placed there, Raizuko focused all his chakra onto the leaf, using it as a focus point. Unfortunately, the leaf slowly drifted to the floor, showing that he had failed his first attempt at chakra control. Again and again Raizuko repeated this cycle until the leaf appeared to be stuck to his forehead, a sign that his chakra control had worked. He repeated this a few more times to make sure he had the basics of this technique down before moving on to a more advanced technique. A variation of the wall walking practice was the next technique to be performed he would have to focus a fixed amount of chakra to the bottom of his feet and climb tree without using his hands If the stream of chakra is too weak, he would loose his footing on the tree and fall. If the stream is too strong, he would be pushed away from the tree and fall, leaving a point of contact. Raizuko repeated the same process he used to focus his chakra for the leaf technique, but instead focused it to the soles of his feet. He experienced both too weak and too strong streams of chakra throughout this technique, but he did not quit. Through his many trials, his father began to smile in which Raizuko did not know why. On his third try Raizuko had got the tech down as he smiled at his father.

   He literally did not know why it was somewhat hard as only moments ago in his home he did it easily, could it just be the pressure of his father watching him? Looking at his father he saw that the old man was still smiling.” What are you smiling for “ laughed Raizuko as he fell to the ground in a sitting position as he looked at his old man.” This “ said his father as he had flashed away from Raizuko’s eyes in a blur of light. One moment Raizuko was sitting on the ground the next he was in the small lake almost drowning. If he were not so agile in swimming he would have surely drowned, poking his head up out of the water he would say “ Day what the hell are you doing!”. His father continued to smile as he said “You wanted me to train you in the arts of Taijutsu and that is what I am doing, I taught you how to control your chakra better now let us see if you can even get close to landing a punch on me. I am one of the many Taijutsu experts in this village so know son it will be quite hard “. Raizuko still dumbfounded would smirk at his that as his abdomen was full of pain. Raizuko would assume it would be a match with no weapons or jutsu just pure hand to hand combat. Jumping out of the water and landing on it as if it were solid he would stare at his father as he slowly brought his hands up to his face as they were closed in a fist, with one finger extended he would motion for his father to come at him and the old man did but this time way slower than the first. His father was heading in a straight line right for him giving Raizuko the idea that it would be a quick match because when a ninja is going that fast they can not even control themselves. At the same speed his father was moving Raizuko would extend his palm forward as if he was a Hyuuga, though he expected for his father to be hit with his force palm but something else entirely had happened. While the man was running he would be on one leg as his whole body rotated out of the way of the punch as he roundhouse kicked Raizuko in his left rib as the young adult went flying to the tree that he had been walking on only moments before the sparring session had begun.

   As Raizuko was moving in the air he would begin to try and shift his momentum so his feet would touch the tree but it was impossible seeing as he was going at a uncontrollable speed. Luckily he had shifted himself slightly so his head would not hit the tree making on him his his left ribs again. When he had impacted the tree he was sure he heard a crack but not from the tree. Blood had spewed out of his mouth as he got up looking really pathetic, he stared at his father who was still smiling. But not a crazy smile a smile like the one a parent does when they see their child take their first steps. Damn that old man if only he were slower thought Raizuko as he looked at him. Yes! Slower he needed to injure the old man;s legs, if he did that the odds would be in his favor.  Raizuko shot forward with his hand extended but as he got within a foot of his father he saw total darkness.

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Training Because I Can [p] Empty Re: Training Because I Can [p]

Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:19 am

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