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Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission) Empty Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission)

Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:14 pm

Ashur looked around the empty room and wondered if he should bring Brandon along. He could only think to himself about how possible this would be. The ninja knew he could do this! He walks forward and sits down in an Indian style position ready for some genjutsu he skimmed over in the mission. He sat still trying to control his breathing to keep himself in touch with the outside world. Within a few minutes, he looked around wondering when it will start.
Ashur heard a loud drum being banged and he sat still for the test to begin. He had no idea what to expect, but nothing seemed to have changed. Ashur stood up to get ready for the worse.
"What kind of genjutsu is this?"
Ashur turned around after being patted on the shoulder to see something that send electrical shocks through his body.
He turned around to see four people staring down at him and shaking their heads. Jason Goka, Jason Hyuuga, Nejonin, and even the ninja named Rikaro! Ashur was taken aback by the powerful images in front of him.
"No! This can't be real. You all died... didn't you? It was somehow my fault too..."
Ashur started again before they could respond.
"No, you are all traitors to Kumogakure. I must see through that everyone in this village is safe."
The group simply shook their heads as a group appeared behind them.
"Ashur, you have harmed the innocent of Kumogakure."
They said this all at once as Ashur grabbed his hair.
"Jason Goka you were a spy who was put behind bars, Jason Hyuuga you were someone I never harmed, Nejonin I stopped myself from you, and Rikaro you were thrown in jail for being a traitor!"
They all took a deep sigh.
"We were all ninja of Kumogakure."
They pulled out headbands and Ashur grew pale.
"You can't be true!"
Ashur punched through Nejonin in frustration to see the ninja knocked back by his fist. Nejonin slammed against the wall and blood poured out from his mouth in a heavy stream. Ashur looked around as the floor filled up as the ninja fell one by one with blood pouring from their mouths. He tried to help them as they fell and walked through the puddle of blood. He breathed heavily in horror to see relive the thing he questioned himself about. The Raikage himself came into the room at that moment and shook his head.
"Ashur, you have been killing innocent people?"
Ashur looked at him in an outrage.
Ashur looked in shock again.
"This isn't real! This is all a test I am failing!"
He runs back to see his family's dead corpses rot with a childish version of himself with a kunai. Ashur grabbed his head and began to shudder in the mental anguish.
"Shinobi are much stronger then this. I have to know this is all..."
He sees Kozan appear before him and they are suddenly at the village gates.
"A test?"
Kozan looked over at Ashur with a sword drawn to Ashur's neck.
"I defect today and you will just let me leave! Ha! Scum!"
He watched as tears fell from his face he hadn't felt come down. The blade on his neck felt way too real to a creepy extent. Ashur collected himself as more of his friends began to walk out the village gates.
"The village is nothing, let's leave."
He looks to see Chronos say this and shudders.
They all looked at him with disappointment.
"I will kill you Ashur if you say that again. Take it back."
Ashur spat one of teeth onto the ground randomly then looked up into Kozan's eyes.
"Kumogakure is never dead. I will forever be loyal to nobody but the Raikage!"
He felt Kozan take the sword right through his neck and bit his teeth. Ashur kept having trouble accepting this as a genjutsu, but he still knew how he felt inside. Kumogakure meant everything to him.
He was suddenly back to where he started to see a big number two floating in the air. Ashur took this as the second part of his test, and regained himself for whatever bullets would be shot to him.

Ryo : 5000

Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission) Empty Re: Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission)

Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:34 pm
He looked around him in horror to see himself falling off a cliff suddenly, and he tried to spread his wings out as fast as possible. Ashur suddenly realized he had nothing to protect him with for the ground below and was close to accepting defeat until he saw a "Red Bull" in his hands!
He quickly drank it and formed his wings like he did a long time ago. He then began to try to fly up as he saw he was in his old room. Ashur watched as a younger version of himself began to jump off the bed repeatedly.
"I want to be just like my uncle someday!"
Ashur remember this very well from his childhood, and watched his mother walk right up to himself. He reached out a hand to grab her, but his hand went through.
"Mom... This is all really messed up."
His mother picked up the childish version and began to spank him for fear the child would hurt himself.
"Ashur, you will never make any friends like this..."
He watched his childish self cry a storm as he saw "The great" craved into his mirror.
"...I used to call myself that all the time, because I had no last name...."
Ashur scoffed and looked at his mother.
"Are you going to make me relive the part where I push them both off the balcony? You think that scares me?"
Ashur said this to the ceiling as the world suddenly seemed to vanish before him. In a few seconds, he relived every training session he had with his clan's power. He saw every jutsu he used with feathers and then suddenly the world was black. He looked around to see the giant gaurda of the Shiroi clan and bowed to it.
"I have heard about you, Gaurda. Someday, I will achieve a higher position in our clan."
The Gaurda looked at Ashur with it's special eyes and smirked a bit before vanishing. He then saw a older version of himself in front of him as he got up. It wore odd clothes and looked much more different than Ashur would have ever expected it to be. Suddenly, it was up into dust again. A great wave of dust quickly filled the room and made a number 3 as Ashur composed himself again.
"I see now what morals I feel deep down, my true nature, and my potential. What other things could possibly teach me for my final exam?"
Ashur waited around paitently hoping something in the distance would just answer him.

Ryo : 5000

Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission) Empty Re: Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission)

Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:11 pm
Ashur saw a waterfall in front of him and shook his head.
"This is the waterfall of truth, isn't it?"
Suddenly the entire stage was cleared and he was back to sitting with his legs crossed.
"What did I pass?"
The proctor shook her head.
"You failed it really badly, you should just give up being a ninja all together with your kind of attitude."
Ashur scowled, then remembered this was a genjutsu he hadn't seen her release. He tackles her and began to smile.
"You think I am an idiot? I won't be stopped so easily."
He stood over her with perfect confidence as he was back in front of the waterfall. Ashur readied his sword and jumped back as he sliced in front of him. A complete copy of himself walked out the waterfall with their head in their hands. They put it back on and stared at Ashur.
"I must get through this genjutsu! Their tricks got lame by putting up this clone for me to fight!"
Ashur suddenly got a headache trying to figure out if he was the real one or not. His mind went into panic mode as he tried to think this through.
"This must be another test!"
The real Ashur shouted this as the clone stood with stitches around it's neck. The two ran at each other and locked swords with monstrous strength. The swords slid through each other and both were cut down to size.
"How could you!"
They both said as they jumped away. The Ashur's threw a kunai at each other, which cut right through each other. The four kunai shards fell down and Ashur looked frustrated at his clone. He reached inside of him for the power he needed to end someone like this. He took off his wig as his clone did as well. The entire arena became a flat layer of fun house mirrors with shooting stars above it. The two closed their eyes and opened them up to reveal brand new eyes and a killer intent.
"I will not lose!"
They put their right palm forward to send a large volley of millions of feathers all exploding into very small bombs as they collided with the others fire. The two looked at each other even more angry and flew up 5 meter from the ground.
"Ninja Art: Explosive Radiation Zone!"
Feathers were suddenly created in a large wave underneath the two and both the waves became tsunami's heading for each other. The feathers glowed uncontrollably as the room was suddenly filled with a massive explosion filled with shrapnel like feathers. The two Ashur's breathed heavily in the smoke as it cleared. They used quite a bit for the last jutsu. They both flew towards each other in a glowing light with empowered wings. They had brilliant swords made of feathers the size of their bodies. The two fought in rapid fast attacks involving them disappearing and reappearing in feathers. The two were suddenly on the ground doing fancy dodges and attacks in an attempt to land even a single blow on each other. They both jumped backwards and crafted millions of feathers in a storm of kunai which they launched at each other. Both used their swords to try to block themselves as the kunai exploded on impact, and the two were covered in burns afterwards. If either one of them took that attack head on.... it would have been death for sure. The two formed demons from feathers to attack each other with scythes of sharpened feathers in very precise attacks. It wasn't enough! Nothing was enough! The two joined together a massive amount of feathers around the size of the universe they were in then exploded them in hopes of breaking reality to kill each other. Two Ashur's both were flying in the smoke to see they were in space now with nothing left. They were entrapped in large balls of feathers to keep them safe from the explosion, but it was all too frustrating.
"Whats the point of fighting if I can't beat you?"
The two said this at once as the clone vanished. Ashur drifted through space to see the number four appear in metal and he could only wonder when this hell would end.

Ryo : 5000

Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission) Empty Re: Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission)

Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:58 pm
He was suddenly strapped to a chair with some kind of machine operate bow and arrow pointed towards him. Ashur smiled and looked to see what he could use to escape. The key laid dangled on his forehead as the bow was cocked backwards slowly. He saw an odd puppet watching him as the bow was pulled further and further back. Ashur looked up and tried to clench it in his teeth, but was around 3 inches off. He reached up the most he could and was milometers off. He wrapped his tongue around it as he tugged at it. The bow was almost fully back as he did this, and death seemed close. He pulled down the key with his tongue and then bit it with his teeth. He then unlocked his waist lock and bent forward really far as the arrow skimmed his back and went through the chair. He smiled knowing that freeing his arms was going to be a waste of time within the short time he had. Ashur undid the rest of his locks and got up to see the ground melt under him. He smiles as he sees no way out. He grows his wings out and flew above the lava pit that opened below him.
"Overkill much?"
Fire hoses then appeared from holes in the wall and sprayed him down. He plummeted to the fiery death below him without a care in the world. Ashur pulled out a kunai and res-positioned his body as he fell. He then slid across the wall and stabbed his kunai deep in it. He was stopped as the hoses sprayed down water on him, but at least he kept his grip on his kunai firm. Ashur looks behind him to see the true thing this test was about. These were spiritual tests, not tests of survival! He dropped the kunai and fell into the burning hell without a care in the world. Ashur was suddenly back in the original room, but yet he doubted it was real. A couple people clapped while staring at Ashur.
"Your test is now over."
He looks at the clock to see only a single minute passed within the entire ordeal.
"How do I know this isn't still the test?"
Ashur asked this looking delusional, and they smiled.
"You feel different, don't you?"
Ashur thought for a few seconds as he absorbed the information being brought to him.
"Yes, I do!"
The ninja smiled realizing this was the true end of the test. No tricks, no scams, nothing! He looked off into the distance feeling everything he had in that minute. It felt so strong and powerful, it felt unnameable! He gathered his items and walked out of the room until he had seen the hallway suddenly ended from the weakness of the genjutsu he was in. His eyes lit up as suddenly he was sucked upwards into space again.
"Ashur... you haven't fallen for a trick once. You show great potential to us to become a Chuunin. We will now dispel the genjutsu."
Ashur was suddenly in his testing room feeling his chakra network back to normal. He did the genjutsu release with a half tiger hand sign, and saw this was the real deal. He looked to see it had been five minutes, still just as incredible though. He walked out of the room and ended up right back in the center.
He pounded the ground and felt his grip on reality slip. Ashur decided the real way to get rid of this genjutsu had to be by him!
"I am going to burn this place to the ground!"
He went mad and used great fire annihilation to burn the place up.
"Now this is what I really feel like. This is my true self! I hate this test more than anything I have ever experienced in this awful place!"
He sliced at the room and cut down reality itself to end up in a void again. He had no idea what to do anymore! Ashur was going to have to escape this one way or another, but how?! He had to find himself! He needed to be part of himself again! Ashur meditated in the void only to open his eyes onto Kumogakure burning.
"Ashur! You are shit!"
He saw empty beer bottles being thrown at him by a drunk Kozan and wondered what the hell was going on anymore. Ashur threw a kunai down and exploded the entire village somehow.
"Well shit...."
He then pulled a band aid out and rubbed it onto the village. It was suddenly back to normal. Ashur cheered as kumo ninja were hanged left and right.
"Serves you right! Spies!"
He saw propaganda of the Raikage being a spy and questioned life for a second. He then got a pitchfork and went down with he angry mob to the Raikage's office. He looked the leader in the eyes with a smile.
"Are you a spy?"
The Raikage shook his head.
"Fine with me."
Ashur exploded lots of innocent people in the angry mob for questioning the Raikage, and began to feel quite bored in this genjutsu.
"Maybe my problem is being too full of myself?"
The world suddenly ended and he was back in the room he had started the exam in. He looked left and right, then stood up.
"Oh, He's finally out of it. It took him ten minutes to break the genjutsu, not tot bad."
Ashur smiled and gathered his things as he got his grip on reality again.
"This isn't another test right?"
The proctors laughed.
"Nope, don't worry lots of ninja think that. We even turned people crazy from this test alone."
Ashur's eyes widened at the thought of loosing your mind over a test. He could have lost his sanity and become something worse than he ever wanted to be....... a Clyde.
He waved to them and walked out understanding that this test showed him how he needed a bit of work. Ashur knew he was ready for Chuunin at least! He was more ready than he ever thought he could be! He was more confident in his inner conflicts, he felt more at ease with himself, and he even felt braver than ever! He marched with a smile on his face remembering the fight where he was god like. It was such a great time to have. He knew now he could become much stronger than he ever thought! Ashur continued his long walk out of there with new knowledge of himself he never knew before.

Gained: 3,000 ryo, 6 stat points, and 7 action points for mission.
[Exit Thread, Mission Complete.]

The Raikage is also inactive making it impossible for me to complete the next two missions.

Last edited by Ashur on Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:22 pm; edited 2 times in total
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission) Empty Re: Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission)

Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:31 am

According to my calculations, you only need 6 stats to max out. <3
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Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission) Empty Re: Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission)

Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:46 am
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission) Empty Re: Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission)

Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:34 am

Max stats no longer get AP from missions, so since you're maxing out via a mission, I'll allow the 7 AP and 6 stats but nothing extra for the wc leftover. What do you think? <3
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Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission) Empty Re: Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission)

Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:22 pm
Sounds good to me.

Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission) Empty Re: Chuunin at the tip of the tongue (P/Solo/Mission)

Fri Dec 18, 2015 4:12 am

Approved <3
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