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On The Run[Mission, Hikashi] Empty On The Run[Mission, Hikashi]

Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:37 pm

Chronos’ wealth was beginning to grow as he did missions and with this his greed grew as well, he wanted money so he could buy ninja items and whatever assortments he could get his hands on that would aid him. He knew he would have to go to the mission board in order to acquire some money, so that is what he did, today unlike the past few days was cloudy, but not raining. It had been raining all week, but it was only windy today, Chonos was kind of happy with this development in the weather as he made his way to the mission board. Once there he scanned the board looking for what seemed to be the easiest mission while granting the most money at the same time. He knew it sucked that he could only do C ranks for now, but hopefully a team of genin would be made soon for him to join. There was always the possibility of becoming a chuunin as well which wasn’t far off from him. Anyhow he seen one mission that only wanted him to capture someone. “One of Oliviers test dummies was on the loose he was just some homeless guy she found on the street.So she call assistance from the village shinobi to find and capture her Guinea Pig oh I mean this poor guy and bring him back to the Medical Branch!!!” How peculiar was this mission?

A test dummy was it? Well the quicker he could catch it, the faster he could claim the money. He walked around the village looking for people who have seen the picture that was attached to the mission, but it seemed no one had seen this man at all. Until he walked up on one old lady who directed him outside of the village and in one of the minor villages that surrounded Kumogakure. “Thanks ma’am.” Chronos said as he walked away ready to catch this experiment

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