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Nito Nekoto
Nito Nekoto
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Rocky Writing (P,NK) Empty Rocky Writing (P,NK)

Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:02 pm
It was a new bright day within the village of Hoshi and Logic planned on learning something simple to pass the time within his home. It was not very destructive so he didn’t need the outdoors to do his training this time around. He sat now on his bed staring down holding a large pen in hand and a few empty scrolls of paper. “The most generic sealing technique I could find.” Along with this, he also had a few rusty daggers on the side that he found in his basement the other day. They were so brittle and dull that they weren’t good for anything but seeing if the jutsu would work or not. “So if it goes to my understanding… I simply need to imprint a seal on this with either hand work or via writing. I’ll go with writing as that’s what I prefer.” Logic held the scroll down in front of himself with his left hand and began drawing the symbols with his right. After copying a design he was shown before to see if it would work, he then took one of the rusty daggers and applied it onto the scroll.

 “Now I’ll just roll it up like this.” He said grabbing both top and bottom edges of the scroll reeling it into a cylinder shape. He swept off his bed and moved to the floor with the scroll were he focused on the rusty dagger inside being absorbed in some sort of way that he didn’t understand much. The image that came to his mind was that of a large abyss forming right in the middle of his room as the scroll enlarged and sunk down as well with the rusty dagger staying the same until being engulfed by the large ever growing pit of nothingness. Though, that was gloomy. After around a minute of this stressful concentration, he put his hands onto the scroll once more and nearly fell forward realizing that its contents from just a moment ago, the rusty dagger, had disappeared to be found nowhere. “Well, guess it worked then.” He said, after catching himself with both hands on the floor nearby. “Now to see if this works like it was supposed to for retrieval.” Logic grabbed the scroll and walked downstairs then out his front door into the street outside. “For good measures, I should refrain from using it here.” He moved to his backyard and readied the scroll. He planned to throw it high into the air and see if the rusty dagger appeared. 

If it didn’t, that would mean it was a failure and that he would have to try again. If it did however, that would mean it was rusty dagger catching time, a casual ninja pastime. Logic hurled the scroll up into the sky with his right hand. Quickly, a small rusty dagger appeared in a burst of some smoke and rustic aromas. “It’s E rank for a reason isn’t it?” Logic thought trying to position himself for the proper catching of both the scroll and dagger. He caught the scroll in his left and dagger in his right barely after it sliced the side of his hand slightly. Before he returned back to the confines of his home, Logic wanted to test something else a little more interesting. He took a few minutes to gather around twenty pebbles and gathered them all up next to the scroll. He did the same process with the rusty dagger with the pebbles and sealed them into the scroll. “Let’s see how this will go.” He grabbed the scroll in his right hand and swung it at a tree releasing all 20 pebbles in perfect order at a tree nearby. “Well done. Well done.”

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Rocky Writing (P,NK) Empty Re: Rocky Writing (P,NK)

Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:11 pm

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