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Ryuu H
Ryuu H
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Ryuu Hyuuga Training Feeds! [From now on, that is] - Page 3 Empty Re: Ryuu Hyuuga Training Feeds! [From now on, that is]

Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:46 pm
8. Spiraling Ring

Ryuu was tired of learning fire technique after fire technique, so ryuu decided that he was going to move on to his other element for a while, the Wind element. Ryuu was very excited at the fact that he was able to actually choose between two different elements and see what kind of things he wanted to do with it. Ryuu woke up from a deep slumber, feeling very rested and revitalized, Ryuu swung his feet from his bed and he got out of his bed. Ryuu groggily walked into the bathroom and he hopped into the shower, Ryuu had no idea what kind of technique that he was going to perform or try to learn, but he knew that it was going to be something to attack his opponent, be stronger than the air bullet technique that he had learned some time ago, and that it was going to be a technique that was going to be of a higher rank than the Air bullets as well. Ryuu hopped out of the shower and he walked over to the sink to brush his teeth, when Ryuu was done brushing his teeth, he walked back to the bedroom to get dressed.

As Ryuu was looking through his freshly cleaned clothes, he picked out a few training style clothing pieces and put them on. Ryuu walked into the kitchen to begin his day right with a nice and nutritious breakfast for himself. Ryuu looked into the refrigerator and he found that he was beginning to run low on food. But Ryuu still had eggs and vegetables, which is all he needed to make sure that he had a great breakfast to start his long day of training, thinking that he was going to be learning an advanced technique, he felt like it was going to take him a few days to actually learn whatever it was that he was going to choose to learn today. Ryuu continued to think about what rank he was wanting to learn. “Should I go high, and just go for an A rank? Or start with a little bit of a smaller step at first and go for a C rank or B rank technique / jutsu. Ryuu grabbed all of the vegetables that he could find in his refrigerator and he began his chopping of the vegetables. Ryuu started with tomatoes, bell peppers, and spinach. Ryuu then grabbed the oil that he had next to his stove. Ryuu oiled one of his skillets, and he began pouring the chopped vegetables into the skillet and he heard the sound that he loved hearing whenever he was cooking, the light hiss, the sound of the food cooking on the hot skillet beneath the food. Ryuu did as he did for the past few mornings, Ryuu then grabbed four eggs out of the refrigerator and he cracked the four eggs, and poured the egg yolks and whites into the pan as the vegetables began getting to the point that Ryuu felt that the vegetables were cooked thoroughly. The eggs hit the pan and they began to set almost instantly, when Ryuu saw the eggs cook through, he went back into his refrigerator and he reached in for his grated cheese. Ryuu then sprinkled the cheese in the middle of the eggs on the plate. Then Ryuu folded the eggs in the pan and he then plated the omelette.

Ryuu sat at the table and he began eating his omelette, as he was eating, he was staring at the picture of his parents and himself. Ryuu tried to remember one memory of them together, and all he could think about them leaving, Ryuu tried thinking of anything good about them, and yet his mind completely went blank. Ryuu finished his vegetable and cheese omelette, he grabbed his plate and silverware and he brought it into the sink and he began to clean the dishes. Ryuu then went back into his bedroom and grabbed his sealing scroll and his journal, Ryuu then remembered the day that he learned the technique Needle Jizo, but more specifically, the fact that he actually got into a fight, and he had to actually run away from the fight for just a second to release his kunai and ninja stars (shuriken).

WC: 802 (toward the learning of Spiraling Ring)
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Ryuu Hyuuga Training Feeds! [From now on, that is] - Page 3 Empty Re: Ryuu Hyuuga Training Feeds! [From now on, that is]

Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:48 pm
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