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That Dazzling Dynamic Entry! Empty That Dazzling Dynamic Entry!

Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:37 am
Etch laid in bed, staring up at his ceiling. The time was around 8 o' clock AM, and the sun was beaming through Etch's usual curtains. He was smirking inside the bed, happy about the previous nights. He did it, he was able to use leaf whirlwind! It felt so great to be able to use such a jutsu with succession, now he had to further his progression in battle. The next thing up was to learn the Dynamic Entry, he thought inside his head. Another Taijutsu, but with the ability to once again raise his skill prowess, and even land a kick. Etch began to consider why he was learning so many Taijutsus recently, after all he was better at Ninjutsu. However he knew, Taijutsu would come in handy greatly for the future to come, and he would need it, definetely in the tournament. Etch rose from his bed, and began to prepare some food before his training that day. He was a little groggy from waking up, as he always in, and a little grumpy too. Still, Etch prepared his food and began eating. He already had the idea of the Dynamic Entry in his head. He will make a jump kick towards his opponent in a dynamic way, obviously from the name. It's settled then. After his breakfast, Etch made a note to grab his headband this time and ran out to the Training grounds. Today, it was oddly active for the time given. People were already moving around, doing there work. It was a site to watch, lately Etch has only been training at night and before the sunset, so he hasn't really seen much of the folk around doing what they do daily. Either way, Etch was nearing the grounds when he thought about how far hes come. First wandering to find a village, to his Genin Exam, to even now. It was pretty great actually, and he was sure to make even more good times. Once coming across the Training Grounds, he saw a few other ninjas about. He made his way to a open space, where not as many Ninja were around and he can begin his training. Etch started it off with a bang, doing his daily routines. Stretch, Sprint, Lift, and run again. He would also throw in some running up trees, and on water as well. Etch found himself practicing his shuriken jutsu again, the same routine as the night before. He began to start feeling the adrenaline in learning Dynamic Entry. He stopped his Shuriken after a final toss, and focused on a far away tree. Etch looked at it, and made it his enemy. He jumped up, and kicked towards it's direction, but went no where. He planted his feet back to the ground after the jump, and felt embarrassed along with a slight laugh at how dumb that must of looked. He got too excited, making himself look like one of those Karate movies. But it was funny to do, and got some nerves out. Lately, Etch hasn't been getting nervous from jutsu anymore. He's more calm about it, and carefree about it all. Anyway, Etch wanted to take another crack at it. Etch made his way up to the tree, coming a little closer then before. This time, he planted all the strength he had in his feet, and felt it all manifest there. Thank the Lifting, he thought. Etch jumped up from the preparation, and directed his speed towards the tree, soaring through the sky, before connecting with the tree. Once connecting and damaging it, he made a easy descent down to the ground. That was hella fun! He exclaimed. This jutsu is actually pretty fun, he was thinking to himself. But it wasn't perfect, since he couldn't match top speed with it. Being fun and needing to practice it more, he continued on with his training, feeling more like a monkey of sorts then anything. He soared from tree to tree, kicking it with his soon to be Dynamic Entry, matching his current speed to its top more and more. It felt so cool to him, flying through the air for a short while and connecting his foot with all that force, he daydreamed about doing that to a actual person. A odd daydream, but something he wanted to try. As he swung back and forth, Etch thought about the next jutsu he should learn. Something relating to ninjutsu he hoped, that would be helpful. Gotta have diversity, after all. Etch was just about done. He conquered Dynamic Entry, and through the extra attempts towards the end made it more and more dynamic. The jutsu cracked him up, and he felt like making someone potentially fly away from his kick would be funny too. Etch tried to practice it a few more times, increasing the distance between him and the tree. It was quite long, but Etch jumped and soared, and finally made contact with the tree so far away. After that last one, he felt as if the other ninja were watching him. It was weird to him, seeming as if every other ninja was interested in him instead of there own training. No matter, Etch came and did exactly what he wanted. Not feeling he had any other thing to do, Etch was beginning to feel like doing some more exercises. Already sweating, but the passionate fire burning inside of him to get stronger, he went to go and do some running along the same trees he was kicking. All kicks recently, first the Leaf Whirlwind and now the Dynamic Entry, Etch was feeling sick from just all these kicks. He really wanted to go out and find a Ninjutsu for himself, or just some other things. After running for awhile, he felt a little slumpish and tired. Etch was feeling like he had to head home, and go take a bath or something. He already tired himself out in the beginning of  the day, maybe this called for some relaxation? He felt he deserved it, but didn't want to forsaken his training. Having the exhaustion take over, Etch decided it was about time to go home. We walked his way home, thinking about what is it he could eat for Lunch, and that bath which was awaiting him. Etch was making good progress so far, he deserved it.

[WC:1067, Claiming Dynamic Entry and 5 stats]
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That Dazzling Dynamic Entry! Empty Re: That Dazzling Dynamic Entry!

Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:53 am

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