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Starting off the Genin life with some Whirlwinds Empty Starting off the Genin life with some Whirlwinds

Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:58 am
Etch woke up in the middle of the night in a abrupt sweat. He had no clue why he was up, and had no real memory of his dream that night. The odd draft in the room let his damp curly hair get hit with a cold tingle down his spine. Etch got up and woke himself up. Though not too sure what exactly woke him, Etch was sure what it probably was. Ever since becoming a Genin, Etch felt himself getting no where. Though wanting to protect the village, Etch still seeked more power in order to do so, and was never able to reach it. This grew to make Etch feel grumpy and overwhelmed for the past few days. He knew, he had to do something about this. It was eating up at him too much. He knew it was a matter of time before he had to use his Sage Transformation as well, but not now. It still wasn't ready. Nonetheless, Etch rose from his bed and walked outdoors. The moon was glittering across the sand as always, and it made the silent Village so peaceful. He seemed to forget his headband as well, but it didn't matter to him. It was just a midnight training session afterall, what would happen? Etch made it to the training grounds, just as the time of the Moon seeming to follow him throughout his voyage. Once making it there, he began to stretch. It wouldn't be pleasant working out just after waking up, and would just suck. After the stretch, Etch began to sprint throughout the training site. He felt so weak of sorts, he had no meaningful jutsu to use, and nothing to make him stand out. Etch had to find something to signal his uniqueness. Maybe a new jutsu, or just anything. He continued running around the grounds, moping and what not. After he found himself not knowing what to do. He began lifting the same tree trunks as usual. It was such a painful feeling, but hey, at least it would strengthen him for the long run. He also lifted his usual Log post, and what not. Etch also began to work on some shuriken jutsus. It was odd to just train his physical body, but thirsting for a Jutsu. He began to position himself right in front of the green log that had scratched throughout the surface from continuous onslaught. He brought down his Shuriken, raining it upon the log which had to endure. He practiced on several occasions this jutsu, it seemed just fine to him. Etch began to think about his lightning element affinity. It served no purpose to him currently, having no jutsu which can make it have a purpose. This made Etch think, he needed more jutsu. What was he doing just training his shuriken? Sure, the accuracy helped, but he needed jutsus to fight with. Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, all of it. He began to reminisce at all of the stories of enemy Lightning users who trained and used Jutsus. He also heard of the Leaf Whirlwind, a jutsu which consist of feints and kicks which could throw the enemy off, and bolster his fighting prowess. It was settled, time to learn Leaf Whirlwind. The jutsu was a good one to have in the back of your hand. Being high and low kicks, the jutsu was going to be pretty nice. Definitely for this tournament. Etch got in front of the log, and began to practice some very basic kicks and jump kicks, getting into the swing of things. He needed to work on his Taijutsu too, Etch thought. So much to do, but he felt happy once again being able to obtain more strength. He began to do what he believed the Leaf Whirlwind. He got into his combat stance, and opened his assault with a right high kick on the log, connecting onto the left side of it. Once done, Etch began to back up a little, causing the kick to become a round house kick out of sheer force, and landed his low kick with his left foot, while still his head facing the opposite direction of the log. Etch's body was still in the air at the time, and caused him to have a somewhat turned and misplaced body, open for attacks. It didn't work, Etch thought to himself. Well, not fully. He was already feeling the air around him being manipulated due to the energy he just expressed, however the attack was quite weak and uncoordinated. Well, practice makes perfect. Etch went at  it again, once again placing his right foot into the air, but a little lower this time to not stretch as much. While this was happening, he quickly tried to place his left foot up in the air, but failed to do so thanks to once again, misplaced footing. He went at it again, but this time making a roundhouse kick with his right food, he began to circulate his body after the kick as fast as he possibly could, and made a sweeping motion with his left foot. After he tried to monitor what he just did. Was that enough time to recover? He probably did it wrong, seeing as the right foot was supposed to act more so as a feint then a actual kick. Opps, came to Etch's head. Time for another go. Etch was beginning to feel that passion of combat he just always loved, each kick he did and turn, it just made him even more happy. Etch couldn't stop grinning out of the excitement that followed knowing he could do this, and beat people after. It became more fluid and coordinated with each attempt. Etch began to make a game out of it all, every time he would mess up the Jutsu, he would go off running 10 laps before coming back. It was hours after midnight in the cold sand, Etch's hair glistening and sweat pouring all over his body. He felt like he was almost done, almost there. It seemed like the first ever Jutsu he really trained for. He continued to do the motion of kicking with his right foot but using it as a feint to focus all his might into the left kick. It seemed to feel and look beautiful, like he was becoming a pro. He even began to use his left foot as the feint and right foot as the direct attack, and then finishing it off with a barrage of attacks from the boost in his strength and speed. After the finally strike, he felt exhausted. He definitely learned the jutsu, and was now just doing it for fun. It was all very tiring, to continue to do it simultaneously. But thanks to that workout, he was also able to blow off some steam from hitting the log so many times. Once he came back to his senses, he was shocked to see the damage he had done. Etch managed to create dents across the log thanks to each of his kicks and flurries, which made him feel good about himself. He has completed his task, Leaf Whirlwind. Etch wanted to keep going, but knew he probably had to get to bed. He couldn't wait however for the next day, he truly felt his Genin life start off with this hard work just made. He ran home out of happiness and hit the sack when he entered, drifting off as he saw difficulty keeping his eyes open.

[WC:1256, Claiming 6 stats and Leaf Whirlwind]
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Akihana Akari
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Starting off the Genin life with some Whirlwinds Empty Re: Starting off the Genin life with some Whirlwinds

Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:43 am

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