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Ryuu H
Ryuu H
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Ryuu's learning to Flicker Empty Ryuu's learning to Flicker

Mon Oct 05, 2015 4:13 pm
Ryuu realized that he wanted to be a fast ninja. “Speed is something helps ensure victory. So I need to learn to be faster, quicker, and much more agile. So I think the very first thing that I need to do is learn to Body Flicker!” Ryuu told himself as he also remembered his sensei in the academy talking about a D rank jutsu that is common to all shinobe. He also remembered of his sensei telling him that before a shinobe could learn to body flicker, the ninja must first learn to control his chakra enough to do such a jutsu. Ryuu then realized that he must first learn to control his chakra, which not only would this be great for this jutsu, but also be good for his own bloodline, the Byakugan. Ryuu then thought of how he could even start to train his ability to control his chakra. He remember hearing his sensei also remembered his sensei talking about a method of training chakra control, and that was to grab a leaf, put it into your hand, focus on the leaf, and having it split in half with only your chakra. So Ryuu got up and ran to the nearest tree, and headed back to the training grounds. He sat his things down, grabbed one of the leaves, placed it on the palm of his hand, and focused. He focused harder and harder and just imagined the leaf slicing in half, but every time he opened his eyes and looked at the leaf, it was still whole. He kept trying to focus harder and harder, but still the leaf would not split open. He then stared at the leaf and focused as hard as he could, practically drooling all over the leaf, and still it would not split. Ryuu contemplated why in the world it would not split, he then began thinking of all the training he had to do with the surface running and tree running technique, he remembered the hard time that he had, when he would focus as hard as he possibly could and he could not run up the tree, but the moment he cleared his mind and relaxed, that was when he mastered the technique. “Alright, this time this thing is going to split in two, I know it!” Ryuu told himself, getting himself excited. He grabbed the leaf one more time, placed it on the palm of his hand, cleared his mind and focused on the leaf splitting in two, he kept picturing it splitting and finally he opened his eyes and took a look at the leaf. “YES!” The leaf was in perfect halves. “Now I am ready to move on to the next step in this technique.”
Ryuu then ruffled through his pack and through all of his weapons, grabbed a kunai and threw it ten feet away from his position. “Alright, now it is the same concept, focus on the spot, but this time, I must focus on my position changing, to the position of the kunai itself. Ryuu focused on the kunai, trying to picture himself in the position that the kuani was stuck in the dirt. He closed out everything, “there is nothing else in the world but that kunai right now. I need to be where that Kunai is right now. He opened his eyes and still he had not moved. Ryuu then realized that he needed to remember how to use the proper amount of chakra when it comes to using any kind of technique especially when it comes to the body flicker technique, which, just like the tree running technique, is extremely picky when it comes to its need of chakra control. He decided to grab the kunai once more, throwing one foot away, realizing that he did not need a lot of chakra to flick one foot away. He focused his chakra, and flicked. He had moved directly over the kunai. He then increased the distance of the kunai to ten feet away, focused a little more chakra, and flicked. He moved directly over the kunai once more, so he once again, increased the kunai’s distance once more, to 30 feet. Ryuu quickly realized that he was going to need much more chakra to flick that far, so he closed his eyes, focused even more of his chakra, all while focusing on that one blade and nothing else. He opened his eyes and he was once again straddling over the kunai. “Now that I can flick on flat land, it is now time to flick in different situations.”
Ryuu grabbed his kunai and threw it directly at the tree that was over to the side, around 15 feet in the air, as it was flying he was focusing on the kunai and channelled his chakra and flicked to the kunai, he was successful, halfway. He realized that he was ten feet in the air and landed hard on the ground. Ryuu then ran back to his original position, and tried once more. He focused on the kunai, channelled even more of his chakra and flicked. He opened his eyes and his left foot was set right on top of the kunai while the other hung off the edge. “Alright! Now this is going to be the hard one.”
Ryuu once again grabbed his kunai out of the tree and landed softly on the floor. He then hucked his kunai directly into the air. As it was flying, getting higher and higher, he focused and channeled huge amounts of his chakra and flicked to the kunai, before opening his eyes he felt the sun begin to get even more intense and wind rushing over his head. When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was 30 feet in the air at the least, but the air that was going over his head was not from side to side, but from the bottom to the top, he was falling straight out of the sky and directly toward the ground. He instantly tried to think of a way to soften the fall, but he had nothing that could help him, the only thing that he had going for him was the sand at the end of the ride. He tried thinking and thinking “What can I do!?” until finally he tried something that would more than likely be his last and only chance. He grabbed the kunai that he had been using and hucked it directly at the side of the tree, the moment it left his hand, he did his absolute best to make sure that he was focusing only on the kunai, knowing that the fall might not end his life, but possibly his career as a shinobe. He focused on the kunai and focused the majority of the chakra that he had left. He closed his eyes and flicked, he felt the blades of grass brush against his nose, but when he opened his eyes he was against the tree, running down the bark. When he reached the bottom, he immediately passed out in the middle of the training grounds, but he did it, he learned the body flicker technique.

Word Count: 2204 Claiming: +5 Stats and Body Flicker Technique
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Ryuu's learning to Flicker Empty Re: Ryuu's learning to Flicker

Mon Oct 05, 2015 4:21 pm
Approved, 6 stats, the wordcount is wrong lol
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