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Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur) Empty Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur)

Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:12 pm
Hikashi walked through the village after just getting some money for a nice meal, and watched as a few drops of rain began to fall. It seems like she can't even have a sunny day lately! She looks around the town with a wad of ryo sticking out from her pockets as unwanted attention begins to happen once again.
"Hey nice little lady, you have a nice ass you know that?"
She begins to stare at him angrily.
"How about you give me a nice look, eh?"
Hikashi keeps a straight face, and ignores the asshole. The man looked like a drunk hobo thinking with the wrong head. He begins to run up, and Hikashi looks back to see the shine of a Kumogakure headband. Her whole body trembles at once.
"What do you want from me?"
Her voice crackles from the pressure and the man smiles while trying to walk correctly.
"I want your fine body."
The man then pulls out a kunai, as Hikashi walks back. The girl falls to the ground after tripping on a rock and tries to move away as the man falls upon her. He brings his kunai to her neck and snickers.
"What's the matter babe? You chicken?"
She cringes, and looks for help. Anyone, please help. She cried out in her head as the man contemplated killing her.


(Note this thread is with my main, and I am the alt.)
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Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur) Empty Re: Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur)

Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:27 pm
Ashur was going his regular runs around the village as it began to rain.
"Ugh, why must is always be raining! I can never fly like this!"
He begins to land as quickly as possible as his feathers began to become soaked. He shook around his feathers and released Brandon to accompany him. The frog looks at him odd for a second.
"Oh hey, Ashur. I haven't seen you in a day or two."
Brandon looked around awkwardly, feeling lonely.
"Maybe you don't need to store me in that ball that much? I don't really have much else to do in that ball."
Ashur looked at Brandon realizing his grave mistake he had made. He was making his best friend jailed away in a capsule! This wouldn't be something he would stand for!
"I can assure you Brandon that I will keep you out more. I have just been lazy lately, and trying to figure out what to do next exactly."
They both look over to watch the seen unfold with the women. Ashur and Brandon's jaw dropped as the rude man began to harass this women with a kunai.
"STOP NOW! Phase 19!"
Ashur and Brandon moved forward at a fast speed, and punched the man in the side together. The sound of a ribcage breaking echoed throughout as they smiled. The offender was out cloud, and launched into a wall which broke his spine. He would have died, if it weren't for another ninja picking up the man and running towards the hospital. Ashur and Brandon fist bumped to each other, and Ashur lent a hand to the women.
"I am sorry you had to see that miss. I'm Ashur, or the angel of kumogakure, and I think I saw you around a few times. Thought you might needed some help."
He gave a smirk to her, and nodded to himself.

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Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur) Empty Re: Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur)

Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:02 pm
Hisaki watched as a frog and some kind of angelic kid who was younger then herself suddenly vanish and appear right by her. She blushed seeing the sheer power and speed they had, they must have been jounin level at least. Hisaki only wondered what kind of jutsu they used, and why the would ever help her. She then noted as a man carried over the man who was in front of her one second then slammed into a wall another second. It was such a crazy day. Her heart melted as she heard him tell about how he was the angel of kumogakure, and the boy even went on to say his name was Ashur. Ashur, what a beautiful name for my savior, she thought. It is only understandable such a girl like me were to be saved by an angel like him! He looked at her gloved hand, and casual attire and blushed at how majestic he was. Such a beautiful creature of the Shiroi clan, she thought. Hisaki had studied up about a few clans around Kumogakure, and Shiroi was one she remembered well. She took the hand, and was lifted to her feet. She then smiled at the boy with her hair all frizzy.
"Oh thank you, such sweet angel."
She blushed again, and began to awkardly pick up her hat and fix her hair. What could this feeling be? What was that strange fuzzy feeling in her heart at the boy's clear face and powerful wings? Oh, she had no idea! She loved every second she was around this boy and his.... frog? She looks at the frog weirdly.
"Ashur, that is your name right? You seem to have a giant frog beside you that you may watch out for."
She took a step back as she was taken aback.

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Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur) Empty Re: Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur)

Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:18 pm
Ashur watched as the girl's face turned red for some reason. What could be wrong with her face, and why does she have such ugly eyes? He then heard her call him an... angel?
"Look I'm not an actual angel, that is just the title some people have given me."
He then watched the same routine happen with his frog that happens with everyone. Brandon was the one to speak this time.
"I'm sorry, I have gotten way too tired of people freaking out over me. Yes, I am a talking frog, get over it."
Brandon felt jealous of this girl getting all the attention from Ashur. He couldn't believe it! Ashur stepped in after seeing his rude familiar talk down to her.
"Do you have a name?"
He then looked over his shoulder to see his mother running towards him.
"Ashur, I lost a pair of my gloves! Oh, I was just about to give them to Brandon and everything!"
Ashur looked at his mom as she caught her breath.
"Where were they last? Brandon can't wear gloves!"
She looked at the spikes on his knuckles and sighed.
"They were taken by a ninja wearing nothing but an odd orange jump suit. I was defenseless! Please, help me!"
She then noticed the blue haired girl, and crossed her arms.
"Ashur, what are you doing with this girl?"
Ashur looked over at her not quite understanding what she was saying.
"Uh... I don't know what you're talking about... I just saved her from another drunk harassing women in the village."
The mom realized her son wasn't old enough, and smiled.
"Anyway get my gloves back, please."
Ashur nodded, and looked over at the girl to see if she wanted to join in the fight.
"You coming?"

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Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur) Empty Re: Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur)

Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:28 pm
Hikashi laughed when Ashur said he wasn't an angel. This seemed to be one of the better kind of person from kumogakue. The frog suddenly snapped, and Hikashi glared wondering what the big deal was. Ashur quickly stepped in and used some manners at least.
"Oh, I am Hikashi... Meijin."
She then began to laugh at the situation happening with his mom. She then got all parental on Ashur, and Hikashi felt the need to step in.
"It isn't anything bad."
Hikashi blushed slightly at the thought of anything becoming bad only to see Ashur save her. Hikashi looked through her book for maybe her first jutsu ever! She then got to one that made her heart sink in her chest. It was none other then a technique that liquefied the user! Her eyes lit up as she quickly absorbed the information mentally. She then looked up to see Ashur saying it was time to go, but she had to finish this page.
"Just one second please!"
She quickly closed the book, and smiled. Her umbrella was luckily blocking the annoying rain going on. After she put away her book, she asked a rather weird question.
"Ashur get ready to lightly punch me, I think I may have found a great jutsu."
She begins to go through the hand signs: tiger, boar, ox, dog, then finally snake.
She closed her eyes and felt the rain water pass over her, and began to feel in tune with the water. She could only hope this would work as a man in an orange jumpsuit holding a pair of gloves sharpened a sword from a rooftop. Hikashi would have seen him sooner if she wasn't getting ready to get punched!

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Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur) Empty Re: Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur)

Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:46 pm
"Oh! You have a jutsu book too!"
Ashur made one appear from his glove almost instantly, then quickly put it away. Sadly, it seemed the girl hadn't noticed. Her then heard her odd question after she read the page about the jutsu in around a second.
"Okay, I will start once you are done with the hand signs. I assume this is a substitution jutsu."
She began to weave the handsigns as he wondered just how light he should punch. He didn't want to kill the girl or something! Brandon scowled at her for at least the entire day it seemed. Ashur decided it might be a good time to talk with Brandon about all of this.
"Brandon, chill out. I don't care how you feel about her, this is a guest we need to welcome. Besides, not like we have much choice, my mom already saw her."
Ashur's mom was still just gawking at how fast the girl was able to memorize and read an entire page. Ashur decided now would be a good time to practice his own kind of jutsu. He had heard stories of a man who was able to vanish into a cloud of feathers just by spreading himself out over them and really feeling out each one. Ashur began to close his eyes and feel every feather in his hair, and began to feel out himself mentally. He noted every curve and bone on his body, then just imagined the perfect way to separate himself into thousands of feathers. He then opened his eyes to see Hikashi was ready.
"Okay, one, two, three, go!"
He went in for a punch, but saw a boulder coming straight for Hikashi. He had no hope, but to jump out of the way. He looked to see a man in an orange jumpsuit threw the boulder, and got mad.
He wasn't going to die like Clyde today! He quickly weaved the hand signs: rat, tiger, dog, ox, rabbit, and tiger. He did this all way faster then Hikashi could even see, then spit out the fireballs before the ninja in the orange jumpsuit noticed. The orange jump suited ninja was quickly exploded in a fiery hell as the ninja tried to jump away. A pair of gloves floated down with the wind as Ashur glared.
"He won't be stealing from you again."
Ashur then looked over for Hikashi to see some kind of miracle. It seemed she had reformed.

Ryo : 2200

Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur) Empty Re: Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur)

Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:08 pm
Hikashi reformed after getting hit with a boulder, and was completely shocked she did that first attempt. Maybe it was the stress of it all? She then saw Ashur vaporize the man with handsigns she couldn't even see. This ninja seemed like some kind of god, he had to be some kind of god! She then heard him say an awesome one liner, then noticed he had been shocked.
"I did it, Ashur! I was able to use the rain around me to reform in order to not get killed by the boulder!"
Hikashi smiled, then her moment of happiness died off when she saw the time.
"I got to go, I have a brother who really needs me to be there."
She turned away and began to run away at a slow speed. Hikashi looked back and smiled at Ashur and his frog.

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Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur) Empty Re: Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur)

Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:29 pm
Ashur smiled seeing how proud the girl was of herself.
"You seem like you will become much stronger next time we meet."
He flashed a cheesy smile as she ran away due to the time.
"See you!"
Ashur looked at Brandon as the girl ran away, and began to look at his mom who was dusting off her gloves.
"Thank you, Ashur."
She hugged him tightly, then walked away with Brandon. Ashur gawked seeing his own familiar running off from him.
He shouted with a smile, but the frog ignored him. Ashur then flew forward, and grabbed the frog by the arms.
"What are you doing, Ashur? Why don't you go hang out with your girlfriend?!"
Ashur simply smiled and began to speak.
"Brandon, I wouldn't leave you for some water lady."
The frog smirked as the two headed home. It seemed like everyday they were ninja more and more strange things were happening. Ashur felt the breeze through his hair, and the rain down his wings. Everything felt right in that single moment. The two went home simply enjoying the view.

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Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur) Empty Re: Things Just Got Weird (P/NK/Ashur)

Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:10 pm

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