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The Brewing Storm (P/NK/Kurame) Empty The Brewing Storm (P/NK/Kurame)

Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:31 am
Hikashi walked down the streets of Kumogakure, searching for her brother.
"Where could have he possibly gone? We need to work on our jutsu and skills if we ever wish of filling the gap between the others."
The women looked around the village that lacked water sources for her. To Hikashi, she found this village to be more useful for her brother and yet she was one the studying her ass off. She sighed and wondered where and why the boy was gone Hikashi noted that a leash would help her more, and maybe a whip to get his lazy ass to train. He had taken a break! Hikashi would always mention how much of a lazy idoit her brother was for taking a break. She couldn't imagine someone didn't have the will to go farther into ninjutsu, unless her greatest fear was realized. What if her brother was already in another legaue above her? Hikashi wondered if Kurame secretly knew a lot more then he had talked about. He ugly hazel eyes looked around for him, and one boy noticed.
"Hey, it's the ugly ass green eyed freak! Hikashi you can never become a true ninja, especially with those freaking eyes."
Others joined in and laughed at her for her eyes. Hikashi frowned, and wished to remain peaceful.
"These eyes don't determine what I can and cannot do. You fools will see someday that these "ugly" eyes will be staring into victory."
She smiled to herself as another chimed in.
"You still won't have any friends though, green eyes!"
The one leading them decided to take this game to another level. He ran at her suddenly.
"Come on show me you can actually fight through those vomit eyes of yours."
She flinched and wasn't able to react in time. The boy slammed into her, and she fell down to the ground. To further show his victory, he went to far and held a kunai you her neck.
"Come on say it with me Hikashi, 'I will never become anything useful with my bug eyes."
Hikashi looked over in fear as her hat was on the ground, and her clothes ruffled. He brought the kunai closer, and the others formed a small circle and cheered him on. She began to tear up from how hateful they were. She wondered if they might even be right, and felt the fear of death. This boy could end her right now.

Ryo : 500

The Brewing Storm (P/NK/Kurame) Empty Re: The Brewing Storm (P/NK/Kurame)

Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:19 pm
"Well, I guess it's time to teach you boys a lesson. Messing with me, that's fine, but if you start screwing with my family, you're toast." Kurame mumbled to himself, as he pulled out a massive sword, slicing the heads off of everyone attacking his family member, ripping the spine out of the youngest one and using it to put all of the others on a pike. Jumping next to and picking up his younger brother, Kurame grinned, before the victory image flashed up on the screen. Looking outside from his room, Kurame sighed softly, feeling as if he had forgotten something.

"Did ol' 'Kashi want to train today or something? I think she did..." Narrowing his eyes at the window, he turned off his gaming console, and got up, stretching. "What a day... It's almost three, and I haven't even made breakfast yet..." Kurame shook his head, before cracking his neck, and opening the door to his house. Walking outside, he looked into the sky, and noticed that the day was uncharacteristically misty, even for the Kumogakure. "Something must be up, and I hope it's nothing bad." He mumbled to himself, wiping his eyes gently, adjusting his clothing from its disheveled state. "I might as well start going to meet up with my sister, if I can even find her, that is..." He sighed at the fact that she was so excited to start being a ninja. Although he should be training himself, he hadn't even made it out of the academy yet, though he was practically an adult at this point.

Lighting up a cigarette, Kurame exhaled the smoke slowly, watching as it blended in with the aforementioned mist, smiling a bit. "Cloud master, right here..." He mumbled to himself, slowly taking another drag, and beginning his trek around the village. Though Kurame was usually careless, he felt a ping of anxiety in the back of his brain, as if something was going wrong, and if that something had to do with idiot spelled incorrectly or not. "I hope 'Kashi isn't getting picked on by those fucking kids again..." He mumbled, ashing his cigarette, some of the ash blowing onto his pants. "..." Cloud stared at the little white spec for a solid thirty seconds, before wiping it off. "Kids these days are too young to be picking fights..." He mumbled, closing his eyes, and listening for the sound of his sister. "When I was their age, I was trying to become a pokemon master..." He said, slowly drifting into the memory of trying to fit a dead rat into a small paper mache ball.

"Good times..." He mumbled to himself, taking a final drag of his cigarette and putting it out, before throwing it into a nearby waste bin. "It's convenient that they have these things everywhere..." Cloud mumbled, kicking the small blue can gently. It would have been easier to just litter the trash, but a bunch of try-hard ninja were running along, screaming about learning S rank jutsu, and taking over the entire village. "Pathetic, just pathetic." He said after them, as they were all about 13, before he narrowed his eyes. One of those damn kids had wings. "That's pretty cool, though..." He said to himself, "Though he looks kind of like a Maximum Ride reject. I wonder if he has any special quirk? Probably emo as shit." He grinned, entertaining the thought of an emo bird man, before he heard yelling.

Not particularly caring much about the noise, Kurame decided that he would probably just keep walking, but then, pinned on the ground, was his little sister, with a knife held up to her neck. "... Now, papa 'Ame doesn't stand for this shit." He said, before walking over to the little twerps, pulling out a bong from the depths of his jacket. "Hey, you kids want a hit?" He asked, waiting for them to look up. As soon as they did, Kurame's innocent look turned into a wicked grin, before he walked over to the kid on top of 'Kashi and broke the entire thing over his head. As the kid ran around, screaming, as glass was lodged in his scalp, Kurame took the piece of the bong and put it in a kids mouth, gently, before kicking it as hard as he could, shattering the teeth of the child as one steps on a clump of dirt. As the kids fled, Kurame looked down to his little sister, holding out a hand to help her up. "No need to thank me. It was obvious you could have taken those kids on your own, I just wanted to add some spice to the battle." Kurame smiled at his Hikashi, winking.

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The Brewing Storm (P/NK/Kurame) Empty Re: The Brewing Storm (P/NK/Kurame)

Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:08 pm
Hikashi watched as her brother beat the shit out of all those awful people. She smiled, knowing her brother was finally fighting again, and he had gotten stronger it seems. She saw him winking at him, and smiled feeling grateful.
"I should probably start learning jutsu to show them I am not some kind of push over anymore. If only knowledge was truly power."
She shook her head, and pulled out her brand spanking new book about jutsu, and turned to the first page.
"Kurame, you don't know any jutsu right? How strong exactly have you become?"
Page one was the transformation technique, she had been working on this again and again and sometimes could get it right. She then began to look at page two and smiled with nerdy excitement. Her face turned a noticeable crimson as she thought about using a jutsu. Her hapiness went away quickly.
"Come on bug eyes, fight me one on one. As if you could do a thing without Kurame to get off his lazy ass."
She smiled, knowing it was now or never. She weaved the familiar signs of ram, snake and, tiger, then a clone appeared from a puff of smoke and felt odd this time. She felt like she had done something different this time. A replica of herself was created, and she smiled at the ninja who looked unsettled.
"Not done yet!"
She weaved the dog, boar and ram hand signs, and so did her clone. Before she knew it, her body was a fuma shuriken. Her clone wasn't able to cast jutsu, and she found this to be interesting. She concentrated hard on doing both moving around while keeping the shape of fuma shuriken. The mental strain was immense, but the effect was priceless. Her clone smiled, and picked up the fuma shuriken.
"You think eyes can possibly show my potential? Your dead wrong."
The ninja quivered in fear as the clone threw the fuma shuriken at him. Hikashi got a headache from the spinning and such, but was too filled with joy for doing these jutsu. The fuma shuriken was a bit too heavy and slow, and the ninja was able to jump over it. As the ninja began to feel confident, Hikashi knew she had one. She escaped from the transformation technique and the clone was disspeled. The ninja looked horrifed as Hikashi suddenly appeared behind him, and threw a brick at his head. The boy had no time to react and fell face first from the impact in mid air. Hikashi had done it! She defeated a ninja with two jutsu! She breathed heavily from the jutsu.
"Kurame, were you watching?! I think this research finally paid off. You try!"
She threw the book at him for him to catch as the offenders were all defeated on the ground. Hikashi had never been so happy in her life. All she had done in her spare time was try to find the strength she lacked very much so. She always felt it was unfair how Kurame was always the stronger one! She put on her hat, and fixed her hair with her hands. She then had a heart to heart with Kurame.
"Kurame, I will never become as strong as you. You have done nothing to train, and yet you always come out on top! Why, why must you always be better then me? You defeated the ones who I had no chance against beating, when I was the one researching all along. You will always be better then me, and you know it! I am just a dysfunctional waste of your time!"
She cried, and ran away from Kurame. Hikashi wasn't good enough in her head anymore. Her self esteem was at all time low even after learning the two jutsu. Hikashi didn't know where she was going, but she knew she had to find power through any means.
"I'm going to fight to become a Genin! I will fill the gap!"
She ran as fast as her legs could carry her at a very slow speed towards the exam area.


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The Brewing Storm (P/NK/Kurame) Empty Re: The Brewing Storm (P/NK/Kurame)

Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:26 pm
As he watched his little sister turn into a fucking fuma shuriken and be thrown at one of those nerdy douchebags, Kurame couldn't help but feel pride well up inside of him, feeling happy that his sister was finally able to do some jutsu, no matter the simplicity. But, as his sister looked at him, he felt his heart sink into his stomach. "Kurame, I will never become as strong as you. You have done nothing to train, and yet you always come out on top! Why, why must you always be better then me? You defeated the ones who I had no chance against beating, when I was the one researching all along. You will always be better then me, and you know it! I am just a dysfunctional waste of your time!" As tears welled up in the small girls eyes, she ran off towards the exam area, bawling all the way. "... Poor kid..." He mumbled, looking at the book she'd thrown at him. "Hm, I might as well get these jutsu down before I follow her..." He sighed, and read the pages about the Transformation and Clone techniques, getting the general gist of them down, before looking up into the sky again. Some of the mist had cleared up, though he still felt a bit like garbage. "Soon, she'll be stronger than me. I just know it." He says, and smiles sadly. Lighting up a cigarette, Cloud began to walk towards the same place as her, stretching a little bit. What a day.


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The Brewing Storm (P/NK/Kurame) Empty Re: The Brewing Storm (P/NK/Kurame)

Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:52 pm
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