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Sat Oct 03, 2015 12:24 pm
A few days had passed since Ganki’s arrival, and already he seemed to have adjusted to Tanzaku. The Sun hanged above the town from the east, even in the morning, business was as lively as ever. The place was teeming with business and commerce, things that were all too familiar to Ganki. The many citizens bargaining with each other, making deals, spends large amounts of cash on a whim, it was like Ganki was back home. The roads were filled with vendors and wooden booths, stretched for miles. Along these roads, passing a few welled suited, as well as poorly dressed individuals, Ganki casually walks towards is now favorite tailor in all of the fire country. He had to give credit were credit was due, ever suit that he got was well fitted, well stitched. As of right now, he wore a wolf grey dress jacket and pants, a black long sleeve shirt underneath, black dress shoes, and a blood red tie to go along with it. His Tattoos, which he had many, were hidden from site due to his clothes, however a few details like the Arthurian sword which stuck out along his left hand, a few shōgi pieces tattooed below the knuckles on his right fingers, and the dragon on his right hand were visible. Even along his neck, a few black flame details showed, but only the tip, nothing crazy. If Ganki wasn’t wearing a shirt, his body would just scream Yakuza affiliated. But as of now, he wasn’t involved with the yakuza, so all was well.

It was a good thing Ganki didn’t receive and ink on his face, like he would allow it in the first place. His face would remain clean shaven, though his brown bladed head hair did gain some length, as it was now medium length actually. Most of his supplies he carried within seals, which were lost in the portrait of ink along his body. Only he knew where they were.

After a few paces towards the north, a turn to the west, then back to the north, he arrived at the shop. The shop keeper, who was once busy counting his money, notices Ganki on the other side of the new glass door. He quickly places his money back into the ordinary black metal box, dusting off his shirt as he ran over to the door, beating Ganki to the copper door knob.

A while ago, when Ganki first arrived here, he made sure to tag the counter with a FTG seal, as this was one of his favored places to go. In fact, he even gave the shop keeper a “marked” bill. That was really just for the heck of it, to see where it would end up. The seal on the counter was obscured with the new advertising sign, so it really didn’t catch the owner’s eye yet

To him, Ganki was a cash cow, walking money. “And here comes the money!”, he yelled, opening the door for Ganki. Ganki smiled as he entered, shaking the young man’s hand too. “Whats up?”, he said, eyeing the buildings design and inventory, Though, Ganki wasn’t one to buy anything off the rack, so to speak. “Yeah you know the routine, thin fit, annnnd how about a nice navy blue suit this time?”, he said while watching the man run to the back of the store, to fetch his tools, or to check on his inventory.

While he waited, his eye caught a bottle off to the side on a rack placed on the wall. It wasn’t the fact that it was still morning and already this guy was drinking, it was the brand that caught his attention. His eyes wandered off upon realizing that the only place where you could get that brand of alcohol, was up north, in the cloud village. Bad, vivid memories of that day flooded Ganki’s mind. Maybe he needed a drink himself, to drink away troubles? He drops his once tense shoulders, still waiting on the guy to return.
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