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Jason Goka
Jason Goka
Ryo : 1500

Mission Pets [Mission] Empty Mission Pets [Mission]

Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:33 pm

"Don't worry, Mrs. Neko. I will bring your cats back home safely. Please, don't worry." Jason calms the older woman.
"Oh, thank you Jason." She responds through sobs.
"No problem. I should be back in an hour or so." Jason jumps to the top of the nearest and tallest building to get the best possible view of the village. He does this before every mission. It's his way of saying goodbye before every mission, knowing that when he leaves, it will be quite unforgivable. The more he says goodbye and apologizes, the easier it will be for guilt to leave his mind when the time comes for him to flee the terrible Kumogakure.
Jason leaps to a lower building to get a more detailed view of the streets.
"Well, there's one already." He laughs. Being a person who loves cats and visitng Mrs. Neko often, he knows what each feline of hers looks like and knows them by name as well.
Jason jumps down, landing like a cat would, making no noise so as not to startle the relatively frightful animal. Slowly, he cups his hands around her, the cat quickly looking back at the human touching her. Seeing his face, she calms down.
Jason has visited Mrs. Neko so many times that even her cats have taken a great liking to him.
"That's one down." He places the small cat onto his shoulder.
"Hang on tight." He warns. The cat extends her claws and digs them into his shirt.
Jason leaps to the building to his left and continues to the western area of the village, scouting every street he passes along the way.
"Another!" He thinks, stopping at the top of one building. "And caramel too."
Jason jumps down with extreme caution, knowing that the latter cat is expecting a litter of kittens.
Slowly, he cups them into his left arm, securing them to his side.
"Hm... two more left." Jason thinks after a quick count of the cats with him at the moment.
Each extends their claws and grabs tightly onto Jason as he leaps onto the previous building. 
“I found Caramel here… so Chocolate shouldn’t be too far off.” The two cats are lovers. In fact, chocolate is the reason Caramel is expecting. “Last time I saw Caramel, she wasn’t pregnant. I guess she and Chocolate got busy…”
Jason shakes the thought of their intercourse out of his mind. “You’re weird Jason, you really are. Normal people don’t get turned on by that stuff.” He thinks, laughing. “Just continue the mission.”
He jumps to the building directly in front of him and continues in that direction for two more buildings before Caramel lets out a meow. Jason stops, looks at her, and then down to the direction where she had her attention. Chocolate.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get him.” He whispers, jumping down quietly in front of him.
Chocolate jumps in surprise but settles upon seeing Jason’s face and leaps onto his left shoulder upon seeing Caramel.
“No surprise there.” Jason leaps back up to the same building. “Last one… ugh.” He sighs under the weight of the four cats, one of the carrying multiple kittens. On top of that, each has their claws cutting him as they hang on so as not to fall. “I’ve got to sanitize later.” He thinks.
Jason hears a faint meow from next to him. Looking to his right, he sees the fifth and final cat.
“Have you been there the whole time?!” He yells, partially expecting a response but after a few moments, he sighs and extends his right leg out to the cat. “I don’t even now how you got up here…”
The cat climbs the front of his leg up to the top of his head, where he wraps his paws around Jason’s Kumogakure headband.
Jason leaps back to Mrs. Neko’s residence, where he places the cats down inside.
“Oh, thank you so much! I knew you would bring them back!” She thanked him.
“It’s no problem, ma’am.”
Jason jumps back to the tallest roof top and says goodbye once again before allowing himself to enjoy the view…
“Someday, I’m going to find a tiger.”
(That’s actually the end of the mission. It sounds like Jason should be doing more thinking before the end, but that’s it. “I want a tiger”)

(WC: 697)

Claiming 500 ryo and 3 AP
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Mission Pets [Mission] Empty Re: Mission Pets [Mission]

Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:50 pm

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