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Bring back the guy or something (Mission,private) Empty Bring back the guy or something (Mission,private)

Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:36 am
Mission Info:

Ashur and Brandon stared at the mountains, then stared at each other.
"Fuck, really? We have to find a dumb ass in here that is probably as weak as Sakura. Oh god, I can just remember there stupid escort mission that was hard as balls. Brandon, what are we going to do if one of the seven swordsman shows up? Ugh this is such a pain, and the freaking Genin aren't making my life any easier. God I want to just strangle every single one of them."
Brandon stared off into the mountains, and looked around. He was the both the brains and brawn of this partnership and Ashur was the one with the jutsu and lots of items. Ashur was wearing his full attire and his ring was hidden under his glove on his right hand. He felt his weapons pouches were much lighter now that he had stored away most of his items into the glove. He had his sword, poke ball, and three kunai. He was much better with kunai then he was with shuriken. Ashur wished to only have a matching glove or even more storage! He wanted all the storage! He then opened his book, and decided he only had a lifetime to learn so he needed every second.
"Ah, I like the wind jutsu a lot. It looks it could be useful and is easy as hell to learn!"
The frog looked at Ashur and sighed heavily.
"Ashur you are supposed to be on a mission not learning new jutsu."
Ashur looked at the frog who seemed to be ready for combat already.
"Eh, It will only take a second, it is such a basic jutsu."
The frog rolled his eyes, and decided he was worrying too much. He looked at Ashur to see if he would change his mind, but he already knew that Ashur wasn't even going to think about it.
"Lets keep walking at least. The minute we see him I want you to stop training and focus. We need to be prepared for ambushes. This is a rather serious mission."
Ashur nodded, and began to walk. He studied the jutsu description, and used all his studying tips from the past. He knew he could do this in one shot, he knew a very strong jutsu using wind already. He closed his eyes and focused his chakra. He then pressurized the air around him, and made an arrow. He opened his eyes, and was over joyed to see it formed.
"Brandon I did it!"
He then reached out and grabbed the arrow, he threw it into the bushes and all he could hear was the dying breaths of a deer. He paused for a second looking as if he had been scared, then looked over at Brandon.
He then made five of them in the air, as he knew that was the limit for the jutsu. Ashur couldn't concentrate hard enough to make more anyway. He then threw the arrows into a tree, and smiled. Ashur, like any child with a new trick, became quickly tired and lusted for more. He pulled out his book, and saw as Brandon began to run forward. Ashur ignored this and turned through a bunch of jutsu he didn't care for, then found a basic medical one that didn't require much skill at all to learn.
"Ashur, I found the man! Now we just need to get him back safely!"
Four genin jumped out from the bushes as Ashur was closing the book. They were coming two from left and two from right, all wearing gas masks and with cloaks. He saw they were all jumping right towards him, and sighed as he quickly put the book away. He flew up into the air, and watched them all land to their feet. Ashur hated when people killed his vibe.
"Hey! You guys just interupted us! Apologize now!"
The frog looked up at Ashur, and saw all the ninja rush towards him with various weapons. He hated these kinds of people, and  didn't even need a cloak. They were frail, and seemed to be a little bit older then Ashur. The two didn't take this seriously, but the man they needed to escort did.
"Yikes! Aren't they excited."
He hid behind Brandon's back, and seemed to have a few wounds.
"It seems as if these kiddies don't quite agree with me, you must be the escorts they sent out. Please escort me back, but first kill the one called Leo. He is the one who caused me quite a bit of trouble."
Brandon noted this, and saw the kids coming towards him at a slower speed then expected. It seems like they were holding back, and one of them lead as the other followed. The frog jumped up, and slammed the leader's head into the ground. A puff of smoke appeared, and a purple cloud formed.
"Fuck! Ashur, they're clones!"
Brandon jumped back, and the other clones ran through the mist. The frog cursed as three ran at him from all his frontal sides. He still had the gas and the man to worry about. He began to sweat wondering if he had to use his special blend of chemicals for these useless runts. He was quick, and did a round house kick from the right. It slammed into the right one's head and then caused a domino effect. The clones flew into the wall and made more smoke. The man was holding a wound on his arm caused from a kunai that grazed him.
"Darn kids."
Ashur flew down to the man, and began to weave the boar, rat, then snake hand signs. He then placed both his hands over the man's arm and healed it rather quickly. He then smiled, knowing he had just learned such a simple jutsu. The gas spread further, and the three began to run away along the path. They were now in the opposite direction of the village, and the original or originals were still hiding.
"Brandon, the creator or creators of those clones is still in hiding. He must have been close though. I feel it is all one ninja who made those clones, and that it is something to worry about."
The frog nodded, and so did the man. Ashur then looked at the man, and was becoming serious now.
"I am Ashur and this Brandon, we are here to escort you back to the village. If at any point you don't follow what we say you could very well die from these idiots."
The man looked over and could only think of how safe he was. He had a frog and an angel to fight for him! The two came off as very strong, and the illusion wasn't wrong. They were a team that were powerful as hell. Ashur read through his book, and came across a jutsu for more storage as he looked for something very powerful. He smiled, imagining not using weapon pouches anymore and becoming something god like with weapons. He could only dream of it though, because it was going to much harder then the others to learn. He put the entire thing off for a bit though, he need to focus on the task at hand. These Genin might be as strong as he was. Ashur then put his book away, and saw as a group of three Genin came in.
"Hello, hello, beast! I have been waiting to kill you for years on end. When we heard you were helping out that dumb ass over there we were overjoyed to hear about you going into the forest with nothing but your pet. We need to teach you a lesson or two on who is on top of this world."
Ashur began to shake as he stood up. He put on his goggles, and glared at them. There were three, they all wore dark yellow robes with odd designs and seemed to have lots of secrets up their sleeves. The leader stood center, and the other two behind. Brandon covered the man as Ashur stood at them in the eyes.
"You better watch what you say around me. I am not human anymore, I am an angel from the heavens themselves. If you dare wish to try to kill me, I only want your strongest attacks. If you want to kill me go ahead and try, I would love to kill you guys for being the trash of ninja you are. You will never come close to feeling power close to mine, because you don't have the right mindset or skills. Come at me, three versus one. I would love to show you all how horridly out classed you are. Come on now, you get first attack."
Ashur held out his arms out wide. He had no stance at all. They looked at each other, and Ashur began to lift himself slightly off the ground with his wings. He couldn't risk not living up to his words. The leader began to weave hand signs, and the other two ran at Ashur with swords. They were running to try to attack his either side. This was the shitty way to attack Ashur had scene in a long time. They both were going to try to stab him on either side, and when they came close Ashur was quick. He made a kunai from his glove, then another. The two looked over suprised to see kunai suddenly appearing in his hands, Ashur then blocked their swords with the two kunai. His arms were outstretched and seems the low grade swords were equal to his kunai. How silly, he thought. He smiled, and slide his arms up. Their swords flew into them, and then he got ready to stab at them both in the heart. He wasn't messing around at all, it was three versus one after all. The leader then began to shoot out a fire ball that flew right towards Ashur at a fast speed. Ashur gritted his teeth, and quickly fell towards the ground without stabbing the others. He barely missed the attack, and his wig came off in this moment. He then flew towards Brandon going parallel with the ground, and went back up to see them. His wig laid on the ground near them, and they all began to laugh.
"Ha! Ashur wears a wig, because his hair is just useless feathers. What a useless freak!"
Ashur's blood boiled, and he stared at them. Brandon began to walk forward a little bit to go to help Ashur, and Ashur simply held his arm out in Brandon's way.
"No, I need to give them what they deserve alone."
The frog knew things were going to get bloody quickly, and began to escort the man away from the fight and towards the village. Ashur put the Kunai back into storage, and the three went back into formation. Ashur made the rat and dog hand signs to seal away his wig using the jutsu head read up about, and the wig we soon gone. They all looked over, scared, too see he hadn't been pulling anything from his pouches. Ashur gave them all a death stare as he sized them up.
"Apologize now and leave me alone forever or die."
They all began to laugh.
"Like hell we would ever do that. We are going to play patty cake with your rib cage."
Ashur smiled a bit, and took his time with his next jutsu.
"So you think feathers are weak right? So you wouldn't mind a big ball of them hitting you right?"
The group looked at each other laughing again.
"This isn't a pillow fight! Ashur you really are some kind of freak."
Ashur shrugged, and felt as if he was going to enjoy wiping away their existence with a jutsu. He weaved the bird, hare, horse, and rat hand signs, and a ball of feathers was created at a rapid rate from his hair. The ninja didn't move as they thought this was some kind of joke, and Ashur finished the ball of compressed feathers. He then launched it with one large and violent gust of wind and the ball was hurled towards them at a rapid rate. Ashur smiled, began to jump backwards from the radius. The leader jumped up, and tried to kick the ball as it came towards them. Everything happened slowly, his foot and the ball coming together, and the last thing Ashur saw was the others smiling at him. A massive explosion would then destroy everything in it's path and the bodies of the ninja were vaporized. There were no screams, death was instant. Ashur smiled, and walked back to the village with his new found jutsu and power. He then pulled out a notepad and crossed off three more names on a list.

+5 Total Ap 
+4,500 Ryo
+Storage Displacement (1,000/1,000)
+Medical Ninjutsu (Lvl 1) (500/500)
+Wind Arrows (500/500)
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Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Bring back the guy or something (Mission,private) Empty Re: Bring back the guy or something (Mission,private)

Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:18 am

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