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Jason Goka
Jason Goka
Ryo : 1500

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] - Page 2 Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Tue Sep 15, 2015 3:12 pm
(Great, then that's a 250 word count! I'll just be taking that out of the count for the Phoenix Flower.)

Jason immediately put his arms up to his face as a reflex to guard his eyes against any stray flames.

"Glorious!" Jason yells, astounded by Ashur's ability. "That must have taken some..." Jason removes his arms from his face and sees Ashur kneeling on the grass with minor pale red burns upon portions of his skin.

Jason ran to him quickly, stomping out small embers in the grass as he went. "Watch out is right." He grins, extending his hand to help Ashur up.

"That was some power. And judging by the amount of control it looks like it takes to safely use that jutsu, I would say that it's perfect for me to learn. It's a good way to strengthen my chakra control."

Jason looks in the direction that the fireballs had begun to fly towards. "... Lots of power."

(WC: 250/250 towards Fire Stream ( ))
(WC: 518/2000 towards Phoenix Flower)

Claiming Fire Stream
Ryo : 5000

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] - Page 2 Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Tue Sep 15, 2015 5:21 pm
(I'm Going teach you it now!)
Ashur was now aware Jason was still ready to try hard, and learn fire style jutsu, so he came up with an idea to teach Jason.
"Why don't I just teach you a extremely basic jutsu. Now I want you to repeat this until you get it, and thus this will make the phoenix flower jutsu much easier to learn! Watch closely, this one took me a long and painful time to learn."
He kneaded katon or fire chakra in his chest.
"Jason, first you must build up the fire in your chest, but not too much. Remember this isn't supposed to be as strong as the other fire jutsu I did, but this one will be very useful!"
He then made a half tiger hand sign and looked away from Jason, Ashur would then spit out a stream of flames up to three meters from his lips. This was the fire stream jutsu. This would look weaker compared to the one he had used earlier, but it would have looked fairly good for the amount of chakra used. Ashur then looked after it ended to see he had set a tree on fire. He begins to shake his head, and grunts.
"No Good, I accidentally sent a tree on fire!"
He then needed to get rid of the flames as quick as possible, he needed a basic gust of wind! He tried to think hard and long about which jutsu he had to do the trick. He began to become frustrated, as he thought he had no jutsu like that, but then he remembered exactly which one to use.
"Ignore this, I need to get rid of the fire."
He made a bird hand sign, then waved his hands to make three small blades of wind. He then smiled and put them together into one large one, and shot it right beside the tree going parrallel to the tree. The wind chopped right through a couple of tree before vanishing, and had taken out the fire as it passed the first one. This was called "Wind Release Slash."
Ashur then decided to go back to what he was trying to tech the boy. He looks at Jason to begin.
"I can't fail now!"
Ashur weaved the rat, tiger, dog, ox, rabbit, and tiger hand signs. He then knew this was the time he was going to do it. He had a face that resembled Naruto's as he looked off at the trees in anger. He was going to do this! He fired off all six fireballs, and then sneaked in shuriken into them as well! The flames traveled towards the trees, and he was able to turn all of them towards the sky. The shuriken hiding inside would have gone into the trees and seemed as if they came from nowhere. He then pushed all the fireballs together in the air, and made a semi large explosion. He smiled, and began to realize he had been exhausting his chakra by doing so.
"Pretty cool right? I think I should lay back on the jutsu for awhile. I am getting a bit worn out!"
He smiled at Jason, and began to realize how far he had came by looking at Jason. Ashur had felt he had been weak, and was feeling like the child fresh from the academy but he was stronger now! Ashur was durable though, and wouldn't stop training for a second. He was going to bring himself to the limit!
"Hey Jason, do you want to have a fun little spar with a clone of my pet?


Phoenix Flower Jutsu Learnt.
(Now I am probably going to learn some simple things XD.)
Jason Goka
Jason Goka
Ryo : 1500

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] - Page 2 Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Tue Sep 15, 2015 6:03 pm
"Alright, that sounds good." Jason jumps back a few meters. "I'll be sure to attempt that jutsu you showed me that set that tree on fire."

As always, Jason reaches into his ninja pouch on the right side of his lower back and pulls out a kunai with his right hand to begin the battle. In his head, Jason was reviewing everything he had just seen.

"Just that fire stream. That's all you have to worry about right now." He thinks, eyeing Ashur across the field.

Jason's left hand slips into his second ninja pouch next to his first and grabs a hold of a second item but does not pull it out. Instead, he keeps it concealed so that his opponent was kept guessing rather than being able to plan for a future move.

Jason takes a deep breath, circulating his chakra so that he's ready to build it up for a stream of fire to attack with. He's feeling it this time. "I'm feeling it this time." He thinks.

He spins the kunai around his finger using the hole on the end and stops it after a few rotations. This let him feels the sheer rush of a battle. It has been quite some time since Jason has been in a sparring match, the last time being with Eriya, his friend with the byakugan. Upon remembering his last match with Eriya, Jason also remembered the reason he was doing this. Why he was doing all that he could to get stronger. His goal.

Leave Kumo. Find Eriya. Come back to the village... to kill the Raikage... Mortarion.

A lofty feat. One does not simply kill the current Raikage nor any Kage at all for that matter. And yet, here Jason is... striving to do so. That's why he's doing this. He realizes entirely that he could stop if he wanted to. He could live quietly and peacefully, relaxing instead of being a ninja. But ever since Eriya left Kumo and became a missing nin earlier than Jason planned to, he knew that he would have to speed things up with his goals.

"Eriya's already out there... waiting for me." Jason thinks. "And it would be impolite to keep a friend waiting." He chuckles in his head.

But none of it is a laughing matter. Really, Jason just wanted to joke around as much as he could about the road to his goals... until it came time for him to get serious, which was never his style. All he can think about are the bodies on those pikes. Bodies on pikes. Bodies on pikes...


(WC: 954/2000 towards Phoenix Flower)
(Getting there :glowfrog: ^^)
Ryo : 5000

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] - Page 2 Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:16 pm
"Well here comes the fight!"
Ashur smiled, and stared at Jason. He brought out his scroll, and untied it. He then slung it upwards, and a puff of smoke appeared. The boy smiled as a replica of his familiar was there in front of him. He then pointed at Jason with a sly grin.
"His name is Brandon, and he is going to go easy on you unless you want to die today."
Ashur smiled, and sat back onto the ground. He would then begin to focus on his very chakra network, imagining new jutsu and possibilities. His power was grand and untapped! The frog ran straight towards Jason with 31 speed. Once it was close, it would punch Jason in the stomach and thus stab a spike on it's knuckle into Jason's non-vitals. Ashur was now focused on making sure the frog didn't do anything crazy.
"Hey, Brandon, nothing permanent this is a spar!"
The frog nodded, and smiled. This would be the most shocking feature of the frog, the ability to talk.
"Don't worry, this ninja just needs some practice fighting with a bit of terror involved."
The frog nodded, and Ashur would look at Jason and shrug. If Jason were to do a fatal blow, the clone would die instantly into smoke lie a shadow clone. The real Brandon lived in a poke ball in his weapon pouch.


(Good luck with the Raikage, he is very strong and good at fighting. Killing him would be godly though, and would be a very seriously amazing feat. I wish you luck, but I am defininitly going to stay out of this. He is very strong, and keep in mind you should do this with a group of people, because everyone in the village is going to try to kill you as well! You have a long way to go to kill the Raikage, but you can do it if you get a team strong enough.)
Jason Goka
Jason Goka
Ryo : 1500

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] - Page 2 Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:17 pm
(Thank you! It will be hard, yes, but I'm thinking that it will definitely be a big thing throughout the community I might be a good guy or a bad guy but I'll definitely be a famous ninja XD.)

Jason remains silent, focusing on the enemy coming at him but also keeping tabs on Ashur. Always wary of everything, Jason constantly concentrates on everything in his field of vision so that, in the case of an attack, he can react regularly rather than using simple involuntary reflex.

Jason throws the shuriken from his left ninja pouch forward at Brandon and, as it flies, runs behind it so that his enemy has two things to worry about in quick succession: the projectile and Jason himself.

(WC: 1039/2000 towards Phoenix Flower)
Ryo : 5000

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] - Page 2 Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:40 pm
(This is something called "timelining" where I take everything play by play. It is the most common thing people do. Throwing the shuriken gave it the throwing speed boost, so that limits me very much so. Very well done actually, but could use some work.)

As Jason reached for his ninja pouch Brandon knew he was about to get pretty screwed over. He jumped to the side, and then Jason would have thrown it at him, and then would begin to run around him. The frog began to become very astonished to see this boy knew what he was doing, and was only able to jump to the side right into Jason. If Jason wasn't able to avoid, he would be slammed into the side as he tried to make his way around the frog. The shuiken would then go flying behind where Brandon used to be.

Jason Goka
Jason Goka
Ryo : 1500

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] - Page 2 Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:10 am
(Sorry, I don't quite understand your last post. That might be because I'm at school and half of my conctnration is on other things... like youtube... Tell me if I'm doing something wrong or if your character did something that I am ignoring. The following is my responding action to what I think you did.)

With Brnadon, Ashur's summon, to his right and a wasted shuriken flying away from him, Jason had to weigh his options quickly. Luckily, this is one of Jason's strong point. He practices quick thinking and fighting on instinct because, as a ninja, he faces such dangers everyday.

"Kunai!" Jason yells in his head, flinging the one that was in his hand. He grabs a second one from his left ninja pouch, ready to run at him again.

The same strategy twice... any other ninja would look down on Jason for assuming his opponent will fall for the same trick again. But he has plans... and as always, he keeps them hidden.

(WC: 1150/2000 towards Phoenix Flower)
Ryo : 5000

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] - Page 2 Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:09 pm
(Oh no you're good XD)

Ashur looked to see the boy looked as if he was struggling. The boy knew Brandon was around equal in power to himself, but he didn't think it would be this hard. He began to think he was overestimated Jason, and began to get a plan. He knew what made people strong!
"Jason, what is your goal, your aim in life? I can help you realize this for combat!"
This seemed corny, but fighting for a cause worked for Ashur. He then watched the fight.

Brandon tries to dodge, and the kuani digs into his shoulder. He cries out and gives Jason a death stare. Ashur saw this and began to shake is head.
"Brandon, don't do that. We don't need to do anything that will draw attention."
He gave a glare at Brandon who sighed. The frog knew exactly what the boy was talking about and began to get annoyed. He wanted to cloak and take this kid out in a blink of an eye. The frog jumped forwards and tried to punch Jason again, the frog was getting angry and was becoming tired of looking bad. Ashur saw this and smiled.
"Hey Jason, this is too easy for you. Let me make it fun."
He pulled out a poke ball, and looked at it in his hand. He only thought "this is going to be too much maybe." He looked at Brandon with the shoulder wound and nodded to himself. This was going to awkward.

He pressed the button on the ball, and the real Brandon appeared in front of him instantly. He smiled, and the frog looked at his clone and was very confused.
"Ashur, what is this?"
Ashur smiled, and just pushed the frog forward a bit. Brandon rolled his eyes and ran towards Jason. When he got close he would punch with his right hand, and try to stab into Jason's chest. This fight was now a two vs one, much more exciting this way.

Jason Goka
Jason Goka
Ryo : 1500

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] - Page 2 Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:46 pm
"Are you kidding me?" Jason thinks briefly before pulling out a second kunai in his hand and assuming his regular stance, one kunai held backhand in front of his neck and the second one held forward hand with his arm straight down his center.

With two opponents to fight now, Jason's attention is now spilt three ways. He must concentrate on Brandon, Ashur, and now this new toad. "Well, that's no - " Jason begins to whisper before Brandon lands an attack on Jason's left side and stabs into his left arm in front of his chest, jarring him to the ground.

"Definitely no good." Jason decides to take Ashur off of his radar as the chances are high that he won't join the battle any time soon. Until that time, Jason would concentrate on the two targets in front of him. "Well, one more trick up my sleeve..."

Jason jumps to his feet and runs at the two toads, ready with his kunai. Upon reaching a good distance, he will use his tall legs to perform multiple sweep kicks low to the ground, kicking up many blades of grass with each sweep.

(I really hope you don't know what I'm doing XD)

(WC: 1343 (657 to go :glowparrot:)/2000 towards Phoenix Flower.)
Ryo : 5000

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] - Page 2 Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Fri Sep 18, 2015 10:47 pm
(I have no idea, but it sounds interesting. Smile)

Ashur watched the fight go on, and realized Jason might have not heard him from being in the fight.
"Hey, Jason, what are you fighting for?"
It now became a curiosity. He really wondered what reason this adult had to become a ninja. He waited for a response and then would focus on his chakra again. He began to think of a way of trying to store some for later, because he really needed that badly. He lusted for more items and chakra all the time. He loved items so dearly. Ashur looked back at the fight then.

The frogs begin to seem like they were playing around again. They watched and chuckled as the man began to kick up grass.
"What are you even doing?"
The original began to laugh, and the two stood together in front of Jason. The problem was how it was obvious that the clone was the one with the shoulder wound. They began to look at Ashur with a grin on their faces.
"Is this guy for real? I don't know what kind of attack he is going to do, but it looks puny compared to yours Ashur."
Ashur looked at them and put a finger to his lip.
"Shhhhh, we don't talk about that in front of others who wish to spar with you. I might show him a thing or two later, but right now we are on the lay low."
He knew Jason would hear this and in a way was bragging, but he didn't mind so much. He was very narcissistic. Ashur would watch the scene unfold with eyes lit up, if Jason hadn't responded he would have bugged him again.
"What is your reason to become a ninja and fight? If you tell me I will help you realize that goal no matter how crazy it is, and help you use that goal as a strength in combat."

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