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Jason Goka
Jason Goka
Ryo : 1500

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] Empty Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:20 pm
Jason, after reporting his completed mission of cleaning the armory, runs to his home in order to train for the next chuunin exams.

"Time to learn a new jutsu." He thinks. "Preferably a fire style... but which one?"

Upon arriving at his home, Jason opens the door and takes a look around. Everything is the way it used to be. He grabs a steamed bun from a bowl in the kitchen. He bought them one day for when he would need to walk in and leave with a quick bite to eat. He exits and stands in front of the door, looking out at the area in front of him.

"This is fine place to train." He thinks, scouting the small field. " But I still don't know what jutsu to practice. A fire style, yes, but which one? What can I handle? Well... I guess that depends on my strategy."

Jason takes a seat next to his door to think about the right jutsu for his strategy.

(WC: 168/2000 towards "Phoenix Fire" ( ))
Ryo : 5000

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:05 pm
(Hey, welcome to the site. Smile Don't worry about matching word count or anything of that sorts. I like to write a lot. XD)

Ashur walked down the streets of Kumogakure feeling like he simply wasn't good enough. He had a single flame in his heart for becoming stronger, that felt as if he was going to be completely melted. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt to fit his thirteen year old body. Ashur was wearing a blonde wig over his feathers for hair, and over his shirt was a flak jacket. His wings were spread out from holes in his flak jacket and t-shirt, and to most he seemed more like a monster then an angel. The problem Ashur had with being called a monster is that monsters are actually able to back themselves up. He felt like a weakling, and squatted for a few seconds. He grabbed his baggy, navy blue sweat pants and looked down at his basic shoes. On his forehead were goggles, on his butt were two weapon pouches filled with items. He wore a necklace that went under his shirt, and on his back was a menacing, red sword that was a valuable asset to him.
"Get it together Ashur, you can do this."
Ashur whispered these words to himself and got back up. He looked over to see a much older, young adult coming outside. He began to eavesdrop as he walked, and stopped in front of the ninja's house after hearing the ninja having the same struggles as he was.
"Hey, you need some help with that? I know a bit of fire myself, and I am willing to lend a hand to you. If you dare try to kill me..."
Ashur's eyes flared up with a death stare that could strike fear into anyone's heart.
"I will make sure you regret it, anyway any kind of fire jutsu you have in mind? I only know two, but I am sure I can help fill in the gaps with any other for you."

(341 (This is my word total for this post)/ 341 (This is my word total for entire thread so far.))
Jason Goka
Jason Goka
Ryo : 1500

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Sat Sep 12, 2015 3:21 pm
(Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm trying to get to 2000 for a jutsu but if we could keep this going for a second one, I'd appreciate it ^^)

"Kill you?" Jason asks. "Why would I kill..."

He notices the wings on the boy's back.

"Oh, I see." Jason nods. "I've heard about you. People have been telling me that you're a monster. Now that I see you in person, I have to say, those wings look a little too clean to be called the wings of a monster."

For the most part, Jason was sincere but, partially, he was hoping that his kindness would greater ensure his chances of this fellow helping him out.

(254/2000 towards Phoenix Flower)

Last edited by Jason Goka on Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:31 pm; edited 1 time in total
Ryo : 5000

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:01 am
(You can't use my word count for your jutsu, I would if I could, but your character has to write 2,000 words. No worries though. Also thank you for putting the link for the jutsu at the begining of the thread, it helps a lot. Smile)

Ashur smiles at the compliment. He decided to ignore that this ninja also knew he was called a monster like the others. He looked into this teen's eyes and see promise of kindness, but he also saw something that lusted for power. Ashur felt like cringing, he knew that look all too well. This was the look of determination it seemed, something so great yet dangerous. This ninja had seemed as if he was going to be something to fear. Ashur loved these types of people, dangerous and interesting. Ashur felt this ninja wasn't ready for anything too powerful yet, he needed something strong though. A fire style jutsu that was something to fear, but not something to destroy large landscapes though. Ashur pulled out his jutsu book, and read through the pages until he looked at a jutsu he thought was perfect. He closed the book, and put it back away.
"Hey, I'm Ashur, and I feel you should learn a jutsu I read about in this book. I don't know the jutsu yet, so lets learn it together. A little warning though, I am a quick learner. Anyway, it is called Phoenix Flower jutsu, also it used to be used by a great missing ninja named Sasuke. I feel this jutsu is perfect for you unless you have something else in mind."
Ashur smiled after finishing his sentence. He looked almost as trustworthy as a parent. He brought out his book and read up on the jutsu again.
"So all I know is that by doing the rat, tiger, dog, ox, rabbit, and tiger hand signs you can spit out six fireballs. I can look for another if you want, all the jutsu in this book aren't the strongest though but it is good to build up an arsenal."
Ashur began to show each hand sign slowly to the ninja to give him a mental picture of what it looks like, then would try to do it faster. This training was also for muscle memory as well. Ashur smiled, and felt he got the easy part down at least. If the ninja had said no to learning the jutsu, he would then pull out his book and search for another.


(Another note: Is this your first site? Because if it is then you are doing a wonderful job at rping. Definitely a lot better then I was when I started. Smile)
Jason Goka
Jason Goka
Ryo : 1500

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:14 pm
(It is actually. I've never role played before.)

Jason observes his hand seals, doing his best to see and understand each one. Remembering his description of the jutsu and the hand seals he was shown, Jason visualized himself performing the attack himself. At the thought, he smiled.

"That's almost perfect!" Jason stands and, walking closer to the fellow Kumogakure shinobi, asks, "Before anything else, what's your name?"

(313/2000 towards Phoenix Flower)

Last edited by Jason Goka on Sun Sep 13, 2015 6:22 pm; edited 1 time in total
Ryo : 5000

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Sun Sep 13, 2015 5:35 pm
(That jutsu never got approved though.)

"I'm Ashur."
He smiled and pointed a thumb to his chest. He then looked at the ninja as the man began to walk towards him.
"Hey, what is your name anyway? I think I have seen you somewhere."

Jason Goka
Jason Goka
Ryo : 1500

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Sun Sep 13, 2015 6:21 pm
(Oh wow, I completely ignored that part about jutsu creation XD. Okay, thanks.)

"Jason." He responds, focusing on Ashur. This is what Jason does with all of the new people he meets. Especially shinobi. With so many in the world, each with their own talents and abilities, it's good to have a meaning and image behind each name. If not, many are easily forgotten. And Jason had no intention of letting this one, a shinobi willing to go out of his way to help him, leave his mind.

"That jutsu. You called it the Phoenix Flower jutsu. The way you described it sounds like it might be quite hard to master. Six fireballs at once..."

Inside, Jason relishes the challenge. To him, if he could master a jutsu of such magnitude and skill, he could definitely become stronger. Along with that, he would be one step closer to leaving Kumogakure, the darned village.

(453/2000 towards Phoenix Flower)
Ryo : 5000

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Sun Sep 13, 2015 7:06 pm
"Oh, Hi Jason."
Ashur would wait a little bit to think before Jason asked a very funny question to the ninja. He smirked hearing the sentence come out.
"Jason, you probably think it is hard, but let me show you something that took my a long time to learn. Stand back."
Ashur smiled at Jason, then simply weaved a horse hand sign. He then breathed out a massive amount of flames that engulfed an open area Ashur was blowing it into. He would then smile and wipe his lips with the side of his hand.
"Pretty cool right? Anyway lets begin the fun times, we should focus on making one at a time then focus on making six at once gradually."
Ashur smiled ready for the challenge.


Jutsu Used:
Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation
Jason Goka
Jason Goka
Ryo : 1500

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Mon Sep 14, 2015 4:04 pm
(Sorry, school recently started for me so I'll be posting just a few hours later than usual.)

"Okay, one sounds easy enough." Jason took a few step back from Ashur and faced the same scorched trees. "Knead the chakra into fire..." Jason thinks as he performs the rat-tiger-dog-ox-rabbit-tiger hand seals in a quick succession, "and expel it from the mouth."

Jason blows powerfully above his finger tips on the tiger seal for just a second, closing his eyes. Upon opening them, he notices first that his chest feels quite hot inside but sees next a small fireball fly away from directly in front of him... a small fireball.

"What? That felt perfect... and all I got was a measly fireball." Jason stares as the fireball dissipates in mid-air before him. He knows that he has quite a lot to learn about chakra concentration. And here, with him is a fellow who just burned down a bunch of trees!

"Well..." He turns to Ashur. "What is it supposed to feel like? How'd it fell when you made that fireball? Maybe if I try to mimic that feeling, everything else will follow through."

(WC: 627/2000 towards Phoenix Flower)
Ryo : 5000

Training [NK, Open, Timeline] Empty Re: Training [NK, Open, Timeline]

Mon Sep 14, 2015 4:58 pm
(That is fine, school is going on for me as well XD. Post whenever you want. I can teach you Fire Stream for half the word count since I learned it, if you want to learn more jutsu.)

Ashur was amazed Jason was able to make the single fireball, as small as it was. When he had first learned his first fire jutsu he had burned himself, but then that got him thinking about the best way to help Jason. He tried to remember the spark to his flame, the very thing he had used to make these brilliant flames, and finally he got it!
"Jason, have you ever had something that really made you enraged? Can you imagine or relive the death of a loved one? You need to find something that makes you angry to match the very flavor of the flames. You seem to have the chakra control down for your stomach, you just need to get angry and let lose. You are holding back, probably because fire is a very scary area to train in. The element is a double ended sword that can very well work against you, so I can understand why some are afraid of it. The best thing to do is too be as furious as the flames and let lose. This worked for me at least."
Ashur smiled, and decided he was going to have to give an example to help this boy. He felt as if he could do this with ease! He was going to show the jutsu in one go. He took a deep breath with his eye's closed and envisioned the jutsu being cast, he then read from his book out loud what the jutsu did. Ashur now felt he was ready, and would close the book and put it back. He then weaved the rat, tiger, dog, ox, rabbit, and tiger hand signs while building up the fire chakra in his chest.
"Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu!"
He read out the name for the sheer thrill of it, and then tried to spit out six fireballs towards the trees again. He was successful in this, and the balls of fire began to travel away.
"I did it! Jason, I actu..."
The fireballs then exploded in his face around half a meter away. Ashur jumped backwards from the flames, and had first and second degree burns over his skin. He cried out in pain, and began to realize he had made a very large mistake by making too many to begin with. He had lost control, and they had blown up! He looked down to feel the pain going through his arms and legs. He shook his hands outwards, and then looked at Jason surprised.
"Jason... Uh... Just watch out I guess. You see I was too confident and tried to do the full potential all at once to show off, but now I look like an idiot. Take this as a lesson for all fire jutsu you know or are going to learn."
Ashur smiled, and simply ignored the pain and his burnt clothes. He had felt much greater pain then this, and knew this wasn't something to worry about. He had luckily saved his hands from the flames. He took a deep breath and looked at Jason hoping this wasn't going to scare him out of this.

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