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The Final Two Meet (Private) Empty The Final Two Meet (Private)

Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:39 pm
Ashur walked down into the training grounds all geared up and ready to learn some kind of new and powerful jutsu to disseminate the people who would dare try to fight him. He began to outstretch his wings, and glared while looking around. Ashur knew nothing but power, the power he needed to live. He looked in the training grounds to a waterfall. Ashur never wanted to learn water, but it might be fun to train some fire there. He popped down onto the ground, then sat as if he was meditating. The boy began to search in his mind for the person he wanted the most, himself. The thing was there was a gate in his own head blocking his entry. This shocked him, and he wondered what could have been bothering him. He felt the mental block from becoming one with himself, and remembered in that moment. There were five kids his parents had in the photos. What happened to the last one? He shuddered remembering the auction of every single one, and in this moment Ashur drew his sword and watched his reflection in it. This battle wasn't with himself, but with the very thought there could be one last child that might have ended up like him. Ashur walked from the training grounds, and knew he had to clear his mind around the village. He walked around town back to his house, then went back into his basement as quickly as possible.

Once, he was there he turned on the single light to see the five children hanging on the wall, and Ashur was one of them. It seemed fate had chose just one to live, but which one? Was Ashur at his end or was it this child he forgot. The child looked younger then him, and had one detail that gave Ashur goose bumps. This boy in the photo had one eye shut with a scar across it. Something had happened to this kid, but what? Ashur felt horrified, but knew getting Brandon involved wouldn't be a good idea. He was going to do this by himself. He punched the picture of the kid on the wall, and took the picture out of the frame. Ashur then ran around the town showing this photo asking if anyone had seen him. The chilling part is when a few asked why Ashur was holding a picture of himself. He had looked nothing like the boy, but the others seemed to have disagreed. Something was wrong with this other child, and Ashur wanted to save him from the darkness he had danced with before. He wanted to show the kid that he was never going to be alone as long as Ashur was here. Ashur wanted a friend, one that was human.

Eventually, people began to give clues to the location of this boy. Some gave disgusted faces, and others seemed sad looking at the photo of the child. Something wasn't right, and Ashur felt he had to do whatever it took to meet this boy. Except, how far will one go to find their quote on quote reflection? Ashur eventually had enough clues, and headed into the mountains to find out the place everyone said wasn't anything like it! They told of a massive hole in the earth opening from the child, and a stair case down. Ashur walked around a bit looking around, until he had stepped on a seal. A tiny bit of chakra was sapped away from him, and the hole in the earth opened in front of him. Ashur looked at the dungeon, a little bit scared. He wondered what would be at the end of that stair case. Ashur still walked down to the bottom to see a lab door in front of him. This confused him very much so. He then opened up the door, by prying it open, and saw a wide open space with a bunch of human sized test tubes with tubes pumping things in them. All were broken, or stopped, except for one at the end of the hallway. Ashur looked in horror, and drew his sword to see Clyde's body in it. He began to shudder and shake, realizing that the body was completely healed and much more muscular then he last remembered. He shuddered, and saw as the other child began to walk into the room in a lab coat. He then dropped a clipboard, and began to shudder as he looked at Ashur.
"W-what are you doing here?"
Ashur looked in shock at the child who looked similar to him, except still missing an eye. The kid opened up his eye lid to reveal a sharingan, and Ashur shuddered and was taken aback. He then focused back onto what he was here for.
"I found out you existed, and wanted to see if you and I could work together. I also thought you might be stuck out here in hiding."
The kid looked at his watch, and went through papers, and computers. The technology this kid was using was highly advanced. He then began to smile and laugh a very insane laugh. Something was up, and Ashur stood with his sword ready.
"Oh goodie, goodie. I was hoping you would come around someday to find me here. You see after hearing about your life, and taking notes I have decided I wanted to become even better. The problem was that my body is too frail, and weak, but then I remembered the boy Clyde left, and began to think to myself about it. I mean why would anyone want to have their body wasted when my science can take them further then they have ever been?"
The boy laughed, and smirked. Ashur just gawked.
"So I decided that one wasn't enough too. Every body needed to be recycled! Every last person I knew needed to become the essence of my research!"
The kid smiled, and pressed a button. Bodies of his entire family, friends, and dead relatives came into the tubes and a green liquid began to fill up. Ashur watched in horror to see all these bodies were taken even after rotting a few weeks or even months. It was a hall of his dead loved ones. Ashur grew mad very quickly. He saw his mom and dad looking as if they were only sleeping. He saw the other children without a single mark on there bodies! Ashur couldn't recognize a few of them, but he had seen enough.
"You're crazy! You took the entire fucking family, and healed them for research? How can they ever die in peace like this? This show is over bud, you're research is now over!"
Ashur threw a rock at the glass of his mom, and it began to gush with green liquid as the rock slammed into it. The boy began to quickly type keys, and press buttons. Knobs were turned, and then a single button was pressed. The entire lab began to flash with bright lights in a cone shape. Ashur freaked out, and watched as the kid began to close himself into a test tube. The liquid that seemed harmless, was now something of acid after the boy himself was in the tube. Ashur watched as everyone in the tube was actually alive! He watched the skin of them all peeling back off, and began to scream out frantically. He threw a kunai at his mom's tank, and the glass shattered. He watched as the emergency lights came on, and the acid was drained from the bottom of the broken tube. Ashur's mom was completely covered in a second degree burn from head to toe. She fell forward, and Ashur caught her.
Ashur cried over his mother's damaged body.
"You have to stay strong!"
He began to lose it. He felt a sadness that made him want to scream in pain. A drastic, almost primal sadness. He felt his mother's warming embrace in his arms, and then quickly set her down. He looked at his father's skeleton, and could only give a blank stare. This was all his dad was now. A skeleton. Ashur watched as the bones began to thin, and soon dissapear. The tubes were all emptied, and drained out to the bottom of the tanks. All that remained was empty tanks, and the ringing of screams from his ears. Whatever was going to happen next, Ashur wanted no part of. He took his mother then looked back at the wreckage with a cold and bitter hatred towards the person who killed himself and many others in acid. He began to want to use fire stream to make sure this lab was never touched again, but what happened instead, was scary. Ashur began to go through the process of the jutsu, but was so emotionally destroyed, that he forgot to weave a half tiger hand sign. He weaved a horse hand sign, and then blew out the flames. The entire lab was filled with a mass attack of fire, and Ashur's eyes looked shocked as he realized the power inside of him was stronger then he had ever imagined. The flames burnt everything with ease, and left Ashur uneasy. He had never expected to be this strong with a single jutsu! He remembered the fight with Brandon as the rest of the flames died off. He couldn't believe the amount of raw power that he had just released in the lab. Everything was set ablaze, and the other child of the family had been killed. Now Ashur was finally the last child. There were some others in his family, like his uncle, but as for children it had seemed as if all were gone. Ashur carried his mother at fast speeds back the hospital in the village. She would live, that what made Ashur feel odd. To save the life he had ended as a child too! It was some heck of a day for the child the more and more he had thought about it. He remembered the flames he had created again, and began to shudder. He needed some help, so he got out his pokeball and released Brandon. The frog looked at his mother immensely shocked.
Ashur pursed his lips. A smile wasn't right at all for this situation. He couldn't have felt worse about this! He began to look at the frog, and set the body down. Ashur slammed into Brandon, while hugging him. The boy cried on the shoulder of the frog, and just couldn't handle it. Ninja are supposed to show no emotion, but why not? Why can't they feel emotion? It is so wrong? Ashur didn't dare to question if the kid had a bigger plan. He needed to focus on the now, he had watched a genocide of people he knew, and saved his mother from her own child after forcing her to kill herself. It was going to be a long day, and long night at the hospital as well. He was going to watch his mother get back to health and be by her side. He still just drowned in his misery into Brandon's shoulder, and the frog hugged the small child looking sad to see him this way. The toad still had no idea what had happened though. All he knew was Ashur's mother was back, and something had happened. The frog spoke up as Ashur melted away in his arms.
"Ashur, We need to get her to the hospital. We can't have her gone again so soon."
The frog pulled Ashur off, and let out a grin. He was the closet thing Ashur had to a parent after all.
"Ashur you and I both know that this is over. This situation can only turn for the better after all."
The frog smiled at Ashur again, as the boy began to wipe his tears. He nodded, and carried his mom with Brandon to the hospital.

(2,000 words total)

Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation trained (using word count from Here as well for the jutsu)

+10 stats for both Ashur and Brandon.
Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
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The Final Two Meet (Private) Empty Re: The Final Two Meet (Private)

Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:47 pm
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