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Rikaro Shinkou
Rikaro Shinkou
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Letter To Raikage, Travel To Iwagakure Empty Letter To Raikage, Travel To Iwagakure

Sat Aug 29, 2015 9:18 am
"Hello Sir Raikage Mortarion. It is I Rikaro sending you this letter from within the village. During the Chuunin exams I found that my mother was being held captive in a nearby village that was destroyed. The village by the name of Iwagakure. From what the package that was sent to me said was that she was being held in a underground bunker near the rock rain village and that the bunker was soon destroyed as well. But there may still be clues for me to follow. So until next time Lord Raikage " said the letter that Rikaro had sent by Hawk to the window of the Raikage's office from his leave of absence he should get it in a few.

Rikaro stood at the gates of the Demon Village. Yes that was what he naked it now. No longer was it called the village of hidden in clouds, it was named The Village Hidden In Pesticides. But even as Rikaro walked through the gates nodding to the gaurds with then nodding back to him, he ha . His gas mask on the whole time that would protect him from the many toxins in the air if the Raikage's had activated them. As he walked through the gates and towards the borders he could see the many body's that were impaled in stakes. Weeks ago Rikaro would have still thought that on one of those stakes was his mom, but know now he had reason to believe she was alive. As he passed through the field of the dead and there putrid smell he found himself walking on unstable ground. He quickly caught his balance as he walked so to not fall horribly on his face and get a flesh wound that may end his life painfully or quickly. As he walked on the ground there was nothing but quietness and the sound of him breathing through his gas mask which would have gave many children a fright if they were to see him like this.

Soon he got to the green grass that said he was out of the range of Kumogakure. As he stepped onto the solid and colorful ground he took off his mask and played it in his pack with some of his other things he brought with him just in case." Now time to go full speed ahead " said Rikaro as he sent a load of chakra towards his feet. He by himself would now have to cross many treacherous paths. If he would have went by see it would have been a horrible faith indeed. But as he still sent chakra to his feet he lunched forward onto the rocks that took upon the green grass jumping from rock to tock as he headed to his destination. As he jumped from rock he began to see how the outside world really looked. He had thought that the Leader of Akatsuki Mortarion would have other parts of the world looking as he did Kumogakure. But maybe Rikaro was wrong, maybe there were still parts of Earth that people would yern to see unlike Kumo after it's completely new makeover.

In the distance he could see snow pouring down from the layer below the ozone. He would have to change into his winter clothing if he did not want to die of hypothermia. After quickly changing into cloths that were meant for the cold he took off again southwest towards Iwagakure. He was almost at his destination a few mils more. He was not even in Kumogakure anode he could tell by the large amount of snow that poured from the sky which made him go quicker than ever to avoid being caught in a snow storm. He himself had only read about one such place that could provide this large amount of snow. Yukigakure, it was once a large village but was soon destroyed by Akatsuki. Now Rikaro could see what the Akatsuki had done. They destroyed healthy villages that people cared for. But for what cause? Was it for pure bliss of the fight or just a game of war? Rikaro himself did not know even a slight answer. But soon felt a unbelievable amount of coldness. He was on the verge of stopping but his eternal senses were ringing, telling him to keep pushing that he was almost to his destination only a few more to go.

He ran through the snow as if he never ran before gkiding over it as if it was a solid conduct. Rikaro had to keep running or else he would run out of chakra. The world around him cotinued to grow even more cooler ad the seconds past. He did not know what one felt like but he had reason to believe that he was being caught in a snow storm. But he was not gomma let a storm take him down. He pushed his chakra even harder moving at a unbelievable speed towards the rock village. He could already feel his chakra quickly degrading ad he did this. In the distant he could see severe mountains. He was almost there to the country of the Rockrain. Just a little but further.

Soon he could feel the snow letting up it's treacherous path. He had reason to believe that it was only letting up because he himself had crossed paths into Iwagakure. He fell to his knees on solid ground covered with dirt. He had made it now to find the bunker that was said to be south east of the village.


925 WC

The topic was already made. ki requested me to move it 13 hours ago but I was busy

Since 13 hours has passed I think that tales 1300 off of WC as I have seen someone else do it before and there travel got approved
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Letter To Raikage, Travel To Iwagakure Empty Re: Letter To Raikage, Travel To Iwagakure

Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:37 pm

Do you have a village exit topic? The way to exit a village and travel is to first exit through village gates successfully, then make your travel topic in borders. So please link village exit for me to check. <3
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