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The Blacksmith and the Kage - Page 2 Empty Re: The Blacksmith and the Kage

Sat Jun 11, 2016 9:05 pm
His plan did not go as expected, but he had gotten to see only a little of what Koroshi could do with his footwork and a simple kunai. As his blade crossed with the kunai he did not expect Koroshi to counter him with such a fluid motion, but once he had pushed his blade to the side, causing his momentum to carry him forward through his strike he had knew he had been out of his league. The challenge was so great for him that he wanted nothing more than to push himself and test his mettle against the Kazekage. As he continued to move forward he stuck the edge of his blade into the ground, using it as a pivoting point in order to stop himself and also turn to face the male. Once the male had successfully stopped himself, he slowly pulled the sword from the ground and took his stance," I made an error in my first move. Knowing that your ninjutsu is not my strong suit I think it is best if I stick to my strengths," taking in a deep breath Sieg began to run towards the male, this time knowing what he would be doing. Once he had gotten within swinging range he slid into position and planted his feet gently into the ground. His right foot would be set backwards two inches while his left went forward by three allowing him to pivot at a moments notice in case the male had moved his positioning again. When he had finally swung he came down towards the male's right side, aiming to strike at the shoulder. In the event that a clash much like the last time had happened, he would move with the Kazekage, allowing his body to make fluid movements so that he did not end up in a bad predicament.
Koroshi Uchiha
Koroshi Uchiha
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The Blacksmith and the Kage - Page 2 Empty Re: The Blacksmith and the Kage

Fri Jun 17, 2016 2:25 pm
Koroshi watches the young swordsmen as he moves with the swing, using it to turn his body to face him once more. Once he has regained his footing he would hear the swordsmen speak, hearing him talk about changing his fighting up so that he would focus only on his swordsmanship, this may be a good idea given that he has not had much training in the arts of ninjutsu, this may be something they can work on at a later time, however for right now it may be best to hone his skills with a blade before trying to branch himself out to other aspects. After his small speech Koroshi watches as Siegfried charges forward, stopping once he is within swinging distance, which given their positions before only takes a moment or two. After clearing the very small gap he would change his stance up to give him more foot control and balance should Koroshi try to repeat his counter again.

After in his stance he would swing his blade in a downward strike in an attempt to hit his shoulder, seeing that he is relying on striking one strike he leaves his center of mass open, which is dangerous in any form of fight, Koroshi will have to show him his error. In a swift moment Koroshi thrusts his right arm forward, moving it up slightly to meet the blade at its base, stopping the attack with his kunai knife. Once the attack as stopped he would thrust his left arm forward, attempting to palm the boys chest to send him skidding backwards. This would not be done with enough force to actually hurt the boy, more of knock the air out of him and to move him backwards. Should he not do anything to stop himself from skidding he will move a total of 20 feet before stopping, his form covered in a small cloud of smoke, blocking his vision for a brief moment "Your form is very strong, making it where you can reposition yourself after most counters, however, if your chest is exposed, and your weapon is to the side it could lead to you getting some nasty battle scars" Koroshi says with a smile, as he tries to teach him during the spar so that he can grow and become a much better fighter
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