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Rikaro Shinkou
Rikaro Shinkou
Ryo : 9300

Chuunin Exams Part 1 of 2 Empty Chuunin Exams Part 1 of 2

Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:16 am

Rikaro was up bright and early this morning ready for the first test of the second part of the Chuunin exams. He knew this exam would be hard because it was the first test for the second part. He came fully prepared five kunai and shuriken in either weapon pouch on his left and right thigh, as well as two smokebimbs in the right weapon pouch and two explosive tags in the left weapon pouch. He had on his black fingerless gloves that seemed to absorb the light around his hand. His shirt was black with a skull on the front with blood running out of the eyes and mout . His leather pants hughed his legs with the metal chains coming out of his pockets. His combat boots were newly shined with metal topping. Some would say he looked like a personification of darkness itself but he was merely the host of one. Rikaro smirked as he exited his bedroom which he had just got done doing and went down stairs picking up a piece of toast and cheese and said " Dad today is the fourth day for the exams I am leaving ". His father looked at him and nodded and went back to read the news paper he held in his hand as he had his feet propped up on the desk. Rikaro ran out of the door and into the village for the building that would host the next exam. It was the same dome building. This time only 10 Genin stood and they as well were looking flashy. Hrm what was this next test thought Rikaro. As if on cue the same Jounin from the previous three tests said " Today you each will be put under a immense Genjutsu will let the proctors of this test to see if youbare worthy enough to pass on to the next exam ". Everyone nodded there head.

" Rikaro Shinkou you are up " said a Jounin from the entrance of the dome. Rikaro nodded and walked towards the door and into the doorway. He walked to the blue X on the floor which had a red X 5 meters across from it. Each X were at the very end of the dome like structure which gave the building a 5 x 5 meter square. Rikaro figured this was where he was supposed to go to start the exam." Sit Indian style for us please and the first test will commensee " said the head proctor to Rikaro.

Rikaro would nod and sit on the floor Indian style. After Rikaro set on the X he had immediately felt the chakra pulsing through his body putting him in a deep genjutsu only himself could release from the inside.

Genjutsu World:

Rikaro woke up in his bed the birds singing had woke him up " Rikaro Honey breakfast is ready you would not want to miss out as your first day as a Raikage " said the lovely voice of his mom from downstairs. He jumped out of the he'd after smelling the pancakes his mother had cooked. Throwing on his Raikage cape that read " Lighting Beast " and a tight black T and some long leather pants and his shinobi sandals he wlran down the stairs towards the kitchen hopping tight in the chair in front of a table full of pancakes, eggs, sausage and bagels. He sniffed the air around him and smiled even more as he really loved his mom." Thanx mom " said Rikaro. Some would wondr why a 21 year old and Raikage would be staying at the home of his mother. To say the least he loved his mother and never wanted to part ways with her..after several.minutes of eating he got up from his seat at the table and picked up his yellow Raikage hat and sat it to the top of his head." Oi mom I am off hopefully I return and not be bombabred by all of the paperwork at the office " said Rikaro as he waved his mom good bye and left out of the door. Walking out of the door he saw that the streets of Kumogakure was crowdy all ninja and civilians greeted him with either waves or bows which Rikaro gave back nicely. As he walked towards the office his two best friends arriving on either side of em. They both were ANBU who went by the name Shadow and Light which was ironic seeing as they both were married." Guys what's up " said Rikaro as he continued his daily scroll towards the office." Oh nothing we were assigned by your dad to escort you to the office apparently something big is heading our way " said Light.. Rikaro frowned and said " What does that mean "." Your father has not told us everything he said when you arrive at the office he would reveal all ". Rikaro nodded and then said " I guess we should go on our way then ". 

He performed handseals and used the Earth Release jutsu that made things lighter allowing him to glide in the air towards the office. Light and Shadow took to the roofs as they followed Rikaro the office at a hyper speed. Only seconds later Rikaro would arrive at the window of his office and open it up to see his father sitting at his desk. Rikaro quickly said " so what is it dad. What is heading our way ". His father turned the swirl chair around face the 3 people behind him." The scouts that were patrolling the borders saw a army of a thousand man led by a man who goes by the name of New Genesis apparently the army is split up into 5 sectors each hosting a different job. The army is on march as we speak and should be arriving in the next few hours. We have more ninja then the army but what bothers me is that this man is unknown of. We will have to be cautious if this man plan's a attack " said Mizuki Rikaro's father. Rikaro would nod and press a small ref button on his desk that allowed him to connect all ninja of his village Genin and above to talk to them through there headbands." All ninja this is your Lord Raikage Rikaro Shinkou speaking. All Genin and above are to come to the fields to prepare for war. Repeat this is jot a drill " said Rikaro as he turned back towards his father.

"Father if this is really war I want you to be my second in command. With Shadow and Light being my 3rd and 4th. You guys go assemble our army under my orders and I will report to you once I get prepared myself " said Rikaro as he ordered the 3 ninja of equal ranks. They nodded and shot out of the window. Rikaro pressed the finger scanner on his desk and the wall to the right of his desk slid open to reveal a set of armor and weapons. He pushed over the glass case and looked at what was in front of him. In the case stood a full set of armor and single sword by the name of Void. He pulled the armor down and began assembling the parts onto his body. After assembling the last piece of armor which had no element he grabbed the deep black sword with his right hand and put it in his holder that was strapped to his back. Rikaro took out of the windows his flight allowing him to love swiftly through the air. He went towards the field to see a army of thousands ready for a attack. He himself landed in front on his father and generals." On so what do we got " Rikaro asked a question that was directed at his father." Like the enemy we have 5 sectors. Sector 1 houses Medical Ninja, Sector 2 houses the close range ninja, Sector 3 houses the special ability ninja, sector 4 houses the far range ninja and sector 5 houses the best of the best " said his father. Rikaro nodded and turned his back towards his father as he stared at his ninja. With a booming voice Rikaro screamed and said " My fellow ninja the enemy has come and try to destroy our village. We will put a stop to his actions if it is the last thing we do in life. Now ninja I have already evacuated all the civilians out of the village to the underground bunker several miles away from the village. Starting now all of Kumogakure is the battlefield. Now my friends let is defend our sister and destroy the evil " screamed Kyo pointing his hand in the air. There was a roar of sound as each and every ninja screamed.

Rikaro thruster his hands to the ground reverse summoning himself to the middle of the village as he felt a disruption of chakra penetrate the barrier. 5 meters away from where he teleported he could see man a man. The same height as him but with a unique colored eye that was red and black. He knew of those eyes as he had fought a Sharingan use before." Hello Rikaro my name is New Genesis and starting now this war will began " after those words Rikaro once again trusted his hand to the ground mass summoning his whole army at the same time New Genesis did. Attack!! They both screamed silmaltaneously. Both armies bsurged forwards as sell as there leaders as Lighting coursed over Rikaro's body his Lighting Release Armor activating. 5 meters away from the man he would quickly close the distance as he performed the handseals and pulled out his sword Void and said " Chidori Katana ". At a blinding speed his sword would be coverened in a deep black lightinf as he raved towards the man he sword extended to his pint to impale the man in the heart. However with Sharingaj this man would expect this attack and side step when Kyo pulled out his sword.

Rikaro's own Meigan would activate ad he received a burst in speed and reaction time as he raised towards his opponent performing multiple slashes towards the man's chest. As New Genesis avoided the slahshes from Void as the man was moving Rikaro quickly dropped Void and begun doing hand seals for Light Blade. A black lighting appeared around Rikaro's left hand which caused his right hand to grip his left one. The man New Genesis only being a meter away from Rikaro would surely be hit back the attack. Rikaro moved at blinding speed and stuck his left hand right in between where the shoulder and neck met on New Genesis's body. The arm would fall to the ground completely several which ended with New Genesis crying in a alot of pain. Rikaro heard someone scream and turned around to see that Shadow was being attacked by at least 5 ninja. Rikaro began doing handseals for Earth Release Earth Pillar Spear. As quickly as he did the hand seals the pillars appeared each of the 5 spear pillar stabbed each ninja in the chest that had surrounded Shadow. All of the ninja that were impailed by the spear that had erupted from the ground diagonally were hanging in the air all the life sucked out of them. He looked around and saw that the battle was in the favor of Kumogakure. Quickly he picked his sword up from the place on the ground and sat it on the shoulder of a kneeling New Genesis 

"I hope in the next life you would be cautious before you attack my village " said Rikaro as he raised his sword then brought it down at a high speed quickly severing the head of New Genesis from his body. At the sound of the head hitting the ground he heard all noise stop to see everyone looking at him." This war is now overm I give each ninja who wants another chance to live to leave this village and never return if you do return well let's just say you would end up worser than him " said Rikaro ad he pointed towards the severed head.

All of the enemey ninja dropped everything they had and quickly ran towards the giant gates of Kumogakure to exit the village. Rikaro smirked that would teach them about coming to his village. He was sure they would spread the word that the Raikage and his village are not a playing matter and one simple ninja will not be able to defeat him. He looked around him to see all of the dead ninja being mourned and the ninja who were hurt being sought to by the medical ninjas. Rikaro would have to have a gathering for all of the ninja who died.

Timeskip 1 Week:

We are here today to mourn for our ninja, family, and friends that died in the battle that took place in our own village. As they fought they fought with a righteous hurt not giving up to protect the village in which we live in. Rikudo Sennin saw that it was there time to pass as there help in the ninja world was now complete " said Rikaro as he looked towards all of his villagers as most of them stood in the plains to see his speech. As Rikaro was lifting a Golden Kumogakure head band from it's place on the pedastal in front of him he felt a searing pain in his leaf. Opening his eyes he saw a new world.

Out of Genjutsu World:

Rikaro looked around where was he seconds ago he was just giving his speech of mourning to those who had died in the battle last week. He continued to look around to see that he was sitting Indian style on the ground. He saw several people look down at him grand smiles on there faces." I know you may be confused Rikaro. But only a minute ago you were placed under a Genjutsu so we the proctors of the exams could see your true self. We have now seen your true self to see that it was the most self righteous put of all the other Genin in these exams. We the 5 proctors hereby give you the ability to move to the next mission. But be warned the next mission is the hardest of em all even a slight mistake will send you to the hospital or even to death " said the Head Proctor.

Rikaro would nod and say " Thank you I will be taking my leave now ". The proctors nodded towards him after throwing a bag of Ryo down to the ground. Rikaro smiled at them after seeing that the bag was labeled 3k Ryo. He would walk out of the place and into the area outside of it. At least 4 more Genin still needed to take there test. They were in a run for there money however. Rikaro could remember the Genjutsu world but already he felt it drifting away from his memory. Sooner or later he would not be able to remember anything about the Genjutsu. As Rikaro walked to his house bag in hand he began to think if Shadow and Light was Zaku and Lisa they both did represent those respective elements. He ignored the oncoming thoughts VA's he finally cane up to his home. 

He would walked through the door and not hear a sound in his home. He figured that his father was sleeping or either gone somewhere. He quickly walked up the steps to his room opening his took door and placed the bag of Ryo on his bed as he dumped what was in it on it. He would then get two other bags of Ryo one reading 4100 and the other saying 2000. After he dumped all contents on his bed he had begun to count all of the money quickly as he put a rubber band on every wadd of a thousand Ryo. Quickly he had finished counting and had 9100 Ryo. He was basically rich at the moment with enough to by a large house if not even more.

He stacked all of the wads of Ryo under his bed and lulled his sheet down a little so you could not see under the bed. He had to meet someone important in the fields. Rikaro jumped through his window and out towards thefueld that was away from his own home. He could see a single figure standing in the fields as if they could sense Rikaro they turned around dropped a package to the ground and took off once again to the air. Rikaro picked up the package as he opened it words coming to view as he saw a single page lying in the packagem he read the sheet which said at " 00:00 during the battle of Kumogakure Kiku Shinkou was helping the villagers evacuatenwhen 3 doctors appeared. They took her away as all of the commotion was going on as they had been following her a few days and her Bloodline was powerful. These doctors were called the Dread Doctors known tobstrikw quickly and quietly and to never return to the sane place again. It is known that their base is located somewhere on the borders of Iwagakure but nonone dare to face them " said the document as Rikaro read it.

His face had gone paled his kom was captured and turned into a test subject. Could she even be alive at this moment. Those were the thoughts running through Rikaro's head. He quickly gathered his composure and headed home vowing that he would save his mom from Iwagakure and brin g her back him to their family once again. This was not a promise but a path of death that Rikaro himself would surely accomplish ad he grew stronger in his ways to become the best of Kumogakure.

Pretty soon Kumogakure would have a new Chuunin if he passed these so called hard exams that were to come on the morrow.


Claiming 7 stats and ability to move to next mission also claiming 7 AP

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Rikaro Shinkou
Rikaro Shinkou
Ryo : 9300

Chuunin Exams Part 1 of 2 Empty Done

Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:39 am
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

Chuunin Exams Part 1 of 2 Empty Re: Chuunin Exams Part 1 of 2

Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:55 pm

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