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Ashur Steals Stuff From Kids (Private) Empty Ashur Steals Stuff From Kids (Private)

Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:08 am
Ashur and Brandon walked together to his dead parent's nice house where the auction was. The pain that Ashur was drowning in over the death of his parents was awful. The toad, as if seeing the wounds bleeding out, put his hand on Ashur's shoulder.
"It's all fine. We are in this together now."
Ashur nodded and fought back some tears. The figurative wounds bleed out slowly, each second being a wave of torture he tried to tread in. At least he had his friend, otherwise he would never make it he thought!  The two sat in their seats together, while receiving a lot of weird looks. The children of that family kept their noses up, feeling better then everyone else. Ashur wanted so badly to find them in a dark alley someday. They never even learned how to be ninja, and yet they still took away his childhood. The blood of the wounds became a burning hatred. Brandon was able to figure this out as well! He leaned in and whispered.
"It wouldn't make you any better of a person, Ashur. They deserve it, but it is a fight not worth it."
Ashur nodded, and tried to calm down. He was anxious. He wanted to shed blood like Clyde would have, but he kept in mind what kind of person he was. He just simply bit his lip watching everything he cherished getting bought up by other people. Oh boy, he wanted to release some feathers and blow this place to hell! He kept his wig on tight though. Finally, he reached a point where he couldn't take it anymore seeing the urn of his dead dog. He raised his hand up after the man called off free. Nobody else cared for the urn, not even the children of his parents who horded everything. Ashur walked up, and grabbed the urn after being pointed to by the auctioneer.
"Your urn sir. Your parents wanted you to have this. It was written in their will."
Ashur hold the urn close to him, feeling the embrace of his parents love in it.
"Did they want me to have anything else?"
The auctioneer looked at the will, then shrugged.
"Sorry, they didn't ask for you to get anything else. Just that urn."
Ashur sighed, and walked back to his seat. Brandon looked over at him, unsure of what to do.
"It must be something special if your parents wanted you to have it."
The boy looked over at the toad and began to think that maybe there was something special about this urn. The auctioneer dismissed the crowd, and the two went back home.

"Ashur, maybe they were hiding something inside of it. Did they even cremate your dog?"
Ashur's eyes lit up. They hadn't they had buried him in the backyard. He had forgotten all about it when they told him that they had cremated his dog. How could he have forgotten! The boy took off the lid, and saw a scroll with a red ribbon around it inside. He quickly undid the ribbon, wondering what secrets it could possibly contain. He unraveled the scroll, and began to laugh and cry at the same time. Brandon looked over at Ashur confused, and went over to see what the big deal was. On the scroll was a treasure map created by his parents to a sword crafted just for Ashur!
"I can't believe it. They never even told me! Brandon do you know what this means?!"
The toad scratched his head, then knew exactly what the boy was talking about!
"One piece, and Naruto crossover!"
Ashur gave a blank stare towards Brandond, and died a little inside.
"No, we are going to become pirates now, and search for my parent's booty!"
Both of them would rather not be immature, but it was too funny. They both burst out laughing, as the owner of the house walked by seeing a boy and a large sized frog laughing at a treasure map they pulled out of an urn. The owner didn't seem to even care one bit.
"Hahaha, Ashur you said booty!"
The immaturity was too strong, and the laughing subsided quickly. Ashur then tossed away the urn out of the window, and it hit the Genin he pissed on awhile ago right in the head. Ashur didn't even notice, as the kid was cursing out Ashur, and was too busy getting on his pirate costume from Halloween. Brandon got on an eye patch, and the two ran out of the house on the path to the sword of legend. Brandon wouldn't have been able to use it, but that didn't matter to him. Brandon only really cared for Ashur wielding the sword just like the swordsman from his past!

As the two ran outside of town, and into the mountains, they were overcame by their excitement. Ashur imagined a sword that would breath fire, and be made out of solid gold, as Brandon imagined a speedy katana enhanced by wind itself. "We are almost there! We just have to climb up that." Ashur pointed to a tall mountain, and Brandon's eyes widened.
"That is pretty tall, Ashur! Is this worth it?"
Ashur smiled, and just grabbed Brandon. He then ran towards the mountain, and channeled chakra to his feet. When he got to the steep mountain base, he jumped up and landed on it with his feet. The frog was still in shock seeing how Ashur was defying gravity by clinging to the mountain by his feet. Ashur then began to run up the side, while carrying his heavy friend. It was defiantly a.... up hill battle. Over in the distance there was a ninja who put on sunglasses right that moment. The two eventually made it up the mountain without anymore painful jokes made.

Once, at the top the two had seen nothing by a large boulder on a plateau. "Wherever could the secret entrance be?" Ashur said with heavy amounts of sarcasm. He then got Brandon to help him push the boulder off the entrance, and the two went a bit overboard. The boulder came hurling down the mountain and fell right on top half of an Uchia's body. All you could see was a girl crying over him, then a person receiving his only sharigan. Okay, so maybe in Ashur's imagination, it could have just been a bird it hit. The two made their way down a staircase that was hidden by the boulder. Little did they know this was going to be harder then they ever imagined.

The weirdest duo in history slowly made their way down the torch lit staircase, until they finally reached the first floor of the dungeon. This floor had lights on the ceiling, making it loads easier to see. As the two studied the hallway, the kids that replaced Ashur were watching how they completed the trials. They knew all about the sword, they just wanted some idiot to do it for them. Brandon and Ashur could both hear the children behind them, but didn't give a care. There were no cops down here. Ashur picked up a rock and threw it through the hallway, triggering all the traps. There would have been no way to get through otherwise. The two then walked through easily, as a boulder fell down the staircase behind them. The two were already too far ahead, and were walking through the next staircase with a narrow opening the boulder wouldn't pass through. The kids behind them ran like hell down the hallway horrified of the boulder, and barely made it to the next staircase.

On the next floor was a sea of lava with a few rocks to leap from across. Ashur and Brandon both nodded at each other, and simply walked on the ceiling by having Ashur channel chakra to his feet. The two made it across with ease, then gave each other a high five as they made their way down the next staircase. The children behind them went from rock to rock, very shakily. They were close to falling almost every time, but together they made it through.
"Are you sure this is worth it? They are probably going to find us."
The boy, who lead the group of a little boy and a older girl, knew what to do. He pressed in a few bricks on the wall, and a secret entrance opened up. The three walked down the staircase to the bottom while fanning themselves with expensive fans.

Ashur and Brandon got to the third floor, and saw there was only 4 more to go till the final one. On this floor was a giant stone statue that came to life as they passed by it.
"You shall not get past!"
The two ran through the exit, and the giant stone statue snapped his fingers. He then got out a teen vogue magazine, and flipped through the pages.
"Oh, you will always be in my heart Justin."
The giant drew a little heart around the head of a boy in the magazine and held it close to him.

On the fourth floor, the two saw a skilled swordsman doing a punch of tricks with two swords. The swordsman wore all black, and when Ashur saw him showing off, he knew what to do. He picked up a pistol from the ground, and tried to shoot the swordsman with no luck. The gun had no bullets and didn't work anyway. Instead, Ashur picked up a whip, and began to whip the swordsman from a distance.
"Stop that, you are supposed to fight me with that sword over there."
The swordsman pointed to a sword on the wall, and Ashur shrugged. The boy then whipped out both of the swords of the swordsman's hands, then ran forward with a kunai. He went for a stab towards the swordsman's chest, but the swordsman blocked with yet another sword. "What is with you an all these swords?" Ashur went for a stab to the throat to distract the swordsman as Brandon punched him in the back. The swordsman blocked the kunai to the neck, and was then stabbed by the spike on Brandon knuckle.
"Damn kids."
The swordsman fell over, and Ashur took a hilt and a sword. He wanted to be prepared for more posers his parents hired for life.

"Ashur, 2 more more to go till the final floor!"
Ashur nodded, and smiled. He was ready for the next floors! He looked down the next hallway to see crucibles of fire, and a man in red robes. The only thing visible on the man was his eyes. Ashur ran forward ready to the knock out the man to reach the next floor, and suddenly a wall rose up from behind him that blocked Brandon from him.
"Ashur! You can do it!"
Ashur continued to run forward as the robed ninja weaved hand signs.
"Fire style: Dance of the dragons!"
Dragons made from blue flames rose from crucibles, all heading for Ashur. The boy threw four shurkien at the base of each crucible causing the crucibles to fall over. The lighter fluid poured out all over floor, and the dragons were sucked back into the crucibles and the fire turned the normal colors again. The robed figure was surprised by this oddly enough, and Ashur dug his sword right through the man.
"How did you know?"
Ashur smiled. "It was a jutsu I read about. The crucibles also made it obvious what you were doing." Ashur realized the robed figure's face froze, and his eyes lit up. He fell for an exploding clone trick! How could he have been so stupid. Ashur jumped backwards as it exploded. He got first degree burns over his left arm, and part of his side. It also burned up his pirate costume. Ashur was now sick of this ninja's annoying tactics as he took over his pirate costume, revealing he was wearing nothing but shorts once again.
"Hahaha you fool! You fell for the cheapest trick in the book!"
The robed figure began to walk toward Ashur in the lighter fluid like a dumb ass. Ashur lit a match from his pocket.
"Wait, what are you doing? Is this some kind of jutsu?"
Ashur then tossed the lit match towards the robed figures feet.
"Wait, no please!"
The floor became ignited and the robed figure was lit on fire, screaming. The wall then opened up behind Ashur, and Brandon entered.
"Ashur, you did it, but you lost your costume!"
The toad looked sad and so did Ashur. When they looked around the room they realized a crucible had opened up a secret staircase. Ashur gathered all his shuriken and weapons, then moved on down the staircase to the last floor.

On the last floor, they saw the children unlocking the seal on the box. They seemed overjoyed to be taking the sword away from Ashur. Ashur and Brandon just stared at them as they began to notice them.
"I am going to use my share to buy Ashur a life, just kidding that not possible."
The oldest began to notice them in nudged at their leader who made the joke.
"With my share, I might buy Ashur friends and a family, something not possible as well!"
The youngest began to laugh hard as the leader noticed the two and nudged him as well.
"Hey, what was that for? Do you actually care for that low life. What kind of asshole kills his own parents? He reminds of that one kid from the rain village, Clyde I think it wa..."
The youngest looked up to see the two looking at them, and just gawked at them with the others. Ashur and Brandon smiled, and got ready to beat them into the next month. "And I was worried you guys were going to die off from the begging, at least now we get the honors of teaching you a lesson or two." The leader quickly unwrapped the sword, and put on the shoulder. He drew the sword and then passed out instantly. He had used up his tiny supply of chakra in just drawing the sword! Ashur laughed at their leader fell, but the little boy decided to give it a try. "You won't be able to use it, you have to be me to use it." The little bit drew the sword and pointed it at Ashur.
"My name just so happens to be Ashur as well."
Ashur laughed, and so did Brandon. They knew they could easily defeat this kid. Ashur threw four shuriken at the boy in every gap he could find to the boy's stance, he then drew out the sword he got from earlier and ran at the kid. They both crossed swords, after the kid took the hits from shuriken, and the sword cut through Ashur's with ease. It was if it was cutting through air. Ashur jumped back, as the kid prepared to slice at Ashur.
"Looks like your not so tough after all!"
Ashur laughed hard, and got into his attack position. "You haven't seen what I am capable of yet. You are a dead man." Brandon took a seat, knowing full well Ashur had this under control. The little boy held his sword with confidence. He had thought he was going to beat Ashur with all his heart.
"Ashur, stop you don't want to fight that ninja. He will best you with ease. You don't know what you are getting into."
The little boy looked over at his sister, and then the boy took this chance to teach the boy a lesson. He threw a kunai that sliced through one of the kid's right achilles' heel. "Don't take your eyes off your target for an instant." The little boy grabbed his ankle, and teared up. The pain was immense, and this disabled a foot. He already lost, but he wanted this sword so bad. He wanted to have everything, and take it all away from Ashur.
"This sword is mine! It's made for me, see my name on it?! Go away you theif! I am willing to kill you if I have to."
The words the boy said, was just enough said for Ashur to legally kill this little boy. He knew this, and picked out another kunai. "You know I can kill you for self defense now, you have made a death threat. That sword is meant for me, because the urn was meant for me. This sword was forged before you were born for me, and unless you drop it this instant you will die." The little boy teared up, and prepared for battle in his own blood. Greed is something that can change, and even consume people.
"You can talk all you want, but as long as I have this sword you can't even lay a finger on me. I will slice you to pieces for threating to kill me. I have every right to this sword and it's mine now!"
Ashur never usually got pissed off in combat, but right now he was steaming. He was going to kill this kid to save himself and Brandon. The oldest child grabbed the leader and ran up the secret staircase horrified. Little did they know the stairs were now occupied by the fighters from the floors Ashur and Brandon had skipped. They would be goners for sure. The boy bit his lip and had to try one last time to make sure this death was justified. "You have one last chance to drop the sword and leave with your life. I will not hold back if you continue to threaten me with death, and letting you live will be the best offer you will receive." The little boy kept his sword ready, and had a death stare.
"Are you going to kill me like our parents?"
Ashur nodded, and kept himself restrained from ripping the boy to shreds.
"I would rather die trying to bring back more then this sword, but the head of a heartless killer."
The kid was practically begging for death. Ashur brought out a kunai, and the kid kept his death stare, and began to run at him. Ashur was about to throw his kunai when a spinning saw blade went right through the kid's neck. The boy watched in fear as the little boy was dead in seconds. Ashur looked to the staircase to see a man in a metal suit, and a women with a rocket launcher. Brandon got up, and went to Ashur's side as Ashur grabbed the sword and sheath from the boy's cold dead hands. Brandon and Ashur ran at the two ready to attack. The Genin dodged another saw blade, and cut right through the man like butter. Brandon ran up to the women, and narrowly dodged a rocket, then punched her in the face. His spike went right through her frontal lobe. As the two left with their prize, and after collecting all the weapons they came in with, they felt a deep sense of how cold the world really is. The blood they were soaked in was already enough, but to come up to see the remains of the two who tried to escape, they felt like puking. It was a very long way back home filled with silence. The true price of the sword was the deaths that came with it. They knew they should have just bought a sword from that blacksmith instead, but at least now there won't be those kids around anymore.

When they got back, they had ninja investagate what happened, and then received everything those kid's had. This was all sold, and they were able to buy their own house with the amount they made. This all made for a bitter sweet ending stained in death.

"Ashur, I know you hate the deaths that went with that sword, but you have to understand we did everything we could. Also, your parents had that sword as something they wanted you to have for their last wishes. You have to use this sword now!"
Ashur looked over at Brandon, and nodded. He went to his dresser, and pulled the sword off from on top of the dresser.
"What now Brandon?" He said pulling out the sword slowly to see the beauty of it."
Brandon thought for a moment scared for the future where they fight foes worth more then minimum wage for life. The toad looked horrified imagining what would happen if they lost, then saw Ashur by his side and knew he could face whatever happens next.
"Whatever the future brings we will be ready for it together. We are defiantly stronger then some snot nosed brats, and maybe even stronger then a jounin with our combined force! I think the best thing to do next is to train for the future."
Ashur nodded happily.

Finished, Sword Gained
(3,500 words)

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Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Ashur Steals Stuff From Kids (Private) Empty Re: Ashur Steals Stuff From Kids (Private)

Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:13 am
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Ashur Steals Stuff From Kids (Private) Empty Re: Ashur Steals Stuff From Kids (Private)

Sat Aug 22, 2015 4:40 pm
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Ashur Steals Stuff From Kids (Private) Empty Re: Ashur Steals Stuff From Kids (Private)

Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:22 pm
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