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The Facade Crumbles (Private, Training) Empty The Facade Crumbles (Private, Training)

Fri Aug 21, 2015 8:34 pm
"Ashur, You need to harness your clans true potential."
Everything begins with those words, and suddenly Ashur knew that Brandon knew about his bloodline. He was scared at the thought of trying to grow out his wings to become part of him forever. He didn't even know if he could, making the feathers was hard enough. Ashur then knew what the frog meant. He had to learn to use his feathers for fighting!
"Brandon, you mean my feathers right? I don't think I am up for it yet, I still am behind in wind, and I have trouble just forming wings."
The frog looked at Ashur, shocked.
"I meant growing out your wings. I heard a rumor that you can grow wings through the power of a certain energy drink."
Ashur took in the joke the frog said, and his life changed forever. Brandon had just started something that would last for a stupidly long time and become immensely overused even though it was only funny the first two times. Ashur then accidently made history as well.
"You know what Brandon, we have gotten pretty close, so I am going to tell you straight up. Red bull jokes are hilarous. We used to be like peanut butter and jelly, but now we are like fucking Bonnie and Clyde."
They both stared at each other remembering Clyde, and began to laugh their asses off.
"Except lets not stab ourselves to death!" The boy said pounding the ground, laughing. The toad and the boy both had a very twisted sense of humor, but it helped with dealing with troubling things. Made the blades of their pasts duller.
"Hey, Ashur, You are supposed to be training!"
The two looked over to see a boy hiding in a fake bush, staring at them. Another running joke created! Three in a row!
Ashur nodded, and then put his hands as if he grabbing a ball. He then concentrated hard making a ball of wind. He then held out the formed ball of wind and made a rasengan! Okay so not exactly... Ashur made a feather in his mane and then it fell down. Ashur then realized that he had feathers for hair, and began to jump up and down screaming. He then whispered a Clyde joke, and calmed down.
"Wait so I have feathers for hair?!?! Why not make feathers from my hair?"
Ashur then concentrated and a few feathers fell under him. He laughed, and seemed to be loosing it from the fact that he didn't have beautiful blonde hair. He then put on a blonde wig and smiled.
"Ashur, you're supposed to training you feathers! Concentrate and get that wig off!"
He looked at the toad, and nodded. He took off his wig, then spun in a circle. As he spun around, hundreds of feathers were released around him, and he had the ground covered in them once he was done. He then got an idea.
"Why not infused them like those mitten from awhile ago?"
He placed his hands over the ground and concentrated hard. The feathers began to become coated in his chakra and he made them float around him. He looked over in awe at what he was seeing.
"Darn, that is pretty impressive, but what are feathers going to do in combat? Are they going to defy everything we knew about birds and cause massive, worldwide conflict by blowing up?"
Ashur nodded, and knew his goal. He concentrated hard, and imagined lots of bombing that have happened throughout the past. The visions he saw were graphic, but he decided in honor of the fallen or the people alive with immense amounts of fear for explosions, that he was going to explode these feathers! He charged his chakra into a few of the feathers, making them highly unstable. He then watched as they floated around towards buildings and even people. Ashur yelled at a Genin to move out of the way when two feathers were headed his way, but the ninja replied by calling Ashur a loser. Brandon quickly hoped away realizing what was going on. Suddenly, he realized what was going on, two feathers were heading for walls, and the other towards a Genin forehead. Things were about to get interesting he thought. He took a deep breath, and blew towards the feather. It went even faster, and made contact with the Genin's forehead. A small explosion erupted, and the Genin had a small cut along with the burn.
"Hey, I am going to get you for that!"
Ashur looked with his new found power, and knew that he wasn't going to be messed with again. He took out a fan, and began to swing it back and forth causing a breeze. He then made all the feathers go towards the Genin as well, and even charged some up to be explosive. As this all happened he made sure to have a one liner ready. The Genin looked horrifed as he was sliced up and exploded by feathers. Ashur laughed, then said.
"Looks like you got..."
He took a dramatic pause, and put on sunglasses.
"Fucked up."
Brandon let out a loud sigh, and so did the Genin.
"Really, you didn't even try after just harming me for no reason? You asshole!"
Ashur looked over at the Genin and shrugged, then passed out from lack of chakra.
"Ashur get up, we need to train your feathers to become stronger."
The boy opened his eyes slowly, and got adjusted to the sun beating down on him. He hoped to his feet and began to shake feathers out of his hair, although he did keep his wig close by his side. He then infused them, and made them float around him. The edges were razor sharp and just the way he liked them. Visions of his parents crept up on him, and remembered their faces as they fell off that balcony. He remembered their last words saying how much they loved him, and how they have been looking for him for ages. Suddenly, the feathers fell, and so did Ashur. He covered his face, and the painful flash back came back.
"Ashur, honey. Just know that we have always loved you. Your Dad and I have been looking for you for ages. We heard the stories the town said about you and only wanted to reach out further. If you want us to die, then we will. Anything for you."
The boy covered his face and began to fight the tears, he had to keep telling himself they deserved it. He knew he had to do this.
Ashur knew deep down that it wasn't right, but he had to. He was lost in the moment and suddenly he had decided not to care.
"Jump off now. You don't know what you have done to me. Do it for me."
His parents looked at each other in tears. They decided the best thing to do was to fight back the best they could. His dad brought out some feathers and so did his mom. Ashur brought out a kunai, and saw weakness in their eyes. He had no weakness, he had no soul. He blocked all their feathers, then grabbed one of the children who was shouting for them. He took his kunai and held it out to the child's neck, and was ready to kill that innocent child. His parents cried and pleaded, but Ashur simply promised that all would be fine if they ended it. They nodded, and were too drowned in their pains.
"If it is what you want, Ashur."
They both got onto balcony, and held their hands together looking at their son with a kunai to one of their children's neck. The parents both jumped backwards, and Ashur made the mistake of running to watch as they fell. There faces showed a deep sadness, and they still were able to whisper one word as they fell.
"We love you Ashur."
The boy began to cry and scream. He jumped up and down feeling regret. He then stabbed himself in the leg, then called some ninja to investigate. He already had his wound covered up though. He watched as strange men check out his house, then remembered seeing a single feather on the balcony the he had kept.
"Ashur! Ashur? What happened?"
Brandon was more in shock then he had ever been. Ashur felt the emotional pain consume him to the very core. He regretted killing his parents. He hated it so bad. He felt nasty. He felt like the problem. He got up suddenly filled with rage as Brandon tried to comfort him. He got up and let off hundreds of feathers from his hair as his tears were falling as well, then he infused almost every single one of them. That wasn't enough for the anger he felt. He brought his hands up towards the sky, and yelled. He hated himself for every second of his past. He hated himself so dearly.
The razor sharp feathers made a vortex around him that spun so quickly, that Brandon had no chance of getting to Ashur or even communicating. He tried yelling and screaming, but couldn't be heard. The wind was too loud for him.
"Ashur it's okay! Ashur calme down! Can you hear me? You are alright! Whatever happened has happened and you have to and can live with it! You are stronger then this Ashur."
Brandon was a few feet away from the vortex yelling this all out, when he went overboard.
"Act your age Ashur. You are acting like a child! Come to your senses and be more civil!"
Ashur looked over at Brandon from the vortex, then brought his hands forward.
The feathers flew forward all heading towards Brandon. Brandon could only brace himself as the feathers began to cut him apart. Ashur suddenly came to his senses watching his hurt friend, and released control of all feathers. They all came floating down to ground harmlessly. He fell to the ground, and cried while putting his blonde wig. How could I have become this monster again, how could have i become like Clyde? Brandon gets up covered in blood, and walks over to Ashur. No words were said between the two except for one big, bloody hug between the two.
"I am sorry Ashur, I was just worried for you. Your parents are dead now, and that is a fact you have to deal with.. except we can deal with it together."
Brandon croaked, and Ashur began to smile wiping his tears away.
"I think I learned how to use feathers, Brandon. I think I finally just took one big leap to becoming a stronger person then ever before!"
The two nodded, and sat with the feathers. Their hug was released, and Brandon began to bandage himself.
"You were amazing Ashur, I mean look at the sheer amount of feathers here!"
Ashur nodded then fell backwards, passed out. The frog smiled, and carried the Genin on his back. That day, Ashur learned how to feel and care, something he hated. He did, however, feel it was something he needed to know for the road ahead. A week later, they recovered from overusing chakra and from their wounds.
The two had woken up in silence, and for the rest of the morning things were silent with the two. The man who owned the house paid no attention like usual, and the two walked out to the graveyard, sworn to silence. Once they got to Ashur's parents graves they had a moment of silence after leaving a beautiful assortment of flowers.
"I love you mom and dad."

Not another word needed to be said. As the two walked away, they began to talk about even more training with feathers for a few days, and so began a three day time skip.

(2,000 words)
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The Facade Crumbles (Private, Training) Empty Re: The Facade Crumbles (Private, Training)

Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:41 pm

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