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A step in the right direction (Private, Training) Empty A step in the right direction (Private, Training)

Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:00 pm
Ashur woke up in that old man's house and got clothes on quickly as Brandon sipped hot tea in the dining room. Ashur and Brandon were going to train today, and Ashur was overjoyed to become even stronger. He quickly ran out of the guest room he stayed in, and bolted down the stairs while putting a shirt for once! Brandon looked over, and smiled. He gets up and pushes his chair out slowly. He was very calm and collected, he had to be to train Ashur. The toad picked up a sheath nearby and held it in both hands in front of Ashur.
"We will borrow this for your training. Remember you fight for honor and a good cause. Never lose that mindset."
Ashur looked at the sheathed katana, brimming with excitement. The toad grabbed the sheath and handle, and slowly moved it out. The blade made a smooth sliding sound that defined the moment. Every inch brought the question of how to teach Ashur up in the toad's mind. 
"Brandon! What is the special attack you will teach me?"
The toad smiled, and actually got used to the name. He pulled out of the rest of the sword, and practiced a few slashes. The skill and accuracy with every swing was that of a wonderful swordsman. Except, the toad doesn't like using swords and only learned to defend himself at one point. He loathed and would rather die then use a sword in combat. Ashur had a glimmer of hope in his eye seeing the future in each slash. He wanted to use swords very much so. The idea tickled him to think about.
"Ashur, I'm going to teach you the most useful skill you will ever come across."
Ashur began to imagine cutting mountains in half or using more then two swords at once.
"Come, lets go to our training spot, and I will show you how to do a little swordsman party trick. This is a jounin level skill, be prepared!"
Ashur almost exploded with excitement. He was going to learn a jounin level skill! This will show those posers who really is suffering from an age gap! He thought to himself. He walked with Brandon to the training spot, ready to die trying. He had his very essence on the line for this!

"Okay Ashur, are you ready?"
Ashur nodded, and took up a wooden sword he made himself. It wasn't the most durable, but it was perfect for the situation at hand. He got into position as if he was going to fight, and Brandon brought his hands on Ashur's arms and brought them down.
"Look closely at the sword, you will need to be looking your hardest."
Ashur realized when Brandon grabbed his wooden sword, that it seems to have gotten sharper and seemed to be enhanced by chakra.
"How did you do that? You made it sharper!"
The toad chuckled, and gave the wood sword back to Ashur. He then picked up his metal one again.
"You need to focus your chakra into it, and concentrate. This is the gateway on a path to many great things, even outside of swords!"
The boy stood amazed at how he was able to do that. Except luckily this is all for show and Brandon is unable to do this, it just was an illusion to Ashur. The toad knew how to teach it at least.
"You have got to focus real hard. The sword is just part of your arm, and a tool that is part of you. Your essence is inside of this sword."
Ashur concentrated really hard, and focused his chakra into the sharpened stick. It glowed slightly, then the boy breathed heavily and the glow ended.
"I will do this!"
Brandon smiled in awe. He hadn't seen this since he had lived with a swordsman who used it.
"Concentrate boy, you almost have it!"
Ashur released lots of chakra into the stick, then tried to weaken it and form it to the stick. The aura around the stick was all over the place and was very dangerous looking.
"You can do it! Form it to the stick, the stick is just part of your body!"
He concentrated and became one with the stick. He formed the aura around it perfectly and found the perfect balance. He then released his chakra and let out a few deep breaths.
Ashur glared at the stick in hand, and focused again. This time without as much effort as before, but it was still a struggle. He was only able to hold it for around a minute or two. He released and let out another deep breath.
Ashur sighed, and still showed impressive amounts of determination. The toad looked at this and smiled remembering the swordmans he grew up with when he was just a Croagunk. The boy created the chakra infusion without much effort at creating it, and now keeping it going was the only problem. He was going to have to concentrate much harder in order to keep it going for longer. He relaxes and closes his eyes. He imagined the chakra going into the stick, and focused on the flow. He imagined a river roaring into the stick, and then realized he should be thinking of a steady stream. The entire process became much, much easier after that. He was ready, and continued to try to hold it as long as possible.

An hour later, Ashur burned out and became exhausted. Brandon was amazed to see him progress so fast, but deep down he knew the boy had it in him all along. As Ashur releases, he looks over at Brandon and feels ashamed. He wanted to hold it for an infinite amount of time. Brandon said it was a passive thing that required no attention to after mastery. Brandon looked at Ashur, and saw how exhausted the boy was.
"We should head back, and save our energy for more training tomorrow. I have a great idea for tomorrow as well that you will just love."
The two walked back together, and Ashur still had a massive amount of the guilt bearing down on him for not being able to do it for a longer period of time.

Once they got back home, they ate a lunch of pizza and salad, then ran off to run errands together. The poor child was exhausted  from training, and had to do some community service and dirty jobs for money. At least he had his toad to help him out though. Ryo was hard to come by to Ashur, and he found training in heavy lifting and hard labor.

Once the two came back to the house they had a sack of ryo and crippling exhaustion. The two were asleep very quickly and the man who lived there seemed to not mind one bit. He was a street salesman who sold hand woven carpets, and he got paid very well. He only asked for Ashur to no get in his way or speak to him, which seemed fair enough for a free place to stay at with Brandon. "Good times" Ashur says remembering the day he got a roof to live under without any abusive or annoying parents. He rolled over and passed out on the bed.

"Ashur? You there? Wake up!"
The boy sat up in bed to see Brandon holding a pair of mittens.
"Whats going on?"
Brandon smiled and put the mittens on his hands.
"Learn to infuse these and practice on other various objects. Also try to infuse your chakra in them for as long as possible. That is it for your training today."
Ashur nodded, and was able to infuse the mittens with chakra without much difficulty. He then wore the mittens through his everyday tasks and even infused other objects. He became good at it through the day, and was even able to infuse items without much thought or effort at all! He practiced infusing large and small objects, and even objects shaped very particularly. He did this for three days until it was something he did with everything without any thought. It became second nature to the boy. He was even able to infuse a action figure that was detailed with many nooks and crannies. He got this down pretty quickly.

When Ashur woke up with mastery of this skill, he was overjoyed. He had really done it! He goes up to the toad, and grabs various  objects, infusing them with chakra as if he had been doing it his whole life. The toad looked impressed and gave the boy a great big hug.
"Fantastic, you do it like a master Ashur. Now comes the real and final training. Are you ready for this Ashur? It is going to be your final and hardest test so far to show me how far you have come. You will be using the benefits of your extensive amounts of training in action, and be put to the test!"
The boy began to smile as they released, and looked at the toad in the eyes.
"Yes! I'm so ready!"
The two got their swords and walked to the training ground for the final test they will do.

Brandon looked over at Ashur, and got his fists ready, as Ashur raised the sharpened stick.
"You will have to go all out to make sure I don't break that stick. You will see the strength and life you give to that stick without even noticing! Ashur I can't believe you have made it this far already. Get ready!"
The boy got into position and the stick was already infused before the thought passed his mind. It was amazing to think he had mastered this in such a short period of time. The toad ran at him getting ready to punch the stick, and Ashur held it out and braced himself for the impact. The toad's punch didn't even crack the stick. Brandon bring back his arm, and shakes out the pain.
"Holy shit, that stick is defiantly stronger then it was before."
The child chuckled at this, and readied his stick with no sense of the power in it. The two made eye contact with each other, and the boy suddenly looked shocked.
"You have gotten a lot stronger."
The toad looked over shocked, and began to smile. He got into attack position and so did Ashur. They both braced themselves for combat.
Brandon started with a dash towards the boy, and Ashur swung at the toad timed perfectly to hit when in close range. The toad saw this coming and jumped at the last moment as high as he could. Brandon then put his foot out and came hurling down towards Ashur. The boy responded with leaping out of the way onto his side as the toad landed on it's feet.
"Clever move, Ashur."
Brandon hopped forward, and Ashur held up his stick as he tried to get himself up. The toad punched the stick at full force, and Ashur held his grip tight. The toad began to crack the stick with the sheer impact, then retracted his fist. Ashur got to his feet, and realized the stick had been cracked. The two ran at each other once again, and traded blows again. The stick cracked even further and one more attack would break it. The toad knew this, and jumped up and kicked the stick in half. Ashur smiled, and so did Brandon.
"Great work, Toxicroak."
The toad smiled more so hearing his real name being said. He began to realize he liked being called Brandon instead.
"Now, let's go home and celebrate!"
Ashur began to ran home, and Brandon rolled his eyes while smiling.
"He is becoming more and more like that swordsman every day."
Brandon began to run towards Ashur yelling to wait up. The two slept well together and their bond became even deeper then it had before.

[2,001 words]
Chakra Infusion Skill Learned
10 stat points gained for both Brandon and Ashur Razz
(Leave thread, training complete )

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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

A step in the right direction (Private, Training) Empty Re: A step in the right direction (Private, Training)

Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:10 pm

Please clarify that its ten stats each <3
Ryo : 5000

A step in the right direction (Private, Training) Empty Re: A step in the right direction (Private, Training)

Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:16 pm
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

A step in the right direction (Private, Training) Empty Re: A step in the right direction (Private, Training)

Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:22 pm

Approved <3
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