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Friends Found (Private, Training) Empty Friends Found (Private, Training)

Fri Aug 21, 2015 2:41 pm
Ashur woke up in the morning and decided to go training to once again beat the shit out of any ninja who made fun of him for his height or age. He got on his cargo shorts, and put a cherry lollipop in his mouth. He got some gusto and a will to become the gangster of Kumogakure. He walked outside and has an attitude that the world was his oyster, and he had just ripped it to shreds. Ashur walks out feeling bodacious. As he walked out of the house he lived in with the old man, he was "greeted" by other Genin.
"Hey Ashur, still got no parents I see? Maybe you should die off like them."
Ashur looked over at them with a blank stare. There were three of them, all weaker then him. He liked the odds he was seeing. Time to have some fun.
"Fucking fudge packer still lives with that old man."
They were testing Ashur's massive amounts of patience. He decided he was going to beat them up just for the fact that they are asking for it. He cracks and knuckes and they begin to become uneasy. Another one chimes in trying to hold some face.
"Someone doesn't even know how to throw a pun-"
Ashur grabbed a baseball bat on his porch and jumped down at full speed towards the man. His eyes were dull and the only thing left in them was a trace of happiness. The ninja began to take steps backwards, and the others got ready with fists filled with confidence from the age gap. Ashur slammed the end of the bat into the ninja's forehead perfectly in the center. Then touch a punch in the gut right into the other Genin. He let off a grunt as he was grabbed by the Genin he was punched into. The one hit with the baseball bat was on the ground with a big red mark smack dab in the middle of his forehead. The Genin who had punched him in the stomach walks up with fists bared.
"Not so tough now for a little rascal. I will make sure to beat you like that one family you got adopted into."
Ashur, for once, actually cared this time. That means that they would be beaten into next week. The Genin throws a punch into his stomach again, but Ashur kicked the Genin's fist away. He then kicked the legs out from the Genin holding him, and was released. Now was the time to leave them with something they won't forget. He takes out his baseball bat, and swings the Genin just getting up right in the head again. The Genin was down for the count, and then the Genin he had kicked the hand away from went for an upper cut. Ashur spit out a kunai he had holding in his mouth, and the knife stabbed right the Genin's hand. Ashur was still knocked up from the impact still knowing he just ruined this Genin's hand. The last Genin began to weave hand signs for a jutsu and Ashur knew at that momment he was screwed. He jumped up and kicked off the Genin in the stomach. He didn't have much of plan for what was next, except ruining these guys lives.
"Senbon Shower!"
The Genin raised a umbrella behind him, and spun it up. tons of senbon dug into Ashur and the other two Genin. Ashur looked back to see the other two Genin in very bad states, his kunai was still stuck into the hand of one of them. He was only happy to see no poison. Ashur was covered in blood, and he knew the battle had gone too far. He falls to the ground unable to move and slowly began to slip away. The last thing he saw was large frog speed down and ram a fist into the guy's face. The force and speed was like nothing he had ever seen before.

Ashur woke up in the hospital covered in only minor wounds, his jaw and teeth were killing him. He never should have tried to battle against those Genin, he wasn't strong enough. The nurse came into the room with a bright smile trying to bring a happy mood Ashur didn't have. His wounds were deeper then seemed, because his reputation and pride were hurt. He lusted for revenge, but then gained his composure. He just was going to train even harder the ever.
"You are good to g-."
Ashur jumped up, and out of the window. He gave no shits for life. He was luckily on the second floor, and landed with ease. He wasn't even close to being down with those numb skulls. He ran at full speed in his hospital gown, and stuff in hand. His butt hung out the back, but that didn't matter to him. He looked up the names of them in the police book he had stolen, then let out a crazed laugh. He instantly thought of Clyde and calmed down. He wasn't going to be psycho. He knocked onto the one with the senbon's door, and when the ninja answered he let out one massive punch to the Genin's face and the ninja was soon on the ground. He then zipped down his fly and pissed all over the ninja without a care for the world. The wounds stitched together stung with the yellow stream, and Ashur could only sigh a sigh of relief. The kid got up as Ashur finished, and was covered in piss. All he could was cry from the wounds being soaked in piss.
"Don't you dare mess with me again!"

Ashur walked up zipping up his fly, as he heard the ninja's mother starting yelling at the kid "You're rubber and his piss is glue."
He then looked over to see the frog again.
"Hey, you're that frog from earlier."
The frog looked at him in the eyes.
"Yes, that kid seemed to deserve to be taught a lesson. Anyway, my name is..."
Ashur's eye lit up.
"Brandon! That will be your name, and we are going to be best friends from now on!"
Brandon made a acidic glare at Ashur.
"My name is Toxicroak!"
Ashur laughed and ran up and hugged the poisonous frog.
"Ugh, why do you cause so much trouble in this town? And why are you in a hospital robe still?!?"
Ashur released the frog and took a few steps back in shock.
"You can talk!!! Brandon, you can talk!!! Now we can really fend off against those filthy Genin!"
The toad let out a large sigh.
"Does anything I say get through to this kid?"
All of sudden the toad heard a clicking sound. Ashur slapped on hand cuffs around both of their wrists.
"Now we can be friends forever, Brandon."
The frog looked down at the handcuffs bounding them together, and just lets out a very long sigh. Ashur looked up at the toad with stars in his eyes for the future. He had never really had a friend before.
"Weren't you just beating up those kids and being the next Rocky Balboa just a few minutes ago?"
Ashur was too busy fantasizing about all the adventures this toad and him would have, and within the moment the hand cuffs had come on, the two were inseparable.
The toad smiled to himself, and was happy to see someone who was willing to love even care for him. He was a poison frog, and that made issues for having friends due to their fear of being killed. The venom however was something he would give off when needed only.

After walking to the police station together, and talking about the entire situation with the senbon and the baseball bat, Ashur and Brandon finally got the cuffs off. The police had never seen anything like it before, and looked at both of them like freaks. Once again, Ashur didn't care for anything, except this time he cared for the frog who was parenting him like no one had in his life. The two were bound by a chain of fate that went further then anything the Raikage could even make using the most powerful jutsu he had. A few weeks past of the two training together, and the progress was like no other. They soon learned how to fight with each other and with a cause. Ashur learned to feel his feelings, and became slightly better behaved. Now Ashur fights with honor in every strike and nobility back by the cause of showing the world that his age will not hinder him!

"Now Ashur is the real test. I will only become your pet by being bested in a battle. Be warned, this fight has no holding back."
The two standing on the rocky wasteland out of town ready to fight. They both got into their positions and Ashur had his knuckles wrapped in gauze to cushion the blows slightly."I'm ready!"
The toad ran at him at full speed, and Ashur dashed on top of a nearby rock. The toad changed it's path of travel towards Ashur, and lept up ready to stab Ashur in the shoulder with his spike. He pulls out a moderately large rock, and threw it at Brandon as fast as he could. The frog saw it coming and simply got on it and hoped off towards Ashur, suddenly the rock exploded and Brandon was blasted too fast away. Ashur simply jumped out of the way as Brandon ran into a wall with burns over his feet. Ashur had "borrowed" a paper bomb from one of the Genin. Ashur quickly planned his next attack, witch was too throw more rocks and hope for the best.
"Ugh, that was clever, Ashur."
Ashur smiled as Brandon hoped at full speed towards Ashur. Rocks wouldn't work here. He ran full speed at the frog, and braced himself for the impact. This fight was the start of many. As their fists made contact, Brandon's spike was broken and Ashur's punch was much stronger. The frog's fist shot backward, and the shock was just what Ashur needed. He jumped up and round housed kicked Brandon in the face, then landed while breathing heavily. Brandon was lying on his side sore all over, and Ashur went over to lend a hand with a smile."You just let me win." The rest of the fight didn't matter except for the end, that of course excluding all the injuries they received. Brandon turned out to be considerably weaker then Ashur, he did know how to fight well though. 

After yet another trip to the hospital for both, they walked out at the end of the month they had together smiling.
"Ashur, you have got some heck of a punch."
Ashur smiled at this.
"You too. With enough training I fear the next fight. Just imagine it Brandon, the two of us pulling out all the stops with the fruits of our training. I might even lose."
The two exchanges happy glances and looked like they have been friends forever, as they walked down the street one of the bratty Genin ran at them with kunai in hand.
"I'm going to get you for pissing all over me, Ashur the fuck face!!!"
Ashur ran at the kid and slammed a kick into the ninja's face before he could react. This ninja wasn't as experienced as Ashur, and was still shaky from their wounds. The kunai were released out of his hands as he fell and Ashur just looked over at Brandon.
"Anyway, next time I have great ideas for a arena filled with booby traps and other ninja trying to kill us. The challenge would be to kill the others and be the last man standing!"
Ashur said this with heavy amount of excitement, and Brandon just rolled his eyes as he walked over the kid kicked to the ground.

[2,000 words]
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Friends Found (Private, Training) Empty Re: Friends Found (Private, Training)

Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:09 pm

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