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Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:28 pm
Coco looked through her checklist one more time. Letter to the kage explaining her journey? Check. Genin handed off to a temporary squad leader check. Travel Visa updated and approved? Check. Bills for the month paid? Check. Akira's two dozen cats fed? Check. Tracking Seal so youka would know where she was every minute of every day? Check. Coco felt that she had done everything that was needed of her to travel into a foreign land on leave for a few days. However if someone found that she didn't then her Handler Eric would no doubt inform her before she left the village as to avoid her getting blown up.

For one last time Coco checked her equipment to make sure that she had everything that she needed. Enough provisons to last her and her company on the log journey. All the swords and weapons that a young girl could want, and a state assigned handler to make sure that she comes back to the village when she was finally done. There was a small crowd gathered up to wish her well and say goodbye. Three genin especially where wishing her a safe and fu trip and hoped that she would retail them with all of the stories she could when she got back. It was just a few days ago that she'd told them that no one really respected or knew her name, so now they were seeing her off on the journey that she would. Make her name at least.
Coco was something of a relic in Kumo. Not to ssay that she was old, or eeven valued. The simple thing was that she was a ninja from a past regime, and they were gone now but Coco still remained. And that's what hurt her the most. She didn't know where she belonged, what people felt abut her. She just didn't know. But what she did know was that if nothing else she was a ninja and that as a ninja she needed to get stronger if she was going to get any respect in the world. She couldn't do that here. The only ija in her village were genin or people who could kill her with a glance. There was no even playing field for her to work on. That's why she came up with this little trip. She was going to go to the village hidden in the leafs and challenge their chuunin to battle! Nothing deadly oh no. That wasn't cool. She simply wanted to test out how much of a match she was for other people her rank. She was a hopeful for the next kumo nin to get jounin but she didn't want to get in over her head soseh wasgoing on this fourney to make sure that she could actually do it. If she could defeat chuunin her level from aother village, then she knew that she'd be ready for jounin. Besides the way she'd gotten chuunin was less than ideal. It all just seemed like a big mistake made by hq. She didn't really earn it, not in any meaningful way. Now was going to be her time to prove that she really had been worthy of the rank she was at right ow. She was a dangerous woman of the Hidden cloud village and she would not be overlooked!
She said her goodbyes to Fa Fang, Yipping Kura, and Yue Jing. They'd be turned over to an actual jounin wih no squad and continue going on mission while she was away. She would mis them terribly but she was only going to be gone for a few days and when she got back they'd go right back to their mission of getting Coco to jounin. She gave all three a hug and a peck on the cheek and waved goodbye to everyone in the village who'd come to wish her off, which was only a few people but it meant something to her that people had actually shown up I the first place. She'd ever thought of herself as popular before, or even after truth be told.
With her going away part behind her she slung her pack over her shoulder and went on her way. She was happy that she'd learned the sealing jutsu because it would be a pain to carry everything on her. Having it all wrapped up in a scroll was so much easier. Along side her was her official Kumo handler who made she that she did not deviate from the will of lord youka. Well that's fine eric. Coco wasn't doig anything suspicious. She didn't even wat to leave kumo. she just wanted to test herself in battle and by got that's what s she was going to do OR HER NAME WASN"T COCO WEI THE SALAMANDER PRINCESS !
The journey wasn't all tha bad all things considered. The lighting country was of course a mess, but that's because it was all hills, up and down up and down for days upon days. But the country was pretty lots of mountains and valleys and coco just adored the sites. This was the first country that she'd even seen outside of ame and to her it was the most beautiful in the world. This is where she saw her first glimpse of the sun, and it was special to her beyond reason. The after that is when the umbrellas came out. Ame. her home. The eternal land ofRain. grave of her mother, her birthplace and the land ruled over by Li Dian her best friend. She wanted to go back. Stop by the new; village just to see what it was like, but she could not. NNo way. It was too painful, she was too weak. She fled ad Li stayed. That's why he was the ruler. He didn't back down. Not lik her. Maybe that was why she was doing this. To prove that she was still orthy of being a ninja. A ninja was suppose to protect their country. Coco had not. She allowed herself to be caught up in the bureaucracy of kumo, and watched as her home burned, and she did nothing to stop it. 
While the journey into the mountains had been a fun litle trek through teh happy memories of her life, the rain was less so. As always it bogged her down and soaked her clothing. Gave her that gross wet felling on her skin, and on her inside as well. She missed her home ad friends desperately but she knew from that proverb that you could never really go back. So she kept her head forward and moved on forward to the land of fire!

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Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:46 pm

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