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CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
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Coco's path of Jounin Part three (p)(complete) Empty Coco's path of Jounin Part three (p)(complete)

Sat Aug 15, 2015 8:38 pm
Mission Name: Path to Jounin
Character Requirements: Chuunin and completed pt 1 and 2 of jounin path
Mission Location: Kumogakure/Amegakure
Word Count Requirements:5000
NPC? your three genin/how many ever you have left
Reward:2k ryo and the ability to move on to the next mission
Task:Not everything is about fighting and growing stronger. Sometimes the best thing you can do is build bonds with others and understand life from another perspective. What better way to do this than with the genin you have had assigned to you for the last two missions. Spend the day with them and get to know them for who they are and what their aspirations are. You should share yours with them as well, after all these nin look up to you and will be traveling in your footsteps. Will you have all three with you, or have you lost some of your nin to previous happenings, all of this will greatly affect how this story goes on.

Coco let out a good long sigh as she slipped into her robes and felt the water from the cold shower absorb into the fabric. For the first time in what felt like months she was able to just relax and not worry about the world. It was a gift beyond measure and without price. She would have given anything to feel like this for the rest of her life. Well maybe not. Coco wasn’t the type of girl who could stay put for an extended amount of time, so she would have grown tired of it eventually. However for the time being, she was happy and at peace with herself and the world.
Today after all of their missions Coco had finally broken down and took her Genin on a trip to the hot springs just like she’d promised. Her, Yipping, Yue Jing, and Fa fang were all getting ready in their own rooms. It was the least that she could do for them. They’d done everything they could to get her to Jounin so now it was time to show them her appreciation. Money was no object when it came to this vacation she was going to show them the time of their life.
Coco slipped on some sandals and opened up the door to her room. She was ready to take a soak. She travled through the wooden pathway that lead to the outdoor spa. Her sandals gently padding across the boards. She hadn’t felt this rested in months. She didn’t know what it was but she was just feeling so much more confident with herself lately. She had new gear new jutsu, and was just feeling all around good about herself. She hadn’t really been much on the confidence department ever since her villages had been destroyed. Plural. However as of late she was feeling kind of good!
As she entered into the girls training room she saw that Yipping was already in there. She was sat down on a bench in front of a full length mirror running a comb through her ling brown hair. She was alredy canged into her bathing outfit, a modest one piece. Coco smiled when she saw her. When she first met yipping she remembered her being a lot less modest abut her clothing. Now however she was much more covered up. No wear near as much as coco but she was really up well dressed. In coco’s own opinion. Not like a person could dress a wrong way or something. Unless of course they wore two different patterns of plaid, ugh. Coco liked to think it was how the girl showed her admiration of Coco. She hoped so! She hoped it was that and not just the girl loosing confidence in herself and her body at a rapid rate. “Hey yipping.” Coco said gently as she walked into the room.
Yipping craned her head and gave coco a wide smiled. “Hey coco!” She waved her brush at her teacher. “I’m so ready for this dip.” She announced stretching out her body and wiggling her toes. “I feel like we haven’t gotten a moments rest since we met you.” She accused playfully.
Coco held up her hands in innocence. “That’s because I haven’t gotten a moment of rest since I met you guys. You’re just so needy with all the new techniques I’m teaching you.”
Yipping just rolled her eyes. “Yeah whatever you say.”
Coco giggled and shrugged off her white robe, and folded it up so that she could put it in a basket, along with her sandals. She too was dressed up in a one piece not too different from Yipping’s. Even with this on Coco felt pretty reveals.  Her pale skin bristled at the feeling of air touching it for one of the rare few minutes of the day. However now that she wasn’t wearing much you could truly see just how fit Coco really was. Her baggy heavy clothing always made her look chubby but now that  a person could see her without three coats on: Yowza. She was as fit as a fiddle. Almost no body fat and a good bit of tone to her body. Not that she was a muscular amazon woman, because she wasn’t. But she was very very fit.
Yipping eyes almost started to shimmer when she saw coco. “Wow!” She chirped in surprise. “I had no idea you were so…”
“Hot?” Coco asked removing the tie from her braid and letting her long hair fall all over the place.
“No that’s not the word.”
Coco fell to the ground completely crestfallen. ‘I’m totally hot what is she talking about?’ Regaining her will to live she began to stand up and brushed herself of the accidental insult. She was sure that Yipping didn’t mean anything by that.
“I just thought you’d be fat is all.”
Once more Coco fell face first onto the ground tears rolling down her face. And here she’d thought that Yipping thought of coco as some sort of hero. Now she realized the truth couldn’t be any further from that. Some how she managed to pull herself back up from her defeat and brushed herself off for a second time. She wasn’t going to let these childish insults get her down! She was A killer Kunochi.
“But I guess it makes sense, you’re so strong and nimble that it only makes sense that you have the body of a goddess.”
Tears of pure unadulterated joy erupted from Coco’s eyes. A goddess? Well she wouldn’t go that far! A mistress there was no doubt of that? But a goddess? Well okay if Yipping Insisted. Coco couldn’t stop giggling. A goddess her? “Yipping I always knew you were my favorite for a reason!” She picked her Genin up by her shoulders and smiled. “Now come on my pupil lets’ go have our worries melt away!” With that she led her student through the doors of the dressing room and out into open air where the spas were kept!
They slid open the screen door to the spa, and could hear the screen door from the other side of the spa opening up as well. Curiously they glanced over to the other side of the hot spring and saw Fa and Yue Jing both coming out of the other Room in their trunks. They too noticed coco and yipping and they shared an equally surprised look. Coco quickly looked to Yipping, and Fa looking to Yue jin and Vice versa. The it stuck them all and with a singular voice they all shouted out. “Uni Sex Spa!!!!”
Then the camera cuts to the bubbling clear water of he spa coming to the surface. Slowly the camera pans out and we see out four ninja chilling out in the pool. However this scene is more reminiscent of a high school dance than an actual vacation. It is girls on one side and boys on the other. Neither of them look too comfortable in this situation, and they are both glancing at each other nervously. Spas always sounded nice but when you actually got in you suddenly realized that you were just sharing a hot bath with a bunch of your friends.
“Alright.” Coco figured that she should be the first one to go and break the silence. After all she was tht e one that got all of them in this situation s it only made sense. Right? Well let’s do it! “I’ll be the fistrt one to admit that this is all totally my fault.
“No question about tha!”
“Okay well you don’t’ have to be so quick to agree with me guys.” Coco shook it off. “However I think that we should look at how this awkward slice of life situation can change us for the better. Let’s look on the bright side. We’ll all relaxed, comfortable, more than a little high from all the vapors. So This is a perfect opportunity to grow closer as a team.” She looked around at her team expectantly. “You know. To like share personal information about each other. So that out bond grows.” Still nothing. “So tht we are no longer team mates but friends. And bonds between friends is greater than what we could possibly have as just team mates. We’d fight harder and stronger for each other.” It was like talking to a brick wall. “Alright you ingrates I’ll Go first, but you if you don’t follow up behind me, I’m going to drown you all in this water.”
She took herself a breath and sunk down to her chin in water. She let the heat cook her like a lobster. All the toxins in her body just floated and drifted away with the stress that being a ninja generally brings.  She looked out at her genin like an alligator just chilling on top of the water. She was going to have to think of a pretty good thing to lead up with if they were going to follow her lead.
“Alright.” She announced finally. “I Am coco Wei as you all know. I come from the land of Rain. So. Until I came to this country I’d never actually seen the sun before! I know that sounds crazy to you guys, but it ‘s true for me.  Um, I learned that I have a lightning nature because I got struck by lightning several times during training and just found that I could manipulate it. Oh! Most of my ninja adventures in Ame involved me dealing with Ninja cat’s that was crazy. I um, came to this country to get help for my country which was under attack. But the leader of Kumo never actually helped me, then he ended up dying, and now here I am.” She paused for a second ant really thought about her situation. It was a strange life she’d lived up until now. She tilted her head upwards and looked to the sky. It was night time and this far away from the city you could see all of the stars up there. There was even a shooting star just to make things really fancy. Though she didn’t curse her life, despite losing her mother. Other’s had it worse than her certainly. She was going to just let a few set back keep her life down.
“But that’s all shallow crap isn’t it.” She pulled herself up from the pool and nodded her head. “ I don’t’ want us to be shallow like that. I want us to know another’s hopes and dreams. “Okay I should get this out of the way. I don’t really have any hope or dreams. Once I wanted to Lead Ame but it’s now in better hands than even mine. So I don’t’ really have any desire to rule kumo or a country or the world. I don’t’ take enough pride in my swordsmanship to try to become the best in the world. I guess I’d like to become the worlds greatest marksman. Really I just want to keep on going on adventures and see how strong I can really get. I’d like to do good for the world while I’m at it. I’d like to travel all around the world. I’d like to see the whole world and go on an adventure everywhere. Like some really cool person! Chaning the little peoples lives. We have enough ninja trying to change the world all I want to do is just change a singler persons life a day at a time. Yeah. Okay talking to you guys has made me figure it out. I’d like to do good for the little people!” She nodded a smile spreading across her face. “Yeah I think that’s a pretty fun, and reasonable goal. I think a lot of people’s problem is that they want to aim too high. Hokage and stuff like that. It’s all too much for some people. Maybe if this goal turns out to be too much for me I’ll just change it a bit until I can reach it.” She nodded and smiled at her genin. “Now you really do have to tell me your dreams.”
Fa looked around nervously before he was interrupted by a h igh pitched croaking sort of sound. Suddenly two Salamander crawled up to the edge of the pool and sat there. Coco’s eyes lit up like stars and Yipping screeched and swam away from that side of the spring. “Gross gross gross!” She sputtered moving backwards.
“Hey!” Coco scolded. “They aren’t gross, they’re soooo cute!” Coco picked up both of them one in each of her hands and kissed the both of them on their lips!  “What are you guys doing up here? This is way too high up in the mountains for lil guys like you!”
The three genin all looked to their leader with wide and concerned eyes. Was coco actually talking to the salamanders? Okay they knew that she was a little quirky, but now they knew that she was just full on crazy. Actually trying to talk to an animal proved that beyond a showdown of a doubt. Probably.
Probably because the salamanders actually talked back. In human voices,  in a human language! “We’re the owners of this spring!” They both announced with a hearty chuckle. One masculine and one feminine. “The water from the springs keeps us nice and warm way up here don’t you know.”
Fa threw his hand in front of his face. “They, they own this place?”
Yue Jin’s eyebrow twitched. “S-S-Salamanders own a big spa like this? Aaah man I couldn’t even get that lemon aide stand to get off its feet when I was a kid.”
Coco nodded her head. “That’s pretty cool! I had no idea when I signed up for a few rooms in this place.”
“We don’t advertise that fact much. People might be leery of this place.”
“So what do I call you guys?”
The boy Salamander with the beard said. “I’m Kurpa, and this is.” The female salamander finished the sentence. “Kurma.”
“Aww, that’s cute.” Coco grinned. “Hey I know this is probably speciest but do you guys know Kasunda?”
The two salamanders looked at each other with a -_- look on their face. “Why do you?”
Coco laughed and rubbed the back of her head. “Yeah he was my main summon, him and kurdoi.”
“Poor Kurdoi, working under that guy.” The salamander ruffed.
The girl salamander interrupted. “We didn’t come here to talk about that. We wanted to give you some advice.”
“eh?” Coco asked raising an eyebrow. She set the two salamanders down where they were sitting previously.
“You said that if you couldn’t reach a goal that you’d just lower your expectations. That’s a terrible lesson to teach your genin. You should always aim high otherwise you won’t get anywhere in life. Isn’t that right pa?”
“That’s right.” The bearded salamander agreed.
Coco nodded. That made plenty of sense to her. But that isn’t exactly what she was trying to say to her students. “You’re right of course. I wasn’t saying that you guys should Aim low.” She addressed her Genin. “I was simply saying that if you are going to aim for a goal make sure it’s not impossible for you to reach.”
Yue jing waved his hand. “Don’t worry Coco we know what you were saying. You should always make your goals just out of your reach. That way you actually have to work to get the stuff that you want. Can I go now?” He looked to the salamanders and Coco. All of which nodded to him. “Now I’m just going to blow all of those lessons out of the water. I want to learn the creation rebirth technique!” He looked excitedly to all of his friends. “Cool right? Have you ever seen the creation rebirth technique in action? There used to be a ninja around these parts named Akihana and she was a boss! You can totally be split in half and still heal back from it. Isn’t that crazy. Of course that’s my final goal. I have a series of goals that will lead me to that result, but I think that It’s going to be an awesome adventure. Especially if I’m on Coco’s team. So long story short. I’m going to become the greatest medical ninja in all of Kumo!”
Coco smiled and nodded. There was nothing more noble than being a doctor. “My family is a long line of doctors. I support your goal completely. Aaand I even went on  a mission with Akihana once. So I’d be happy to share some of my stories with you if you’d like.” She smiled to see Yue Jin smile. That seemed to make his heart rise.
The salamanders nodded with their own bit of approval radiating around the pond. “that’s a good plan.” Kurma announced nodding her salamander head up and down. “You’ve got a mighty powerful end game and that’s what I like. Coco’s plan didn’t have that same end. It just kept on going on into some nebulous abyss for all time.” Well now tell me how you really feel. “Isn’t that right pa?”
“That’s right.” Pa agreed.
“What about you Yipping?” Yue Jin turned his attention to his female compatriot. “What’s your dream?”
Yipping blushed and hide under the bubbles of the spa. She held her breath for several moments before she actually came back up. “Sorry what was that?” She asked playing innocent. But her adoring crowd wasn’t buying it. She puffed out her check and threw her hands up in the air. “Fine.” She announced waving her hand. “I want to be like Coco okay?” She looked around an blushed again. “I want to become more powerful than all the oys on my team so that everyone can see that girls are just as good if not even better than boys.” She nodded to herself, and lowered down into the water. “There I said it.”
Coco broke in quickly. “Okay I’ll just get this out of the way so we can have full disclosure. I only had one other person on my squad with me, and he ended up become the leader of our village. So I don’t think you really want to become like me.”
“Fine I’ll become better than coco then.” She announced firmly.
This time Coco lowered beneath the water. Well that wasn’t exactly what she was trying to bring out of her. Coco thought about what she was going to say to Yipping but the two boys broke in before she even got the chance to. They both looked incredibly hurt by what she’d just said and by how coldly she’s said it. “WE don’t think of you as weaker than us.” Fa offered moving closer through the water. “You don’t have to prove anything to us.”
“Yeah.” Yue jin announced standing up in the water. But immediately the cold mountain air forced him to seit back down into the hot water. “We’ve always thought that you were just as good as anyone else in the academy.”
“Scarier even.” Fa added on. “I know I wouldn’t want to get hit by you even a little.
Yipping nodded her eyes were bleary with tears and moisture. “I know I know. It’s just.” She took in a shuddering gasp. “I just feel like. I’m not respected as a ninja is all. I feel like people look at me differently that people look at you or Yue Jin. Coco on the other hand I feel like people look at her and know. They know she’s a ninja. Not someone to be messed with. I mean. She, I, we’re.”
“Second of all.” Coco rose from the water. “No one looks at me with respect.” She giggled that a big. “I’m really not that hot with Ninjutsu and my swordsmanship really isn’t all that good. I’m a pretty good marksman though so I have that going for me! But only really the genin look up to me because they haven’t seen the really crazy people. Sorry to bus the bubble. But that’s why you guys are here. So that I can ue you as my springboard to become even more powerful! Hahahaah!” She moved over to yipping and put an arm around her shoulder. “My point is that there is really only one person in the world who you have to prove yourself to. And that’s you! Get what I;m saying.” She paused and took her arm away, She looked off into the distance. “Woah you just made me come to a realization. All of this time I’ve been working so hard to prove that I’m strong because I’m tired of Ame ninja being looked down upon. Holy cow. I’ve been working all this time to prove myself because of that. Holy cow.” She looked out wide eyed at all of her geinin. “My whole life is a lie.”
Fa let out a loud laugh of his own. “Okay well I guess I’ll get this off my back. Before you all went off on Yipping because of what she said. I was going to say that my goal was to become an awesome ninja so that I could show the world that Ninja without clans could be just as good as anyone else.”
“Oh!” Coco and Yue Jin threw their hands up in the air. “Preach! Everyone things that they’re so much better than us just because they got their fancy bloodlines don’t they? It’s like so whatever.”
“Kids Kids.” Kurma interrupted in her salamander voice. “You just lost the meaning of that speech you just gave, right pa?”
“You’re all still trying to prove to someone else that you’re good enough. Instead of looking outward for love you should instead seek it within your own soul. The real question is why do you seek the approval for others?” She nodded like the salamander sage she was. “Right pa?”
Woah that was a heavy question that she was just asking. If it were water it could totally be used in nuclear experiments. Our three ninja looked at each other. Not Yue Jin thought because he was old and wise beyond his years. They sat in a hot et silence for a few seconds just thinking about the self discovery they’d just journeyed on. “Alright.” Coco announced at last. “New dreams for all of us.” She nodded and smiled. “Ones that we don’t have to prove to anyone else but ourselves! I’ll go first. I want to kill someone evil in the world. Someone who is a no good waste of space and does nothing but foul deeds with their life. That way I can say that I left this world just a little bit better than when I found it. Then after that I’m going to retire when I’m ready. Marry Akira, my boyfriend and have a bunch of babies with him. Like babies everywhere, and I’m going to teach them how to be totally awesome just like me!” She stood up to her full height and punched the air. “I’m gonna be the greatest mama who ever bore a child!” That statement echoed over the walls of the spa into the mountains and down to the valley below. Just the simple want for Coco to become a wonderful mother sent several women into premature menstruation.  
The group took a few steps back from their fearless leader. Coco was a freak. But they all let out a loud laugh and splashed around in the water as Coco dived back in. The tension had finally been broken and the boys and girls mixed with one another and they carried smiles on their faces as everything started to fall into place.
Yipping Jumped up on a rock and there was a bit of whistling from the boys, even the boy salamander kurpa joined in on the playful teasing. “I’ve got one too.” She threw her nose up in the air and placed a hand on each hip. “I’m going to help the tree of the old waterfall village regrow some day! It was such a big and beautiful tree that I’m going to help it grow back. I won’t be as big as it was anytime in my life, but one day it’s going to be!” She stuck out her lip and did a belly flop into the spa.
There was a cheering and whooping from all. Now that was a dream.
It was fa’s turn to jump up on the strong. He pulled a Mr. Unversed pose in front of everyone, and there was a general cheering. Except fa lost his footing on the stone and went tumbling back into the water as soon s she’d gotten out. Now everyone was laughing at him. That is to say they were laughing with him because he was giving a big whooping laugh as well. He treaded she shallow water and smeared some water off of his face. “Okay okay laugh all you want. I’m going to learn every water Jutsu that a person possibly can! Come back in ten years and you’re going to find that I’ll be known as the water master Fa Fang! Scourge of the ocean!”
“Scorge of the ocean?” Yipping laughed. “Are you planning on becoming a pirate?”
Fa let out a throaty laugh, and held his hands out. “Yes, but the only thing I’m going to steal is your love!” He tackled Yipping and slung her over his shoulder before flopping backwards into the water and completely submerging her behind him. He let out a throaty chuckle! “Scourge of the seven sea. Waaaaa.” He made a slight scream as a powerful force launched him in high into the air. He came back down and did a back breaker on the water, landing with a loud slapping sound as well as s secondary groan from the man himself. “Consider me sunk.” He groaned. He let out the air from his lungs and began to descend to the bottom of the pool. There was a loud round of applause from all
Yipping reemerged from the water with a big old grin on her face. “Now that was fun.”
Coco looked to Kir ma and Kurpa. “So do our dreams meet your approval mighty salamanders?”
The two amphibians looked at each other and shrugged. “Good enough.”
“Oh come on!” Coco whined flailing her arms. “That was our second draft of dreams and everything. We put our whole hearts and souls into those and you’re just saying good enough.”
Kurma shrugged. “I don’t know It just didn’t seem like those were real dreams. Good dreams at least. Can’t you do better? Plus they were all awfully anti confrontational. Where is the challenge if you don’t even have a foe to go up against? All I’m saying is that if you don’t have a true enemy or rival to pit your strength against where are you going to get after all that training.”
“No!” Coco announced getting her index finger all up in the grill of the salamander. “These are our hopes and dreams you can’t just tell us that they aren’t good enough. These are our hearts deepest desires! I don’t care how much they impress you if you don’t like them then tough. Because these are the things that we want. That we really want. And you can’t judge what another person wants all by your won ya jerks!”
“Yeah!” Fa announced sitting himself up from the bottom of the pool. “Besides who cares if our dreams involve us fighting someone else any way. How are we ever going to make the world a better place like coco said if we go picking fights with other people?”
Guiltily coco picked her fingers together. “Actually Fa. I um. I said in my dream that I was going to kill someone.”
Fa just put his finger to her mouth and shushed her. “We’re the second generation. We take what our forebears teach up and improve on it. So what if Coco wants to kill someone to make the world better. We’ll change the world by healing! Just like Yue Jing and Yipping wanted! Peace through war comes from the thoughts of all you old people, well the new generation is coming in and we’re telling you there is another way!”
“Yeah!” This time it was Yipping who was standing up. “And I don’t’ even think we should care if we’re doing these things for ourselves or for other people! All that should matter is that we’re trying to improve ourselves. That’s all I have to say about that, I didn’t really have a speech prepared.”
Coco grabbed her shoulder. “You didn’t have to you made a wonderful point all on your own with those few words! So what do you think about that you salamanders? Still think our dreams are hollow?”
The salamanders both just shrugged. “Well it took you long enough. How can you really call them dreams if you aren’t willing to defend them aginst scrutiny. We just wanted to make sure that you guys really care about these things that you guys are talking about. Here at the Slimy spa we don’t just offer physical healing, we heal souls and spirits as well. Right pa?”
“Right. We’re a full service vacation destination!”
“W-W-What?” oco sputtered. “This was all just a test?”
“Yuppers! Kasunda said he was upset that you haven’t summoned him in a while so he set this whole thing up to get you back!”
“Kasunda?” She whispered. Her fist clenched and her three genin grabbed her by the arms and neck to hold her back. “I’LL KILL HIM! I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’D BE THAT PETTY!” She took a deep breath and calmed herself. “Whatever.” She flopped back down onto the water and floated away. “I’m on vacation, no worries here.” She dunked her head underwater and drifted away.
The three genin stood up and looked at coco as she drifted away. The cold mountain air hit them all but they held strong. “That’s our Leader boys.” Yipping announced.
“A fearless marksmen who talks to Salamanders.” Yue Jin added on with a sigh.
“A ninja who wears four layers of clothing even in the summer.” Fa Fang added on as well.
“A glorious ninja in the making.” Kurpa wanted in on the train of though.
“And you my young ninja get to be her disciples.” Kur ma said with a hint of pride on her lips.
“Yup” They all said in unison.

Then Fa Fang added on what they were all thinking with a playful laugh. “We’re all doomed.”

(TWC 5129)
4k for Kurma and Kurpa
CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
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Coco's path of Jounin Part three (p)(complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part three (p)(complete)

Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:03 am
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Coco's path of Jounin Part three (p)(complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part three (p)(complete)

Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:08 am
Also approving 10 AP, 2k ryo as mission reward and 1k ryo for 10 stats. <3
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