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Coco's path of Jounin Part two (p)(complete) Empty Coco's path of Jounin Part two (p)(complete)

Fri Aug 14, 2015 3:44 pm
Mission Name: Path to Jounin
Type:Border patrol
Character Requirements: Chuunin and completed pt 1 of jounin missions
Mission Location: Kumogakure/Amegakure borders
Word Count Requirements:
NPC? Will be rpc'd
Reward:4k ryo and whatever else you find
Task: Ok, so you passed your first mission on the road to becoming a Jounin. Good for you, that one was in a controlled environment. Lets see how you handle live combat now. Just like before you will be given a team to command of three genin. On the borders we've heard tale of missing ninja rising in numbers and power, and as a Chuunin in charge of his own group it is up to you to see that these nin never make it to our village. Mission is simple patrol the borders, if you run into any problems, well take care of it and report back.

High up in the mountains it felt like the heat was being physically pulled out of coco. She beat her hands together frantically in hopes that the impact would in some small way ignite a bit of heat within her frozen palms. Though the sun hung close overhead it provided little in the way of heat this far up in the mountians. If anything it just made it worse. Coco would sweat and the beads of sweat would almost instantly freeze to her skin. The survival training in ame never really covered snowing conditions like this one. However she could survive the heck out of a jungle slash swamp, slash marsh. Mountains weren’t that big of a priority for the domestic ninja of ame. And of course now she was paying dearly for it with frozen fingers. She couldn’t help but find it dreadfully funny that all the causes of her woe had something to do with water. Without fail it was the key agent in her life as far as misery went. Her basecamp were a few pinned down tents that were getting blown around by the wind. Or they would have if not for the spikes that kept them glued to the floor. She looked to her genin who were huddled around the heat source they’d’ had set up. A little hot lamp kind of thing that produced a lot of heat without smoke. Didn’t want their prey to know something was up. That much was for sure. Coco made her way over to the lamp. Her rain boots crunched through the snow, well they weren’t rain boots anymore. They had attachable cleats on them, which gave her plenty of traction up on the slippery slope. As she made her way over she foolishly removed her gloves. With a sigh she froms several arc of electricity between her fingers in hope that they would warm her fingers up. Which it did a bit. However the frigid wind that blew made the relief only temporary. “I thought you said camping on this side of the mountain would shield us from the wind.” She growled at Yue Jin as she sat herself down on a rock and presented her red hands to the fire. She couldn’t be too mad at the kids. It wasn’t their fault that they got assigned to the worst post in all of the land of lightning. You know that nice little northern part of the country that was covered in snow for nine months out of the year. A part of her was seriously wondering if the Raikage knew about her plan to slay him. If so she felt like he was doing a very good job in trying to get rid of her and her team before she could make that final move. However he was going to have to try harder if that really was his plan. For the rage in her heart at the loss of not one but two of her village kept her burning strong even through the blistering winds.
Yue Jin sighed, and tipped a bag into a cup of water. Slowly the cup of liquid turned dark in color. “the wind changed course late last night when I was on watch. At least it’s a southern wind. This is the warm stuff.”
“Not up here it’s not.” Yipping barked. She was bundled up almost as many coats and sweaters as Coco herself. Coco had noticed a change in the girls outfits since they had first met each other. It made Coco blush from flattery. It was kind of nice being held to such a high standard. She just hoped that she could live up to yippings admiration.
“Hey now.” Coco cut in. Her voice was calm, but stern. “We’re all a little stressed out, we’ve been out here a while, but we have a job to do, and fighting with each other will just make it all that much harder.” She rubbed the bridge of her nose with her fingers. “You know I think I saw a hots spring down on the way into the valley that we’re heading into. Maybe along the way we can stop by, and warm up a bit. No more than an hour but it’ll be good to get some heat on us.”
“No Kidding.” Fa would announce walking on on the conversation. “I wish I’d opted to learn fire release if I’d known we’d be up here for so long.”
“Did you see anything?” Coco asked, ignoring the whining. She whined too but kept it all in her head. She missed the days when she could openly whine to Li, but those days were long over, and she needed to present a strong front to those who were serving under her.
Fa leanded for the fire and let his fingers unthaw infront of the frames. “Yeah I saw even more smoke from camp fires than we’d spotted yesterday. Out in the middle of the valley like that, I don’t it’s campers or villagers. I think it’s the missing ninja we’re looking for. They’ve got to have some sort of base set up in the valley. Up this far nother, and between these mountains it’d be unlikely that anyone would just stumble upon them. Unless of course someone just happened to be looking for them.”
“Which we are.” Coco replied with a smile creeping over her face. While missing ninja might have been a good things if it meant dethroning coco it was still too large of a risk. If they did manage to take over the village who said that their rule would be any better? It was a sloppy method, besides. Who know how many innocents would die in the process. As far as she knew she’d be the best choice in reuniting kumo under a stable leader. That being said, she couldn’t risk these guys screwing up the plan so they would have to disappear. She looked to Fa, and addressed him. “How many were there, did you notice.”
“More than us.” Fa clapped his hands together. “At least five camp fires, with what?” He gestured to the camp fire. “four people per fire.” That’s twenty missing ninja.” He shook his head, and put his hands under his armpits. “I don’t like those odds.”
Coco just waved her hand dismissingly. “Eh with the Shadow clones we’re more than half way there. Plus we’re monstrously skilled so it’s not like we’ll be oh so out classed by people who’ve been living in the woods for years. You gotta remember thses are missing ninja. They probably aren’t that well supplied. We can take advantage of that.”
Yipping glanced up at Coco from the fire. “But they’re ninja too. They might be more powerful than any of us. Maybe even you. We don’t know what we’re getting into. Maybe we should call for back up.”
Yue jing shook his hair. “I don’t think so. They’ve almost double in size since we spied them yesterday. Who knows how long it’d take to get back up up here. We have to take them out soon, before the surrounding area is just over run by them.
Fa pounded his hand into his fist, his fist into his hand rather. He had a determined look on her face. “Yeah we don’t’ need any back up. We destroyed Chiro and his team, and we’ll destroy these guys. We got the moves, we got the leader, and we got the tactics. It won’t even be a problem taking care of these yea who’s.”
Coco smiled demurely. She like Fa Fangs enthusiasm. He could always count on him being down for a plan. But this time she had to temper his excitement. “First of all. Fa is right we are awesome and we’re going to blow their butts away. Secondly. We’re not going to go in gun ho. We’re still outnumbered agisnt an unknown force. Which is beyond dangerous to just run into. We’ll pack up here, do some recon and move into the valley. See where we go from there. Any objections?” Besides the loud blowing of the mountain air no one sounded off a complaint so coco took that as their cue to start packing up. She clapped her calms together. “Okay everyone pack up. I want to start hiking down that mountain in ten minutes. Take care of whatever you need to do by then. I’m not losing them because someone needs to use the bathroom.
Fa let out a soft grumble. “I said I was sorry!”
With swift legs, and swift fingers the crew went about disassembling their camp with expert precision. Within the few minutes they were allowed the crew packed their tents, and bags up to where you couldn’t even tell they’d been there at all. The glorious profit of good training and team work. As the windy mountain flew it’s last breath upon the descending ninja they left it much the way that they had found it.
The reason they picked that particular spot to camp was because it led to a fairly nonsteep path down the mountain and into the valley. Through much of the path was covered with snow and ice, so careful footing had to be maintained by the entire crew. Surface and water walking was still a hard task for the team to enage in. The shifting nature of snow and ice didn’t make matters much easier on the group of novices. So They had to do it the old fasion was. Slowly making their way down the natural ramp, two ice picks in hand to grab onto the rock as they dropped from one level to the next. And of course there length was too steep to actually ski down. Like coco had said, if it was an easy location to get to the bandits wouldn’t be hiding out there. Their hard work kept them warm for the most part although the winds and ice did all they could to combat that. Their hike was slowly than it could have been. The crew was careful not to work up a sweat, or breath too deeply. They wore cloth over their mouths to filter the air. If you breathed in frigid air ice could begin to accumulate in your lungs. Yue Jin’s medical skills had increased throughout their time of training, but he was still not ready to handle something like that.
He was hardly ready to handle this hike. “Coco don’t you have a wind jutsu that can just fly us down there or something.” His normally calm voice had a good bit of misery mixed in with it today.
Coco could only chuckle. She hated all of this too, but she needed to stay strong for her kids. If anything she was more upset with it. All this water. Fozen water, dripping icicles, sweat, snow, sleet! She hated it all and had to hold on the entire time to keep herself from flying into a rage about the whole situation.  “No, no, no. I’m afraid not.” She giggled. “I’m a weapons specialist. I’m a bit lacking on the side of general ninjutsu. Though I’m working on it I swear.” He kept on laughing. She could see the clouds of breath breaking loose from her clothed covered mouth as she did. “Maybe you should look into doing that if you’re so anxious to get down there Mr. Jin.”
Fa gave a big laugh as his long time rival got chastised by their leader. “We could always ride my water dragon down the slope of the mountain. That’d be fun.”
Collectively the group groaned. Fa tried to work up a reason why they should use his water dragon as every turn they came to. So far it was the greatest Jutsu he’d been able to master so he was understandably proud of himself. “Fa.” Coco began stifling a giggle at her coming words. “You haven’t even masterd walking through snow normally, I don’t think I’d like to see you trying to ride a water dragon down the side of a mountain. Yipping I might trust to do it, but you two I’m not so sure about.”
“I think I’ll have to pass.” Yipping gave a snorting laugh. “I’m in no hurry to get into this fight.”
Both the boys looked at eachother and sighed. “Teahcer’s pet!” They announced in usnion before breaking into a tyraid of laughs.
“Laugh it up guys I want you to get this out of your system while we can. As soon as we hit the the valley we’re going into stealth mode. All nonessential chatter is cut, and relay whatever you can by hand sings got it?”
“Yes ma’am.” The group pouted, as they drove forth through the snow. The group quickly feel into a comfortable pattern of small talk, and hard work. With their above human capabilities they made good work of the mountain, and swiftly made head to the valley below. Of course that’s not being they stopped at a hot spring.
Yipping was the first one to notice. “Am I the only one starting to get hot?” She announced during a time of slilence amongst the group.
Immediately the two boys looked to each other with huge grins. “The hot springs!” With the dexterity of a ninja, and the rambunctiousness of youth the two of them descended down the mountain side, and landed  on a clearing free of snow and ice. A dark black gravely landing with shallow but clear pools of bubbling water scattered about the clearing. “Sweet baby chocolate, yeeees.” They announced once more in unision. This was the greatest moment of the entire mission. Inside the springs were these little white fured monkeys with bright pink faces, and they were absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeious in this case meaning cute as a button. They weren’t really all that good looking from a beautfy standpoint, but man on man were they cute. “Race in you!” Fa shouted getting ready to unzip his coat.
“No you don’t” Coco warned evenly. “We’ve got a schedule to keep to we don’t have time to play around right now.” All three of her genin shot her hurt looks.
“You promised!”
Coco shook her head defensively. “No no no. I said that we might stop on our way down. And that was before we found out how much the enemy forces have grown. We don’t have to time to spend here right now. Once our mission is complete I’ll take you to a hot spring I promise. But for right now we’re sticking to out mission no matter what. Understand?” She gave her genin serious looks in order to cowl them into folliwng her orders. She would have really of like to treat her friends to this natural treat, but right now too much was on the line. The souls of thousands were urging Coco to avenge them, and she wasn’t going to let some hot water keep her from that.
“I guess.” Fa announced kicking a can off the side of the mountain.
“Good.” Coco nodded. “Now let’s get out of here.” A little heart broken the group left the hot springs, and the monkeys behind in search of the missing ninja. A job Which was their top priority at the moment. Yes for once fun had to take a back seat to something else in life. Tragic though it was. This is what has to happen. Coco led her team silently through the remaining sections of the mountains and at last they found themselves walking through the pine covered forests that inhabited the valley. Perfect covering for crimes and villainy.
Now that they were in the valley the group stoped, and opened up a map of the area. They took out the piece of paper and took in all the information about the area that they could. Woods, mountains, hills, dales, a single bridge that spanned over a glacial river. Probably the route that the bandits were getting their reinforcements from. With a red marker Coco marked the mos important positions within the forest on the map. Shepards rock stood near the center of the valley and poked out high above the tree line. It’d made a good spotting location for anyone wanting control over the valley. In all likely hood the missing ninja already had someone stationed there as a look out. That position would have to be secured before the attack on the camp was done. Of course survey of the camp was also in order before a full blown attack could actually be carried out. Numbers, weapons, weak spots, strong spots, all vital data that needed to be discerned before an proper attack plan could be formulated by the attacking ninja. Them. So Silently coco laid out the positions she wanted her ninja to scope out. They would be great distances from each other so no coclones could be going on this mission. She herself would go to shepard’s rok and see what that little rock had as far as insight when. Though she wouldn’t risk attacking anyone who she actually met there. If that station had a check in time then they would be revealed far beyond the attack ever began. They’d only be able to take out that outpost once their attack plan was set in stone. She sent Yipping to scout out the camp itself. She was the most physically capable of the genin and would be able to slip in and out with out event. Fa and Yue jing were both sent to scout the surrounding area of the camp, as well as the bridge that leapt over the river. That would be the most likely point of mobilization for the missing ninja if they did try to escape or actually launch an attack on the village. It would make for an excellent choke point, and a good drop on them at that point could make an early decider for the battle.. When everyone knew their job they all gave nods and jumped off vanishing with flickers of light. Coco couldn’t help but silently beam with joy at how her team of genin were starting to come together.
Coco’s job went on without event. The bandits had indeed stationed two men up there to keep tabs on the going ons of the valley. Coco was thankful of her observations of the outpost. The tree cover of the valley was more than she expected. It would seem that the outpost was only able to observe the movement of large parties within the valley, as well as those who traveled through the tree tops. While ninja usually did this Coco often forgot about those abilities, and ended up often walking or rowing boats places. While she got places a little later than everyone else she also managed to get their a little bit more stealthily. Well not with the boat, but certainly when she walked somewhere. All of this is to say that their movment into the valley was in all likely hood not tracked by the guards. Which was good. Coco left the two dunce guards live for the time being. Their death would cause more trouble for her at this moment then their living would. In the shadows she reconed for some time but could never really find the out anything else about the facility without risking being detected. Patrol shifts or anything interesting like that were not able to be observed during her time spying. When her time was up Coco left and returned to the groups reunion spot. Here is where they shared information on the observations that they had made. Yippings was obviously the most interesting. She shared in great detail the positions of the bandits. Their leaders, their plans. What sort of weaponry they had on them. Food supply situations. Relations with the nearby villagers that she’d been able to discern. Guarded and unguarded sections of the camp. Her work was detailed, and most importantly completely accurate. Coco knew that she’d made ther giht choice by sending yipping out to that particular location. Coco shared her own information. Putting to rest any fear that they group had that they’d been seen descending from the mountains. As far as they knew they were unknowns as far as the inhabitants of the valley knew. And they’d like to keep it that way. The boys had information as well it just wasn’t nearly as interesting. However more information was always important. Data data data, coco could not make bricks without clay. The information while not vital was good for backup plans and escape routes. That information being the description of the camps outlying land. Forestry had been cleared to form a sort of path from the camp to the bridge confirming coco’s suspicion that bridge was where the missing nin were mobilizing from, and where they had most of their sentries watching. Which is what allowed coco and her team to slip on by unnoticed by the eyes and ears of the missing nin.
“We’ve gathered some good information today guys. I’m really proud of us all. Now we just need to use that data and form it into a plan. They think their backside is covered by Shepard’s rock, but we know that we can take that place down. Giving us a good spot to attack from unseen.”
“It’s almost night.” Fa added with a nod. “We can sneak on in no problem when it gets darker.
Coco just smiled and nodded her head. “Dead of night, right in their butts, it’s good stuff.”
Fa raised his hand. “I think I should cover the bridge if they try to escape. I mean I have the water dragon, so if they try coming over that thing. Ba boom. They’re gone. “ the group collectively rolled their eyes.
“Can you handle that?” Coco asked seriously. “In your own words they have plenty of sentry’s around there. You’d fall into a lot of trouble if you got revealed, and we wouldn’t be able to help ya.”
Fa nodded severely. “I know.” He announced confidently. “I can stay hidden and strike when I’m needed. You know, like a ninja. Which I am.”
Coco shrugged. “Sure. I trust you enough to send you on this. Stay low, and be careful. Strike at just the right moment, and not a moment earlier. Too early, and you’re dead. Too late and they slip through out fingers.”
Fa nodded. “I understand. You can count on me.”
“Oh I know.” Coco announced confidently. “Now as for the rest of us. We’re going to have to do the actual work.” She gave a sly wink to Fa. “Now listen, up cause I’ve got myself a plan.”
Cut to!
It’s the dead of night now. Dead. Appropriate. Because… well a bunch of bandits were about to die, and so they’d be dead in the dead of night. Come on, it’s clever. The skies were clear and the wind that blew down from the mountains were chilling. But she was fine because those many layers of clothing that she wore was plenty to keep her warm during this operation .She sat hidden in a shrub. Because she was a ninja and ninjas generally hid. She was facing Shepard’s rock, and watching the guard who was searching the valley. Her location was a few hundred feet away from the camp directly in front of the rock between the two points. Then like a flash of shadows she saw Yue Jin strike. With the medical precision he had not yet developed as a surgeon he struck. He came up behind the look out on Shepard’s rock and karate chopped him in the neck knocking him out. Right in a nerve bundle that he totally knew about because he was a medical ninja. When the guard was nocked out Yue Jin hung close to the ground and let out a bird call. One that was native to this area because that would be silly to do a rooster call or something. They’d wored on this call a while ago because they knew it would come in handy. Team work!
With a Nod Coco looked over to Yipping who was also hiding in a bush across from her. Yipping returned the nod and burst out from the bush and circled around the camp to the location that they had pre specified. She heard a second bird call, and finally Coco turned to her Clone who was hanging out in the third and final bush in the area. With that nod Coco clone circled around to the opposite direction that yipping had went. Shadow clones were soo good. Okay time to begin operation absolute Bandit Slaughter. Coco suddenly had a very vivid memory of her almost being raped by bandits almost  a year ago. It’d been her first combat mission as a Genin. She looked to yipping Direction even though she couldn’t actually see her. She was too well hidden. Her eyes narrowed. The same fate would not befall her. She’d give her life before that ever happened to a ninja under her command. She’d had a hard time handling bandits when she was their rank, but she was older now. More powerful. In love. Skilled, trained, determined. She took that final breath. ‘let’s do this.’
She jumped upwards and began scaling a tree until she popped up above it’s canopy. With Shepard rock disabled she needed not to worry about being spotted and having her location given away. From her high point she mapped out the camp. She withdrew a Kunai with an Explosive tag attached to it.  She was only going to get one shot at this so she had better get it right. Well more like a thousand shots, but you know. She stuck that kunai into a branch and pulled out four other kuani. And stuck them in a branch to her right. Alright preparations complete. She shook the explosive kunai and held it in her name. She calculated out the flight path in her mind. Comfortable with her calculations and her abilities she went ahead with the plan. She lobbed the kunai high up into the air and quickly formed a series of hand signs. The Kunai began to rapidly multiply and descend down onto the camp. Coco grapped the four kunai from her side and skillfully threw them at a few descending kunai. The flying kunai hit the falling ones and knocked them into a few of the key locations of the camp, that the rain of other kunai might not have specifically hit. Because you can never be too safe when it came to blowing stuff up. A kunai into the armor, a kunai into the food storage, infirmary, and command tent. Then with the confrontation sign…
A series of hellish explosions wracked the valley as thousands of explosive tag went of within the came. For a moment the sky went from black to blue as the light from the explosion lit up the world. So she was a ninja up until the moment that she made a large seconton of a forest explode. The survivors of the explosion were few in nuber but began to flee in terror at the sudden explosion. To coco’s Right her clone went to work. A Giant shuriken suddenly appeared with an equally massive Explosive tag hanging from it. Which naturally turned away any one trying to run that way. To her right Was Yipping who was silently and swiftly taking people out who dared enter into her section of the forest. The surprised screams were enough to keep away anyone who wanted to go that way. Yippings Taijutsu skills had advanced and surpassed high above what coco was capable of. She was going to grow up to be a strong young woman one day. With three of their escape passages cut off the bandits were forced to run away in one directionL The bridge!
Coco Chriped and signaled to her two genin to remain around the camp and take out any stragglers. She kicked off rom her perch and formed four hand signs before a great gale caught her in the air and carried her out over the forest. A series of fire balls shot out from the forest floor, and Coco realized that it probably wasn’t in her best interest to keep flying out in the open like this so she descended into the tree tops to return to her hunt, and keep the bandits on their toes. A bandit tried to start a counter offence and jumped up into the tree tops to attack her, but she gale palmed him back to the forest floor, and fell onto him with her sword, skewering him and taking him out. She formed five clones and sent them around her area. Her targets were now out numbered by Coco and her clones, and their pursuit grew desperate. The bridge was fast approaching They’d almost made it to safety.
Coco was stopped dead in her tracks as a swamp of the underworld was cast and she was sucked down to her waist by mud. Not cool guys! She teleported and switched places with one of her clones escaping quickly but the bandits had bought themselves enough time that Coco was going to have a hard time following. She’d already used up a lot of Chakra. Dangit. She double her speed and tried to catch up they were almost at the bridge. When…
Roaring like a river, and like a dragon A water dragon came sweeping over the bridge like a great flood. The remaining rouge ninja were swiped up by the dragon and were sent hurdling and scrapping on the ground. Out from under the bridge came Fa! With a big old Grin on his face. “Told you my water dragon would save the day!” His pride was evident.

Coco just rolled her eyes and patted Fa on the head. “Yeah sure. Let’s get back to the others and help with cleanup.”

Gonna use 4k for Slip Stream
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 223500

Coco's path of Jounin Part two (p)(complete) Empty Re: Coco's path of Jounin Part two (p)(complete)

Fri Aug 14, 2015 3:55 pm
Approved 10 AP, 1k Ryo for 10 stats and training. <3
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