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Cloud Soseiji
Cloud Soseiji
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Training with a new friend! (Private, Training) Empty Training with a new friend! (Private, Training)

Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:58 pm
Focusing was always a difficult task for the young Soseiji. Why bother stopping to concentrate when you could be doing many things at once, he always thought to himself. Why bother with one particular thing when you could bother with a hundred things? Besides these thoughts, Cloud was focused on one thing; Learning a new technique. It wasn't anything that would prove to be much difficulty, it was just a little tricky to train anything in general. Crouching down, Cloud took a short break from his training, which involved repeatedly slapping a wooden post, trying to get his form correct, as well as trying to keep his hand from hurting too badly. As he stood back up and began his training once again, he heard laughter coming from behind him. Irked, Cloud turned around, and saw some schmuck in a ninja outfit pointing and laughing at him with a couple of his friends. Growling a bit, Cloud turned back to his training, trying to ignore them, but when they started shouting names at him, he decided to turn around.

"Screw off, would you?" Cloud calls over to them, flipping them the bird. This just caused the small group to laugh harder, literally rolling on the floor. It was embarrassing for both Cloud and whoever was around and not rolling on the floor. Walking over, cloud made it a point to seem very, very pissed off. "What do you guys want?" He asks, looking at what seemed to be the leader, some asshole with a paper boy hat on, acting all high and mighty. "I want to know what you're doing, slapping a piece of wood. Practicing slapping your boyfriends ass?" He asked, and his friends all laughed like what he said was comedy gold, though it could also be a valid point. This caused Cloud to sit back and think for a moment, as of whether he would smack a boy or girlfriends bottom with his new technique, or if he could bitch slap the shit out of these ass wipes.

"I mean, I could show you what I'm doing." Cloud said calmly, feeling his blood boil from rage. Grabbing one of the younger ninja by the front of his shirt, Cloud knees him in the stomach, then throws him forward, before trying to kick another one. Unluckily, though, the ninja dodged to the side, and the leader grabbed his foot and twisted, causing Cloud to fall on the ground. The leader let Cloud hop back up, but as soon as he did, he swung at Clouds face. Cloud took the hit, but luckily, he was strong enough to take it, though it hurt like a bitch. Rubbing his cheek, Cloud gritted his teeth, standing up, and cracking his neck. "You and me, asshole. Right now. No jutsu, just hand to hand combat." The leader smirked and nodded. "Sure. I'm Sky, by the way." He says, and Cloud makes a face. "I-I... Uh, I'm Cloud?" He says, staring. Sky seemed a bit weirded out that both their names had to do with stuff in the air, but they both quickly shrugged it off, as they were about to kick each other's asses.

Both of the young ninja stood back from each other, before readying themselves for a fight. Cloud tried to loosen himself up, and get the pain out of his hand, while Sky took off his dumb ass hat, cracking his knuckles. After their ceremonial dicking around, Sky jumped at Cloud, aiming for a drop kick. Quickly, Cloud dodged to the side, following with an elbow to Sky's side, before turning and aiming for a haymaker. Cloud's wind up was too obvious, and Sky caught it with his arm, deflecting his punch and uppercutting Cloud in the jaw. The Soseiji was knocked back a bit, and dazed, but he still had fire raging in his eyes. Running forward, Cloud feinted a punch to the face, then followed up with a knee to the chest, and Cloud grunted when he felt his kick connect with Sky's stomach. As the enemy ninja bent over, out of breath, Cloud picked up the young ninja and powerbombed him, and he could hear noises of pain from all the ninja watching, though Sky was silent. As he picked himself up, something seemed to change about his demeanor, and he suddenly jumped at at Cloud, and punched him in the face 3 times before Cloud could react. Falling to the ground, he felt Sky get on top of him, and try to punch him, but Cloud caught it, grabbing the ninja by the neck and headbutting him in the nose. Hearing a snap, Cloud momentarily felt bad for breaking the ninja's nose, but Cloud could already feel some of the pain from their battle.

Both ninja backed away from each other, touching their respective wounds, keeping their eyes locked the entire time. 'Now would be a time to train that other jutsu...' Cloud thought to himself, stretching his toes. Cloud jumps over to the enemy ninja, and lifts his leg for a high kick, before following with a low kick, and repeating. Sky blocked each kick sucessfully, before one hit, and Cloud and Sky lost their respective balances, tumbling on top of each other in a massive pile. Standing up, they both looked at each other, before Sky held up his hands. "Not gonna lie, that was decently cool." He said, and Cloud grinned, before giving a thumbs up. "What do you say we go get these injuries looked at, then come back?" Cloud asked, and the other ninja nodded. Apologizing to the kid Cloud kneed in the stomach, they both walked off, talking, and shooting the shit, asking each other about what the other did.

"So, Cloud, what kind of ninja are you?" Sky asked, holding his nose.

"I use taijutsu, mostly..." Cloud told the ninja, holding his jaw, as it ached more than in should. Cloud tried to keep his words quick, as it hurt to talk.

Sky simply nodded. "I use puppets, believe it or not." He said. "I just never got around to building my puppet, or even started buying its parts."

Cloud nodded a bit. "I liked puppets when I was younger, but it turns out I'm better at punching and kicking things." He says, laughing softly, with response of a laugh from the other ninja. Stopping at the hospital, both walked in at the same time, as Sky explained their current situation.

"We were fighting, and took it a little too far, so we both need medical attention. I can pay whatever fee you need." He says, and Cloud looks over at him, grateful for the young ninja's generosity. Taking both ninja to their respective rooms, she explained the injuries to both Cloud and Sky. "Cloud Soseiji... You have a slightly broken jaw, and some minor bruises on your face and ribs. Sky Kontotoru... You, son, have a few cracked ribs and a broken nose, but nothing permanent. Cloud, your jaw needs to be set almost immediately, but both of your wounds can be healed relatively quickly. Please come with me, Cloud, then you, Sky. Both ninja nodded, and followed the nurse as they were instructed.

Both Cloud and Sky walked out of the hospital feeling much better, touching their newly healed body. "Hey, maybe we should train together again. I'm at the training fields almost every day." Cloud says, and Sky nods, smiling. "Sounds good to me, Soseiji."

(End thread)

1250 WC

Training Leaf Whirlwind, 1250/1250 COMPLETED
Stat Gain: 6 stats.

Health: 10 (30) > 10 (30)
Chakra: 10 > 10
Stamina: 10 > 15
Speed: 15 > 16
Strength: 15 > 15
Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
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Training with a new friend! (Private, Training) Empty Re: Training with a new friend! (Private, Training)

Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:15 am
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